Line item Ship-to Info is not the same in Header Ship-to Party During Sales Order Creation via IDOC

We have observed that during creation of sales order using idoc, the line item ship-to party is not the same with header ship-to. The ship-to party info in line item is equivalent to the header's sold to party. To give you a quick background, Sold to party info is given in idoc and ship to party is being determined using table EDPAR. In this specific scenario, sold to customer is not the same with ship to customer.
Initial checking on the code leads us in function module VIEW_KUAGV. This FM populates partner details of sales order header and line item in program LVEDAF1Z
Below is the code for Sales order Header. Notice that WE_INPUT parameter which contains Ship to party is passed as exporting parameter in FM VIEW_KUAGV. This is the reason why Ship to Party is populated correctly in sales order header but not in sales order item.
Initially, it first set to Sold-To Party. However, if WE_INPUT is given or provided, partner details is set to Ship-To Party.
Please advise on how we can make the ship to party info in header and line item be consistent. This is SAP Standard program which why we are hesitant to make change on the program. If there is a configuration to make this happen, kindly advise.

Hi Jayesh,
If I understand you correctly, you want that when creating SO from Quoatation
the Ship to Party also follow/copy Ship to Party from Quotation, right?
Just to confirm with you, when you creating SO reference from Quotation, you
use copy/follow-up function, am I right?
You can do this by setting in configuration of Copy Control (like mentioned by Hui).
Step as follow :
1. Go to IMG->CRM->Transactions->Basic Settings->Copying Control for
    Business Transactions
2. Create your BAdi (Business Add-In for Copying Control), such as get Ship to
    Party value from source document and use it in current document
3. Use this Rule you have created in BAdi (no. 2), in copy control transaction type
    IMG->CRM->Transactions->Basic Settings->Copying Control for
    Business Transactions-> Define Copying Control for Transaction Types
4. Here you set Copying Routine for your transaction types (put name of your Badi
    created in step no. 2)
Or alternatively, you can set it on access sequence in Partner Function
Ship to Party in configuration. You can define access sequence the Ship
to Party is taken from Preceeding Document -> Ship To Party
1. Go to Partner Function access sequence :
    IMG->CRM->Basic Functions->Partner Processing->Define Access Sequence
2. Create new access sequence with following entry :
    - Source COM_PARTNER_A (PrecedingPartner)
    - Check Mapping for Partner Being search
    - Partner Function in Source  = Ship To Party
3. Assign this Access Sequence in you Partner Function used in Sales Order Transaction
Tell me if this is what you looking for

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  • Incoterm to be derived from Ship to party in sales order creation via va02

    Hi Experts,
    I have a requirement.
    When a new sales order is created from the screen va02, the inco term flows from the sold to party.
    It should infact flow from the ship to party.
    So standard SAP  SAP derives the incoterms from the sold-to -party when creating saloes order from the va02 screen.
    we should implement user exit for this.
    I just did a little bit of search and got the info that the euxt should be done in MV45AFZZ. in the FORM USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBKD
    If anyone has worked on this please share your code details of things to be considered.

    Hi Experts,
    Found the solution.
    TCode SE38,
    IF us_posnr = 0 AND svbkd-tabix GT 0 AND NOT kuwev-inco1 IS INITIAL.
        vbkd-inco1 = kuwev-inco1.
        vbkd-inco2 = kuwev-inco2.
    SVBKD_TABIX = 0 means that you are in the creation mode (VA01),
    SVBKD_TABIX>0 means we are in the change mode(VA02)
    US_POSNR = 0 means that there is no position number for the item yet.

  • User Exit during Sales Order Creation - New Line Item needed

    I have a situation during the process of sales order creation. If a Material in a line item has say 27 EA and the Base Unit is EA. But the Sales Unit is CSE. Then whenever the user enters 27 EA and presses enter he should get two line items.
    The first line item needs to convert to maximum number of CSE posible and the rest will be the second line item with the remaining EA. The order isn't important but that is what is needed. Question is how do I approach this problem and code my user exit accordingly and where do I code it.
    I was looking at SAPMV45A and saw the program MV45AIZZ which is meant as a user exit for any PAI event handling. If anybody has encountered this kind of requirement can you please share your view on this.
    I will definitely reward points for useful answers.

