ITunes 8: I can no longer connect to remote speakers via Airport Express

Cannot connect to my remote speakers, worked before iTunes 8"
I have restarted the computer, iTunes, QT 7.5.5, run disk utility
I get the following error code (-3256) Apple KB research says:
AirTunes: Error -3256 when streaming to multiple AirPort Express units 
You may see this message: An error occurred while connecting to the remote speaker speaker_name . An unknown error occurred (- 3256 ).This occurs with iTunes 6.0.2 or later.SolutionIf you use a third-party firewall or router, make sure that it is configured to permit UDP traffic.
I followed the KB link, tried KB solution, then I sent this off to Apple.
"Mac G5 2.0 Ghz, OS 10.5.4 just installed iTunes 8, one (1) Airport Express connected to remote speakers. Firewall under Sharing in System preferences does not offer firewall access. Firewall is under Security but "Advanced" is grayed out.
Cannot connect to my remote speakers, worked before iTunes 8"
I have restarted the computer, iTunes, QT 7.5.5, run disk utility, unplugged the airport express.
My G4 PowerBook running an earlier version of iTunes connects without problem.

I just got off a 30+ minute phone call with an Apple Support rep about this. I'm getting error -3256. The rep was patient and tried hard to solve the problem, but was basically clueless. I have a case number and was encouraged to call back tomorrow to speak with a product support specialist.
This stinks. AirTunes is my primary way of playing music from my computer. With no obvious way of rolling back to iTunes 7, this is a big deal.

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    I updated to iTunes the other day, and ever since then, I can't connect to my stereo via my Airport Express. I get this message: "An error occurred while trying to connect to the remote speaker 'Airport Express'. The network connection failed."
    My Airport Express firmware is up to date and I have not changed any settings since the iTunes update.
    Anyone else have/had this problem? Any ideas?

    I run Vista and I had the same problem after updating to the latest version of iTunes: Apple TV would indicate "Loading Library" for ever and nothing would happen. This had never happened before.
    I tried different tricks like turning on/off home sharing on both iTunes and Apple TV (didn't work), unplugged/plugged Apple TV (didn't work), restore Apple TV (didn't work).
    Eventually the solution was actually very simple: go to Firewall settings and make an exception for iTunes. I don't know why that was not necessary before the update, but it made the trick.

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    I recently installed OS 10.5.8, and have found that I can no longer connect to my server at work. The VPN itself (via PPTP) works fine, it's just that when I try to connect to the remote server (via Connect to Server) I get a dialogue saying 'A volume failed to mount.' A further dialogue says 'Sorry, the operation could not be completed because an unexpected error occurred. (Error code -6602)'
    Has anyone found a way around this, please? I'm disabled and I need to be able to work from home – without the connection I'm stuffed! Obviously I've tried rebooting the machine etc, but nothing seems to help.
    Thank you for any assistance you can give.

    For some random reason this connection has begun working again – please ignore the question!

  • ITunes can't connect to remote speakers PLUS Airport Express p/word problem

    I am running iTunes 7.4.1 and have previously been able to play iTunes through remote speakers via an Airport Express . After upgrading iTunes some time ago, I am unable to connect to the AE any more. The AE shows as an option in my iTunes window, but when I select it from the drop down option box bottom right, it just doesn't choose it.
    I have read other discussions pertaining to this, and have followed all of those solutions, but to no avail.
    I have done a hard reset on the AE restoring it's factory settings thinking I should just start again, and it has been renamed "Base Station Oa369f" so I know this has worked, but when I try to reconfigure it through Airport Utility, it asks for a password. I tried it's old password, and also tried the generic one "public" as stated in the AE setup guide, but it rejects both.
    I am keen to figure this out as I'm about to buy a new printer and another AE so I can print wirelessly, but don't want to have the same issues if it's an AE bug that can't be fixed, I would be left with no printer!
    I know this is two quite separate problems, but if anyone has any ideas for either I would be really grateful.
    Thanks very much

    I have exactly the same problem which has been driving me nuts for the last couple of days. However I am able to access the dropdown list of speakers. I have mine set to multiple speakers, and now it WILL play through my Airport Express again, but only when playing through the internal speakers at the same time. When I try to play solely through the Airport Express it just hangs.
    Come on Apple, you need to be regression testing your upgrades far better than this, for something so basic to go wrong.

