Ipod will only play single songs

i am not extremely adept with technology but i know some basics, i'm having trouble with my 30GB ipod video, it will only play single songs, if i choose an artist with more then one song in that category it automatically zooms through them all rapid fire and then returns to the main menu... i have no idea why or how this is happening, is it possible i have a virus of some type? if so, how can i get rid of it or fix this problem? i have tried resetting it several times and syncing several times, nothing has changed.... also my second problem is that the videos i have on my ipod will play but they do not play any sound...i am more concerned with the first problem tho. if anyone could offer some advice or help it would be greatly appreciated.
A1136   Windows XP  

Do the songs play in the iTunes? However, usually if an iPod scrolls through all of the songs instead of playing them it is a software issue. I'd try restoring the iPod to factory settings and syncing the music again.
Restoring iPod to factory settings
Also, with your second issue. Where are the videos from? If they were something you imported on your own check this out:
iPod plays video but not audio of some exported files

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  • IPod will only play "legit" songs after Vista upgrade

    iPod 80 GB
    Windows Vista Business
    iTunes 7.1.1
    Ever since I upgraded to Vista, my iPod will only play songs I personally ripped from CD's or bought from iTunes.
    I do have songs downloaded from other sources (friend's bands sites) and the ipod starts to play them for one second and then the "time bar" goes fully blue and the song doesn't play.
    It took me a full restore and reload to figure out that it was only the downloaded songs that wouldn't play.
    Thanks in advance.
    HP Pavilion   Other OS   Vista Business

    Quite a number of people have had similar issues because the songs are MP3/AAC using VBR (variable bit rate) and the VBR tags are not correct.
    Try this -> http://www.willwap.co.uk/Programs/vbrfix.php

  • My IPod   will only  play the same song in the playlist. What is  happening?

    My Ipod  will only play one song (over and over) in  a play list. It was workig fine and then  all of a sudden it continues to repeat. Please  help.

    Go to settings on the ipod itself and make sure on the option Repeat, it doesn't say "One". If it does, click on it until it's says "All" or "Off" - depending on what you prefer. If it isn't on repeat, reset it -if you haven't already; but that's usually everyone's first instinct when there's a problem so I assume you already have. If none of this works, you may have to restore it. If restoring it is something you want to leave as an absolute last resort, go to an apple store or something and ask a professional.
    Hope this helps

  • IPod will only play songs from one album

    Help! I downloaded an album onto my iPod, and now my iPod will only play songs from that album. When I go to select songs from another album, my iPod skips over them like it is searching for something.

    Have you seen the suggestions in this article?:
    iPod doesn't play purchased content from the iTunes Store

  • Ipod Shuffle will only play one song

    Brand new shuffle 4th Gen. Will only play one song over and over. even when i press next it starts the same song again.
    I have got more then one song, tried restoring, i feel like ive tried everything... any ideas ?

    So you are taping the album cover of the song that is currently playing from the Now Playing screen correct? Not the album cover in the list of albums or songs or anywhere else.
    And you are positive you are only tapping it 1 time.  The screen can be pretty sensitive so just be aware that it only takes a light tap.

  • Will Only PLay Certain Songs! PLEASE HELP!

    For some reason, my ipod will only play the free songs that came on it when I recently downloaded itumes to my new comp. Why is this happening? Can I make it stop?

    In iTunes > Edit > Preferences > iPod > Music tab, what do you have checked?
    (iPod must be plugged into PC to see the iPod options)

  • After i have downloaded an album from iCloud to my new macbook pro. Itunes will only play one song at a time. If i hit the fast forward or back button will not do anything. I have to use the mouse to hit the next tidal in the album then hit play for it

    after i have downloaded an album from iCloud to my new macbook pro. Itunes will only play one song at a time. If i hit the fast forward or back button will not do anything. I have to use the mouse to hit the next tidal in the album then hit play for it to play the next song. Or put it in the UP NEXT.

    First, make sure these items have checkmarks next to their names in iTunes. Continuous playback only works on checked items. Itunes will play all checked items in a list whether or not they're from the same album.
    If you see that nothing in your library is checked and you want to check everything, hold down Ctrl while checking an item. This checks everything.
    Next, fixing the "1 of 1" problem is easily. Select all the tracks that make up the book/album. Let's say there are 15. Press Ctrl-I. Doublecheck that the album box is filled in with the name of the book, and if not, type it there. Enter "15" in the box for the total number of tracks. Click OK. Now all the items should be "1 of 15," "2 of 15," and so on.

  • Since update iTunes will only play one song at a time.

    I know there is probably a simple solution but I can't find it. iTunes will only play one song and then it's done. It won't continuously play from my libray. I have over 5000. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I just can't find the solution. I even click on the next button and it stops.

    Make sure all songs have a checkmark in front of them.