    Hello Mahendra
    The requirement is as follows :
    PART 1:
    Sales Order Enter: 
    1.     When a line item is entered on a sales order (VA01 or VA02), at enter, check the sales unit of measure (VBAP-VRKME).
    •     Do not check line items where item category (VBAP-PSTYV) = TANN, TAPS or ZTAP.  TANN are free goods that should not be considered for consolidation.  TAPS & ZTAP are lower level materials as a result of product selection.  They will be attached to a higher-level material with an item category of TAX, which is relevant for consolidation.
    •     Do not check items where VRKME <> EA
    2.     If VRKME = EA, go to MARM for MATNR.
    3.     Go to record where alternate unit of measure (MEINH) = CSE, get the value from the numerator field (UMREZ).
    4.     Divide the order quantity (VBEP-WMENG) by UMREZ.
    5.     If the result is greater than 1.0, the customer has ordered more than one case and a new line item needs to be added to the sales order for the case quantity.
    6.     Add a new line to VBAP for the same material with the case quantity.  If not a whole value, the remainder of eaches (bottles) should update the qty on the first item on VBAP.
    •     Part 1 is relevant for order types ZCA, ZOR, ZSO, RE, ZSM
    PART 2:
    Batch Job to run prior to the Delivery Due List:
    1.     Read VBUK for Delivery Status (LFSTK) = A (delivery not processed).  Get all of the document numbers (VBELN).
    2.     Go to VBEP for those document numbers to get the goods issue date for the order.  There will be many records in VBEP for the same sales order.  Look at all orders with a goods issue date (WADAT) of next day.
    3.     Go to VBAK for those document numbers to see if there are multiple sales orders for the same Sold To party (KUNNR).
    4.     For customers who have more than one order in VBAK, search all line items (for all orders).  If there are no duplicate materials across sales orders, do nothing.
    •     Do not check line items where item category (VBAP-PSTYV) = TANN, TAPS or ZTAP.  TANN are free goods that should not be considered for consolidation.  TAPS & ZTAP are lower level materials as a result of product selection.  They will be attached to a higher-level material with an item category of TAX, which is relevant for consolidation.
    •     Do not check line items where reason for rejection (VBAP-ABGRU) is not blank
    5.     If there are duplicate materials, go through the same logic as in part 1.  If the quantity across the sales orders adds up to greater than one case, add the appropriate quantity to a new line item on the first sales order.   If there is a remainder qty, update the line item on the first sales order with this qty. In this case, the quantities on the second sales order needs to be closed out with a reason for rejection code of 50, ‘Line Item Consolidation’. If there is no remainder,  update the qty on this item directly.
    •     Part 2 is relevant for order types ZOR, ZCA, ZSM
    •     This batch job will have to be run manually for Day Pick orders.  The end of this program should automatically kick off the delivery due list for Day Pick orders, shipping condition 02.
    Business Justification:
    The business requires that like order line items be consolidated to one line item prior to the order going to the warehouse for picking.  This will aid in picking at the warehouse as well as result in the customer invoice not reflecting more than one line item for the same material.  In the case where the customer has truly ordered more than a case, i.e;, 1 case, 2 bottles, the documents in SAP will still reflect 2 lines.

  • The material account assignment group is missing in sales Order creation

    Hi Gurus,
    When creating the sales order the material account assignment group is not copied in the sales order line item. 
    For eg: when the sales order has 5 line item for one of the line item the material account assignment group is not getting copied. 
    I checked the material master - A/C assignment group was maintained.
    I checked the revenue account determination every entry is maintained with respect to GL account. 
    But even though while creating the sales order the line item does not have account assignment group. Due to this i could not able to release the billing doc to accounting.
    Please if any one can help in this regard to solve why the account assignment group is not copying in the sales order line item while creating.
    Thanks in advance.

    May be the system is not updating the data. Try creating a new sales order to check. Also check the division of the product for which the acct *** grp is not showing.
    Check whether the acct assgt group which you have maintained in the matl master and that in the acct determination (VKOA) is the same.
    Reward points if solution helps.
    Allabaqsh G. Patil

  • Enabling sold to party and ship to party on Sale order creation....

    When i start creating a sale order,
    1 .Iin Sale order screen the sold to party and ship to party are in the disable mode, i could not able to enter any to make it to enable...
    2. but  allowing  me to enter the item and qty, and after entering these value i tried to check for the pricing condition using the condition tab, but i could  not able to see any procedure or condition type...though i defined the pricing procedure(V/ov8) assinged through OVKK...

    Check the Following Configuration
    SPRO -->Sales & Distribution -- > Basic Function >Partner Determination>Set Up Partner Determination-->Set up Partner Determination for Sales Document Header
    Check and all Five Steps i think you didn't assign the Partner Determination Procedure to Sales Document type
    Assign TA to your Sales Document Type or if you create any own partner determination Procedure assign that to Sales Document type
    Check & Revert
    Edited by: prasanna_sap on Sep 7, 2011 12:12 PM

