In the Options box, no matter what I set my Home Page to (Current Pages, Blank Page, Default) I am unable to change my homepage settings; they absolutely will not change and I can't figure it out.

Up to about a month ago, I never had any problems setting my Home Page to Using Current Pages. Then, all of a sudden, I am unable to make any changes to my Home Page no matter what I change the settings to. I work for the US Forest Service and I don't know if some program was loaded that prohibits any changes from being made. Any help would be most appreciated.

This link may help -

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  • Okay so about four days ago my ipad says it has apps to update but whenever i go to the update apps page it will not load and i have tried rebooting signing out but nothing will work, any suggestions?

    Okay so about four days ago my ipad says it has apps to update but whenever i go to the update apps page it will not load and i have tried rebooting signing out but nothing will work, any suggestions?

    If you are getting the blank app update screen, many, many people are having this problem over the last couple of days. It is a problem that Apple must fix now.
    According to Fly150 in another discussion, this will work.
    If you want to update the Apps while waiting for Apple to fix Updates:
    1. Go to App Store
    2. Select Purchased
    3. Select All
    4. Scroll down to find the Apps showing update
    5. Select update on the Apps
    This should update the Apps and get rid of the update count in App Store. Apple needs to fix this. It is a workaround only until then.

  • In Windows, display reads UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME and will not proceed and I can't get back to the OS 10 Mac side of my computer. Help!

    In Windows, display reads UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME and will not proceed and I can't get back to the OS 10 Mac side of my computer. Help!

    buttercup7 wrote:
    Wow, wonderful!  I'm back on the OS X side of my computer and that's a good thing, THANK YOU!!  My next question, if you can help, why did that happen the first place and what can I do to prevent it from happening again?  I would be grateful for any insight you might offer.
    I gave you the link to the Boot Camp documentation, read it carefully, mistakes in BC can have serious consequences.
    If you have not yet backed up your Mac, DO IT NOW.

  • HT5654 Hi my wife has a 2008 iPod Touch which has not been used for at least 5 years.  It will not charged and I have tried to carry out a DFU with out any result.  Any ideas please?

    Hi my wife has a 2008 iPod Touch which she has not used for approximately 5 years.  It will not charge and I have tried to carry out a Device Firmware Upgrade to no effect.  Can anyone please help?

    Try disabling the computer's antivirus and firewall.
    - Next try the manual install method of:
    iDevice Troubleshooting 101 :: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
    Place the iPod in recovery mode after the firmware download is complete and then restore using the instructions in the article. Sometimes recovery mode timeouts and returns to disabled before the firmware download is complete.
    - Then try on another computer

  • My iPod 4g broke on the bus today and broke completly. It will not work and I can't get it on. Part of it came up to where you can see the circut board. I need a new one or can i return it and get an iPhone 4S for free? I've had it for about 2 years now.

    it broke!

    I seriously doubt that Apple will accept your iPad for service/exchange since it sounds like it's a real basket case.  If they
    Do accept it, the cost would be 99USD, but if it is a 64Gb model it will cost 199USD.  The best thing for you to do is to take it into the nearest Apple store to see if they will accept it for repair/exchange.  I can tell you that they definitely will not give you an iPhone in exchange.

  • USB ports are not working and I can't figure out what to do!

    My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv4-1225dx Entertainment Notebook. I've had it for almost three years now. It is running Windows Vista, the same it came with. The problem has only just recently started or was just discovered.
    My problem is that the two USB ports in the side do nothing when something is plugged into them. The metal part of the USB devices gets hot but no lights come on the flashdrive and the camera doesn't act like it is plugged in at all. I've looked through Device Manager and it says they are working fine and the correct driver is installed already. There is also no older driver to rollback to. I've tried deleting them, disabling them, and everything that has been suggested online. I even flashed my BIOS from F.33 to F.55, whatever that means, and still nothing.
    Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I am a filmmaker and desperatley need my USB ports. Any help would be appreciated greatly

