Message split to server proxy

Hi Folks,
is it possible to use multimapping with server proxy as receiver without BPM??
I have to split a Message from JDBC Sender to Proxy server an
have to split the message from jdbc select resultsset  to many single messages .
regards ralf

For more details check this links
Splitting Message using BPM

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  • Exception using fault message in java server proxy.

    Hi All,
    I am trying to use Fault message inside my server proxy code in Asynchronous java server proxy. I am referring the below mentioned link :
    I successfully deployed my SDA file but while running the scenario(http-XI-ftp in PI7.11) i am getting the folowing exception under MDT: Error processing inbound message. Exception: Cannot locate proxy bean ServerProxyFTTest3.
    I am using the following library refernces under application-j2ee-engine.xml file:,,,, all of type "weak".
    I have checked almost all the forums related to fault messages in asynchronous java server proxy but couldn't find much help.
    Request you all to help me.

    Hi Rajesh,
    I am deploying my SDA file on Non Central Adapter Engine.
    I have also registered my interface using:
    But still i ma getting the same exception.
    Hi Gabriel,
    I implemented my scenario using the same. But in addittion to the librarry referneces mentioned over there i have added one more refrence in it ""  of type "weak". My structure is like this:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <application-j2ee-engine xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="application-j2ee-engine.xsd">
    <reference reference-type="weak">
      <reference-target provider-name="" target-type="library"></reference-target>
    <reference reference-type="weak">
      <reference-target provider-name="" target-type="service"></reference-target>
    <reference reference-type="weak">
      <reference-target provider-name="" target-type="library"></reference-target>
    <reference reference-type="weak">
      <reference-target provider-name="" target-type="library"></reference-target>
        <reference reference-type="weak">
      <reference-target provider-name="" target-type="library"></reference-target>
    Please help.

  • Propagate fault message from ABAP server proxy to XI

    My scenario is asynch HTTP -> async ABAP server proxy.
    I have searched a forum but I didn't find the ansver on my question:
    Is it possible to propagate a fault message from SAP system to XI in case of asyncronous ABAP Proxy in order to see in SXMB_MONI of XI?
    I see errors only on SAP side but this solution doesn't satisfied me I want to see all errors in one place.

    Have u used commit work at the end of the code.
    Can you please tell me what all configuration u have done.
    U have referred the ABAP Proxy configuration:
    Refer the below log for Client Proxy -

  • 1:n Message split and Abap Proxies??

    Can I not use Message split and Abap Proxy together? My scenario is MDM->File ->XI->Proxy->BI.
    I am getting a single file syndicated from MDM and in XI If I use message mapping to do 1:n split in the message mapping, can I use it with Abap Proxies? As per the link below, XI adapter is not present in the list..We are on PI 7.0 SP14. Thank you..
    Thank you for any suggestion..

    Hi Thanujja,
    If you see the message from Raj, I dont think we can split the messages for the proxy. This is beacause the splitting of messages take place at the Adapter Level only for the adapters on the Java stack.
    As suggested by Guru, you can try splitting the messages in the inbound proxy instead of using a BPM, in that way you can acheive good performance.
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  • How to set the parameter of xi header in server proxy

    Does anyone have idea, how to set ref_to_message_id of a client proxy in the server proxy? My problem is, I send a message to a server proxy. The server proxy receives the message, retrieves the message id and tries to set the ref_to_message_id of the message, which will be sent to a client proxy, with its message id. I only find some useful functions to get these information of client proxy and server proxy like message_id etc. in runtime. But I did not find the "set" function to set these parameters. Maybe someone can tell me at first, if it is possible to set such parameters in runtime in server proxy.
    Can anyone help?

    Hi Chilla,
    what I want is to monitor the related message bundle easily. In my server proxy, many different client proxies are called and messages are transfered. So under the SXMB_MONI I will find many message exchanges for one server proxy call. Because the server proxy is called so often, I cannot distinguish under the SXMB_MONI, which message exchanges are caused by which server proxy call.
    So I have an idea. If I can set the ref_to_message_id of the messages for the client proxy calls with the message id of the server proxy call, then I can at first select the message of the server proxy call and find the messages for the related client proxy calls easily using the button "referencing message". The message id of the server proxy call can be retrieved. So my problem is now, how to set the ref_to_message_id of the messages for the client proxy calls with this messag id in the server proxy.
    Of cource, if anyone has better idea, how to resolve the situation in another way without setting the ref_to_message_id, pleases inform me.