  • Issue while changing Item Category during Sales Order Creation

    Requirement is to change the item category of Sales Order item while creating the sales order.
    Rule is: If item category is IRAT then it should be changed to IRLN.
    For this, I am using the user exit "USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE" available in the include MV45AFZZ.
    Using the above mentioned exit, Item category is getting changed to the desired value in the created sales order BUT value of Billing Status (VBUP-FKSAA) which is supposed to get changed is blank.
    For example, Sales order is created from VA01 and item category is changed manually to the value mentioned above, then for the sales order created we have VBUP-FKSAA = 'A'. But when value of Item category is not changed manually and it is changed from the exit, then value of VBUP-FKSAA is blank.
    I have to find a solution which would change the value of Billing Status according to the change in the value of Item Category.
    Please suggest a relevant solution.
    Thanks a lot for responding.
    Edited by: Abhinav Jain on Apr 9, 2010 6:47 PM

    Hi Abhinav,
    I have a simmilar problem. In my case I am changing Reason of Rejection in the user-exit, but net value is not getting updated. Did you solve your problem? Any other way to change a field of a sales order item?
    Thanking you in advance,

  • Item Category Determination during Sales Order Creation

    Dear All,
    This is Chee Wee, i'm new to SD, i would like to seek for an advice for the topic related to Item Category in Sales Order.
    We have a material "Mat005" define as "Stocked" Item category in MM03,
    *Stocked means our MM team will always keep stock for the material.
    The document Item category assigned to this "Stocked" are "NoPo" --> No Auto Po creation and "AuPO" --> AutoPo  creation.
    During the SO creation for Mat005 with Qty50 and warehouse stock availale for 60, i'm wondering when i select the itemCat "AuPO", the system automatic changed to "NoPO", but when i change the order qty to 70, then i'm able to changed the itemcat to "AuPo"!!
    Can any Guru advice me what is the actual setting or configuration behind to determine which are the correct Item Category that i can choose?
    Thank you very much,
    Chee Wee

    Dear Chee Wee,
    Basically tem category will determine based on these key combination
    Item category group(Material master)+Sales document type(We enter doc type in the creation initial screen)--->Item category
    For Example NORM+OR--->TAN.
    As per your explanation
    I hope In your case stock availability also one of the factor in the item category determination.This might have done some enhancement.
    There are two item categories in your process one is  "NoPo" --> No Auto Po creation and  second one is "AuPO" --> AutoPo creation.
    the system automatic changed to "NoPO", but when i change the order qty to 70, then i'm able to changed the itemcat to "AuPo"!!
    60 Qty Stock available, you have created sales order for 50 Qt here requirement is less than stock availability so system will not allow you to enter AuPo item category Because there no need of auto PO creation for stock.
    When you created sales order for 70 Qty, stock available only 60 so there is shortage of 10 system needs to allow to create Auto PO to procure the shortage stock of 10 Qty, so system is allowing you to enter Yaupon item category.
    There might be some work around kind take help of ABAPer to get the more details about your item category determination.
    I hope this will help you,

  • Capture the purchase price during sales order creation

    User wanted to capture the item purchase price when a sales order is raised.
    Currently, the sales order capture the VPRS whcih is coming from the material valuation (MAP) price.
    Is there a standard condition type that will captured the purchase price in the PIR record or the PP condition?

    As far as i know it is not possible to fetch the purchase price in sales order.
    May be you can define an another condition type asa statistical and maintain the condition records for that. But it will be a tedious job for maintaining all the things.

  • How to export the material list during sales order creation

    In VA01 while creating Sales Order is there are an option to export a list of material numbers at one shot?
    I have about 400 materials to create in 1 sales order. It's time consuming to enter one by one manually.
    Please help. Will reward points.

    Hi Pri,
    Go to VOV8 transaction check the document type PV -Itemproposal if not there then define the document type for Itemproposal.
    You copy the Standard OR type do these settings only
    Sales document type PV Item proposal
    SD document categ. D
    Screen sequence grp. MA
    Transaction group 5
    Doc. pric. procedure C
    Display Range UALL
    FCode for overv.scr.UER1
    Propose give chek mark    
    Define the number range and assign number range.
    Noe you try
    I hope it will help you,

  • Excise Duty not coming during sales order creation

    Hi Experts ,
    Sub:Excise is not calculaing on sales oder for a perticular  plant 
    We have configure a new manufacturing plant .in this the system not performing calcualtion on the base amount and no tax duty is coming .but for one plant its coming properly .
    J1id  is maitain properly
    Sachin g

    Sorry, no idea what product you are using. Likely a classic SAP product of some sort. If it's Crystal Reports then you are using someones created report so check with that person or try the B1 forum possibly.

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    Thanks mracole. I assume this means order of songs will work with regular play lists I iTunes match. Will try it this afternoon and report.
    Please let me know if my understanding is not correct.
    Best regards and thanks once again.