    USB ports must be enabled in order for them to work. If you disabled them it is possible that they still are disabled.
    If that is the case, have you tried any of these?
    By the way, even though Windows XP troubleshooting may not seem to apply to your situation, sometimes these sorts of errors and problems still happen in Windows Vista. It is rarer but it still happens. One Windows XP based solution can be found here:
    Also, take a look at power management settings for your USB hub and/or USB ports. If they are enabled, try going to Computer Management, Device Manager, and then right click on the USB ports and select Properties. Following this, click the Power Management tab and uncheck the option "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" and click OK and exit out of Device Manager.
    Odd as it seems, sometimes a restart is necessary for this to work completely.
    Also, if you have tried removing the USB Hub drivers according to HP methods, you need to make sure that nothing is plugged into the Ports when you remove them. Often, a restart still is necessary even if some techs do not think to instruct you to do so. After a restart, allow the drivers to reinstall--all of them. Sometimes you still will need to restart your computer again afterward. This sometimes takes a few minutes. But, you must in any case make sure that nothing is plugged into the ports.
    You may also want to check to see if your computer has specific drivers for your USB ports rather than the generic ones. If so, running the option for restoring drivers in HP Application Recovery will fix this. If they are there you will see the USB drivers listed.
    On rare occasion, there is a problem with a device further down the tree than the USB ports and/or USB hubs themselves. These problems are most often fixed by removing the device that controls the USB Hub, such as the devices attached to the PCI Bus and connected to the USB. You will see where these are connected by changing the view to "Devices by Connection" rather than the "Devices by Type" option.
    Let me know your status, please, after you have tried these options. If you have already tried them all out, let me know that, too and we can see if there is another option for you to try.

  • HT1689 When I turn on my ipad there is a window that said I have not backed up to the cloud in two weeks. It says that it has to be locked and conneted to wifi. I did those things an it will not update and I can't use it. Whats's wrong?

    When I turn on my ipad I get a message that says that I have not backed to the cloud in ywo weeks. I connected it to the computer and it has access to wifi, byt it won't do anything and I can't use it.

    Have you tried a reset ? Press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds (ignore the red slider if it appears), after which the Apple logo should appear - you won't lose any content, it's the iPad equivalent of a reboot.  You can then do a backup

  • My iPhone 5 has my old email address and password in it, I updated both online, but my phone will not recognize and therefore has now locked me out of my photo stream.  how do I change my iCloud email on my phone???

    Please help.
    iCloud on my iPhone still has my old email in it with no option to update it.  I have no access to the old email.   I updated my email and password online via my macbook, but my phone will not recognize either!  It keeps popping up a screen for me to enter my password, but it says it's incorrect.  
    How do I fix this on my phone?????
    I can't fix it online because my iCloud online (although working) does not recognize either of my devices because they need updated….which I'm not able to do due to storage issues.
    I just want my phone to recognize the new email and password!!
    I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm about to throw this phone across the room.

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    If you mean that Find My Phone is asking for a password to a different Apple ID to your current Apple ID and that ID is a previous version of your current ID, not an entirely different one.
    This feature has been introduced to make stolen phones useless to those that have stolen them.
    However it can also arise when the user has changed their Apple ID details with Apple and not made the same changes to their iCloud account/Find My Phone on their device before upgrading to iOS 7, or if you restore from a previous back up made before you changed your details and some other circumstances.
    The only solution is to change your Apple ID back to its previous state with Apple at My Apple ID using your current password, you don’t need access to this address if it’s previously been used with your Apple ID, once you have saved these details enter the password as requested on your device and then turn off "find my phone" and delete the account from your device. It may take a short while to remove the account.
    You should then change your Apple ID back to its current state, save it once again and then log back in using your current Apple ID. Finally, turn "find my phone" back on once again.
    This article provides more information about Activation Lock.
    This is answer is provided from my own database of boilerplate responses and the content was last reviewed and tested on: 2014/05/23
    You should still be able to log into an old email account, even if you haven't used it for some time, very few providers delete email accounts.

  • Firefox will not open, and I can't uninstall/reinstall because it says "close Firefox first"

    After running Ccleaner today (and it asked me to "close Firefox or the internet cache will not be cleared", but Firefox was closed or so I think), I can't open Firefox at all; double-clicking the Firefox icon on the desktop does nothing, and no other way works. I thought of doing an uninstall/reinstall but it says "close Firefox first" - but for me it is truly closed.

