How to set up Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.5 as printer in Mountain Lion

How do I set up Adobe Acrobat 9 as printer in Mountain Lion as I would with Windows?

Changes in OS X made it impossible for Acrobat Pro to install a "printer" for itself as it did before Snow Leopard. The PPD for Acrobat was always very buggy anyway, so no one really misses that part of it.
For any Adobe app (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), you instead go to the File menu and choose the PDF flyout, as show here:
For other apps, you hit Command+P as always and open the Adobe PDF options at the lower left of the print dialogue box:
Choose "Save as Adobe PDF" and continue on from there to choose your PDF settings.
Quark XPress has all of the pro PDF options built in to its output. You don't use access Acrobat Pro at all in the menus or standard print dialogue.

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    If uninstalling Acrobat normally does not resolve the issue, you better ask in the appropriate Acrobat forum.  Don't forget to mention your OS and any relevant details.
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    You mean there is an entry in the dock that doesn't work but it works OK from LaunchPad or Applications? Sounds as if you have an old or out of date thing in the dock. Just remove it and put the working Acrobat back. The dock is ENTIRELY under your control; Acrobat doesn't put itself there or remove itself.

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    it worked ok....
    pdf printer was installed without using any disk....

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    If you have purchased the subscription for Acrobat Pro stand alone subscription, the  check if you can find the download on below page.

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    Oh Bill, you are Wonderful....[what would we do without knowledgeable...answering all of our questions] I think you did already.[I was going to suggest the same thing]...I was searching for an answer and found post #2 above (I think its yours from another post) and copied it in, in case someone else wanted an answer. I haven't tried yet, but it makes sense.
    I have a pdf document so I'll save as TIff to get 3 tiffs and then take each into Photoshop.
    My crisis has subsided so I have more time to test...
    Have a great weekend!

  • How can i download adobe acrobat pro software? i changed from mac to win pc and i only have a mac cd

    i have the relevant serial codes. i just want to download the software.

    Serial numbers for standalone products are platform specific. You will have to run this:
    Otherwise you may have to buy an upgrade and make the platform switch.

  • Device does not appear in list - Adobe Acrobat Pro X on Windows 7

    I recently had a scanner device replaced on my system.  We uninstalled the old one and installed the new one.  All drivers are up to date on the new scanner.
    When I go to Create PDF From Scanner - Custom Presets - the device list still shows my old scanner and my new scanner is not listed.  I have re-booted my system and still get the same problem.  How do I get Adobe Acrobat Pro X to refresh the list of available devices?

    Hi Todd,
    I haven't heard other reports of this (though there was an issue quite some time ago where deleting pages on this combination of Acrobat/OS was challenging).
    Can you please tell me what happens when you try to replace pages? Do you get an error message? Are you able to manipulate pages otherwise (delete, extract, and so on)? Is this issue unique to one file, or does it happen with all PDF files?
    I look forward to hearing back from you.

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    Disable on old computer, then install and activate it on new computer.
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    Thank you for checking, Tom,
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    On both error messages, the URL I was checking was: andApplications.html
    The last URL was, of course, the URL generated by iWeb.
    So, my question still is:
    HOW CAN I GET MY FEEDS TO WORK PROPERLY? If the problem is there shouldn't be an http:// after feed: then, how do I get iWeb to set it up properly?
    Any ideas?

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