How to create two columns in a header?

Can anyone tell me how to create two columns in a header please?

I'm suspicious about your motives.  It just doesn't seem logical to me to put so much content into a Header that two columns would be required.
You might consider the alternate header-like approach; use a Text Box set to two-column format and Format > Advanced > Move Object to Section Master.

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  • How to create total column and change heading

    I have a region that is display only - financials. I need to add total columns after data is displayed. Does framework support this or will I need to do this in java.
    Secondly I will need to change the column heading to current year - ie '2008'.
    From previous thread I tried the following in processRequest but getting exception
    String tt = "Testing";
    OATableBean table = (OATableBean)webBean.findIndexedChildRecursive("CustFinancialFullVO1");
    OAMessageStyledTextBean aa = (OAMessageStyledTextBean)webBean.findIndexedChildRecursive("CurrentYear");
    New to oaf and java but just looking for some direction.

    Framework, supports inbuilt support to total feature, check tables section in dev guide.

  • How to add two columns in OBIEE report?

    Hi to All,
    Can anyone tell me how to add two columns in OBIEE report and get that result in a new column?
    Thanks in Advance,

    Assume you already have two columns SalesAmt1 and SalesAmt2, and you want to derive 3rd column say SalesAmt3 which would be the sum of SalesAmt1 and SalesAmt2.
    For this, as I mentioned above pull SalesAmt1 and SalesAmt2 columns in Report. Now pull another column (say SalesAmt1) and open the fx. Clear the contents of fx. Now locate the columns button in the bottom of the fx. From Here, first select SalesAmt1 and + sign and the select SalesAmt2.
    Now in this new column, the fx should look like SalesAmt1 + SalesAmt2.
    Let me know if you are looking for something else.

  • How to create  some columns dynamically in the report designer depending upon the input selection

    Post Author: ekta
    CA Forum: Crystal Reports
    how  to create  some columns dynamically in the report designer depending upon the input selection 
    how  export  this dynamic  report in (pdf , xls,doc and rtf format)
    report format is as below:
    Element Codes
    Employee nos.
    Employee Name
    Carers leave
    O/T 1.5
    O/T 2.0
    Total Hours
    PHAN , Hanh Huynh
    I , Jungue
    GARFINKEL , Hersch
    In the above report first column and the last columns are fixed and the other columns are dynamic depending upon the input selection:
    if input selection is Normal and RDO then only 2 columns w'd be created and the other 2 fixed columns.
    Can anybody help me how do I design such report....

    Hi Developer life,
    According to your description that you want to dynamically increase and decrease the numbers of the columns in the table, right?
    As Jason A Long mentioned that we can use the matrix to do this and put the year field in the column group, amount fields(Numric  values) in the details,  add  an filter to filter the data base on this column group, but if
    the data in the DB not suitable to add to the matrix directly, you can use the unpivot function to turn the column name of year to a single row and then you can add it in the column group.
    If there are too many columns in the column group, it will fit the page size automatically and display the extra columns in the next page.
    Similar threads with details steps for your reference: 
    If your still have any problem, please try to provide us more details information, such as the data structure in the DB and the table structure you are currently designing.
    Any question, please feel free to let me know.
    Best Regards
    Vicky Liu

  • How to add Two Columns in SQL

    How to add Two Columns in SQL
    For Example
    Jan Feb
    215 NULL
    How to add these two values in SQL

    Anything + NULL is NULL.
    Check this:
    SQL> SELECT 1 + NULL from dual;
    SQL> You have to do this:
    SQL> with t as (SELECT 235 JAN, NULL FEB FROM dual)
      2  SELECT NVL(JAN,0) + NVL(FEB,0) FROM t;

  • How to create dynamics columns in oracle query1.

    how to create dynamics columns in oracle query.its very urgent.

