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Okay, I tried sending an E-mail through the Contact Us link at the bottom of the main page. Don't know whether or not the E-mail went through because the page that loaded was blank. I figured this to be the last place to find an answer. Here was my message that was sent through E-mail:
" question about the HTC inspire for at&t. my upgrade with at&t is on the 11th. I was going to put my order in tonight. a few days ago had the phone for 0$ with new two year activation. I checked today and it's 80$ now??? Im confused.
~Darren J Normand Jr "
if anyone has any information to why this is, It'd be much appreciated =]

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  • Cannot access My at&t on HTC Inspire 4G PD91820

    Tried to access My at&t through my HTC Inspire but was told that needed update.  Now find through Google play that this app and many other at&t apps are not supported on my cell phone.  What is going on?

    Unfortunately, what you're seeing is the case of apps evolving and requiring newer versions of OS, while phone manufacturers ending OS updates for some of their models, and at the end, never versions of some apps may not compatible with your OS version. This is something that I've seen happening with most makes/models of cell phones.
    You should still be able to log into your account via a web browser. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
    Thank you,

  • Something wrong with my HTC Inspire

    I purchased an HTC Inspire through Best Buy, it was a refurb and I've had it for a while...for some reason when I went to use it a few hours ago it was stuck on the white reboot screen and I can't get it to budge from it. Anyway, I wanted to take it in to get fixed but it seems that ATT is already closed, would I be able to bring it into a best buy to get it taken care of?

    Hey hcoffey,
    Is your phone fixed now? If not, did you try a battery pull?
    Devon - Best Buy - San Diego, CA
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  • Is it ok to use htc inspire charger for my iPod touch?


    Yes as long ias it has the USB jack.  You shoud alos check the voltage written on the charger.  It should be about 5 volts. 

  • I Currently have an HTC inspire and i wanted to upgrade to the I Phone 5

    i contacted ATT and they said that i was elligable for a standard upgrade. i was wondering if this applied to the i phone 5 and if not what would it cost to upgrade

    KiltedTim wrote:
    Then ask your mommy to call and ask them.
      Good one!

  • Can I use an HTC charger to charge my iPhone?

    I have an old htc inspire charger and I want to know If I can use it to charge my iPhone?

    You can use,  if the output is 5 v and 1 a ,
    but it may over charge the iphone  ,
    apple power adapter are smart charger

  • How do you transfer contacts from an htc to an iphone 4

    I need to transfer my contacts from my htc inspire to my Iphone 4 but the SIM cards are differents sizes so I cant do it via SIM. Is there any other way?

    All of your contacts need to be on your computer.  From there you sycn them to the iphone.

  • Personal Hotspot - IPhone 4S and IPad 2

    I have found issues similar to my issue.  Some are older and most do not have a solution.
    Just moved from a HTC Inspire 4G (AT&T) to the IPhone 4s (AT&T).   With the Inspire, I used the personal hotspot to connect my iPad 2.  I was hoping to do the same with the 4s.
    With the Inspire I never (yes, never) had an issue with the iPad and the hotspot.  With the 4s, I will be surfing along or watching a movie and I will lose the Internet connection.
    The iPad will connect to the iPhone with no problem
    The connection is established and an IP address assigned
    Connection is solid for about 10 minutes then no Internet connection
    Important to note that the WiFi connection between the two devices appears to be up.  I do not lose the IP address.  The iPhone reports a device connected.  The iPad reports it is connected to the iPhone.
    Both are running the latest IOS 5.0.1
    If I attach a Windows device to the hotspot, I do not lose connection.
    As soon as I disconnect the Windows device, the iPad will lose Internet (but not the connection)
    The only fix is to cycle the personal hotspot on the phone.
    I have tried variations of the fixes for similar issues with no permanent fix.
    Any ideas? 

    Im not sure if I'm experiencing the exact same symptoms, but it seems to me every time the ipad goes to sleep / left unused for 8-10 minutes, the wifi link between the devices is lost, and i have to reconnect them again.

