HT4623 I have an iPad2 w/ wi-fi, 16gb.  I would like to update my software version from 4.3.5 to a later version; however, when I go to settings, general, the "software update" option does not appear???

I have an iPad 2 w/wi-fi, 16 GB.  I would like to update my software version from 4.3 to a later versionn; however, when I go into Settings, General, the "Software Update" option is not there???

Judi126 wrote:
... "Software Update" option is not there???
That is only a feature of iOS 5 or later...
You have iOS 4... See Here...
Connect to iTunes on the computer you usually Sync with and “ Check for Updates “...
See the Using iTunes Section Here...
How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

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