    Urgent is it?
    Why? Have you forgotten to do your coursework and you'll get thrown off your course if you don't hand it in today?
    What makes you believe that your request for help is more important than someone else who has requested help? It's very rude to assume you are more important than somebody else, and I'm sure they would like an answer to their issue as soon as they can get one too, but they've generally been polite and not demanded that it is urgent.
    Also, you assume that people giving answers are all sitting here just waiting to answer your question for you. That's not so. We're all volunteers with our own jobs to do. How dare you presume to demand our attention with urgency.
    If you want help and you want it answering quickly you simply just put your issue forward and provide as much valuable information as possible.
    Looking at your post you haven't told us what database version you are using, you haven't provided any create table DDL's and insert statements to populate that with sample data, and you haven't even shown us that you've had a go at doing something yourself.
    You will find if you post on here demanding your post is urgent then most people will just ignore it, some will tell you to get lost, and some will explain to you why you shouldn't post "urgent" requests. Occasionally you may find somebody who's got nothing better to do who will actually provide you with an answer, but you really are limiting your options by not asking properly.
    As a basic example of dyanamic SQL:
      cols DBMS_SQL.DESC_TAB;
      ncols PLS_INTEGER;
      -- Parse the query.
      DBMS_SQL.PARSE(cur, 'SELECT hiredate, sal FROM emp', DBMS_SQL.NATIVE);
      -- Retrieve column information
      DBMS_SQL.DESCRIBE_COLUMNS (cur, ncols, cols);
      -- Display each of the column names
      FOR colind IN 1 .. ncols
        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE (cols.col_name);
      END LOOP;

  • How to create sub columns in interactive report

    can u tell me , how to create sub columns in
    interactive report. i really need it.i search lot but i dont get proper information.
    help plz...
    example : -
    |_____total_ persons _____|
    | persons | male | female |
    100 200 3000
    400 500 600

    i am nile.
    select id as id,
    male as male,
    female as female
    from persons.
    i want interactive report with main column total persons(static text) in that male , female.
    |___total persons_| - - - - -> main cloumn
    | male | female | - - - - -> sub columns
    100 200
    300 400
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  • How to create iView for customized master head war ?

    I deployed customized masterhead war file. But i cant see deployed war in portal application location.
    Anyone help me for customizing and masterhead page and how to create iView for customized master head...

    1. You can see the deployed application under the "Portal Applications"
    2. If you want to create an iView out of it. right click on the application -> copy. than press right click in the folder you want the iView will be created and paste ad pcd object.
    Hope I helped you.

  • How to create dynamic DataTable with dynamic header/column in JSF?

    Hello everyone,
    I am having problem of programmatically create multiple DataTables which have different number of column? In my JSF page, I should implement a navigation table and a data table. The navigation table displays the links of all tables in the database so that the data table will load the data when the user click any link in navigation table. I have gone through [BalusC's post|] and I found that the section "populate dynamic datatable" does show me some hints. In his code,
    // Iterate over columns.
            for (int i = 0; i < dynamicList.get(0).size(); i++) {
                // Create <h:column>.
                HtmlColumn column = new HtmlColumn();
                // Create <h:outputText value="dynamicHeaders"> for <f:facet name="header"> of column.
    HtmlOutputText header = new HtmlOutputText();
    // Create <h:outputText value="#{dynamicItem[" + i + "]}"> for the body of column.
    HtmlOutputText output = new HtmlOutputText();
    createValueExpression("#{dynamicItem[" + i + "]}", String.class));
    public HtmlPanelGroup getDynamicDataTableGroup() {
    // This will be called once in the first RESTORE VIEW phase.
    if (dynamicDataTableGroup == null) {
    loadDynamicList(); // Preload dynamic list.
    populateDynamicDataTable(); // Populate editable datatable.
    return dynamicDataTableGroup;
    I suppose the Getter method is only called once when the JSF page is loaded for the first time. By calling this Getter, columns are dynamically added to the table. However in my particular case, the dynamic list is not known until the user choose to view a table. That means I can not call loadDynamicList() in the Getter method. Subsequently, I can not execute the for loop in method "populateDynamicDataTable()".
    So, how can I implement a real dynamic datatable with dynamic columns, or in other words, a dynamic table that can load data from different data tables (different number of columns) in the database at run-time?
    Many thanks for any help in advance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

    flyeminent wrote:
    However in my particular case, the dynamic list is not known until the user choose to view a table. Then move the call from the getter to the bean's action method.

  • How to create a column where each subsequent entry is added to the former?

    How does one create a column, inside Numbers, where each subsequent cell is added, in value, to the preceding cell above it? For example, a column could be labeled "credit card subtotals for the month." In the first cell, one might insert a dollar value, eg., $24.00. The next credit card charge might be $100.00 and that would be added to the $24.00 to create a running subtotal.
    Thank you.