  • How the availiblity check is carried out during the sales order creation

    Hi All,
    I have maintained planned delivery time, GRProcesing time and replenishment lead time in days in material master. I am not understand ing how the system is calculating the availability date of the material during sales order creation.
    Please do needful regarding this.

    Using the Scheduling data from Delivery & Transportation Scheduling, the system does the backward calculation from the Requested Delivery Date. This is used to arrive at Material Availability Date.
    On the Material Availability Date, system checks the Available Qty, as seen in CO09 in column ***. ATP Qty. If the Available Qty is > than Required Qty, Requested Delivery Date is confirmed. Otherwise,
    System moves into the future till it finds the required Available Qty. The new date is then the new Material Availability Date.
    On getting the confirmed Material Availability Date, system does the Forward Scheduling to arrive at a Confirmed Delivery date.

  • Statistic condition values not updated during Sales order Settlement

    In our client we have different Price condition types for based on scenario wise. Ex: Domestic Sales (ZPR1) and Export Sales ZPR2. I have maintained separately value fields for each price condition types.
    We are booking some financial charges, and interest on working capital etc., this cost we need to transfer to COPA each Material wise based on sales revenue.
    For this purpose we have created one COPA Assessment Cycle.  Tracing factor is Sales Revenue and receiver is Materials.
    In COPA Assessment cycle we can give only one base means ZPR1 related value field or ZPR2 related value field.
    For this reason we have created one new statistic condition type,  what is amount there in ZPR1 that amount will updated automatically in statistic condition place and so that we can give once one trance factor in COPA Assessment Cycle. We have assign this statistic condition all pricing procedure
    Now my problem is in MTS scenario statistic condition values updated correctly. But in MTO scenario sales order settlement time statistic condition values not updated.
    So is it possible update during sales order settlement time statistic condition values.
    Please give me suggestion.

    Hi Ajay Sir,
    As you said is correct.
    But in our client we have around 9 Plants and each plant manufacturing product are different. Client Requirement is in COPA Report they need see each product wise sales revenue. In this way we mapped product wise value field.  System already mapped one guy in this way earlier. Now I am doing some changes for relevant to month end activities.
    Some financial changes transfer to COPA each plant wise on Material. Here sender is cost center and receiver is Material. Base is Sales Revenue.
    Please suggest me is there any alternative.
    Thirumalesh .

  • Second line item in Shoppin cart is not displaying the details

    Second line item's district  value is not displayed when the detailed button of second line item is clicked.
    In the shopping cart , there are two line items are added. ( before ordering )
    click on the detail button of first line item, then click on the Ship to address tab . it is displaying the details of the first line item ship to address.
    For getting the value in the district field, BBP_doc_change_badi is implemented .
    The problem is when i click on the detail button of second line itme , the value in the district field is cleard.
    When i click on refresh buttion after that, the value is there.
    I debugged BBP_DOC_CHANGE_Badi~bbp_SC_change method,
    When the second line item is clicked, it populates only the value of first line item . After that if i click on any other buttion, the it_item in the badi populates the second line item value.
    Is this a standard error in SRM or is there any way to display the value of second line item when it is clicked at the first time

    In item category details insure there is tickmark for Schedule line allowed,
    In sales order at item level under shipping tab see storage location ,plant is appearing or not,

  • Get the Ship-to-Party from Sales Order and Line item

    Hi all,
    I am developing one report in which I want to get the Ship-to-Party for a particular Sales Order and Sales Order Line item number.
    I can see table VBPA from I can get value of KUNNAR and so on. But my concern is that can the Ship-to-Party differ for different line items for sales Order, if yes how to get that one, any table or any function module?
    In my scenario i found out that ship-to-party only depend upon sales order and partner function not line item.
    please help me..

    First step: Customer Creation (T. Code: XD01)
    i) Create Sold to Party (Ordering Party) with Account Group: Sold-to-Party
    ii) Create as many Ship-to-Party and Bill-to Party, if reqd, with Account appropriate Account Groups.
    iii) Match all the Ship-to-party/ Bill-to-Party/ Payer for the respective Sold-to-Party under Tab: Sales Area data, Sub-tab: Partners.
    Second Step: Sales Order Creation (T.Code: VA01)
    i) Enter Sold-to-Party at Header Level.
    ii) Enter Materials (at Line-item level).
    iii) Now, System will pop-up all the Ship-to-Party/ Bill-to Party/ Payer, Matched for the particular Sold-to-Party. Click on appropriate selection.
    Now, (if option doesn't pops-up) select the line and Double Click on to the same line. it will lead to the next page. Here, Click Tab: Partners
    Now, in Column: Partner Function, search for appropriate Partner: Ship-to-Party or Bill-to-Party or Payer.
    Remember: Sold-to-Party will be non-editable as entered at Header level.
    Repeat the same for Each Line-item.
    Amit K. Yadav

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