  • Help!  itunes will only play one song at a time

    My itunes is acting screwy. I open a playlist and play the first song, and itunes only plays that song. it won't keep going forward. it doesn't freeze up; i just have to manually play the next song. this just started yesterday with no adjustments, new downloads...no nothing. does anyone know what is going on? i have already uninstalled and reinstalled itunes, but to no avail. same problem. is this a setting somewhere that i don't know about?

    Are the boxes beside each song checked? iTunes will only play the songs that are checked. To check all the songs press control + click in any box. To check only some songs, you can highlight them and then right click and choose check selection.

  • ITunes will only play one song. I have to hit play to start a new song. I have the shuffle on and I am in a playlist. I am running Windows 7. How do  I correct this to randomly play music, by itself?

    iTunes will only play one song. I have to hit play to start a new song. I have the shuffle on and I am in a playlist. I am running Windows 7. How do I correct this to randomly play music, by itself?

    That's consistent with all the tickboxes to the left of the tracks (in Song view) being unchecked.
    Go into Song view and Ctrl-click one of the empty boxes to do a "global recheck".
    If you can't see the tickboxes, head into your General preferences tab and select "Show list tickboxes" as per the following screenshot (it's for an earlier version of iTunes, but the boxes are in roughly the same place in the recent versions 11.x):

  • When my iphone4 is under the locked mode, ipod can only play two songs at most, and then the system collapses

    When my iphone4 is under the locked mode, ipod can only play two songs at most, and then the system collapses, the screen is black and responds to no commends,  not until I restart the machine. but the ipod function can work well under the normal mode, is it any hardware problem? thank Q!!

    Do you mean crashes?
    Try doing a full reset. otherwise it sounds like you might want to walk it into the nearest Apple Store and get an opinion there.
    Good luck in any case.

  • Ipod Mini will only play some songs

    My ipod mini has 43 songs. It will only play some of my songs. The other songs won't even play a single second. I've had some success with restoring via the ipod updater but it keeps coming back. Help?

    I've already written to Apple, several times. They sent an auto-reply expressing sympathy that I couldn't find where I had downloaded my iTunes, and directing me to the correct folder...not exactly a helpful answer.
    I'm using whatever software came with the blue mini last August when I bought it. I can't be positive, but it seems that the only iPod software updates since then have been related to the shuffle, the nano, ot the new iPod (video), or a system bugs (Tiger) which I don't have yet.
    What would have made iTunes stop recognizing the system and the iTunes version associated with the music I bought? What prevents iTunes, at some future point, from suddenly not recognizing my right to play music I paid for and/or insisting that I upgrade something which had been working just fine--until I went online?
    Don't get me wrong--I've had Apples for almost 20 years. I have been a fervent supporter of Apples, have referred many people to Macs over the years, and have no intention of using Windows....Maybe that kind of loyalty is what gives the impression that I'll put up with whatever happens, unfair or not. A more accurate interpretation, however, would be that I'll just keep one Mac offline all the time so I can choose what software to upgrade, and when.
    But this is an iPod forum...and I digress...
    Thank you for your attempt to get to the bottom of this.

  • 30 GB Video IPOD will not play the songs...PLEASE HELP!!!

    My 30 GB Video IPOD just stopped playing the songs. You can move easily through the menu, select a song, and press the play button, but the song will not play (the time bar doesn't move at all). It's as though it is frozen...it never moves from 0:00. Every other aspect of the unit is working...but the songs. Can someone help???

    Been through these?
    The Five Rs.

  • My ipod will only play from 1 heandphone. whats wrong?

    my ipod touch only plays from 1 headphone and iv'e bought 3 different pair. it'll only play if i do a certain thing with the cord. idk what to do. help me !!!

    This article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2802#acoustic provides tips that will resolve most hardware issues. One of the tips it provides is checking the iPhone's headphone jack for debris. You can try connecting and disconnecting the headphones a few times to remove lint or anything else that might be down there.
    If the issue persists with some headphones but not others, the headphones with the issue will need service. You can setup service for the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic online here: https://selfsolve.apple.com/GetWarranty.do

  • I have a genre section 'Christmas' with around 130 songs, but when I set it to play on my ipod, it only plays 10 songs than stops. I have also tried copying all 131 songs into a playlist, but again, only the same 10 songs play. How can I correct this prob

    I have a genre section 'Christmas' with around 130 songs on my classic ipod, but when I set it to play it only plays 10 songs than stops. I have also copied all of the genre to a new playlist 'Xmas' and the same thing happens with the same 10 songs. How can I fix this problem ?

    It pains me to hear about your experience with the Home Phone Connect.  This device usually works seamlessly and is a great alternative to a landline phone.  It sounds like we've done our fair share of work on your account here.  I'm going to go ahead and send you a Private Message so that we can access your account and review any open tickets for you.  I look forward to speaking with you.
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