If I have money on my account why does it ask for a payment method in order to buy the song?

If I already have money on my account from an itunes card, why does it ask for a payment method when I try to buy a song?

Most likely because your credit card is expired.
Either repklace the credit card with a valid card or remove the credit card completely.

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  • Why i have money in my account, but i cant pay for the print from the iphoto?

    why i have money in my account, but i cant pay for the print from the iphoto?

    I too had this problem after I redeemed two $50 gift cards.  I solved the problem by uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling it.  Give it a try.
    (I'm a Win 7 user.)

  • I have $10 in my account but it is asking for my credit card info when I try to buy an app?

    I have $10 in my account but it is asking for my credit card info when I try to buy an app?

    If the cost of the app is close to $10 - there could sales tax or VAT added onto the purchase as well. Here in Pennsylvania the state sales tax is 7% in the county in which I live. The app would have to cost less than $9.35 or I would exceed the $10 balance in the account.
    It may also be a way of simply identifying that you are who you claim to be - a verification process if you will. Apple is currently increasing security measures in the app store and iTunes.

  • Why does my app store say payment method decline

    why does my app store say payment method decline when i down load a free app

    Are you using a debit card?  I read somewhere that debit card are not being accepted by itunes.  Go to settings/itunes & app store, tap on the ID there then on view account, log in and check payment details to see if they are correct.

  • Trying to load my Photoshop CS3 onto new Mac Book Air. Why does it ask for InDesign CS4 part way through?

    Loading my Photoshop CS3 onto new Mac Book Air. Why does it ask for InDesign CS4 part way through?  I have a CS5.5 disc. Will suffice?

    that doesn't make sense.  you will only be prompted for earlier adobe versions when installing a latter upgrade version.
    double check your versions.
    also, you might want to clean your computer before retrying to install, Use the CC Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems | CC, CS3-CS6

  • HT1349 Why does iPhone ask for apple password after rebooting?

    Why does iPhone ask for apple password after rebooting? It just started to do that recently. I've had iPhone5 for several months now and it just started to do that.
    Before I could reboot without having to type apple ID password to start using my phone.

    Could be part of Apple's new security procedures that were implemented this past week.

  • I have money in my account, when i attempt to purchase, why does it ask for credit card info? is my card getting charged? no section to select to take funds from existing account. help please!

    can anyone tell me what i may be doing wrong if i have money in my itunes account, but when i go to  purchase it wants billing info?

    What verification needed, if there is money in the account?

  • TS1368 Why does iTunes keep declining my payment method on my iPhone when I have funds in my account? How can I rectify this?

    I have been trying to make a purchase but my payment method keeps being declined even though I have funds in my account. What do I do?

    This does not have anything to do with iPhoto - you need the forum for your system or App store support depending on what you are doing and where the error is coming from

  • If my logged with my account, why does it asked me for someone's else password for an update?

    So, I bought my mac about a month ago and I already logged in with my icloud account and my appstore acount, and all that multiple accounts that are the same.
    I've got come updates on the appstore but I CANT UPGRADE THEM, I am logged with my account but when i click the upgrade button it just ask for the password of another account (the account of the place where I bought it) I've sign out and in multiple times and it stills happens, I can't upgrade ****, eather change the other users account, IT WONT LET ME, I mean, if I am logged with my account why the upgrades are with some different email.
    Can I change that? It really annoys me.
    (I'm not good at writing in english, but I really hope someone can help me)

    Delete those applications and then download them from your account.

  • Why does it ask for my bank details when I want to download a free app?

    when I go to download a free app is asks for my bank details I put them in but it keeps saying that they are wrong;( halp meh

    They're wrong.  That's why it's saying that.  Check to make sure that the address you have input is the same as the address that your bank has on file for you.  Also, make sure you're using an approved payment method for your area.  Alternatively, you can simply use an iTunes gift card instead, which bypasses the need to have payment information on file.

  • Why does ps ask for a serial number when I've joined creative cloud

    I just joined creative cloud and downloaded PS.  Why is it asking me for a serial number or use it as a trial?   Shouldnt it recognize I've paid?
    Imac 27"  Mavericks OS

    Adobe has a specific help topic on exactly this issue.

  • Why does COD2 ask for Rosetta in 10.6?

    I just did a clean install and updated to 10.6.1 but when i try to run the Call Of Duty 2 update it says i need to install Rosetta.
    How come it asks for this when COD2 is a "universal" application?
    I never had this under Leopard?

    Though the application and patch may be universal, the updater installer isn't; it's PowerPC only so it requires Rosetta. This is not uncommon; I've encountered a number of applications where the installer was PPC only though the application itself is universal. You wouldn't have seen this under Leopard because Rosetta wasn't an optional install, so PPC-only apps and installers just ran without any notification.

  • Why does it ask for Ip Address instead of password when I select a wi-fi network?

    I have had my iPhone for 5 months. In the last week something has changed. In the past when I chose a Wi-Fi network it would simply ask for a password. Now it defaults to different page that requests IP info. Not sure what to do since most of the Time I don't have access to IP info.

    You're tapping the blue button to the right of the network name. Don't, tap anywhere else in the network name.  (That's my guess)

  • How did my pdf files get converted from 'open with Adobe Reader' to open with Adobe Acobat'?  And if I have a ''free'' Acrobat account why does it not open?  When I do click on the account it ask me to pay $89.99.  I never wanted Acrobat.  How can I get -

    How did my stored files get converted from 'open with Adobe READER' to 'open with Adobe ACROBAT'? How can I get them re-set to open with 'Adobe Reader'?
    Please reply to my e-mail:   [email protected]

    It sounds as if you downloaded Adobe Acrobat Pro. If you did, uninstall it. Then repair Adobe Reader.
    The free Acrobat account has no connection to any of this.

  • HT3702 I got $ 200.00 in my account why I keep asking for credit card detaill but when I enter them they come up declai ?

    I got $ 200.00 dollar in iTunes credits but cannot purchase anything . Please help .

    Eric... this is a user to user forum, not Apple.
    Try this...  launch iTunes on your computer. From the menu bar click Store / Authorize This Computer
    See if you can download apps on your iPhone now.
    If not, contact iTunes Billing:
    Click: iTunes Store Account & Billing / Billing Inquiries / Email Us
    iTunes Store: How to redeem an iTunes Gift Card
    iTunes Store: Invalid, inactive, or illegible codes

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