Iphone 4 makes calls but screen is black and the power button doesnt work. never synced to computer or photo stream. I dont want to lose my photos

So, my Iphone 4 now has a black screen. Before it did this I unlocked the screen (which has a passcode) try to open instagram and the screen flashed and went black. I can make calls and it seems to send messages but I dont know for sure because the screen is black. The power button (sleep) does not work and when I try to reset the phone it makes a call. I never synced it to a computer or Itunes and I didnt start photo stream. I want to preserve the pictures because it has photos of family members that have passed. Is there a way to get the photos?? Help please!

If you have attempted the reset, which is holding the home button and sleep/wake button, was it still connected to the computer? Have you tried to do that when not connected. You stated it never came on, how long did you hold the buttons together? If you cannot get it to connect to iTunes then you would not be able to restore the device. You can see if you can put the device into Recovery Mode by following the instructions in this support document. If that does not work, then you are correct, make an appointment at the Apple Store. If you can't update or restore your iOS device

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