  • Creation of Server Proxy for  Message interface with External Defination

    Dear All,
    I am getting a problem while generating a server proxy for the inbound interface . The request message used in the inbound interface is a external definition which is uploaded using a XSD file. The XSD file was supplied by a third party which is having very high complex strucuture and used lot of abstract data types in the design. When i tried to generate the proxy in the R/3 system (Transaction SPROXY) for the inbound interface i am getting following error.
    Interface uses external and internal message definitions
    Message no. SPRX122 *
    In a message interface you can use messages from different sources:
    Message types and fault message types edited in the Enterprise Services Repository
    Messages imported into the Enterprise Services Repository (external definitions, RFC, IDoc)
    In the current message interface, message types from different sources have been used. Since messages from these different sources must be handled differently during proxy generation, such a mixture of messages within a message interface is not possible.
    System Response
    The interface cannot be generated.
    Change the interface definition accordingly in the Enterprise Services Repository.
    Please guide me, how to generate the proxy for the interface with external defination message. I could nt geneate manullay, because it is having very high complexity and its a big structure.
    Is there is any way to generate the proxy for interface with external definition

    i.       Import your message schemas from external definitions, or RFCs or IDocs from SAP systems. These definitions already contain data types.
    ii.       Create a message interface and reference the messages of the external definition, or the RFC or IDoc message.
    Check this, it may help you

  • Message Send from ABAP Proxy implemented in XI Server ABAP Stack

    Hello everyone,
    I have a question and I'm not sure of this is an ABAP question but I'll try here and try to find some information on ABAP forums and weblogs, I need to send a XML message to the XI pipeline from an ABAP Server Proxy implemented in the same XI ABAP Stack Server, why I need this? well actually I can't find a way to do it in a BPM so I'm going to try to set the logic for this message send in the ABAP Stack, so do you know like a Function Module so I can send a message to the pipeline but I need the message to be set as Scheduled, I'll try ABAP Forums and Weblogs too, thanks in advance.

    You can schedule your program as a background Job SM36. Please check the transaction. You will have to set your ABAP program as the job STEP (if you probably have selection screen for your report then you will also need a variant for your report).
    Do schedule your program as a 'Periodic Job' and your personal period (daily/hourly).
    After you save your settings you can also monitor your job (ABAP Program) from the same transaction or even from CCMS if you like.

  • I received a message to upgrade my Firefox version . It went to successful completion but I get a message unable to find proxy server?

    After updating to latest version of Firefox i am unable to access internet. Get message Unable to find proxy server. This update also disable internet explorer so I cannot use it to access either. The desktop that I am having trouble with is running Windows XP Professional.

    hi, please check in the firefox ''menu ≡ > options > advanced > network > connection - settings...'' if firefox is set up to directly connect to the internet ('no proxy').
    and maybe also run a full scan of your system with the security software already in place and different tools like the [ free version of malwarebytes], [ adwcleaner] & [ kaspersky security scan].

  • TV System Update hangs at 21% with message "Cannot connect to proxy server"

    just installed TVSU (latest version) on my Thinkpad T40 (with WinXP Pro SP3, German). Installs fine, runs perfect after reboot, recognises the correct model, initiates search for updates and then stops at 21% whilst  displaying
    "Downloading Packet Information: Lenovo Help Center (1 of 1)".
    A few seconds later the error message
    "Cannot connect to Proxy Server"
    comes up with an OK-Box. Clicking OK terminates the entire update process, however TVSU continues to run properly and the process can be restarted with the identical result. This happens with Kaspersky Firewall on and off, no difference. Even rebooting the system w/o firewall and virus protection and starting afresh does not help either. Tried perhaps 15 times over the last 4 hours with same results. I assume that the error message refers to a proxy at Lenovo since in my local environment there is no proxy involved. The system is known to be free of viruses (clean installation yesterday and virus checked this morning).
    The display/error message above were translated from German into English so the corresponding original English displays/messages may look slightly different.
    Any ideas?
    Regards from Germany...

    I have discovered one other potential cause of this behaviour.
    If your computer is attached to a Domain, ensure you are connected to the Domain using a profile that has administrator rights when attempting these upgrades.
    I was using a local profile with administrative rights, on a network connection that was outside of the corporate LAN, and I was getting the "Cannot connect to proxy server" error.
    When I connected to our Corporate LAN and logged on to the machine with an administrative profile, the Proxy Server error went away, and I was then able to connect and download my required updates.
    Just an FYI if you are doing this inside a large, firewalled LAN running from Active Directory.

