Listening to Ipod Shuffle with Windows or other media player

Is there any way to listen to an Ipod Shuffle through any computer without the use of the Itunes software, like through Windows Media Player, Real player or Quicktime, simply by attaching the shuffle to the dock and usb port as a "removable hardware device?" I would also like to know why some downloaded songs stop in the middle of them and it quickly skips onto the next track/song? What is up with that? It's quite annoying.

Not with the iPod Shuffle dock, no.
iPods were designed to work w/ iTunes as an integrated hardware/software system. Maybe other, bigger, pods will do what you want, but the shuffle dock can only sync w/ the comp (exchange data) and charge the pod, it does not provide an audio connection to the comp via USB.
That said, if you use the appropriate cable w/ a 1/8" plug to connect a Shuffle to a comp, powered speakers, or stereo system, the pod will function as a music player just fine, but it will not charge while connected in that way.
When a Shuffle is in its dock and connected to a comp, if you 'play' its displayed contents in iTunes, the comp is actually playing the music files that reside on its hard drive, not the music files on the pod.
Regarding your 'skipping' song downloads, I suspect that the files were not fully downloaded. Is it always the same songs that don't finish and skip to the next song? Where were they downloaded from?

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  • Ipod shuffle with windows vista

    I have one ipod shuffle and now i change my windows to vista and it dont recognise. i think that i have to wait for new vista drivers but im not shure.
    can anybody help me.
      Windows XP  

    Suggestion: DOWNLOAD current iTunes version that's compatible with Vista.

  • HT1238 How would you reset a Ipod shuffle with windows 7

    Attempting to give my old ipod shuffle away and want to set it to factory settings with windows 7, is there a way to do this.

    Connect shuffle.  Run iTunes.  In the sidebar, select shuffle under DEVICES.  Over to the right, go to the Summary or Settings tab (depends on shuffle model).  There should be a Restore button.  Click it to erase the shuffle, re-install its software, and set it to default settings.
    When it start up and connects to iTunes, decline to do anything that syncs music to the shuffle.  The new owner should be invited by iTunes on their computer to sync the shuffle to their computer's iTunes library, the first time it is connected.

  • TS1369 2nd generations Ipod Shuffle with Windows 8?

    How do you get a 2nd generations Ipod Shuffle compatible with Windows 8? (it works on just fine in earlier versions)
    If you plug it in through a USB connection it blinks orange/green really really fast. It is not recognized neither by Itunes or Windows (PC), Not recognized nor taking any charge.
    I first thought it just came to the end of its life, but then plugging it in with my old laptom (Windows XP) and another laptop (Widows Vista) it worked just fine.
    I have the newest version of all my software, so this has to be a driver compatibility issue, the question has Apple solved it yet?

    I asked about the USB docking cable because some folks who also have a 3rd or 4th gen shuffle were trying to use the cable from those shuffles with a 2nd gen shuffle.  Or they bought a replacement part that is for the 3rd or 4th gen shuffle.  It fits, but the connector is different, so it does not work.
    You have determined that the shuffle and its cable work properly when connected to a different computer.  Since the Windows 8 computer is a new computer that was not used with this shuffle before, the cause could be related to the computer's hardware or software.
    As a test, if you have another device that is similar to an iPod, such as a USB flash drive or a mini external hard drive that is powered by the USB port (not something low-power like a mouse or keyboard), connect it to the computer's USB port to confirm the port does generally work for other things.
    If the USB port is confirmed to work for other devices, if you have a USB hub, as another test, connect the hub to the USB port.  Perferably, the hub is the type that is self-powered (has its own power supply).  Connect the shuffle to the hub to see if that makes any difference if the hub is between the iPod and the computer.

  • LOOK HERE: using an ipod shuffle with windows xp/gets unknown device error
    If this is similar to what's happening with your shuffle 2g ipod, I may have a weird solution. I spent a few nights troubleshooting this issue and searching many many sites and forums for solutions, all without success. Everytime I plugged the ipod in, XP gave one of the errors at the above URL. I did confirm on another pc that the shuffle was definitely working, because it updated and synched flawlessly. What I finally did to solve the issue was........... remove service pack 2. I know that's a bass ackward solution but it worked! I can now plug my shuffle in and it works everytime, perfectly. The only thing I can say for sure is it's something to do with usb 2.0 on my motherboard. It's a via board btw, with an apollo 333 chipset. Try it for yourself, and let's see if it works. Apple or some other company(you know who) needs to release a patch for this as it seems to be a very common problem.
    PC   Windows XP Pro  
    PC   Windows XP Pro  

    That looks exactly like my problem heres a link to my post on another thread:
    Hope that helps.
      Windows XP Pro  

  • How can I  restore 2nd gen shuffle with windows 7

    How do I restore a 2nd generation ipod shuffle with windows 7?

    Never mind - somehow I got it to work.

