Integrating Licensing without Flash Builder

I posted a question about InMarket SDK for JavaScript developers before:
So I checked the answered documentation and tried to integrate licensing into my AIR application I made with only JavaScript.
BUT, according to the document, it seems that Flash Builder is required for the licensing integration.
Do I have to buy Flash Builder just for the licensing? It's very expensive for me. Is there any way to integrate without Flash Builder?

You don't have to buy Flash Builder. You can user Flex and AIR SDK that is available for free. If you use Flash Builder the process is simpler, but its possible for you to use the free tools and achieve the same results.
Here are the steps you can follow:
1) Install the AIR SDK – See
2) Install the Flex SDK -
3) Follow this tutorial to learn how to compile and package Flex application -
4) Follow out tutorial on building AJAX apps for InMarket, but use the AIR command line compiler and packager tools as opposed to using Flash Builder.

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  • I can't use my license key Flash Builder 4.5 with this release. Someone can help me ?

    I can't use my license key Flash Builder 4.5 with this release. Someone can help me ?

    Flash Builder 4.5 serial number will not work directy in Flash Builder 4.7. You can use FB 4.5 key in upgrade scenario (upgradation from FB 4.5 to FB 4.7).
    Please use the Flash Builder 4.7 serial number provided at  for serialing Flash Builder 4.7.

  • Is Adobe planning to provide educational licenses for Flash Builder too?

    My Flex license is not working at all Sad student is sad.

    When Flash Builder 4 is released, we will be having educational license for it as well. Are you trying to enter your educational license into Flash Builder 4? Your license is probably specific to Flex Builder 3, however, we'll soon be posting to this site how you can extend your FB 4 trial using your FB 3 license.

  • Need to purchase license for flash builder without serial number

    I downloaded Flash Builder 4.6 from the internet, therefore I don't have the serial number. how I can buy a license for it?

    Chances are you cannot purchase a license For version 4.6 since 4.7 is the most current release.

  • License for Flash Builder 4.6

    Hello All,
    Currently I am using the trial version of Flash Builder 4.6 and I would like to purchase the product.
    Before doing that, I would like to know if the license, that is given to me, is given only for the development environment or also for the compilation process.
    To be more precise:
    Do I need a special (and different license) in order to compile my code from the command line?
    If I want to use an open source continuous integration tool (for example Jenkins) in order to compile the code, do I need a special license for that?
    Thanks in advance,

    Please see the following statement:
    The program to offer complimentary copies of Flash Builder Standard to students, faculty and staff is discontinued.  You can subscribe to a free subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud to access Adobe Scout, a new profiling and optimization tool for Flash and AIR content;  Adobe Gaming SDK, a complete collection of frameworks and code samples;  Flash C++ Compiler , cross compile C/C++ games to run your game in Flash Player; 2 GB of file storage;  and trial versions of Flash Builder and other Adobe tools .  Learn more at:
    Question:   Why was this program discontinued?
    Answer:   This program was created to encourage the use of Flash Builder for the building of RIAs (rich internet applications).   Since Adobe is no longer targeting Flash Builder for RIA development this program is obsolete.
    Question:  I build games so why can¹t Adobe provide these tools to students, faculty and staff for game development?
    Answer:  Adobe recently announced a new set of game development tools available for free  through the Adobe Creative Cloud.  Adobe game development tools includes Adobe Scout, Adobe Gaming SDK, Flash C++ Compiler, 2 GB of file storage and access to trials versions of Flash Builder and other Adobe tools.

  • How to promote Free User to a Team User License on Flash Builder v4.7?

    Recently, we brought CC Team License. At present whatever the Flash builder 4.7 we installed is a standalone setup i.e; not installed using Creative Cloud.
    However, later I installed the CC (as a Free User ID) and the same Flash builder 4.7 is recognized by the CC. But, It was expired now.
    Now my question is how this Flash builder normal free user license will be upgraded to CC Team User License?
    I know some invite by email from admin console. Does it make any difference for standalone and CC based installations?
    Do i have to reinstall the Flash Builder otherwise?

    It's same with me, i also using Google Nexus 7(2013). Just a simple default apps with nothing created by Flash Builder, it get error and not working!

  • CS5 Web Premium without Flash Builder Premium?

