IDOC type for interface between SAP ECC and SAP F&R

Hi Experts,
I need SAP standatd IDOC type for interfacing between SAP ECC and SAP F&R [SAP Forecasting and Replenishment] using message type u201CFRE_LOC_SITEu201D.
Please help me in finding the idoc type?

Hi Denish,
You have 2 ways of loading data from R/3 to APO.
1. R/3 to BW cube to APO-BW cube to APO planning area
2.  R/3 to APO-BW cube to APO planning area   
BW can be a enterprise BW system ( independent) or you can use the BW inbuilt in APO also referred to as APO-BW.
The only difference between the 2 BW systems is APO-BW can not take the load of reporting where as the enterprise BW can.
Unless your company policy requires the enterprie BW system, I suggest using 2nd way.
You can load the data from R/3 to APO-BW cube using extractors either generic or standard depending on your data. You need to have a RFC connection setup between APO-BW and R/3. ( This is not CIF).
When you load the data into the APO-BW cube, you just have to load the data from the cube to APO planning area using the transaction /sapapo/tscube.
Refer to [DP Data Mart|] for more information about the data transfer between APO-BW and APO.

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  • IDOC Types for Purchase Orders, Vendor Master and Goods Receipt

    Hello All,
    Can any have idea about the IDOC Types that can be used for triggering when the actions creation/change/deletion on Purchase Orders or Vendor Master or Goods Receipt is performed?
    Please let me know the names of IDOC Type, Process Codes, message type... and all the other required information...
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hello Ferry,
    Thanks again for the IDOC Types. I have another question. Can we use those IDOC types for creating/changing/deletion of Purchase orders or Vendor Master or Goods Receipt happens? I mean can we configure in such a way that when ever there is a change or deletion of PO or VM or GR happens?
    I have got to know about the IDOC PORDCH01 which can be used for Purchase Order. Can u suggest me which can be used for PO's?
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            Sivapuram Phani Kumar

  • IDoc via RFC problem between certified app and SAP ECC 5.0 on AS/400

    I'm not sure this is the best forum for this question but here it goes:
    Ever since 2000, we have our certified application for HR-PDC interface. We never had any problem that would be hard to resolve.
    Recently, we had a customer who installed our app to exchange data with SAP ECC 5.0 on an AS/400 machine (first time interfacing with this platform for us).
    We already checked all user permissions and every SAP note that mentioned this problem but it still doesn't work: when receiving and IDoc (just any), we get the error IDOCTYPE_READ_COMPLETE:OBJECT_UNKNOWN.
    Permissions for user are SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW and the IDocs used are the ones stated in the HR-PDC interface (for example, HRCC1DNPERSON, for instance).
    I traced down the problem by examining the .trc files (RFC trace files) and I found where the problem lies: IDOCTYPE_READ_COMPLETE is being passed the IDoc Basic Type HRCC1DNPERSON and it should be HRCC1DNPERSON01. I did the same tracing for another installation (not AS/400 with SAP 4.6) and everything goes fine: IDOCTYPE_READ_COMPLETE is called with correct HRCC1DNPERSON01.
    I'm wondering if this could be a problem in SAP 5.0 for AS/400 as we already have other customers running the same version on different platforms and everything just goes fine.
    Any clues, anyone?
    Thanks and regards,
    André Baptista

    we have a similary problem with our certified as400 application. Our client has the version 4.6C service pack 51 and patch 2161. Data transfert by RFC is ok but we have problems since the installation of the patch 2252. The RFC function RFCaccept do not run any more : the log
    <i>argc    = 2                                                           
    argv[0] = 'HLSAP45A/HLKA15C'                                          
    argv[1] = '-DCP03'                                                    
      Fri Nov 24 14:21:53 2006   *                                      
    <==  RfcAccept                           rfc_handle = RFC_HANDLE_NULL 
    <==  RfcLastError                                                     
    RFC operation/code:  RfcAccept                                        
    key     : RFC_IO5                                                     
    message : LOCATION    CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host                     
    ERROR       connection to partner broken                              
    TIME        Fri Nov 24 14:21:53 2006                                  
    RELEASE     45A                                                       
    COMPONENT   NI (network interface)                  
    VERSION     31                                      
    RC          -6                                      
    MODULE      nio4i.c                                 
    LINE        891                                     
    DETAIL      NiPRea                                  
    internal: IO HANDLE=1 DRV=??? LINE=1369 CODE=5      
    <==  RfcClose  </i>                                     
    Do you have solve your problem ?