  • Remote speakers via Airport Express no longer working on one iTunes instance

    I have iTunes on my iPhone, Windows desktop, and Windows laptop. At one time they all connected to my Airport Express with remote speakers attached. At some point, after a version upgrade, my laptop no longer sees the remote speakers while the other devices work fine. I can connect to the Airport Express from the laptop, there is no connectivity issue. I can even use the Apple Utility to read/change the settings.
    How can I get the remote speakers working again?
    Thanks, Andrew

    Hello Andrew,
    Thank you for the details of the issue you are experiencing with AirPlay through iTunes on your laptop.  I found an article with things you can check when you are not able to AirPlay. 
    I recommend following the steps in the section titled "If the AirPlay icon doesn't appear" in the article below, but this step specifically stands out to me for the situation you described:
    Temporarily disable firewalls (both network and local) and security software. Security software and firewalls may block ports that AirPlay uses to stream content. You can often resolve issues with security software by updating, correctly configuring, or uninstalling security software.
    You can find the full article here:
    Troubleshooting AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • Cannot connect to remote speakers through Airport Express

    Please help me! Please for the love of the mac guy on tv who encouraged me to switch.
    I've been a happy mac user. I am not all that technically saavy and hence switched to a mac because "it just works." I bought the airport express and hooked it up through my WIRED network so that I could play tunes on my stereo from iTunes. Things have worked amazing and have had no problems until now. I don't even have the option now to look at remote speakers.
    I know this is a common problem. This issue was even posted on Engadget for crying out loud. I've been reading these forums for the better part of the day trying things and I think I've actually made things worse.
    I've resetted my airport express (now my iMac can't even find it). The AE still works though because my work computer can still see it and hook up to the internet through it. I've enabled IPv6 and have disabled IPv6 (have seen some conflicting information on that). I've went into the firewall settings and even added a port (5353) from another post I read. I've checked and double checked my iTunes settings and the option to check for remote speakers is on. I believe all of this happened since my iTunes was upgraded to the latest. For a computer that is supposed to just work, well, it just stopped working (the one issue).
    I don't know if it shows, but I have an iMac G5 with OS 10.3.9. I know that's kind of old now, but the computer has been doing everything I've needed it to do. I like it. I just want this to work. So, I am begging anyone with any knowledge to pleeeeease help me out. Don't crucify me for not reading the other discussions. I have. I put in a great effort. Now again, I plead, help me - even if it takes a back and forth effort for a while. I thank all in advance for trying.

    That's the other thing, AirPort setup assistant doesn't allow me to get very far. I get to the introduction page and click continue to begin. Then I get an error message saying I have no AirPort card installed (which is true, but not necessary because I'm on a wired network to get to the airport express base station).
    Unfortunately, the AirPort Setup Assistant requires a wireless connection to work so the error you are getting when using it would be normal. Your options would be to use the AirPort Admin Utility or use the newer AirPort Utility on the Dell to administer your 802.11g AirPort Express Base Station (AX). The latest version of this newer utility can be downloaded from here: AirPort Utility Setup 5.3.2 for Windows
    If I click New then an error message pops up saing No new AirPort networks were found. Click continue to scan again. I can keep doing this with the same result.
    When having difficulties accessing the base station from the AirPort Admin Utility, try the following:
    o Make sure that you connect to the wireless network, created by the AX, before you attempt to access it with the utility. The default Network Name (or SSID) will be something like Apple Network xxxxxx, where the x's are the last six digits of the base station's AirPort ID.
    o If the utility still doesn't find the base station, try temporarily connecting your computer directly, using an Ethernet cable, to the Ethernet port of the AX, and then, try accessing it again.
    o If the utility still can't find it, the I suggest that you perform a "factory default" reset on the AX. Note: You may have to try this several times, but be sure that you get the rapid flashing status light to verify that the reset took. After successfully resetting the AX, and while still connected by Ethernet, try to access it with the AirPort Admin Utility again.

  • Music interrupts when using iTunes & remote speakers via Airport Express

    Like many other I have had this problem.
    Short version:
    It disappeared when I turned of a wireless network expander and was only running the network with the wireless router and Airport Express on.
    Long version:
    I had the folowing setup. One Linksys wireless router, one Linksys access point configured as wireless repeater (to extend the range of my network). About in the middle my Airport Express is located. When I disconnected the Wireless Repeater the problem disappeared. My conclusion is that Airport Express was switching between the two "base stations" and that was when the interruption was created. Anyone else who has about the same setup and do experience the problem that can verify by disconnecting everything except the wireless router?

    The trouble you are reporting sounds like WiFi connection probs. Signal quality and strength is just not sufficient to ensure a constant and high enough data transfer. I would recommend to do some test with AP and computer being rather close to each other. Its may a good idea to switch from WEb to WPA encryption.

