How to delete more than one picture at one time in iMovie?

In the timeline, can I delete more than one picture at one time, or do I have to right click and choose delete entire clip for each picture? I tried to select one (so that there's a yellow bracket) and then shift and choose the last picture (so all are now surrounded by yellow bracket), but when I right click and choose delete entire clip/ delete selection, only the first picture is deleted..
Is there a way to delete more than one picture at one time?

After selecting all the pictures, simply hit the Delete key on the keyboard.

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  • How to delete more than 1 contact at a time

    I need to know ASAP how to delete more than one contact at a time

        Hello grams4crew!
    I can definitely help you in deleting more than one contact at a time, no problem! I hope you're enjoying your Galaxy S5!
    You can delete a single contact, or choose multiple contacts
    to delete.
    1. From the Home screen, tap Contacts.
    2. Touch and hold on a contact to select it. You can also
    tap other contacts, or choose Select all to select all
    3. Tap Delete, and then tap OK to confirm.
    We have a page for our customers to get the user guides for their devices:
    I hope this helps!
    Thank you,
    VZW Support
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  • How to share more than one Time Machine folder

    With Snow Leo Server I found how to find how to share more than one Time Machine Folder but I can't see how to do the same with Lion Server, could you help me with that ?
    The goal of that is to offer one TM folder per user which is located on a dedicated partition in order to limit the size of TM backups per user (150Gig).
    In Lion, in can only share one TM folder for everybody and I didn'tfind if I can set a limit size per user...
    Thank you in advance,

    I have figured out a way to enable multiple backup targets.
    However, it's one of these things I wouldn't want to describe to anyone except true programmer types, because everyone else has a 90%+ chance of messing up their system if they do something wrong.
    It involves turning off file sharing, and then editing the plist files in /private/var/db/dslocal/nodes/Default/sharepoints/
    The gist of it is this:
    a) first create all the share points you later want to use for TimeMachine, and set them up for afp-only file sharing, also create one TM target, which you can either use later, or have there so the system has one entry it knows how to handle. I just made a bogus one that I'm not actively using.
    b) turn off file sharing in
    c) turn off TimeMachine in
    d) now you can edit the files, the easiest is with Xcode, so you may want to install that first
    e) for each sharpoint you made in a) there will be a corresponding .plist file in the location indicated, these are the files that need to be edited.
    f) for each of these files
         1) the item0 string property in the timeMachineBackup array must be switched from 0 to 1
         2) a new key of type array with the name timeMachineBackupUUID must be created
         3) in the newly created array an item of type string must be placed with the value of a UUID, which can be created with the shell command uuidgen
    g) make sure all the edited plist files are saved
    h) turn on TimeMachine in the again
    If all went well, you now should be able to go to one of your networked client computers and see all the time machine share points just created as options for being a time machine target.
    Anyway, if you go that route: be careful, don't blame me if you muck things up...

  • The info supplied does not show how to delete more than one bookmark, only folders

    I read the info provided online for deleting more than one bookmark/folder but it doesn't show how for multiple bookmarks. My OS is XP. with updated Firefox version.
    When I go to Bookmarks>Show All Bookmarks, there is no listing of the ind bookmarks, only the folders.
    Whoever used this pc before had lots and lots and I do not want to have to delete them all one-by-one.
    Please advise---

    ''Library List only shows Folders, how do I delete bookmarks''
    Usually one deletes a lot of history items so the techniques were described in the history areas by including some pictures. The techniques work the same for bookmarks.
    You can select '''multiple entries without invoking the bookmark''' for dragging, copying, moving or deleting, (similar to how you can [ select multiple browsing history items]) with use of the Ctrl''/Cmd'' key (to add to a selection) & Shift key (to extend a selection) by clicking to the '''left''' of the favicon (webpage icon) in the list to make selection(s). To extend from the last selection made of dis-contiguous entries use Ctrl''/Cmd''+Shift+click. Makes moving several bookmarks from different places to a new location easier as well, and of course for your interest in deleting bookmarks.
    Whether you are selecting from the Side Panel or from the Library List, you generally want to start with a search specifying one or more strings within Titles, url/location, or tags. The search with strings of characters works the same in the Location Bar (before Enter known as the AwesomeBar feature), and in bookmark, history and tab searches.
    Within the Library List you will only see bookmarks by selecting a folder, or by doing a search.
    Articles: (read entire articles but am pointing to specific areas)
    <br><small>Please mark "Solved" one answer that will best help others with a similar problem -- hope this was it.<small>