  • My iPhone gets a "web server proxy error" connecting to wifi @ home

    Ever since installing Comcast Xfinity with Motorola SB6121 and Apple Extreme 5th generation, my iPhone 4 gets a web server proxy error or similar message for any apps seeking to go online.  My iPod Touch 3rd generation works as does my MacBook Pro.
    I've reset the router, harangued Comcast (no help - it's your phone, sir), rebooted the iPhone, checked all my settings (VPN - what's that? it's not connected), Proxy in the VPN settings is set to off. The phone will show the signal and it will check Apple Mail but Safari, Google APP anything needing web access will either hang or give the proxy error message.  Apple Customer Care said call Comcast, Comcast said call Apple & I'm surprised to find little help on the web.
    Here's what I found to work on a MacForum sight from 2 years ago.
    Settings->WiFi->under choose a network, click the blue arrow (on the right of the network nameyou use)->DHCP
         *now check the IP address with the one on your iPod Touch or computer to see if they are in sequence
         *scroll down to HTTP Proxy & make sure it is off
         -> renew lease may work
    It was the making sure the IP address was correct/in sequence which I moved to the STATIC tab and input all the same information (use a screen shot to remember it - home button and on/off button at the same time, it will store in your pictures folder) and give that a shot.
    The problem appears to be where multiple machines or devices are using the same router. The iPhone 3GS assigned an IP Address in order of preference, therefore and then etc. The iPhone 4 will assign a strange IP address which the router will not accept. You therefore need to look at the other devices linked and see what number is next in the sequence. Then go to static on the top tab and type in the IP adress manually followed by the Subnet mask, router and DNS details. Once you have completed the info press the DHCP button and HTTP Proxy as off - this is important.
    This is how i fixed the wifi problem...(i used my mac)
    So basicly I created a new WiFi hotspot on my iMac, then I connected my iphone to it and it WORKS!
    1. open System Preferences (Apple -> System Preferences) and click Sharing.
    2. select Internet Sharing at the left side.
    3. Then check off AirPort.
    4. Then creat a newtwork name, and password
    5. VOILA! look at the Wifi connections on your iPhone and it should be there!
    reset Network
    Same problem, but none of the above worked for me. Finally went to Settings/ General/ Reset/ Reset network settings. Saw this in a different thread.
    Hope these help.

    This has solved loads of people who have this issue and have used an alternate DNS setting.  Below are instructions for both iPhone OTA and on you Mac
    If you are getting the error message "Unable to check for update" when you try an OTA (over the air update)
    Change DNS Servers
    Settings -> Wi-Fi
    Click the blue arrow on your connected network
    Delete everything in DNS and replace it with,
    Try again
    If this works, you will probably want to remove the WiFi network using "Forget This Network" and then reconnect to it to get your original DNS servers back. Alternatively, make a note of the original DNS servers before deleting them and replace it after you are done.
    If you are getting the error message "Unable to check for update" when you try through iTunes
    On your Mac
    Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click Network.
    Select the network connection service you want to use (such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet, unless you named it something else) from the list, and then click Advanced.
    Click DNS, and then click Add at the bottom of the DNS Servers list. Enter the IPv4 address for the DNS server.
    You can use OpenDNS
    You can Google Public DNS if you want
    I have actually repointed my routers DNS so all my devices now point to OpenDNS servers

  • ABAP client-to-server proxy through XI in same system

    I have one XI system (NW70 SPS16) and 2 clients: 400 which is configured as Integration server and 500 which is application system.
    In repository there are 2 messages interfaces, and in SPROXY of clnt 500 two classes are generated.
    Is it possible to call server proxy from client one in XI system through XI Integration Engine? I tried it, but failed on receiver side (server proxy class). Here the message:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    - <!--  Call Adapter
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="">
      <SAP:P1 />
      <SAP:P2 />
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
      <SAP:Stack>Unable to read user password from communication channel of type Error when accessing the secure store (access ID = DD8C8D14F0C07AF1B67B003048343629) Error while reading from the secure store: ERROR_UNKNOWN: Cannot find entry in secure store (SECSTORE,023)</SAP:Stack>
    Any sapnotes which described this error aren't helped, because they are outdated or mismatch my version.
    So is it possible to use abap server proxy on XI side?

    Your scenario is possible. As the error says, check the password on the receiver XI adapter.