  • ALE: setting up reduced IDoc type for use in 4.7 and ERP 2005 problem

    I need to set up a reduced HRMD_A message type and then use it to send HR data from a 4.7 system to an ERP 2005 system.
    To define the reduced type in both systems I use transaction BD53 (Idoc reduction maintenance).
    The problem is that the transaction offers HRMD_A06 as the basic type on a 4.7 system and HRMD_A07 on ERP 2005. Thus i cannot  set up identical definitions.
    I suppose I should  'step back' to A06 at the ERP 2005 system somehow, but where to look for?..
    Thank you in advance!

    The table is maintained with BD69 - Assignment of message type to IDOC type.
    In my case I added one line with values:
    Message type: {my reduced message type}
    Basic type: HRMD_A06
    Extension: {my HRMD_A06 extension}
    Also it looks like there is another (better?) way of making the assignment. It is done with WE82, described in sap help here and also discussed in this topic.
    SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM)

  • Interface between D&B and SAP using XI

    We need to set up following interfaces between
    - SAP CRM and Dun and Bradsteet through XI 3.0
    - SAP SRM and Dun and Bradsteet through XI 3.0
    Could anyone give me any feedback on such a kind of interface ?
    laurent pialot

    D&B offers their D&B Toolkit as AML services over HTTPS. (Not SOAP). With those services you can search for DUNS numbers, order reports etc.
    In our case we use SAP FSCM and the integrated outbound interface to external credit agencies to call Xi. In Xi we use a XSLT mapping to convert the request to the D&B toolkit schema and use the HTTP adapter to call D&B. The response is then mapped back to the SAP FSCM interface format and updates the business partner.
    You don't say anything on what kind of D&B data you want to request or what you want to do with it (reports, update BPs etc) therefore it is kind of hard give any further advice.
    rgds Johan

  • Interface between company website and SAP- Very Urgent please!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi all,
    Did anyone come across such thing. what is the interface technology used to interface a third party software and SAP in case of Recruitment.
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    To my feeling, all depends on how you can provide/retrieve frm that third party.
    Solutions like XI (, web services, etc can be valueble for your purpose, but only you can determin this by knowing the third party software.
    PS. Reward the useful answers and you will get <a href="http:///people/baris.buyuktanir2/blog/2007/04/04/point-for-points-reward-yourself">one point</a> yourself!

  • SAP EarlyWatch Alert in SAP ECC and SAP PI

    Hi Experts,
    Every week in SAP EarlyWatch Alert report in PI as well as SAP ECC, shows PI consuming highest resource in SAP ECC by the SAPMHTTP.
    Example as below:
    Initial System
    Initial Action
    Total Resp. Time in s
    % of RFC Load
    Avg. Response Time
    Avg. CPU Time
    Avg. DB Time
    Avg. Roll Wait Time
    The total response time in SAP ECC by PI system is 200261 secs.
    I have checked the interfaces which connects SAP ECC with RFC and calculated the processing time for all messages in PI. But that time is much less than the above total response time.
    Can you please help me understand how to validate this with the messages that are getting processed through PI using RFC?
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hello Pascal,
    No There is no possibility to get the Diaglog response time and the number of users as similar to a ABAP EWA report in a JAVA EWA report.
    This is because of the fact that the checks for both these system types are different.