  • How to delete more than one workbook from command line

    Hi, I'd like to delete more than one workbook from command line:
    The following syntax, it doesn't work....but I followed the manual instructions:
    dis51adm.exe /connect eul/eul@uatdb /delete /workbook "ALE_TEST_1, ALE_TEST_2" /eul eul /log D:\Ale\delete.log
    eul/eul@uatdb: is the db’s schema/user where the EUL is installed;
    /delete "ALE_TEST_1, ALE_TEST_2": is the command to delete the workbooks, specified inside the “” (with the relative path)
    /log D:\Ale\delete.log: is the command to write a log’s file named “delete.log” to track the action     
    The log file says:
    22/4/2008 4:00:26 μμ
    dis51adm.exe /connect /delete /workbook ALE_TEST_1, ALE_TEST_2 /eul eul /log D:\Ale\delete.log
    Document ALE_TEST_1, ALE_TEST_2 not found in EUL.
    Internal EUL Error: ObjectNotFound - Can't find EUL element
    There are 0 eul elements to be deleted.
    Completed deleting eul elements.
    22/4/2008 4:00:29 μμ
    Anyone can tell me how is the right syntax ?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Rod
    I was coming to that conclusion myself but wanted to wait until the other avenues had been exhausted first - aka making sure of the workbook names.
    I checked through all of the command line documentation and read nothing which clearly indicated that only one workbook could be processed at a time, other than the fact that the syntax says workbook and not workbooks, which could be a big clue.
    I think you are right though in that it has to be one at a time, which would be a pain.
    Best wishes

  • How to delete more than one photo at a time

    Apparently there is no longer an iPhoto trash. So you don't drag photos to the trash. Instead you hit the delete key and then a second click on delete when you get the message "Are you sure you want to delete this photo." Has anyone found a way to delete more than one photo at a time, though? This is really a hassle if you have just imported 500 photos and are going to end up deleting 450 of them.

    I didn't say use the command key and delete. I use the command key for selecting random photos. Then I right click and choose delete from the contextual menu.
    I always use right click, but the command-delete does work also in that album.
    Depending on what album you are in, there are different menus. In a user created album, the right click would show "Remove from Album" & "Delete Photo". I noticed that was the same for Last Import Album. But at the same time, under image, you will only have Remove from Album. If it is a system album, you will only get the delete menu from either the right click or from the menu under Image.
    What you have to remember is if it days delete the photo, it will completely delete it from the library and all albums. If the menu says Remove From Album, then it will only be removed from the album you are in.
    In PhotoStream Album, you get only Delete Photo from the right click menu, but under image, you get only remove from album. So if you want to remove an image from PhotoStream, you have to use the top menu so it won't get deleted from the library. If you want to remove a photo completely, you would use delete and it will be removed from the library and photo stream.
    So, there are different processes for the different albums. I don't know if that is intentional or just oversight. That may change in the future.

  • How can delete more than one email at a time

    Is there a way to delete all the messages in the inbox instead of deleting one at a time??

    No. You can select multiple messages at once for deletion - one at a time, but there is not a select all option, etc.
    If there were a way to delete all messages in an account's Inbox at once as is available with an account's Trash mailbox and some did that by mistake or by accident, the habitual whiners in that group would likely blow a gasket.

  • Delete more than one picture at a time

    how can i delete more than one picture at time??

    select them and drag to the iPhoto trash or press the delete key - then empty the iphtoo trash and the system trash

  • How do you delete more than one photo at a time on Iphone 3gs camera roll?

    How do you delete more than one photo at a time on the Iphone 3gs camera roll?

    You can't.

  • HT4207 how do i delete more than one email in ios7

    How can I delete more than one email at the same time in ios7?

    Select Edit at the top in the left hand pane, tick the small circle against each email you wish to delete,  select trash at the bottom of the left hand pane.

  • How to attach more than one picture on an email

    How to attach more than one picture on an email?

    Tap the square with arrow on top right and select pictures you want to send (max 5 pictures)

  • TS3899 How do I delete more than one email at a time from my i phone 5C

    How do I delete more than one email at a time from my i phone 5C

    With your Mail app open and the listing of the messages, tap Edit at the top right.  Then check each circle on the left side of the messages to delete.  When you have checked those to delete, tap Trash at the lower right.
    Next tap Mailboxes upper left, under accounts select the account, then for the account tap Trash.  Select Edit upper right, and at the bottom, Delete All, and confirm Delete All and all will be removed at one time.

  • How do you delete more than one row on numbers?

    how do you delete more than one row on numbers?

    Hi operatorcarmax,
    Select the Rows (shift click works for me). Then hover the cursor over any selected Row label to see the upside-down triangle. Click on it to see a Pop-up menu.
    The Numbers User Guide is available for download under the Numbers Help Menu. A good read.

  • How to delete a page without deleting more than one

    how to delete a page without deleting more than one in pages

    Hi alldogsgotoheaven,
    Method 1.
    Menu > View > Show Thumbnails
    Click on a thumbnail.
    If it shows a yellow border around all the pages, they a part on a single section.
    Click in your document at the beginning of the page you want to delete, and Menu > Insert > Section Break.
    Insert another Section Break at the end of that page.
    The page is now isolated in its own section and you can delete its thumbnail.

  • Is there a way to delete more than one photo at a time in the Photo application?

    Is there a way to delete more than one photo at a time in the application Photos in the iPad? Thanks.

    The links below have instructions for deleting photos.
    iOS and iPod: Syncing photos using iTunes
    iPad Tip: How to Delete Photos from Your iPad in the Photos App he-photos-app
    Another Way to Quickly Delete Photos from Your iPad (Mac Only) ad-mac-only
    How to Delete Photos from iPad
    How to: Batch Delete Photos on the iPad
    (With iOS 5.1, use 2 fingers)
    How to Delete Photos from iCloud’s Photo Stream
     Cheers, Tom

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