ITunes not shown my iPhone

I have an iPhone 4 that the power key is not worked but it was work properly until last night. today morning the screen is off, when I connected it to charger, there is nothing to show in LCD again. when I call it, there is no ringing also. I connected it to iTunes, iTunes cannot recognize the iPhone and not shown in Mac or windows also. What can I do? Please help me

I have an iPhone 4 that the power key is not worked but it was work properly until last night. today morning the screen is off, when I connected it to charger, there is nothing to show in LCD again. when I call it, there is no ringing also. I connected it to iTunes, iTunes cannot recognize the iPhone and not shown in Mac or windows also. What can I do? Please help me

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  • Itunes not connected with Iphone

    whenever I connect the IPhone with my computer the itunes window never apper why eventhough I have the latest Itunes please help me
    many thanks

    Plz help .........widows recognized my iphone as a camera......
    But when open itunes not recognized my iphone .......file/device  not light.....
    i want to know this problem from windows ,itunes usb or my iphone
    Iphone 3gs ....... Itunes 11  Version 6.1 (10B141)

  • TS1538 Itunes not recognizing my Iphones. I've tried updating the itunes, cable is fine, and even re-installing itunes. Plz help :(

    Itunes not recognizing my iphones. I've tried updating the itunes, cable is fine for the iphone, and re-installed itunes. Plz help

    Version of iTunes was just released today. If you update to that, does that help with the recognition troubles?

  • Itunes not recognizing my iphone 4s??? HELP! pc recognizes it as a camera??

    My itunes does not recognize my iphone 4s when i plug it in. I have tried many things please help. when i plug it in it is recognized as a camera.

    When you plug it it, it should recognize it as an Apple IPHONE under devices. It will then bring the Camera/Connection wizard for the photos on the device. When you plug into different USB, it should bring the hardware wizard and tell you what its installing, what happens?
    Under Device Manager, under Imaging Devices it will show up as Apple IPHONE. Is this being shown in your computer?

  • Why does Itunes not recognize my iphone 3GS on any windows computer?

    I have had my Iphone for a little while now and itunes on my computer was working and the phone was doing fine except that the usb wall charger would not charge my phone in less i plugged the phone in first, turned it off, then turned it back on and then the wall charger would work correctly. This was more irritating then anything and I had read on the internet that updateing to 4.3.1 would fix the issue. So I was using iOS 4.2.1 on my iphone 3GS and decided to go ahead and update to 4.3.1, after doing so itunes (newest version) will not recognize my Iphone no matter which computer I plug it into (I have tried 3 other computers, 2 of which run Windows 7 64 bit and the other running Windows XP 32 bit). I have tried reinstalling the newest version of itunes on 2 different computers which included deleteing ALL folders and/or files related to apple, itunes, quicktime, or any other program that i may of had on that computer. I also uinstalled the apple mobile device driver in Device Manager to try to see if that would fix the issue at the same time. None of that worked on either PC. I then tried connecting my Iphone to a computer I had never had it on period. This computer also never had itunes or quicktime on it so i figured this would be a fresh start. I again installed the newest version of itunes and then connected my Iphone to that computer for the first time, which again resulted in not working. My last try was connecting my Iphone into my brothers computer that already had itunes on it, and he has a ipod in which he has used on that computer many times, his ipod still connects and itunes recognize's it just fine, however again itunes would not recognize my iphone. Next I thought maybe if I put my iphone into recovery mode and then connect it to my computer itunes would find it, which would correct the problem after I exited recovery mode. Yet again to no avail, and i tried this on all 4 computers as well... Lastly I tried to just reset my iphone and let it come up while connected to the computer, but sadly, to no avail.
    So obviously my conclusion is what ever is causing this problem is most likely located directly on the iphone itself, seeing as I have tried it on multiple computers one of which itunes and the phone had never been on, 2 of which I have previously used for my iphone on iOS 4.2.1 and another of which was my brothers which he had used for his ipod. However I do not know how to fix (if I even can) this issue so that I can once again use itunes with my iphone.
    Oh, and lastly... updateing from 4.2.1 to 4.3.1 did not fix the usb wall charger issue... After all of the above all I achieved was to add another problem to the table of which previously consisted of a problem that was simply irritating and annoying.
    Thanks in advance for any advice and/or solutions that may lead me to resolving this issue.

    Try here for help:

  • Itunes not recognize my iPhone 4

    My problem
    iTunes starts fine, works fine.
    When I connect my iPhone to USB, then iTunes freeze.
    If I stop "Apple Mobile Device" then iTunes works, but not recognize the iPhone.
    My System
    Windows XP - SP3
    iTunes (The latest version. Freshly downloaded)
    iPhone 4
    iOS 4.3
    in my device manager, Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is active.
    I've tried followings
    I've re-installed all apple programs according to the article
    Restarted the computer more than thousand times.

    Hopefuly I can diagnose and solve your dilemma today!
    Hold the Home button and On button, keep holding until an Connect to iTunes logo appears,
    Once this is done you must plug your iPhone into the computer and restore.
    Your computer will recognise your iPhone once it's in "Recovery Mode"
    Yellow Bird

  • Itunes not picking up Iphone?