  • Interface between Microsoft Project and SAP Project Systems

    When we update SAP Project systems from Microsoft Project, our users want to swap values between project nodes id and description. Is this possible? Which BAPIs are used by OpenPs? I am trying to find a user-exit where I can swap these values.
    Thanks in advance.
    Jitendra Pongurlekar

    Refer Note 579761. This can provide you some hint.

  • IDOC Type for Tcode CC01 and CC02 (Create / Change Change Numbers)

    We are trying to integrate Change Master from a 3rd party system to SAP R/3 4.72.What is the IDOC Type for Tcode CC01 and CC02 (Create / Change Change Numbers)

    We have looked at this IDOC Type. However we are not very sure how the components (Material/BOM etc.) will be mapped into E1AEEFM segment in the IDOC.

  • Connection between Crystal Report and SAP ECC

    Hi. can you help me please.
    I'm testing the connection between Crystal Report and SAP ECC. I tried using the tables,
    but by making the links between foreign keys does not bring data. The other way I tried was using an ABAP function module,
    but using this way, Crystal will only works like a Presentation Layer because all the work was did it in ABAP;
    besides that shows the limitation that I can not pass as input a table.
    what is the best practice for reporting on SAP ECC using Crystal Report?

    Crystal Reports is able to leverage tables, ABAP functions, SAP query and InfoSets.
    what is the issue when using the tables ?

  • SNC between SAP BO and SAP BW for MS Advanced Analysis

    Hy experts, i have configured the SNC between SAP BO and SAP BW but for any user i have this issue:
    when the user launch a Bex Query by MS Advanced Analysis, this error message occurs:
    No applicable data found.
    On the SAP BW system, on ST22 there is this runtime error:
    An error occurred when executing a Remote Function Call.
    "SNCERR_INVALID_FRAME#A received frame is invalid/truncated or is no SNC-frame"
    What happened?
    "CPIC-CALL: 'ThCMSEND' : cmRc=6 thRc=766#General SNC error "
    An error occurred when executing a Remote Function Call.
    An error occurred when executing a Remote Function Call.
    "CPIC-CALL: 'ThCMSEND' : cmRc=6 thRc=766#General SNC error "
    Internal error code.... "RFC_IO5"
    There is an error in the communication system. To clarify
    and resolve the error, contact your system administrator.
    Last error logged in SAP kernel
    Component............ "SNC (Secure Network Communication)"
    Place................ "CPIC (TCP/IP) on host ANDREA_13"
    Version.............. 5
    Error code........... "-12"
    Error text........... "SNCERR_INVALID_FRAME#A received frame is
    invalid/truncated or is no SNC-frame"
    Description.......... "SncProcessInput"
    System call.......... " "
    Module............... "sncxx.c"
    Line................. " "
    The error reported by the operating system is:
    Error number..... " "
    Error text....... " "
    User and Transaction
    Client.............. 100
    User................ 00000015
    Language Key........ "E"
    Transaction......... " "
    Transactions ID..... "6A3E22E031EEF13395AE0019BBCB620C"
    Program............. "SAPLRSBOLAP_BICS_PROVIDER"
    Screen.............. "SAPMSSY1 3004"
    Screen Line......... 2
    Information on caller of Remote Function Call (RFC):
    System.............. "########"
    Database Release.... 720
    Kernel Release...... 720
    Connection Type..... "E" (2=R/2, 3=ABAP System, E=Ext., R=Reg. Ext.)
    Call Type........... "synchron and non-transactional (emode 0, imode 0)"
    Inbound TID.........." "
    Inbound Queue Name..." "
    Outbound TID........." "
    Outbound Queue Name.." "
    Client.............. "###"
    User................ "############"
    Transaction......... " "
    Call Program........."C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office1"
    Function Module..... "BICS_PROV_GET_INITIAL_STATE"
    Call Destination.... "GBP_boe_Default"
    Source Server....... "ANDREA_13"
    Source IP Address... ""
    Additional information on RFC logon:
    Trusted Relationship " "
    Logon Return Code... 0
    Trusted Return Code. 0
    Note: For releases < 4.0, information on the RFC caller are often
    only partially available.
    Information on where terminated
    Termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLRSBOLAP_BICS_PROVIDER" - in
    The main program was "SAPMSSY1 ".
    In the source code you have the termination point in line 1
    of the (Include) program "LRSBOLAP_BICS_PROVIDERU13".
    Could you help me?
    Thank's a lot and best regards.
    Andrea Maraviglia

