I have OS 10.8.2 and use wireless at home just fine. When I visit a friend with only a cable modem internet my Mac Book Pro will not connect. What do I need to do?

I have OS 10.8.2 and use wireless at home just fine.
When I visit a friend with only a cable modem internet my Mac Book Pro will not connect.
I see that the Mac Book Pro is picking up the internet when I check the internet preference section but it will not open Safari.
What do I need to do connect via a cable modem?

You need to power off the modem for 15-30 seconds, then power back up and then connect. The modem is remembering the last connection (your friend).

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  • My mac book pro will not fully boot up. I have the grey background with the apple sign and the timer going round...but 20 minutes later still no desktop

    My mac book pro will not fully boot up. I have the grey background with the apple sign and the timer going round...but 20 minutes later still no desktop

    You could try doing a hard shut down (holding the power button or yanking the battery) and then doing a safe boot by holding the shift key at startup:
    Also, not sure if this applies in your case, but I've had that happen when there's a USB drive inserted either in the computer or a connected external keyboard.  I did a hard shut down, removed the drive and it went through a normal start up. 

  • I Have just downloaded the latest upgrade and now my Mac Book Pro will not boot up !! how can I get out of this ?, I Have just downloaded the latest upgrade and now my Mac Book Pro will not boot up !! how can I get out of this ?

    I Have just downloaded the latest upgrade (through software update) and now my Mac Book Pro will not boot up !! how can I get out of this ?,

    Try starting in safe mode:

  • My boyfriend wants to play is mac book pro through our television. what do we need? i want to get this for him for x-mas

    my boyfriend wants to play is mac book pro through our television. what do we need? i want to get this for him for x-mas

    MiniDisplayPort-to-? adapter, available at Apple stores and Best Buy and antplace selling Apple.  Plugs into the Thunderbolt or "lightning bolt" port.
    Replace ? with HDMI or VGA or DVI.
    Know that TVs spave pixels further apart, for viewing at 10-15 ft instead of close as monitors do.  Makes viewing small text at 10 ft difficult sometimes.
    Another poster also recently reported that using the mouse on the external display is "laggy".  Some models of Mac have only a graphics card integrated into the CPU (which can be challenged by running a big external TV) and some have a "discrete" or "second" graphics card that handles TVs better.

  • Downloaded and installed os x yosemite and now mac book pro will not restart? How long should this take? Is there something wrong? Please helpthanks in advance

    MAc book pro. I have downloaded and installed os x yosemite now mac book pro will not start? How long should it take? Is there something wrong?

    The 2 computers here took about 45 minutes to an hour each.
    The best thing to do is give it more time. If it gets too ridiculous, shutdown using the power button and then restart. Check  menu/About This Mac to see if it is installed.

  • My new mac book pro will not save any bookmarks I make in safari. Why is it doing this? I would really like to use my bookmarks.

    MY new Mac book pro will not save any of teh bookmarks I make in safari. If I make a bookmark, it will not appear until I close safari and reopen it. Then, if I shut my computer down and reopen safari, all of the bookmarks are gone. This has happend multiple times and I don't know what is going on. I would really like to use my bookmarks.

    Delete the
    reboot and start Safari, reset your preferences, instructions are here
    Deleting the System Preference or other .plist file

  • TS2570 My Mac Book Pro will not start up.  I ran the AHT and received the following error:

    My Mac Book Pro will not start up.  I ran the AHT and received the following error:  4SNS/1/40000000:Th0H-90.750.  Anyone know what this means?

    I have no idea how much it will cost to repair. I don't even know what the exact problem will prove to be. It may be quick if it isn't a motherboard problem. I just don't know. Take it in for a service diagnostic, then they can tell you what is involved.

  • 2009 Mac Book pro will not boot up. I've tried to do a disk repair it says ETF partions need repair. When I try it says unable to unmount disk. I've tried to re-install the OS and when I do that the message says unable download.

    My 2009 macbook pro will not boot up and I have tried everything to get it to work. Please help!!!!!!

    Do you have an external drive? If no, then you will need to purchase a drive so you can backup your data.
    If you have a drive that is formatted as GUID you can select to install OS X from recovery mode on the external drive. Now you can boot from that drive and make a backup of your internal drive so you can erase and reformat the drive.
    Recommended Drives
    USB 3.0 drives work on USB 2.0 but you do get 2.0 speed. They are cheaper because they are popular PC drives.  If you get a new computer you'll get the bump to 3.0 speed. I don’t recommend FW. The newer computers don’t have FW ports. You would need a connector in order to use the drive on a newer computer.
    Size:  I recommend either the 2T or 3T drives.  Often they are cheaper than a 1T drive. The 4T drives have more issues and failure rates.
    Many drives come formatted for PC but easy to format in Disk Utility. 
    This Western Digital drive has good reviews: Has a 2 yr warranty. Comes formatted for Mac but I would still format using Disk Utility.
    WD My Book Hard Drive for Mac 2 TB (WDBYCC0020HBK-NESN)  $99
    WD My Book Hard Drive for Mac 3 TB (WDBYCC0030HBK-NESN)  $119.99
    Check the warranty when comparing. The longer the warranty the better the drive. WD makes cheaper drives but with almost no warranty.
    Locally, Best Buy seems to have the best prices.

  • Mac Book Pro for school. What do I need?

    Hi, i want to buy a mac book pro for school(grade 10 academic) and for general amusement. I will be doing graphics(got adobe cs5.5) video editing, word processing and surfing the web. I am leaning towards the 17" MBP but for portablility i may get the 15". Since i will be taking it to school i dont know if i should pick the solid state vs. the regular 500GB. My main questions are: What hard drive? What should i put in my bag along with some books and writing utensils? Does anti glare make a big diference? 2.2GHz or 2.3 GHz? What programs are a must have?
    P.S. this is my first mac and i do not mind price so much i just want what makes sence. For example if there is no NEED for a solid state then i will not get it.

