How to remove qualified lookup entries

Hi All,
My scenario is as explained below:
Main table: Customers
Qualifeid lookup table: Customer_Brands
Qualifer: Form_action (this is a Lookup field and the lookup table is Form_Action)
Form Action table has an entries called "CR" and "MO"
What I need to do:- There is a set of customers with form action value as CR. I need to remove this value (essentially make it null) for all those customers using MDM Java API.
So the question in short is how to remove qualified lookup entries?
NB: I am able to replace CR with MO and vice versa since these entries are in Form_Action table, but unable to remove these entries.
Please give some inputs on this. Sample codes are appreciated.

Hi Adhappan,
My code snippet to set the value is as below:
A2iFields formFields = new A2iFields();
A2iField intField = new A2iField("Form_Action");
Value val = new Value(ValueType.ValueNull);
But the ValueType.ValueNull returns an integer (in my case 17) and the form action field of the customer gets set with the value at that row of the form action table once I execute a modify query.
Please advice as to how to code it correctly.

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    Hi Sandeep,
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    Thanks in advance!

    Try using
    <b>Filter Qualified Links</b> in the <b>Map Properties</b> of the Syndicator.
    If activated, syndication results contain only the data selected in the Selection Pane.
    Tick the check box under the Value Column for that property. By default that check box is not selected. You have to check it.
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    Hello Bernardt,
    In smsy there is an icon "Where is used".
    I suppose you speak about a server that has been created in lowercase and again in uppercase. Until you don´t "clean" logical component, project, solution you are not going to be able to delete the entry.
    At least usually I follow this path. I don´t think there is a most "automatic" way, but who knows
    Best regards,

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    Kind Regards
    Edited by: Rana007 on Sep 29, 2011 5:51 PM

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    Thanks in advance.
    Useful answers will surely be rewarded.

    Hi Jyothi,
    Thanks a lot for ur prompt reply.
    But, in my dialog screen, on click of the button I am simply using the statement :
    MESSAGE W000(0K) with 'text'.
    The resulting warning message comes as a popup with the 'New Entry' button on it.
    From the warning popup, how can I remove the button.
    Please let me know.

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    Sohel Rana

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    I would like to remove them but cannot find any way to do it. The addresses are greyed out and cannot be selected to be removed.
    Yes, I unlocked the preference pane.
    No, there are no DNS servers listed in my Airport configuration.
    Both connections work fine.
    I just want to remove the DNS server addresses.

    I think I found the answer.
    The grey DNS server entries are coming from my router. I can see them appear in the DNS pane when I connect the ethernet cable. Also checked my router and that's the DNS address specified in the router setup (Actiontec MI424WR). There is also no evidence of a potential DNSchanger/RSPlug/Jahlav trojan.
    Based on info I found in the Verizon FIOS forums & DSLreports, the address appears to be Verizon DNS server, which would make sense as I have FIOS internet. But I don't quite understand why a WHOIS request on the address returns these server names: NS1.THOMASLORD.NET and NS1.ACCESSMYEMR.COM

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    objectClass: top
    displayName: Company Name
    companyCode: 1
    dn: nsuniqueid=3ce38105-d25511df-8082a64c-bace9cbf+companyCode=2,nsuniqueid=f762b688-2b9411df-8082a64c-bace9cbf+companyCode=1
    objectClass: top
    displayName: Company Name
    companyCode: 2
    dn: nsuniqueid=3ce3811f-d25511df-8082a64c-bace9cbf+companyCode=3,nsuniqueid=f762b688-2b9411df-8082a64c-bace9cbf+companyCode=1
    objectClass: top
    displayName: Company Name
    companyCode: 3

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    Did you meant Windows Phone 8.1 xaml or silverlight? For silverlight, NavigationService.RemoveBackEntry() is there & for WP8.1 xaml(RT), you can use :
    Frame.BackStack.RemoveAt(Frame.BackStack.Count - 1);

Maybe you are looking for