    So after spending an arm and a leg, you do not get a Flash Builder Premium with CS5 Web Premium but only Standard? This surprises me as I thought Adobe's greed is not as big as long term goals, promotion of Flash platform, being nice to users, especially as we all know Flash is a bit thin on some platforms and on the web at the moment. Obviously I was wrong and the greed surpasses all imaginable levels.
    I frankly don't get the calculation where for the same price I get a State Of The Art Hardware - Mac, plus all the Apple dev tools for FREE. That's a computer, yes a laptop, the best out there, brand new, PLUS the software. On the other hand Adobe (with whose products you can't build and sell as good apps as with Apple's), is selling you Web **Premium** at a very high price, and YET you have to pay even more to actually get FB **Premium**.
    Is FB considered like a useless add-on into the Web Premium bundle? Did they think, heck nobody will need it but let's give the basic version there to promote it a bit. Sort of like when you buy Windows, they give you a trial of some Antivirus software. Or is anybody thinking that FB is something I will use 80% out of Web Premium bundle? Or should it be packed with Video bundle? I really don;t get it.
    So it's like this for the same money
    Apple = Mac + Great Dev Tools + Tons of other apps
    Adobe = CS5 Web Premium minus- FB Premium
    To be fair, I did hear a rumor that if you complain to Adobe Customer Care, that they give you a license for free, which is the only fair thing. However, I'm waiting for quite some time now as my support case is on hold. What do you guys think about it and do you have any experience with it?

    Gritty_d it appears that Flash Builder 4.6 is only included with Production Premium and Master Collecton CS6 -  It is not included currently with the Creative Cloud.
    Did you purchase the upgrade to Web Premium or were you given a free upgrade to Creative Suite 6?

  • No single app CC license for Flash Builder?

    I picked up a single app license for Flash Professional hoping that somehow it would also unlock Flash Builder, but no such luck.
    Is it only available in the "full meal deal" CC license?

    I picked up a single app license for Flash Professional hoping that somehow it would also unlock Flash Builder, but no such luck.
    Is it only available in the "full meal deal" CC license?

  • Can I purchase a license for Flash Builder 4?

    I'm enjoying using the Flash Builder 4 plug-in for Eclipse. It is saying that i will soon need to enter a serial number. I only see licenses for Flex Builder 3 available for purchase.
    Can I purchase just a license for FB 4? If not now, then when? Is there some other way I can keep using FB 4 until then? I don't want to purchase a license for FB 3 (to keep using the FB 4 beta) and then have to purchase a separate upgrade later.

    Flash Builder 4 license are not available for purchase at this time. To extend your beta license you will need a valid FB 3 license. We'll be having another beta at the end of this year, but it will also have a trial period which will only be extended with a FB 3 license.

  • Panels without Flash Builder?

    I've decided to write a Color Picker extension for Photoshop and I've no experience with Photoshop scripting / a little with Flash.
    But the Photoshop interaction part is going to be really simple, and i'll figure it out somehow with flash.
    The problem is that the only tutorial about panels development i found, Photoshop Panel Developer's Guide, is implying Flash Builder usage and mxml. I don't really want to get into flash builder to boot. Besides i can't imagine how i can make Colorwheel and stuff in builder, probably that involves Flash Pro again
    Is it even possible without FBuilder?
    Could you point me to some guides about that?
    Any other advice?

    I was lost here as well, I am using FlashDevelop and the free FlexSDK, but it comes down to the same which is: Using just pure AS3 and no Flex. It only works with CS4 though, CS5 just doesn't work because they changed everything (incompatible) 1

  • Flash Builder 4 Educational Licensing, applied, no word from Adobe

    Over a week ago I sent in an application via the below listed website for educational licenses for Flash Builder 4.  I never recieved any notification of receipt of the request and I have not heard from anyone at Adobe about this.  Called Customer Service and they had NO idea what I was talking about.
    Can anyone at Adobe help me here?

    did the same, applied 2 weeks back and heard nothing.
    re-applied today, hopefully that'll provoke a response, if not i'll be following this route
    Thank-you for your submission. It may take up to two weeks to process
    your request. We will send a serial number to the email address you
    submitted. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two weeks,
    please contact [email protected]

  • Do I have to use Flash Builder?

    I am a newbie. Do I have to buy Flash Builder to create mobile applications? I successfully used Flex a while ago without Flash Builder (just emacs and Flex compiler) to make SWF files, but I am new to mobile development and I am not sure if I can package my Flex apps for, say, iOS, etc by just using the Flex tools.

    1. It appears as though the current plan is for that backend stuff to be done in Flash Builder (formerly known as Flex).  This is because Catalyst is intended to be a designer-specific tool, and the designer does not always know the code.  Instead the designer sets up the states, and gets it ready, and the developer connects the dots.
    2. Hopefully they will get round-tripping to Builder in by the first full release.  At the current time, once the FXP is opened in Builder, there is no way to bring it back to Catalyst.  on that workflow
    Personally, the more I think about it, the more I see Catalyst being integrated into Builder, as a Designer-oriented Front-end.
    Also, why do they allow you to see the code in Catalyst if you can't do anything with it....?  If you want to fully break off from the Developer-side of things, you should show no part of it.  And, don't show the code without allowing us to change it!
    Sorry, took off on a (short) rant that would be better served in its own thread.