    HamidL000 wrote:
    Why bring the discs with me? I agree on the chord but is it worth $80? Definately the Manual!
    You need spare bootable copies for troubleshooting.  It's rare, but what are you going to do if at some point while away from home (where your original discs are) you start having problems?  You will have no DVDs to run AHT or even to run the repair disk option.
    If you accidently delete an "Apple" app.  You need the Install DVD to custom install. 
    The above are just small examples of why you need to carry bootable copies.  The original DVDs should be kept in a safe place at home.
    The System DVDs are machine specific.  Therefore, you cannot borrow someone elses system DVDs to troubleshoot your MBP.
    I purchased an extra Magsafe to keep inside my computer carrying case.  I felt why should I use the "home" one?  I would be SOL if something happened to it while using it away from home.  My MBP is older than yours.  The Magsafe was no where near $80.

  • My charger is fine and my mac book pro will not take a charge, what should I do?

    My charger is fine and the green light wont turn on when I try to charge my mac book pro. I know the charger is fine because my husbands won't light up either. The conmuter won't take a charge.

    Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)
    You can use Apple menu - About This Mac - System Report - Power to see if the battery shows as needing replacement.

  • IMac and Mac Book Pro will not stay connected to WiFi on TC

    I'm a new Mac owner, and I changed completely over to Apple over the weekend.  Have na iMac and Mac Book Pro with a 2 TB Time Capsule.  Hooked everythng up and all seems to be working, except everytime my computers go into sleep mode when I wake them up they ask me to select my wireless network again because I lost connection.  Once I select my network it works fine until the computer goes to sleep.  WhenI wake it up, it asks me again.  I have it set to automatically connect to known networks, but it doesn't.  I have to click on it everytime I wake up the computer.  Before I hooked up the TC, I was using my old wireless router and it stayed connected.  Now that I put the TC in as my wireless neteork it asks me to select my network.  Is there something I'm not doing that may help the iMac and Mac Book Pro stay connected?

    For that particular WiFi update, yes - it means you can't download it. However, that update may have been included already in M-L 10.8 ...
    I feel your pain regarding these anomalies - I had the same problems on my year-old iMac that I just exchanged with Apple for a new one - I had worked these software/network issues on the old one for over five months, and finally, I demanded a new system as a replacement. Just too many problems. For me, Update 10.7.3 for Lion was the cause of my network problems. The WiFi update/patch solved the sleep issue for me, but not the auto-connect problem for system start-up's and restart's. After system start-up's and restart's, I would have to manually select my router address to connect via WiFi. But after manually selecting the address, the WiFi connection would stay-on - it wouldn't drop-off.
    Again, with this replacement iMac, I don't even trust its WiFi capability - and with a desktop, why should I ? I simply purchased a Cat-6 Ethernet cable, and wired it into my Time Capsule ... To heck with WiFi ! ... Remember: don't download ANY system updates wirelessly ! Don't do it. ... Apple will rue the day they did away with Ethernet connectors on their computers ... - The same goes for CD-based software, or at least some other "physical" means for software installation ...
    But, as for future system updates, and how they affect this new iMac ? - If they screw it up, I'm not messing with it ! - Apple's getting it back, the next day ! I'm not going to go through five months of testing, repairs, forced new purchases, etc. etc. ever again ...

  • Mac Book Pro will not boot up, battery full and plugged up...help

    MAcBook Pro will not boot up, the battery is full and the power cord is plugged in.

    Hello, Shock52. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    Here are a couple troubleshooting articles that I would recommend going through when experiencing this issue.
    Troubleshooting: My computer won't turn on
    Mac OS X: Gray screen appears during startup
    Jason H.

  • My mac book pro will not open safari and keeps saying it is quitting unexpectedly.. Please help?!


    Hi _stephdelaney,
    Please check to see if any plug-ins or add ons are causing the issue.
    Safari: Unsupported third-party add-ons may cause Safari to unexpectedly quit or have performance issues
    That article explains how to check for that.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

  • Mac book pro will not turn on.  I get the startup tone then the apple then the no sign then a file folder with a ? On it. Taken out battery and put back in. Any ideas ?

    No startup on Mac book pro. I get a startup tone then th apple then a gray file folder with a ? On it. Any ideas?

    What OS are you running?

  • My mac book pro does not start but has error message with a question mark on screen. took it in and was told probably the hard drive as could not reconize it so bought new one but still not connecting.what do i do

    My mac book pro does not connect but shows an error message with a question mark on the screen.I took it to a retailer that said it was not reconizing the hard drive.He said i needed a new hard drive but it may be something else as well but he was sure a new hard drive would fix it.So putting faith in someone who deals with them i purchased a new hard drive to find it was still not working although he said the computer did know reconize the hard drive and i may have to send it away to get it checked .After already paying 120 pounds for a new hard drive and they wanting another 80.00 pounds to diagnose it i am a little sceptical.
    That's why i am interested on anyone's help.

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    I think that your Mac detects your hard disk, but the problem is that your new hard disk doesn't contain any operating system, so your Mac doesn't find any bootable partition and you see a question mark.
    If your Mac came with DVDs, insert the Mac OS X Install DVD and hold the C key while your Mac is starting. Then, just install Mac OS X. If the hard disk isn't prepared to install Mac OS X, you will have to erase it using "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)". See > http://pondini.org/OSX/DU1.html

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