I need help with Capturing error message

I shot some DVNTSC footage in widescreen on my sony Handycam.
I set up my final capture presets to capture DVNTSC Anamorphic. When I try to capture I get an error message saying... Dropped frames were detected in my video footage.
Final cut gets all hung up and won't capture a thing.
Can anyone help me with this problem?

What David is saying is that it's not recommended to capture to your internal drive. It's already running the OS and the software, trying to write video to it at the same time can often cause, imagine that, dropped frames.
The second setup you mention is also not recommended. USB hard drives transfer data in bursts, instead of firewire's stream. This can lead to, imagine that, dropped frames.
And finally, the firewire drive and camera attached to the same FW bus will essentially double the data rate needed, and is not recommended, as it will cause, imagine that, dropped frames.
The solution you should be looking for is a express/34 card with an external SATA attached to avoid the bottlenecks you are experiencing.

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    stop() forcibly kills a thread. You shouldn't use this method because if the thread is in a critical section of code, you can cause data corruption or deadlock.
    Instead, if you need to stop execution from another thread, invoke the interrupt() method.
    Good luck.

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    Try <fx:XML>

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    Hi and welcome to the forums!
    Read user sgardne'spost on how to troubleshoot the cause of the error message.
    Let me know if you agree with the steps and how you want to proceed.
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    I am in desperate help on trying to capture video from my camera and I keep getting a General Error message.
    I'm using FCE HD 3.0
    Camera is Panasonic DVC60
    I've hooked up the camera, named the project, clicked Capture, the camera window opens
    Now I've tried 2 different ways, 1) start video and hit Capture Now, It gives me the General Error.
    2) I've restarted everything, in the Capture window, I've set in and out points, clicked capture Clip, General Error message.
    What is wrong? Please help!

    Through away the QuickTime player from the Applications folder.
    Go to Hard drive/Library/Receipts and throw away the QuickTime receipts.
    Trash the preferences like this

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    Steve in Raleigh NC

    This error happens when you have something like:
    SQL> select "" from dual;
    ORA-01741: illegal zero-length identifier
    Check what you have as "Source value or expression" for items with "Source Type" = Database Column

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    In DW CS5 I'm getting an error message, "This page contains object tags that may not work properly in the most recent versions of Internet Explorer. DreamWeaver cannot convert these object tags.". Anytime I previously encountered this message, it ended with, "To correct this problem you can covert these tags to browser safe scripts. Do you want Dreamweaver to convert these tags for you?". Why does DW now say it can't convert the tags, and what can I do?
    Thanks much.

    Is your code valid?
    CSS - http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/
    HTML - http://validator.w3.org/
    Nancy O.
    Alt-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media  Specialists 

  • Need help with itunes error message

    I am running itunes on a pc with windows xp. I am getting the following error message:
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    Really?  My iPad is just dropping out and leaving iTunes frozen on 'stage 4 of 4' then I get a time out message.  Apparently it hasn't sync'd since 1 November.

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    When I try to run CHKDSK I get the following error message 'Cannot open volume for direct access'  on myT61 .
    7658CTO T61 / 2Gb Ram / 160 gb hdd / windows xp / Intel Core2 Duo CPU T7300 @ 2.00 GHz

    Try opening an elevated Command Prompt (filename:  CMD.EXE) and issuing a "CHKDSK C: /F /R /B" command.  You should then be prompted to reboot in order to allow the disk check to be run.
    Aryeh Goretsky
    I am a volunteer and neither a Lenovo nor a Microsoft employee. • Dexter is a good dog • Dexter je dobrý pes
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  • Need help with an error message: Can't repair volume.