  • Cannot connect to remote speakers using Airport Express

    Yesterday I was able to connect to my hi-fi using remote speakers in iTunes 6.0.4 through my Airport Express (AE) and take full advantage of Front Row, however later in the day the speaker selecton pop-button in iTunes disappeared. I did a hard-reset of the AE unit, shutdown the computer, checked the preferences selection in iTunes etc, all without success. I checked the discussion boards of both iTunes and Airport for a solution. Found something interested where someone said that they shutdown the computer and went to bed and in the morning, hey presto everything was working. He thought that having a good night's sleep was the solution. So, I shutdown the computer and went to bed. The next morning, the light on the AE was green and after booting up my iMac Intel the pop-button reappeared (I still don't know what solved the problem) but now it will not connect to the speakers. It tries but gives us after 30 seconds or so.
    Here is what I have done so far: I used Airport setup assistant to set up the AE. During that process I selected to join an existing network that is provided by my Airport Extreme base station and I selected to only use the AE to share a printer and play iTunes using WDS bridging. This process works every time.
    Right now, the light on the AE unit is flashing amber. In Airport Admin Utility both the Extreme and the Express are listed but the Extreme has an IP address of the 10.0.x.x variety whereas the Express has an IP address 169.254.x.x variety! Strange. If I double-click on the Express it takes an age to get a response and when the response eventually comes - asking for the password I then get an error saying that "the airport admin utility was unable to read the configuration of the selected base station.
    I have tried resetting and repeating the above without success. Therefore, any other ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. I want to boast about Front Row to my Windows friends without the embarrassment of connection problems

    I am having almost exactly the same trouble with an Airport network I recently set up in my home. I have a G5 with a brand new Airport card, an Airport Extreme Base Station (also brand new) in the same room acting as my internet portal, and an Airport Express (yup--brand new) downstairs piping iTunes to the stereo.
    I could get the G5 and Extreme base to talk without a hitch--they are right next to one another, after all. When I tried to link the Express into the same network, the Express vanishes. When I tried moving it into the same room with the Extreme, I could find it, and play tunes through a set of headphones. Moving to an outlet in the hall outside the room, it still worked. Moved to an outlet on the far wall of the room across the hall, it would play only sporadically, dropping out about 4 seconds out of every six. Anywhere else, and it wouldn't show up at all.
    However, when I set up the Express to be a separate network, my G5 was able to access it and play music without difficulty, anywhere in the house. I've been playing iTunes on my stereo for weeks, with the downside that I can't do that and surf the web at the same time.
    Last night I tried the experiment of moving the Extreme Base Station around. With my G5 in the living room, in the approximate center of the house (1/2-level above the basement, 1/2-level below the office--it's a split level), I was able to access the Express and play tunes on the stereo as usual. With the Extreme Base downstairs, right next to the Express, my G5 could not even locate its signal. Fifteen feet closer to the center of the house (but still downstairs): couldn't find it. At the base of the stairs: couldn't find it. At the top of the stairs (20 feet from the G5, but just around a corner): couldn't find it. Three feet out into the foyer at the top of the stairs (and now in a direct line of sight to the G5): 20-30% signal. Keep in mind that during all this, I could switch over to the Express network at will (75% signal) and play music downstairs without a hiccup.
    It seems to me that there's something wrong with the Extreme Station itself (or at least, with the way it's trying to communicate). If it were external interference due to an outside network, a microwave oven, or a 2.4 GHz cordless telephone, I would expect it to effect both networks equally--but it isn't. The Express seems impervious. I've noticed in another set of posts that some people with wireless connection problems have found that switching from the most recent version of the Extreme Base firmware (5.7) to an older one (5.5.1) has fixed the problem. I plan to give it a shot myself. I'll let you know how it turns out.
    Dual 2.5 GHz G5   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

  • Using Bose system to drive remote speakers via Airport Express / iTunes

    I want to connect my Airport Express which is configured for remote speakers in iTunes to my Bose system. My question is which input on the Bose Lifestyle 50 system do I use; ie which input on the "multi-room interface" do I connect to the AE. I think it must be the "aux" but before I buy a suitable cable I would like to be sure.

    Use a mini-jack to double RCA. That is all that I used. In the past I have used my APExpress and used the audio out port and all I needed was a mini-jack to double RCA.I have a TV, and a DVD player interfaced through my Denon AVR driving Bose Acoustimass 10 speakers.

  • Upgrading to 10.0.1 lost connection to remote speakers on Airport Express

    after upgrading iTunes 10 to 10.0.1 the name of my airtunes speakers connected to Airport express (Firmware 7.4.1)is visible in iTunes but won't play music (error -15000).
    Same observation in two of my PC (Windows 7) laptop/Netbooks.

