Installing Oracle 8i in Solaris Intel Version With Pentium 4

Hi Guys,
I am trying to Install Oracle 8i under Solaris 8 Intel version with Pentium 4 processor fixed.But iam'nt able to continue after I click "Install" button,the runInstaller exited badly with no response.I was told that even Installing Oracle under Windows P4 is facing the same problem,but on searching I got solution by renaming a DDL file before starting installation.Is there any similar method to do for installing it under p4 processor on solaris intel 8 version.

Dear Mr. Kumar, i am chandrasekaran from singapore, actualy i need your help regarding the intel sun os oracle. I have Intel Based SUN OS, but i try to get Oracle CD Any version either 8i or 9i for intel sun os.
One of my friend have the cd but it already damaged so that i need your help.
My address
S.Chandrasekaran, Blk 84 #07-93, Commonwealth close, Singapore 140084. If you have the cd you make one copy for me and send by post. Thank you
My email id: [email protected] or
by chandran.s

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    Check also if the t-bit is set:
    [root@vtl1g121 ~]# ls -dl /tmp
    drwxrwxrwt 11 root root 4096 Apr 10 11:44 /tmp
    This is needed to mark the filesystem/directory as temporary.
    Sometimes this can cause such problems also
    Command: chmod +t   /tmp                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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    Metalink Certification Matrix shows that Solaris 9 was the last one.

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    The minimum supported version for windows 7 is Unsupported version may work, but it will create unexpected issues.
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    (c) Copyright 2006 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
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    Database 11gR2 could be used for Installing Application Server 10.1.3.x but with some limitation.
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    Hi Sujith;
    I am looking for a step by step guide on installing Oracle 11gr2 on Windows 2008 R2 with ASM etc. This is not a RAC environment since ASM architecture is a bit different in 11gR2, I would appreciate if anyone can point me to a guide to follow or provide a one.You need to install grid first(Software only) its neccessary for ASM, Than you need to use asmca to create asm disks than you need to install 11gr2
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    I set some kernel parameters like: set shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=4294967295 and so on. Restart the computer and run dbca+ and configure in advance mode. There's a stage require the size of flash_recover_segment of which the default size number is 2048M. WOW, out of memory on my pc of course.
    So I think it's the parameter value during the installation progress bring on the ORA-27102 problem. However, during the first installation, there's no prompt for me to enter the parameter; or I didn't see.

  • Installing Oracle 9iDS on Solaris 8 with Oracle 9i DB already running

    Current setup is some what like this. We have SunV440 Server and have Oracle 9i Database running on it. To install 9i DB we have created a user Oracle on OS Solaris8. Now we would like to install Oracle 9iDS (Developer Suite) and configure its Separate ORACLE_HOME directory, as 9iDS won't letus have it configured in the exisiting HOME. It is known that I have to stop all Oracle services and process, should I also stop listner that is running.
    Please help me in detail steps involved and also if some OS files needs to be updated
    Thanks in anticipation for help

    Hello Chessplayer!
    Before you attempt the Oracle install, make sure you have done the following as the Oracle CD does nothing but put down the Oracle binaries:
    1. Create /opt/app/oracle
    2. Put a .profile in /opt/app/oracle sourcing your Oracle_Home and Oracle_Sid.
    3. Create file systems (volumes) where database datafiles will go. If you are working
    with a single disk, /vol01 is sufficient. However, you may want to create others to simulate
    multiple disks and the concept of "spreading" your load ie. data from index.
    4. You may also want to create a /dumps file system for oracle dump files.
    Have fun.