    Hi, folks.
    While checking my HD with Disk Utility, I found a message error. It says that I have to repair the disk but the button "Repair Disk" is not available.
    The message is copied below... if anyone can read it and help me, I'd appreciate.
    Verifying volume “Macintosh HD”
    Checking HFS Plus volume.
    Checking Extents Overflow file.
    Checking Catalog file.
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1022303 /Applications/Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004/Dreamweaver MX 2004/Contents/MacOS/Dreamweaver)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1034457 /Users/Johnny/Library/Mail/[email protected]/INBOX.mbox/Messages/16 143.emlx)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1034472 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/11/05/1521797044-3222719574.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1035396 /Users/Johnny/Library/Mail/HTT[email protected]/Junk E-Mail.mbox/Messages/16148.emlx)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1035401 /Users/Johnny/Library/Mail/HTT[email protected]/Junk E-Mail.mbox/Messages/16149.emlx)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file Overlapped extent allocation (file s/DisplayPictures/paulina_vascon[email protected]/VnRhV1J0dXR3eG41aG04T3UxOXIrU lZWZ3AwPQ==.png)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1042618 /Users/Johnny/Mercury/MSN/Resources/DisplayPictures/cristina_[email protected]/ R3FDbDlPNllTRGhhUmNXd3p2Sm55clQ0aUx3PQ==.png)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1049904 /Users/Johnny/Library/Mail/HTTPM[email protected]/Sent Messages.mbox/Messages/16257.emlx)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file Overlapped extent allocation (file ail/02/12/4236346157-3219157957.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1050553 /Users/Johnny/Library/Mail/[email protected]/Drafts.mbox/Messages/1 6261.emlx)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1050558 /Users/Johnny/Library/Mail/[email protected]/Drafts.mbox/Messages/1 6262.emlx)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1050573 /Users/Johnny/Library/Mail/[email protected]/Drafts.mbox/Messages/1 6263.emlx)
    1050573 /Users/Johnny/Library/Mail/[email protected]/Drafts.mbox/Messages/1 6263.emlx
    1054976 /Users/Johnny/Mercury/MSN/Resources/CustomEmoticons/patinhodeborracha22@hotmail .com/NUxYOXd5ZkZiRjR0Wm5Ob3NZY0p6K09oWWFnPQ==.gif
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1055000 /Users/Johnny/Mercury/MSN/Resources/DisplayPictures/patinhodeborracha22@hotmail .com/TzNFcmEzTWxaMmV4L0NOelVEUllsaEJjd1BRPQ==.png)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1057743 /Users/Johnny/Library/Mail/[email protected]@[email protected]/Sent Messages.mbox/Messages/16313.emlx)
    1057743 /Users/Johnny/Library/Mail/[email protected]@[email protected]/Sent Messages.mbox/Messages/16313.emlx
    t allocation (file %@)",1)
    1057789 /Users/Johnny/Documents/Yazigi/Events/OFICIO_SDUMA.doc
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1057880 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Clipart/Yázigi)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058044 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/04/11/2078440011-2247275449.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058045 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/10/07/0272707744-3809369458.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file Overlapped extent allocation (file ny/Library/Caches/Mail/00/15/2244060425-1075118591.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058051 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/09/11/0695285650-1820972980.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058052 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/00/11/0589583874-0597952182.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058053 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/05/12/0478257501-4274710467.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file Overlapped extent allocation (file Mail/00/01/0993945094-0587616530.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058055 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/00/05/0791764484-0602406228.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058056 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/00/15/1220797701-0859034105.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058057 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/00/07/1625158921-0865946749.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file Overlapped extent allocation (file 179-0596073421.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058060 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/00/11/1196125704-0590536112.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058062 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/00/11/1422978311-0856115643.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058063 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/04/12/2763023681-0835402695.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file Overlapped extent allocation (file he)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058065 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/00/03/1827339531-0863388223.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058066 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/07/03/3539577467-0911802683.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058067 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/00/04/1321888006-0860911682.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058069 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/00/02/1726249226-0867834918.cache)
    1058069 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/00/02/1726249226-0867834918.cache
    extent allocation (file %@)",1)
    1058070 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/05/01/0121999446-2569076246.cache
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058071 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/Mail/12/14/3415372742-4138529506.cache)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1058076 /Users/Johnny/Library/Application Support/Skype/joaopaulo_yazigi/chatsync/19/19e520537f725be8.dat)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file Overlapped extent allocation (file nc/d5/d5f85bf4508148d5.dat)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1074308 /Users/Johnny/Library/Caches/com.apple.AddressBook/MetaData/2A56AA5D-FD59-4B78- BF65-25589E601017/ABPerson.abcdp)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1083386 /Users/Johnny/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Podcasts/NEWSWEEK On Air Podcast/NEWSWEEK On Air 1092005.mp3)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file Overlapped extent allocation (file XlSOE96L2VJPQ==.png)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1094018 /Users/Johnny/Library/Application Support/Skype/joaopaulo_yazigi/chatsync/15/150fcbaa76a7fb93.dat)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1120553 /Users/Johnny/Documents/Yazigi/Events/PRELISTAECOLOCICA2005.doc)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1182160 /Users/Johnny/Library/Mail/[email protected]@[email protected]/Sent Messages.mbox/Messages/17264.emlx)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file Overlapped extent allocation (file /Users/Johnny/Library/Mail/[email protected]@[email protected]/Sent Messages.mbox/Messages/17267.emlx)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 1182217 /Users/Johnny/Library/Mail/[email protected]@[email protected]/Sent Messages.mbox/Messages/17269.emlx)
    Checking multi-linked files.
    Checking Catalog hierarchy.
    Checking Extended Attributes file.
    Checking volume bitmap.
    Volume Bit Map needs minor repair_
    Checking volume information.
    Invalid volume free block count_
    (It should be 3677631 instead of 3677630)
    The volume Macintosh HD needs to be repaired.
    Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit
    1 HFS volume checked
    Volume needs repair
    Thanks in advance.