  • Flash builder 4.7 upgrade issue from Flash builder 4.5 (key is not valid)

          We (Company) are buying Adobe products more than 6-7 years now. We bought the Flash builder premium 4.5 and Flash builder premium 4.5 for PHP volume licence. Now flash builder 4.7 should be complementary upgrade for us. But when we are using Flash builder 4.7 trial version and adding serial number (Flash builder 4.5 serial number), it's just not working and showing a error "key is not valid".
    I chat with Adobe customer care 4 different people, they end up saying that let us transfer you to volume licence department and then chat ended. No more chat messages, I checked more than one hour and still no message.
    Then I called they, it took 15 mins to connect with customer care. I picked the "upgrade" option from phone menu and then connected with a guy. After listening complete case he forwarded my call to Volume licence executive and the volume licence executive transferred it to some other guy and the other guy redirect it to some specialized person. So total 4 guys. The last guy (specialized) name was Rohit.
    This guy Rohit asked me, did I buy a customer support programme (some product about $2.nn.00 )? I said no, we bought volume licenses for Flash builder premium 4.5 ( about $4000.00 ****). He said, sorry sir I can not help you in this, but I can provide you an e-mail address and you can report your concern there. I already passed my 1.5 hour in this conversation. I said okie. He gave me a case number and told me that he will send a email mentioning that email address as per my request I disconnect the phone.
    I never get that email address.
    Can some one suggest me what to do next. My case number is : 209-788-274.
    My email is: [email protected]
    Amitabh Arya

    I have the same problem, and i have send request complementary upgrade (Adobe® Flash® Builder® 4.7 Complimentary Upgrade), and only received a Acrobat change licensed...
    I´m working with 4.7 Beta the last mounths, and now all the days have to see "please enter your license". So one problem that you can jump with money (if you have that money..), isn´t a problem. Like a i have license from flex 3, upgrade to flex 4, and upgrade to flex 4.5, i´m going to take de upgrade from 4 standard to 4.7 standard (47,97 euros), and not waste my time and money on calls. So yes, I'll see adobe with another eyes...
    Best regards,
    José Ramón León

  • Conflicting or prerelease version of Adobe Flash Builder 4.6

    I am installing CS6 Master Collection. However, Flash Builder 4.6 can't be installed due to "A conflicting or prerelease version of Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 exists on this computer. The conflicting version must be removed before installing from the current media."
    First, I tried to uninstall, but Flash Builder was not listed. Then I deleted all flash builder related files, no help.
    Then I deleted all Flash Builder related registry entries, no success.
    Finally I downloaded and ran the cleaner tool (it does not have any Flash Builder related selection) and restarted, but nothing seems to help.

    I too have this problem. I have always installed a complete master collection without discarding the previous version as a 'fail-safe' incase some old files do not upgrade/translate properly. I currently have the full CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5 on my computer. I have had to install CS6 but without Flash Builder 4.6 due to the error  "A conflicting or prerelease version of Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 exists on this computer. The conflicting version must be removed before installing from the current media.”
    I do not really want to have to uninstall past versions. I have never had to do this in the past?  I have also done a search and can't find anything that says Flash Builder 4.6 It seems that Flash Builder 4.5 is the most recent version on my computer that was installed with CS5.5. The only trial (or prerelease) software I have installed is Muse. This was installed months after installing Master Collection CS5.5.
    Going through the troubleshooting info at post 6. It seems like it Flash Builder 4.5 (ie the previous CS5.5 install) that is causing the conflict. See text as copied from the log "WARNING: DW020: {2FC6B122-6F1F-409C-8FF0-8F8369D7F30B} Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 conflicts with: {9D0088AD-BBB1-470B-B7B8-520EDEFAE5F3} Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Please uninstall these products, restart your computer and then run this installer again."
    After uninstalling Flash Builder 4.5 (part of CS5.5 collection), I was then able to install Flash Builder 4.6. I then tried to reinstall the Flash Builder 4.5 using my CS5.5 installer but this came up as already installed; so it appears that you cannot have both Flash Builder 4.5 and Flash Builder 4.6 installed on the same computer. Is this what Adobe intended ? What is the reason for this?

  • Installing Flash Builder 4.6

    I have a license of Adobe Flash Builder 4.0 , serial number
    I downloaded the version of Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 trial for evaluation, but though unable to install , an error was reported , requesting that downloaded the Adobe Support Advisor app to detect possible errors .
    The procedure was done , I installed the Adobe Support Advisor app and ran , it informed me that there was no error in the system , yet again try to install the Flesh Builder 4.6 the same message appeared interrupting the installation .
    How had uninstalled my version of Flash Builder 4.0, resumed its installation and the same error was reported and no longer able to install my license of Flash Builder 4.0
    Please what is happening ? , Need to reinstall my version to continue the development work already underway .
    What should I do ?
    How can I get the license of Adobe Flesh Builder 4.6 ? if I can not install the application ?
    Grateful for your attention .
    Jose Vieira

    Please try removing Flash Builder 4.5.1 and then try downloading and installing from the Adobe Application Manager.  If that still does not work then I would recommend downloading the trial of Flash Builder and entering your Adobe ID tied to your Creative Cloud subscription.

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