  • ITunes shows my iPod Shuffle as windows formated after reformating to mac

    iTunes on my Dual G4 MDD system still shows my iPod shuffle as windows formated after reformating it with disk utility. iTunes on my 12 inch PowerBook & ancient iBook both show this same iPod Shuffle as mac formated. All machines are running Tiger 10.4.9 with iTunes 7.2. The Dual G4 MDD system has my large iTunes library but so far I've not been able to sync my iPod Shuffle to this library. This large iTunes library works fine with my iPod G3 and my appleTV.
    Power PC Dual 1Ghz G4 (MDD)   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    I got this iPod Shuffle used. It had been formated in windoes fat32. Until I formated it with disk utility all my mac instances of iTunes showed it as windows formated and had the update and restore buttons grayed out with a warning that windows formated iPods couldn't be updated or restored on a macintosh.
    After reformating the iPod, iTunes in both of my laptops recognized the iPod Shuffle as being macintosh formated and showed iPod Shuffle's software version 1.0.3 and the iPod Shuffle's serial number. But, my old G4 tower system's iTunes still shows the iPod Shuffle as windows formated with no software version available, no serial number and nasty errors occurring on attempting to sync.
    I can sync to the much smaller iTunes library on my PowerBook but I realy do want to solve this mystery and sync to the larger and richer library on my old G4 Tower.

  • Is my IPOD shuffle with software 1.0.1 compatible with iTunes 11.1.3

    Is my IPOD shuffle with software 1.0.1 compatible with ITunes version 11.1.3.  I tunes doesn't seem to recognize the shuffle anymore.  Was this just a ploy to get us to buy new IPODS?

    My much older 1st gen and 2nd gen shuffles still work with the latest iTunes, so I don't think it's a "ploy."
    If you are using the iTunes 11.x for the first time, the iTunes sidebar (along left side of window) may be hidden.  To show the sidebar, from the menu bar, under View, select Show Sidebar.
    The shuffle does not appear in the sidebar, under DEVICES?

  • Filling iPod shuffle with random albums

    I want to be able to autofill my ipod shuffle with a random selection of albums - i.e. I want to listen to whole albums at a time.
    I have tried creating a smart playlist limited to 900mb that takes items from 'music' and fills it randomly. Setting the shuffle mode to 'by album' seems to work, with itunes adding whole albums in a random order. I can then tell itunes to autofill from that playlist.
    My problem is that, having created the smart playlist, I can't seem to 'refresh' it with a new (random) selection without actually making a new playlist.
    Any ideas anyone?

    Setting the shuffle mode to 'by album' seems to work, with itunes adding whole albums in a random order
    First time I ever heard that setting to Shuffle by Album gets entire albums.
    Amazingly, it works!
    Thaks for the tip!

  • I have an older Ipod shuffle with many songs loaded on it. How can I transfer these songs to a new computer since the old computer is no longer available

    I have an oder Ipod shuffle with many songs loaded on it. How can I transfer ths songs to a new computer since the old computer is no longer available?

    I had the same problem with my iPad, i couldn't get the newer version of itunes because the computer was too old and my iPad couldnt sync with the old itunes. I got a PC from school a few months later so that solved the problem for me. Unfortunately i don't think there would be a program to put your music on your iPod, iTunes should be the only way to transfer files to Apple devices. What operating system are you running and what version of it is it?

  • Is iPod compatible with windows media player 11?

    Hello, is iPod compatible with windows mediaplayer 11?

    No. iPods are to iTunes. Other PMPs are to WMP. You'll have to import your songs into iTunes to transfer them to the iPod. iTunes is better anyways, but thats only my opinion.

  • Ipod 5G with Windows 98

    Can i use my ipod 5G with Windows 98

    The iPod is designed to work with iTunes and there is no version of iTunes that works with Windows 98. There are alternative iPod managers for Windows such as Anapod, XPlay or EphPod but they do have a few major drawbacks. The iPod software updater is integrated into iTunes 7 so .....
    1) You can't update the firmware on your iPod if a new version comes along
    2) if there are any problems with the iPod you can't restore it's firmware to fix them.
    3) If purchasing iTunes Music is something you wanted to do you won't be able to buy from the iTunes Music store.
    Staying with 98/ME, you may also require drivers, there is a link in the Anapod page to suitable iPod/USB drivers

  • I was given an ipod shuffle with no cord or info.  I found the Serial

    I was given and ipod shuffle with no cord or info.
    I have the serial and model #s.  How can I tell
    what generation it is and get a cord and instruction

    Hey dawgworks,
    This link should be able to help you identify this model of iPod shuffle:
    Identifying iPod models
    Thanks for coming to the Apple Support Communities!

  • Using iPod Shuffle with TWO computers

    I have two laptops (one Powerbook and one iBook) and would like to use my iPod Shuffle with both computers, downloading music from the iTunes of each computer. Is that possible or will it always make me choose which iTunes I am linked to and delete all the music from the other one?

    You can set your iPod shuffle up to mount as a disk on the desktop, and copy data files that can be transported from one computer to another. You aren't going to be able to use the shuffle to sync music from one iTunes account and another, however. It was only designed to work with one computer/one iTunes at a time.

  • TS1363 replacing ipod shuffle with ipod nano ?

    Replacing and older ipod shuffle with a new ipod nano.  Cant get itunes to recognize the device so I can download my songs.  Any help out there?

    Getting iTunes (and your computer) to recognize your shuffle is one problem. 
    Also, you can't use iTunes to transfer song files from iPod to computer, except for songs you purchased from the iTunes Store (and those can also be re-downloaded from the iTunes Store Purchased screen).  However, there are third-party utilities that can be used for iPod to computer transfer of song files.  If you do a Google search on something like "ipod transfer," you should get some links.
    But you would have to get your shuffle recognized by your computer first, before any type of transfer would work.

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