    Hi Jay,
    Both formulas are written as they would appear entered into C2.
    The 'special formula' is also written as it would appear in C2. Where I have used 'formula for C2' substitute your choice of the two formulas listed above the 'special formula' in my earlier post.
    If you choose to use the first version, the finished 'special formula' will look like this in C2:
    Jerry's remarks regarding using conditional formatting to suppress the display of zeroes is well taken, but in this case, will not work as there are no zero values to be hidden.
    In this case, either of the initial formulas will repeat the last 'running balance' in every cell from the last row containing an entry in column B to the bottom row of the table.
    The formula checks, by counting the number of characters displayed, whether an entry has been made in the column B cell on the same row as the formula (B2 in the example in this post. IF an entry has been made, the formula calculates the sum of that entry and the previous running balance. IF no entry has been made (ie. there are no chanracters displayed in B2, the calculation is skipped, and the empty string ( "" ) is placed in C2, giving the appearance of a blank cell.
    Example:  the formula in this post is used in column C. Column D uses the core of that formula (with the C1 reference replaced by D1) without the IF statement. Both formulas are filed down to the bottom cell in their columns. Note the difference in rows 7 and below:

  • How to create a column that automatically creates a serial number?

    How can I create a column that creates a serial number for each entry?

    you could do something like this:
    I assumed that the serial number only needs to be present if you have entered some information in the other columns of the corresponding row.
    A2=IF(COUNTA(2:2)>0, REPT("0", 6−LEN(ROW()−1))&ROW()−1, "")
    this is shorthand for... select cell A2, then type (or copy and paste from here) the formula:
    =IF(COUNTA(2:2)>0, REPT("0", 6−LEN(ROW()−1))&ROW()−1, "")
    To fill down:
    select cell A2, copy
    select column A by clicking the columne header (the "A" at the very top)
    unselect cell A1 by holding the command key while single clicking cell A1

  • How to relate two columns in a same row

    I want to relate two columns in a same row, like if A2 is Jack then B2 to be A, if A2 is Anand then B2 to be B, If A2 is Arun then B2 to be C and so on. How to do it?

    Create a table that lists the relationships:
    Associated Letter
    Then, use a Lookup function to find the name in the lookup table and return the proper letter to your main table.

  • How to make two column category by dreamweaver

    Hello Everyone
    I am using wordpress for my website . Also I am using a free wordpress theme .Please take a look Dtunes .I want to make my category into two column. I am not familiar with Dreamweaver . Please help me Ho to create this code and where should I paste it?

    Best advice, find a different Theme you like.  There are literally hundreds of free and premium WP themes online.
    Customizing WP Themes in DW requires advanced coding skills and a thorough understanding of how WP Themes work.
    Nancy O.