    You will need to try and repair the drive with Disk Warrior. Otherwise, the only option is to reformat the drive. Note that DW may not be successful in fixing all the errors, and you may end up having to reformat anyway.
    It may be possible to fix the problem manually, but it's quite involved. Here's the info:
    Manually fix Overlapped Extent Allocation Errors without Disk Warrior
    Overlapped overlapped extent allocation errors can be the bane of any Mac user's existence. Often, these errors go unnoticed until the problem becomes visible: your Mac might refuse to boot, crash unexpected, or worse, critical data might disappear from the Finder. Disk Utility can detect, but not fix overlapped extent allocation errors, and certain third-party utilities, such as Alsoft Diskwarrior, can fix them, but generally without reporting the consequences.
    Overlapped extent allocation error occur when the file system thinks that two files are occupying the same area on the hard disk, hence overlapping on the same "inode," which is the structure which holds the location of the data blocks the file occupies, and also file permissions and flags.
    Clearing the "overlapped" or "overallocated" extent allocation essentially means that you'll have to lose some data, because the only way to remove the overlap is to delete the file that's occupying the inode. So, if you suspect, or find out, that the guilty file is a critical system file that resides in one of the hidden system directories such as /etc /var /usr/ or visible system directories such as /System or /Library, and you don't want to reinstall the whole OS (which might not fix the overlapped extent allocation anyway), it's good to have another disk available to copy the files back to your original disk if necessary: a second bootable hard drive or a firewire drive connected to your Mac when you remove the misbehaving file. Just make sure that when you copy the file back to your boot disk that the permissions are correct, so it's best to use the "ditto" command, so that all sticky bits, flags, and permissions are preserved.
    In case you didn't know, you don't have to boot from an install CD in order to check for overlapped extent allocations. All you need to do is restart your Mac, while holding down command + S to boot in "single-user mode."
    At the command prompt that appears, type:
    $ fsck -fy
    If you have an overlapped extent allocation, you'll see:
    "Overlapped Extent Allocation" (File 123456d)
    No matter how many times you run fsck -fy, you'll never be rid of the error.
    So, simply issue the following command:
    find / -inum 123456 -print
    Note the "d" was dropped, or any extra letter that appears after the inode number.
    The find will return a file name that matches with the inode number, and the path to that file. If you remove the file then the fsck will not return this error next time you run it.
    However, before you can delete the file(s) in single-user mode, you'll need to mount the file system. Type:
    $ mount -uw /
    When done, issue the "sync" command, and that will flush the write cache so that all pending writes are written from memory to the disk. Also, since most OS X 10.3 Macs use the HFS+ Journaled file system, it might be a good idea to disable the journal before booting into single-user mode by typing:
    $ sudo diskutil disableJournal /
    then re-enable it when done fixing the overlapped extents and rebooting normally:
    $ sudo diskutil enableJournal /
    Chris Anderson is a long-time Linux propellerhead who just got his first Mac, an ibook G4, and can't keep his hands off of it. He currently works as a "The Architect" and general visionary for a maker of world-class collectibles.

  • Need help with an error message

    Got a multithreaded chat program running but I'm getting a warning message and i'm not sure what it means:
    Warning(43,14): method stop() in class java.lang.Thread has been deprecated
    it refers to this line which should close the thread on the server when a user logs out:
    What am i doing wrong here?

    stop() forcibly kills a thread. You shouldn't use this method because if the thread is in a critical section of code, you can cause data corruption or deadlock.
    Instead, if you need to stop execution from another thread, invoke the interrupt() method.
    Good luck.

  • Needing help with an error message

    I currently have both updated ver. of software for the iPod and iTunes, yet everytime I try to sync my iPod with my music library from iTunes it comes up with this: "Attempting to copy to the disk "GHOST" failed. The disk could not be read or written to." Am I SOL and need a new HD or is it a simple reset. Thanks in advance.

    Try the instructions in this article.

  • I need help with InDesign Error messages (bad Plug-ins)

    I get "Startup Alerts" when trying to launch InDesign. Does not recognize a series of Plug-ins.
    Error 1:
    Cannot load the Swatch Library Panel.InDesignPlugin plug-in. It is dependent on the Swatches Panel.InDesignPlugin plug-in, which failed to load. Please check documentation for the Swatches Panel.InDesignPlugin plug-in.
    Error 2:
    Cannot load the Transparency UI.InDesignPlugin plug-in. It is dependent on the Swatches Panel.InDesignPlugin plug-in, which failed to load. Please check documentation for the Swatches Panel.InDesignPlugin plug-in.
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    Error 4:
    Cannot load the Text Color Panel.InDesignPlugin plug-in. It is dependent on the Swatches Panel.InDesignPlugin plug-in, which failed to load. Please check documentation for the Swatches Panel.InDesignPlugin plug-in.

    I am on InDesign CC and on a mac.
    It worked to reinstall the program via my Creative Cloud app.
    First I had to uninstall the app though...
    Go> Utilities> Adobe Installers
    Thank you!

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