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    I attempting to install Oracle 10G Release 1 on Solaris 10 OS (Sun Blade 1500). When attempting to run the installer, I get the following error:
    $ /runInstaller
    ./runInstaller: /export/home/app/oracle/Disk1/install/runInstaller: cannot execute

    When I download the file from oracle I executed the following commands as root
    #gunzip oracle_file
    #cpio -idcmv < oracle_file
    #cp -r Disk1 /export/home/app/oracle (this is the oracle's user home dir)
    #chown –R oracle:oinstall /export/home/app/oracle
    #chmod -R /export/home/app/oracle
    #su - oracle
    $env | more (all my environment variables are set)
    $cd Disk1
    $ls -l
    -rwxrwxr-x 1 oracle oinstall 948 Dec 22 14:56 runInstaller
    ./runInstaller: /export/home/app/oracle/Disk1/install/runInstaller: cannot execute
    $. cd install ls -l
    -rwxrwxr-x 1 oracle oinstall 81004 Dec 22 14:56 runInstaller
    The owner of the file and permissions looks okay to me. I don't understand what the problems is

  • Oracle for Sun Solaris (Intel Platform)

    I want to know that if oracle for sun solaris 8 (intel platform) is available and anyone has installed it. On OTN only oracle for sun solaris (For SPARC ) is available for download.
    if anyone know it for solaris 8 (intel platform) then please tell me where to get it from.
    [email protected]
    So that we may better diagnose DOWNLOAD problems, please provide the following information.
    - Server name ORACLE 9I DATABASE
    - Filename
    - Date/Time 5 JULY 2K2
    - Browser + Version IE 6
    - O/S + Version SUN SOLARIS
    - Error Msg

    I didn't see anything on the Sun site, but the disk arrived with my Solaris media. I have installed it on one machine (you need to create the "oracle" user id, the "dba" group, and you must set the tunable parameters for shared memory to install the software and example database.)
    I tried to install a second machine and the Oracle installer terminates half way through without errors. I'm still working that issue.

  • Oracle 9i in solaris Intel

    Hello All,
    Is possible to install the Oracle 9i in Solaris 8.0 to Intel?

    The newest version for Solaris Intel is 8.1.7. As far as I now this version is the last on this platform/OS.

  • Oracle 8i on Solaris Intel (create dabase failed!)

    Hi All,
    I having been trying to create an oracle database on my Solaris
    Intel box for a while now but the process always fails when its
    about to create the sample database. It fails with an error:
    ORA-03113 - unexpected end of channel reached.
    And then I keep getting an "Oracle not available" message.
    I am not doing anything extraordinary, just the normal
    My guess is that there maybe something wrong in the gerenared
    pfile. what dow you think?

    Hi Where can I get detailed instructions about how to install
    oracle8i on solaris intel

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    hi sir,
    i wnat oracle 8i software on intel(solaris) platform, i am not abel to find out in oraclr site, plz give me replay , where can i get
    So that we may better diagnose DOWNLOAD problems, please provide the following information.
    - Server name
    - Filename
    - Date/Time
    - Browser + Version
    - O/S + Version
    - Error Msg

    This is what you have available in OTN.
    Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Downloads
    Note: Oracle9i, Oracle's newest database, can be downloaded here.
    Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release 3 ( for Linux (Intel), with OPS
    Oracle8i Enterprise/Standard Edition Release 3 (8.1.7) for Windows 2000/NT
    Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release 3 (8.1.7) for Sun SPARC Solaris (64 and 32 bit)
    Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release 3 (8.1.7) for AIX-Based systems (64 and 32 bit)
    Oracle8i Enterprise Edition (64-bit) Release 3 (8.1.7) for HP 9000 Series HP-UX
    Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release 3 (8.1.7) for Compaq Tru64 UNIX
    Joel Pérez

  • Oracle 9i for Solaris Intel

    I would like to use my PC (x86 platform) to install Solaris 8 for Intel as a Database server. But I cannot found any information of Oracle 9i Database for Solaris Intel platform. WHere I can find it? Or Oracle don't support for Solaris for Intel (I found an Oracle 9i Database for Solaris SPARC only).
    Best regards

    The last version of Oracle for Solaris X86 was Oracle 8.1.7...

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