  • Schedule Abap Server proxy in background job in SAP r/3

    Hi all,
    My scenario is File XI Proxy Interface inbound to SAP...
    My requirement is to schedule the proxy in the background job every night.
    How can I acheive this?
    Read the "Rules of Engagement"
    Thank you,
    Edited by: Juan Reyes on Oct 21, 2008 3:04 PM

    Hi ,
    U don't need to schedule a server proxy the proxy will kick in automatically as soon as the message is processed by file adapter .
    Since yours is File to proxy scenario...
    and you want to execute it overnight ..
    You will have to control when the file is processed by XI file adapter.
    Here what you can do ..
    Let's just say your file gets placed in a Folder 'A' ...and your file communication channel is configured to pick files from folder B.
    Write an abap code on xi box ..(or you can use a V.B. script)
    which will move the file from folder A to Folder B.This code can easily be that it you can get files in folder B from where XI processig will kick in .
    (job scheduling can be done sm36 ..use the wizard)

  • Multi-Mapping Message Split 1:n

    Hi experts,
    I have a few questions regarding a multi-mapping for a 1:n message split. I have a business process which collects IDOCs from a specific IDOC type (ZHINVOIC01).
    I have a 1-to-1 Mapping for collecting the IDOCs.
    After this 1-to-1 Mapping the IDOC has the following structure:
    xdoc has the occurrence 0..unbounded
    For every IDOC in the source structure one xdoc in the target structure should be created. My Mapping works very fine, but I have one question. If there are more IDOC-Elements in the source structure, I have more xdoc-Elements in the target structure. But I do not want to have one target-message. the mapping should create one file with the element xdoc for every IDOC element in the source structure.
    I want to send a xml-file for each xdoc-element to a ftp-server. is that possible?
    Thanks and best regards
    Christopher Kühn

    Hi Udo,
    look at my example above:
    for the source structure
    I have the following target structure:
    now the target structure is only one message, isn't it?
    But I want to have for this case 3 Messages each with only one xdoc-element.
    I hope that we are not talking at cross-purposes
    Thanks and best regards

  • Adapter specific message attributes in ABAP proxy

    Dear all,
    i have a short question. I have a file to ABAP server proxy scenario. When picking up the file i write communication data from the adapter in the message header using dynamic configuration and route the message to a abap proxy.
    My question is: Do i have access to the header data in the proxy, or do I have to make a message mapping and put the header data into the payload of the message?
    Kind regards

    here is a blog about your scenario:
    File to R/3 via ABAP Proxy
    Hope it helps.

  • Idoc(receiver) message splitting using BPM

    could you provide some blogs which is useful for Idoc (as a Receiver) message splitting (1:N scenario) using BPM.
    I have gone thru some of the Blogs, i didn't find good one according to this scenario.

    Hi Michal,
    Thanks for ur reply.
    You said " if you have one message and want to have multiple IDOCs
    there is no need for a BPM -
    you just need to change IDOC occurance - that's all"
    I agree to your point.
    My scenario is more or less same but "With single message , i need to generate multiple Idocs" based on synchronous proxy response from R3. That is the reason we already gone with BPM.
    Already i used the BPM in my interface due to req.  It was working. Earlier i was posting single Idoc to R3 with multiple Header segment (each Header segment has one quantity)
    Now due to req. change, for each single quantity (quantity is my source Message Type field), i need to post single Idoc to R3  if i get response from R3.
    My XI version PI 7.0 SP14
    Idoc structure:
       <xsd:attribute name="SEGMENT" type="xsd:string" fixed="1" use="required"
    xmlns:xsd="" />
    - <xsd:complexType name="WPUWBW.WPUWBW01";>
    - <xsd:annotation>
       <xsd:documentation>POS interface: Upload goods movements</xsd:documentation>
    - <xsd:sequence>
      <xsd:element name="EDI_DC40" type="EDI_DC40.WPUWBW.WPUWBW01"; />
       <xsd:element name="E1WPG01" type="WPUWBW01.E1WPG01"; minOccurs="0"
       maxOccurs="9999999999" xmlns:xsd="" />
       <xsd:attribute name="BEGIN" type="xsd:string" fixed="1" use="required"
    xmlns:xsd="" />
    Already I am using this Idoc structure in various interfaces also. If i edit the occurance of the this Idoc and import in External definition with same name, I feel it afffect mapping in other interfaces also.
    Inputs are highly appreciated.
    Edited by: Prabaharan Rangasamy on May 22, 2009 4:14 PM

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