  • Android App - works fine in Device Central but not in phone

    Just looking for some general "you might try this" tips.  I've built a very basic game app for Android so I can start learning not only how to develop for Android, but also how to publish and distribute Android apps to users.
    My game works fine when I test in Device Central from Flash.  And I've been able to upload my app to the Android Market. But when I install and run on my Android phone (I've actually tested on two separate devices), I just get a light yellow screen with a series of tiny dots that move across the screen, almost like a loading indicator, but nothing happens after that.
    I've tried publishing as both an Air (Air 2) file and a Flash (Flash 10) file.  In device central, I tested the app on a Droid Incredible emulation.  The devices I've tested on are an HTC Inspire (AT&T) and an HTC Thunderbolt (Verizon).
    So, I know there's no way for someone to take my limited description above and say "this is your problem".  Again, I'm just hoping for some general tips along the lines of "try publishing in a different version of Flash".
    Any suggestions for where I should start digging? 
    Thanks in advance!

    Sign out of the store on your phone, then sign back in. Note having content from more than one country's store may complicate the process of updating apps and downloading past purchases.

  • How to edit 'uses-sdk' element in manifest settings

    I created an Android App that works perfectly on my HTC Inspire.  It's just three buttons that link to web pages, a browser loads, very basic. I got it to install on 3 android devices, but it doesn't install on a Galaxy Tab and another unknown android device.  Those devices get a Parse Error.
    So I searched around and I found this possible solution from a few days ago: pplication-problem-parsing-package.html
    After hours of search, i found a little answer, actually it has every thing to do with the manifest, i changed the minSdkVersion="8" to minSdkVersion="7", and it worek on the first samsung mobile that i found, i have to check with other mobiles, but i think that is the solution!
    I decided that I better figure out how to edit the Manifest, only to find that:
    I found this bit of unsettling information in the Community Help files:
    uses-sdk elementI see there is a checkbox to 'Manually manage premissions and manifest additions in the application descriptor file.' But i'm not sure if I can just add the line
    You cannot include a uses-sdk element.
    <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="7" />
    Any work arounds?
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Pooja
    You can find the text in <b>ResourceEditControl**.properties</b> file, which is available under   <i>\lib\km.appl.ui.edit_api\com\sapportals\wcm\control\edit</i>..
    The text is represented by the key <b>txtUploadControl</b>..

  • Deploying Over Seas to Korea and inneed of a good cell phone

               Im in the Army and deploying to Korea for a year. I am in need of a good cell phone to use to call home as well as communicate with my solders in Korea. Any ideas?

    Soldier4 wrote:
               Im in the Army and deploying to Korea for a year. I am in need of a good cell phone to use to call home as well as communicate with my solders in Korea. Any ideas?
    This one is tough - Unfortunately Korea is one of the few countries that also uses CDMA2000 for some of their networks (same technology as Sprint/Verizon) - CDMA2000 phones tend not to be very portable from carrier to carrier.
    However - some carriers in Korea might use a GSM network.
    However, so far, most of the info I can find indicates that Korea uses CDMA2000 in a band that doesn't match anything used by Sprint or Verizon in the United States.  It looks like you might need to purchase a phone from a Korean carrier.
    The one exception seems to be - According to this, SK Telecom in Korea has UMTS service in the 2100 MHz band, so the majority of unlocked GSM phones will work.  e.g. an unlocked AT&T or T-Mobile phone may work (exception:  The HTC Inspire 4G lacks UMTS2100, some other AT&T smartphones also might.) if you can obtain an SK Telecom SIM.
    Korea is a bit weird in that SK is probably the only carrier I've ever seen to transition from a CDMA2000 EV-DO network to HSPA...  In short, you probably picked the WORST destination country possible to find an international phone for!
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  • Android phone, no carrier