    See if you can Force Quit things holding CMD+Option+esc keys.

  • After installing Adobe Flash Player 11.6 The player will not work and i can not find it installed

    After downloading and installing Adobe Flash Player 11.6 on my HP Laptop w/ Windows 7, The player will not work. Every time i click on a video it tells me that i need to install Adobe Flash Player. I have followed all the trouble shooting steps on the Adobe site, I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it again and still it does the same thing...In Adobe trouble shooting steps where it checks to see if there is another Adobe Flash Player installed on my computer, it can not find where there are any what do i do???

    What is your browser?  If IE:

  • Extracting will not stop and I can not cancel.

    Photoshop Elements 11 has been extracting for upwards of 4 days and I can not cancel or stop, the controls are grayed out.
    How can I stop it and start over?

  • Itunes song will not delete and I can't edit the info

    I added some songs to itunes 9 and now i want to delete one of them. I tried using delete, right-click delete, and edit delete. The window that asks if i'm sure I want to delete the song from the library doesn't even pop up. It's like the song isn't even there. It still played when I clicked on it but I can't edit the info either. I'm unable to click on the info boxes and the tabs for lyrics and artwork are grey. Then I realized I should just delete the actual file from the folder. That deleted from the trash but now the song says it can't locate the file and I have an exclamation mark next to the song name and it still won't delete. I have over 5,000 other songs and have never encountered this problem. I've deleted other songs since using itunes 9 and it has been fine. Is there something wrong with the song file? Please help!

    I'm having this problem too. It does not seem to be a permissions issue. I have found so far that restarting iTunes will allow me to edit a song I have previously been unable to edit.
    This is happening with iTunes 9.0.1 (9) I can't say for sure that it wasn't happening under 9.0 - but I didn't notice it then.
    I find that songs are uneditable after they have been downloaded to iTunes. Not all songs, just some, on an unpredictable basis. I don't know if there are other older songs with the same problem, or whether it's just new downloads that are being affected.
    I've also noticed that it's impossible to delete one of these songs from a playlist.
    So - in summary : Download an album ... 2 or 3 songs on the album will be impossible to edit (song info) and impossible to delete from a playlist ... restarting iTunes allows them to be edited ...
    It's a really odd one.

  • Apps will not restore and I can not delete them.

    Just purchased an iPad Air as an upgrade from an iPad 1. Backed up the iPad1 to the Cloud. Then restored to the Air. Most apps restored although it took some fiddling.
    But some will not restore. Their icons are dark. Pressing and holding the icon makes them all wiggle and I hit the Delete ('X'). It confirms that I want to Delete and I hit Delete. But the icon will not go away. What am I doing wrong?

    The icons are dark because they are still being restored. Hopefully you have not terminated the restore prematurely.
    Note: The restore in the background can take hours if you have a slow internet.

  • My ipod touch will not reset and I can't restore in iTunes since it won't allow me to access wth a passcode on the ipod.

    My iPod touch will not reset.  I have tried to the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously, but after the apple appears it goes back to a screen that shows the spiralling wheel that moves around 5 times, stops for a second and then repeats this cycle over and over.  I tried to restore through iTunes, but I get an error message that says that I need to enter the passcode on the iPod which is impossible since it won't stop the wheel.  Any ideas?

    Place the iPod in Recovery Mode and then connect to your computer and restore via iTunes. The iPod will be erased.
    iOS: Wrong passcode results in red disabled screen
    If recovery mode does not work try DFU mode.
    How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode « Karthik's scribblings

  • IMessage will not activate, and i can see activation messages.

    After updating to iOS 7 iMesasge will not activate on my iPhone 5. I can see the 'secret' actiavation texts that activate imesage, that are suppsoed to be hidden.
    Here are the activation messages i am recieving, every time i turn on imessage:
    I have been on apple support chat over 5 times and none of thier information helped me to activate imessage
    Please help me,

    Hi Mrjt420,
    This article contains steps to try if iMessage won't activate:
    iOS: Troubleshooting FaceTime and iMessage activation
    If a certain number's messages aren't arriving, I'd suggest taking a look at these two articles for ideas:
    iOS: Troubleshooting Messages
    iOS 7: Understanding call and message blocking
    - Ari

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