    Help, my itunes isn't picking up my iphone..
    It been happening for a while back before Christmas but I didn't think much of it i thought it would sort itself out. But today is my upgrade to the new iphone 4s and i don't want to have the same difficulty with that...
    Basically i plug my iphone(3g) into the computer with itunes running (latest version) my iphone makes the little ding sound to say its plugged in, and my computer (windows) makes the dong sound to say a USB has been plugged in, but then nothing.... i get the option from windows to copy items from the device but that's it nothing else, my phone says its charging and it is, but itunes doesn't pick it up at all, it stays the same as if it isn't plugged in, and it doesn't start a sync. I haven't synced ( that word sounds weird) my iphone in a longggg time maybe 5 months because of this and i really need to so i can save my data for my new iphone and also i don't want to get my new iphone and then stupid itunes not pick it up so i cant set it up.
    Oh the frustration...
    Anyway if anyone can help me that would be great, like i said its an iphone 3g, i have the latest itunes, the computer and iphone are picking each other up but not itunes, its been happening for about 5 months, getting a new iphone and don't want the same problem.
    Thank you to anyone who can help me out, much appreciated.

    I had the same problem with my iPhnne 4sand iPad.  Found a site with a lot of help. Went to step 5 and added the Windows 64-bit regestry entries and it fixed my problem. -not-installed/
    Running Intel i5, Windows 64-bit, and iTunes 10.6 64-bit.
    Hope this helps!

  • Facetime not shown in Iphone 5

    AOA i m really tired to find facetime in my iphone 5 firmware using 8.0.2 its not shown n not working n me from Pakistan kindly solved my problem

    were you using it on IOS 7 iphone5 ? or from the first you dont have facetime? if you were using it on IOS 7 on iphone 5, now try to goto
    Settings-General-Restrictions turn facetime on.

  • Apps purchased on itunes not syncing with iphone

    I recently purchased some apps from the App Store using iTunes but when I synced it with my iPhone it didn't work. This is the first time it's happened. All the other times I purchased apps through my macbook, they synced perfectly once I connected my iPhone, except for the ones I downloaded last night. I tried downloading them straight from the App Store in my iPhone, and when asked "You already purchased this, would you like to download it again for free?" I clicked Ok, but still nothing happened. Now I have five apps missing which I paid for and haven't even used.
    Any suggestions as to what else I should try?

    Similar problem. Apps downloaded to iTunes do not sync to my iPhone (Edge/2.0) despite clicking "Sync" in iTunes. The icons do not appear on the iPhone. My account shows the apps ordered in the receipt, but they only remain on my Mac.
    Workaround: I had to download the apps directly (wirelessly) to the iPhone. I did not restart the iPhone.
    Expected behaviour: the apps should appear on the iPhone after syncing with iTunes.

  • Music in iTunes not moving to iPhone?

    I just got a new MacBook Pro (I'm super excited, by the way!) but I'm having a problem getting music from my iTunes library (which is tiny considering I just got my laptop) to copy to my iPhone. I've authorized this laptop and I have downloaded all current iTunes updates and my iPhone is also up to date. On my old PC laptop I could just plug in my iPhone and drag songs into it but that's not working on my Mac. Itunes recognizes that my iPhone is plugged in and has let me copy songs that I have purchased on my iPhone onto my I don't know what I'm doing wrong or what I'm not doing. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

    try changing your appleID to whatever you were using when you were acessing the UK store.  Then try to re-download the purchased music.  I am not sure if re-downloading music works from the UK store, however.  It might be US only.  If this is the case, you will need to contact iTunes support.

  • ITunes Not working in iPhone iOS 7

    When trying to access iTunes in iOS 7 I see it try to start and then it quits. I have tried to reload it but that doesn't work, I guess because it appears to the download system that I have a copy, my guess is that it is somehow corrupted in my phone. What to do, who to call.

    Found the answer. Restore iOS 7 which turns out to be rather simple and straight forward and not as time consuming as the initial download. Hook the iPhone to your computer and go to iTunes and select the iPhone when it shows up in the sidebar, this will bring up a window that shows a number of options. Backup your iPhone by choosing one of the hree options provided and when done select "Restore" the iPhone. Be sure to select the backup that best suits your needs and desires as any purchased Apps can be lost during this process and they will have to be reloaded or repurchased.

  • Laptop / itunes not picking up iphone

    Hi there
    I actually dont know what to do anymore - I think I have tried everything.
    My laptop does not recognize my iphone. when I plug my iphone in my laptop I only see a pop up window which indicates the storage space available on my phone. itunes dont open and if I open it manually, I cannot see my iphone there
    I have updated everything I can. Uninstall and install again. Please can someone help

    The following may help:

  • New version of itunes not recognize my iphone

    itunes not find my devices

    Hey yasharfromspanish fork,
    Thanks for the question. I understand that you are experiencing issues with iTunes recognizing your iPhone 5s. The following resource may provide a solution:
    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch not recognized in iTunes for Windows - Apple Support
    Matt M.

  • Why is my itunes not recognizing my iphone 4S?

    When I plug in my iphone 4S to my Mac computer, iphoto is the only application that opens.  Why does itunes not open when I plug in my iphone?  Why does itunes not even recognize my iphone?

    The problem is that your MacOS and iTunes versions do not support the iPhone 4. The minimum requirements are written on the box.
    Please check out this thread....
    So first, just get the upgrade to at least 10.5.8.
    I'd suggest that you go to 10.6 (Snow Leopard) in the Apple Store but be sure to check that you have the minimum hardware requirements on your Mac.
    Then get the latest version of iTunes.

  • New computer itunes not recognizing my iphone

    I just bought a new Intel core i5 imac, and set up the new itunes to connect to my library which was located on an external drive. The transfer went smoothly and everything works fine except that the new itunes does not register the existence of my iphone when I connect it to the computer. For the moment I am unable to sync the phone. I looked in iTunes>Preferences>Devices and my phone is listed (5 times) in the Device Backup list. Any ideas how I can get iTunes to recognize my iphone?
    Thanks in advance,

    Solved it thru more google search. Just re-downloaded the latest version of itunes (no need to uninstall first). That did the trick.

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