    Hello all. 
    I am from Denmark, travelling to the states in late June. I want to buy a new android phone, but I have some concerns: 
    1) How do I ensure that the phone will work in Europe
    2) Is it possible to buy android phone without a contract with a US-carrier - as far as I can see from the website, I can buy the Google Nexus S withoit a carrier, but I would rather buy the Samsung Galax S II - if it is available in the US at that time. 
    Br, Henrik 

    henrikib wrote:
    Hello all. 
    I am from Denmark, travelling to the states in late June. I want to buy a new android phone, but I have some concerns: 
    1) How do I ensure that the phone will work in Europe
    2) Is it possible to buy android phone without a contract with a US-carrier - as far as I can see from the website, I can buy the Google Nexus S withoit a carrier, but I would rather buy the Samsung Galax S II - if it is available in the US at that time. 
    Br, Henrik 
    1)  Check support for the 3G bands used in your country.  Quadband GSM is almost a given for Android phones, however previously nearly all phones that supported the US UMTS bands also supported UMTS2100 (European 3G), however, that is no longer a given.  For example, the HTC Inspire 4G from AT&T does not support UMTS2100.
    2)  Not sure.  Possibly - prices will be significantly higher.  The phone will come locked but the carrier might unlock it if it's no-contract.  Talk directly to the carriers for this, this is a "corner case" where store employees at non-carrier-owned stores will have insufficient training.  Even employees at carrier-owned stores may refer you to their customer service call center.
    *disclaimer* I am not now, nor have I ever been, an employee of Best Buy, Geek Squad, nor of any of their affiliate, parent, or subsidiary companies.

  • Pinch to zoom stops working sporadically (

    I don't have a common thread, and it *is* sporadic, but the browser (Rx mobile beta 5), was at when pinch-to-zoom quit. HTC Inspire, Android 2.2

    Sorry, I haven't seen this problem before and don't know of a solution. Thanks for reporting it, though - we will try to find and fix the problem if we can.

  • Sending picture messages and data

     Ok, this might have already been answered and I really apologize if it was. I recently went from an HTC Inspire 4G to a Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and I'm really really confused. With both my HTC phones (Vivid and Inspire 4G) I never had to turn mobile data on but I still got pictures and could send them with no problem. The 4G LTE icon was always showing on my display but the mobile data in the settings was turned off. Now with the Galaxy Mega I have to turn on my mobile data to receive or send pictures and I never have the 4G showing unless the data is on. I asked AT&T they told me that sending pictures without mobile data was impossible and yet I was still doing it. I love sending pictures when I'm out and about but I've only got 3G shared between two phones because we thought we wouldn't ever need that much since the pictures/videos sent without using it. Now however I feel like I need to pick and choose what I send and what I decide to download from others. I really loved having the freedom of sending pictures whenever I wanted without having to worry about it and why does the 4G not ever show up unless data is on?

    Well, the 4G showing means that your phone had established a 4G (HSPA+) cellular data connection with AT&T.  When that shows, you can send & receive MMS (the micture, audio or movie) messages.  SInce it was showing before, that would explain why you could always send & receive the messages with no problems before.  The fact that the messages don't send (or receive) when your cellular data is turned off (and teh 4G doesn't show then) means that on your new phone, the cellular data does turn off completely when you turn it off in the settings.
    It sounds to me like your old phone had either a bug where the 4G didn't really turn off when you turned it off in teh settings, or that it had a feature to enable it only for voice and MMS messages.  the fact that the 4G doesn't show when you have that setting turned off on your new phone just means that it is actually working properly, even though it is not really what you want it to do.  Since I'm not familiar with your phone models, and I don't know what version of Androis you are running, I can't really try to help you to determine if there is a combination of settings to get your new phone to act like your old one did.
    After initially posting, I did a quick Google search and found a thread on Android Central where it indicates that some HTC phones (and some Android ROMs) allow for a settign to automatically switch your mobile data on to send & receive MMS messages.  I suspect that your previous phone had that and it was enabled and your new phone either doesn't have it, or it isn't enabled.  You could try checking to see if your phone has the setting, ut it is just disabled.

  • Help with missing buttons

    Upgraded to version 32. I'm missing the 3 dot menu button, but do have hardware menu button. When I press on hardware menu, I do NOT have an option to go to tools. It doesn't look the picture they show when I searched for help. As a matter of fact, when pressing menu, it looks like the old version I had. did something not update properly, or could the new version not be compatible with HTC inspire? is appreciate any help thanks so much

    You need to reinstall Firefox from Play Store , Enable Sync first then wait for sync to finish synching then uninstall and reinstall
    Please note : uninstalling without sync enabled will cause to loss all your data including form data,passwords, usernames,history and bookmarks

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