  • How to create two instances of a midlet

    I've programmed a MIDlet that can organize a tournament (save player datas, show rankings...). Right now it can only manage one tournament at a time but now I'd like to be able to manage two simultaneous. I designed the midlet like the famous "Smarticket"-Midlet: a "wrapper" midlet class and a controller class that handles the events. For those of you who dont know the Smartticket example here is my subclass of MIDlet:
    public class MagicTOMIDlet extends javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet {
        private TOUIController controller;
        public void startApp() {
            new Thread() {
                public void run() {
                    controller = new TOUIController(MagicTOMIDlet.this);
                    controller.init(); // setCurrents() to MainMenu - the entry point of the program
        public void pauseApp() {
        public void destroyApp(boolean unconditional) {
    }The problem is: How can I create two midlets so that I can switch between the 2 tournaments to enter for example new Data (resuts...)? The tournaments don't affect each other, they just have to run simultaneously. My phone is a Nokia 3510i and it can't just run 2 copies of the MIDlet.
    I had two solutions in mind but both didn't work:
    1.) Declare 2 controller classes controller1 and controller2 and a switch Command, that can switch between both. After starting the midlet ask the user if he wants to organize one or two tournaments.
    Here is the code for the MIDlet subclass:
    public class MagicTOMIDlet extends MIDlet implements CommandListener {
        public TOUIController controller1, controller2;
        private List list;
        private Command okCommand;
        private Command exitCommand;
        private Display display;
        private Thread t1, t2;
        private MagicTOMIDlet midlet;
        public void startApp() {
            display = Display.getDisplay(this);
            list = new List("Choose # of Drafts", List.IMPLICIT);
            okCommand = new Command("OK", Command.OK, 1);
            exitCommand = new Command("Exit", Command.EXIT, 5);
            list.append("1 Draft", null);
            list.append("2 Drafts", null);
        public void commandAction(Command command, Displayable displayable) {
            if ((command == okCommand) || (command == List.SELECT_COMMAND)) {
                String label = list.getString(list.getSelectedIndex());
                if (label.equals("1 Draft")) {
                    t1 =  new Thread() {
                        public void run() {
                            midlet.controller1 = new TOUIController(midlet, TOUIController.DRAFT_SINGLE);
                } else if (label.equals("2 Drafts")) {
                    t1 = new Thread() {
                        public void run() {
                            midlet.controller1 = new TOUIController(midlet, TOUIController.DRAFT_1);
                    t2 = new Thread() {
                        public void run() {
                            midlet.controller2 = new TOUIController(midlet, TOUIController.DRAFT_2);
            } else if (command == exitCommand) {
        }And here parts of the controller class:
    public class TOUIController implements CommandListener {
        public TOUIController(MagicTOMIDlet midlet, byte id) {
            this.midlet = midlet;
            this.draftId = id; // DRAFT_1 = 1, DRAFT_2 = 2, DRAFT_SINGLE = 0
            if (id == DRAFT_SINGLE) {
                singleDraft = true;
            } else if (id == DRAFT_1) {
                otherDraftId = DRAFT_2;
                singleDraft = false;
            } else if (id == DRAFT_2) {
                otherDraftId = DRAFT_1;
                singleDraft = false;
        public void commandAction(Command command, Displayable displayable) {
          else if (command == switchCommand) {
                if (draftId == DRAFT_1) {
                } else if (draftId == DRAFT_2) {
        }Somehow it doesn't work. If I try to Switch I land in the MainMenu of the same Tournament (here called: draft).
    My 2nd solution would be to declare two midlets in MagicTOMIDlet and to pass both midlets to the controller class:
    public class MagicTOMIDlet extends MIDlet implements CommandListener {
        public TOUIController controller;
        private List list;
        private Command okCommand;
        private Command exitCommand;
        private Display display;
        private Thread t1, t2;
        public MagicTOMIDlet midlet1;
        public MagicTOMIDlet midlet2;
        public MagicTOMIDlet() {
            midlet1 = this;
            midlet2 = this;
        public void startApp() {
            // as above
        public void commandAction(Command command, Displayable displayable) {
            if ((command == okCommand) || (command == List.SELECT_COMMAND)) {
                String label = list.getString(list.getSelectedIndex());
                if (label.equals("1 Draft")) {
                    t1 =  new Thread() {
                        public void run() {
                            midlet1.controller = new TOUIController(midlet1, TOUIController.DRAFT_SINGLE);
                } else if (label.equals("2 Drafts")) {
                    t1 = new Thread() {
                        public void run() {
                            midlet1.controller = new TOUIController(midlet1, midlet2, TOUIController.DRAFT_1);
                    t2 = new Thread() {
                        public void run() {
                            midlet2.controller = new TOUIController(midlet2, midlet1, TOUIController.DRAFT_2);
    public class TOUIController implements CommandListener {
        public TOUIController(MagicTOMIDlet midlet, MagicTOMIDlet otherMidlet, byte id) {
            this.midlet = midlet;
            this.otherMidlet = otherMidlet;
            this.draftId = id;
            if (id == DRAFT_SINGLE) {
                singleDraft = true;
            } else if (id == DRAFT_1) {
                otherDraftId = DRAFT_2;
                singleDraft = false;
            } else if (id == DRAFT_2) {
                otherDraftId = DRAFT_1;
                singleDraft = false;
        public void commandAction(Command command, Displayable displayable) {
            } else if (command == switchCommand) {
    }It same the same wrong behaviour as my first solution.
    I'm tankful for any advise or solution you might give me!

    The first way should be correct, but what do these
    setCurrent(midlet.controller1.display.getCurrent());do?Sorry, I didn't want to make the post too long...
    public void setCurrent(Displayable displayable) {
        }If you are sure that my 1st solution should work I'll try to find the error.

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    You are sure you are in the right forum?
    This is the JDeveloper and ADF forum...

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