    Ciao Andrea,
    just a couple of hints:
    - Did you already tried to skip logon to BOE and instead directly select BW system? this should avoid to involve snc and then BEx query should be accessible. This would be a further confirmation that issue is the SNC, even if the log you posted is pretty clear about that.
    - Do you have snc installed even in local PC running MS Advanced Analysis? I Think it is necessary for the described workflow (page 24 of Admin Guide): 
    "With SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise as the BI platform, single sign-on works if the following conditions
    are true:
    u2022 BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 is configured correctly for single sign-on. For more information,
    see u201CConfiguring SAP authenticationu201D in the Integration for SAP Solutions Install and Admin Guide
    at SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) >
    Integration for SAP Solutions > XI 3.1.
    u2022 Secure Network Communications (SNC) is installed on each client PC. For more information, see
    SAP Help Portal at SAP NetWeaver > SAP NetWeaver Library > SAP
    NetWeaver by Key Capability > Security > Network and Transport Layer Security > Secure
    Network Communications.
    u2022 Each end user has a user account in the connected BW system."
    Furthermore, if I rember correctly, there could be restriction in license using SAP Cryptographic Library (client connection is not supported: SAP notes 597059 and 397195), so you should check your SNC software.
    Hope it could hep.

  • Corresponding IDOC types for 816 and 824 of  X12 tranasction

    can anyone tell me corresponding IDOC types for the fallowing X12 tranasction(EDI).
    816 Organizational relationships
    824 Application Advice

    Hi Malikarjun and Ryan
    Please take a look at the following links:
    Hope this will help.
    Ferry Lianto

  • Message type and IDoc type for PGI-GR?

    hi all,
    I have to send the PGI through ALE which have to create GR . So please mention the Message type , output type of message control and IDoc type?

    The Idoc Types for Post Goods Issue are
    MBGMCR01 / MBGMCR02.
    Pls check the Message type in tcode WE82.
    For output type GOTO transaction NACE-->Application V2.
    hope this helps.
    Edited by: sharath on Jun 24, 2008 7:16 PM

  • [svn] 4112: Further work for FXG to SWF transcoding - checking in some work resulting from collaborating with Kaushal to correct FXG transforms and gradient transforms as well as cater for differences between Java AffineTransform and the SWF Matrix type .

    Revision: 4112
    Author: [email protected]
    Date: 2008-11-14 10:05:42 -0800 (Fri, 14 Nov 2008)
    Log Message:
    Further work for FXG to SWF transcoding - checking in some work resulting from collaborating with Kaushal to correct FXG transforms and gradient transforms as well as cater for differences between Java AffineTransform and the SWF Matrix type.
    QE: Not yet.
    Doc: No
    Checkintests: Pass
    Reviewer: Kaushal
    Modified Paths:
    flex/sdk/trunk/modules/swfutils/src/java/flash/fxg/dom/strokes/LinearGradientStrokeNode.j ava
    flex/sdk/trunk/modules/swfutils/src/java/flash/fxg/dom/strokes/RadialGradientStrokeNode.j ava
    Added Paths:

  • RSAR238 : IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available

    Hi all,
    I am working on ECC 6.0. Have created a ODS object using RSA1OLD. While activating the ODS, am getting this error:
    1. Error:
    Object could not be activated
    2. Error:
    IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available
    Error when creating the export datasource and dependent objects
    Kindly help me with this error.
    Thanks and regards,

    Check the same in SDN..
    Object ZDUMMY could not be activatedMessage no. R7I028
    Re: DSO Activation problem

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