    Solved the problem. Uninstalled iTunes completely. Restarted. Reinstalled iTunes 10.0.1. Said allow to the firewall setting changes. Done. Connection to remote speaker regained.

  • I can no longer connect to the internet via Airport Extreme.  HELP!

    Over the weekend my Macbook told me that my Airport extreme firmware needed to be updated, so I did that, now I have no internet connection from the Airport. I have no problem connecting to the Airport itself, but I have no actual internet connection. The connection is fine when I plug an ethernet cable directly into the computer.
    I really hope someone can help with this!

    Hi DaveX83 and welcome to the discussions.
    A few things to try.
    Press the reset button once on the back of your Extreme and let it restart. Check for proper operation.
    If no help there, keep the ethernet cable connected, and open Airport Utility. Click on Manual Setup near the bottom of the pane. On the next screen click the Airport icon at the upper left of the pane, then click Wireless in the line just below that reads Summary - Time Capsule - Wireless - Access.
    Check to see that your wireless is set up, security set up, passwords, etc. You may need to reconfigure your wireless settings again and update the Extreme to store them and restart.
    Hope this helps.

  • I recently installed itunes update and can no longer connect to network nor internet

    I recently (sept 2013) installed itunes update and can no longer connect to a network nor internet wired /wireless. I know it is not the gateway as other devices work. Please help. I am not very knowledgable so exact instructions will be most helpful.

    Try connecting your computer/laptop directly to the base station with an ethernet cable to one of the external ports and install your network settings. If it finds it there, it will find it after you've reloaded your network info to the base via the Apple Utility. Hopefully when you disconnect afterward, all will be fine. Be sure not to select "closed" network although Macs will login with no prolem, PC's have trouble doing so even with the network data stored in the internet settings.
    Good luck!

  • I am having trouble connecting to wifi network via airport express on my windows xp pc, but I know it is working because I can connect on my macbook, does anyone know what the problem is?

    I am having trouble connecting to wifi network via airport express on my windows xp pc, but I know it is working because I can connect on my macbook, does anyone know what the problem is?

    Tell us more about the problem, I can think up 100&1 different reasons, but don't have time to go through all the possibilities. So.. what happens?

  • ITunes able to see but not connect to Remote Speakers

    I currently have an issue with connecting to my remote speakers from my Intel Mini within my house.
    The Mini is running OS X Server 10.5.6 with all updates, and the latest iTunes.
    It is able to see the Remote Speakers, but on attempting to select them, it defaults back to "Computer"
    If I play music, it will play with the attached speakers via the headphone jack.
    The AP Express is at the other end of the house, joined to the wireless network and is able to be connected to from my MBP either cabled into the Time Capsule like the Mini or via Wireless on either the TC or Router.
    Using the iPhone, its possible to select the Remote Speakers on the Mini but it won't play, however selecting the Remote Speakers on the MBP will allow it to play
    See the below diagram for an overview of how things are setup.
    The Mini has been rebooted, cables checked and I have repaired the permissions.
    It is also able to connect into the AP Express via the Airport Utility and reconfigure the device.
    Any Ideas?
    Network Diagram

    Same prob today while making some network changes... 1st thing i did was connect an old time machine drive to my airport extreme, then realized 70 GB should be transfered through USB cable instead of the network. In the same process was trying to implement an old NAS hard drive on the network through my Airport Extreme as well... so i made a few configuration changes and started uploading files through the USB cable in Time Machine... That is when i noticed the same problem everyone else is dealing with. It seemed like I had a very slow internet connection and some network congestion. I spent hours reconfiguring the Airport changes I had made and investigating this problem on line.
    Here is the good news! I waited for the Time Machine backup to finish and I also removed the NAS drive from the network and it seems to be working again. Back to square one with the hard drives but my Airtunes work again and my network congestion is gone! I hope this helps some of you.

  • Can I play tracks from my iPod via Airport Express on only from my laptop?

    I can play tracks from my laptop thorugh my Bose Lifestyle  Airport Express.  Is there a way to play tracks from my iPod Touch through my Bose system via Airport Express?   My Airport Express is set up as a client to my Sky Broadband wireless router.

    I set up my laptop to my Bose Lifestyle System via Airport Express. It may be different for MAC but I just downloaded the Airport Express software and followed the on-screen set-up procedure, which includes entering your WI-FI key.  I do not have an iPad.  You need to select Airport Express in iTunes as your sound media. This is easily switched by an icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.  You will need to switch this back if you want to revert to using the laptop speakers.

Maybe you are looking for

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