My final cut pro x update is not working?

My final cut pro x update is not working for 10.0.3
I'm very upset, somesone help me I'll update lastest version of FCPX.
my version is now 10.0

Then perhaps you should post your question in the FCP forums rather than the iPhone forums.

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  • HT4775 Final cut pro tab share does not work with mountain lion V10.8

    I have upgraded to mountain lion and since  than the tab share in final cut pro X is not working anymore.
    Any suggestions???  Thanks

    Trash preferences and repair permissions in Disk Utility.
    If that doesn't free Share up I'd drag app to trash, reinstall it and run repair permissions again.
    Good luck.
    BTW, not that it matters a lot, but this is the Compressor forum.

  • Final Cut Pro X - Create Archive not working with Yosemite!

    Just upgraded my laptop to Yosemite and now I can't create any camera archives.  I am not sure if it is my laptop or Yosemite that is causing the issue.  I tried creating a camera archive with the same SD card on another machine (running Mavericks) and it worked fine.  Anyone else having similar issues?

    Oddly, still no luck. i was hoping to find something in the logs but FCPX keeps pretty quiet. My goal was to see if this feature was broken but since it is working for others, I will close this question.

  • Final cut pro 10.6 is not shere project

    ive purchased the program final cut pro 10.5 and it works on everything in the previous version when i make ubdate to 10.6 there is aproplem and i cant find a solution and im sure iam her prostrate here  i cant save the project and shere done in the final cut and do not why > alaways show me words written in the attached image i hope a favorable opinion me solution because i love final cut and apple
    whab hart

    You can report this to Apple >   Mac App Store Customer Service
    In case you aren't aware, this is a user to user forum, not Apple.

  • I can't download the final cut pro's update in AppleStore. Have a solution ?

    I can't download the final cut pro's update in AppleStore. Have a solution ?

    Is the application in your Purchases page? Are you signed in to the App Store using the Apple ID that purchased the software?

  • When's The Next Final Cut Pro HD Update?

    I was just wondering if anyone knows when the next Final Cut Pro HD update is supposed to be released. I'm about ready to make a purchase, but I was wondering if I should wait if the next version is going to be out soon.

    I don't think it's against the TOU however to point out that Apple have been known to launch new products or announce updates at the NAB show, which takes place every April.
    But I personally have no idea if there's anything in the pipeline. I only buy every second upgrade anyway so I'll be waiting for FCS7.

  • Final Cut 6 and Color does not work

    I bought FInal Cut Pro Studio 2 and i receive the suite today and instal only apps ( no contents and loops )without problem
    Tried to open FCP6 and Color but not working.
    i launch FCP 6 or Color,2 jumps on dock and then quit.
    can be memory problem.( i have 768RAM on my imac G5 64VRAM)
    any pacth to resolv this problem?
    ps* SountrackPro 2,DVDStudio Pro,Motion3,LiveType,CinemaTools and Compressor woks fine in the same computer
    Computer configuration
    IMac G5 1.6 with 64VRAM and 768RAM
    thx in advance

    Ok,forgot Color,but and about final cut 6 ? why does not work?
    max resolution 1440x900.
    i was looking the systen requirements on fcp page
    Minimum Requirements to Install All Final Cut Studio Applications
    Final Cut Pro 6
    Macintosh 1.25GHz or faster PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5 = OK
    1GB of RAM = NO,my iMac have 768RAM
    1024-by-768 resolution or higher OK
    Mac OS X v10.4.9 or later OK
    QuickTime 7.1.6 or later OK
    A DVD drive for installation OK
    Can i deduce that problem is because i don't have RAM enought?

  • Final Cut Pro search window does not SORT.

    I am an editor and I use Final Cut Pro everyday. I recently had to upgrade to LION because of a wonderful Quicktime update that corrupts
    video codec files on Snow Leopard. So now that I have LION I can actually edit again. But, when I try to import files into Final Cut the
    search window wont sort my files by date, name, etc...
    It wont actually sort by anything. Every other program works fine for that, mainly After Effects. I have to manually go find files that I used
    to give a certain naming system to because I could find them easily by typing in one word.
    I also cannot search the Network anymore at my office which is a real pain. We dump all our finished projects onto a huge server. Now
    when I need to find an old file I have to know the exact date it was made or else I have to go searching through every folder in our server.
    Any body know of any way to fix these issues without having to rewrite code which I really don't want to do with my company computer.
    Also our IT people refuse to learn anything at all about MAC computers which is SO helpful...

    Im not sure what you are referring to. Maybe I didn't explain the problem correctly.
    Final Cut seems as if it is not indexing the files. Most of the time it won't even show me dates (modified, created, etc...) just dashes. Then if I  do what you are describing and try to sort it at all it stays in the same exact order. I can't even sort alphabetically.


    I cant see the music folders that come with Final Cut pro after the most recent update (i.e. special effects, etc). PLEASE HELP!

    I saw on somewhere that reloading FCPRO Content v1.0 would do the trick. It worked. All 1300 sound fx are back where they belong. The link to the download is:
    Did not try the Garage band suggestion but thank you all.

  • Final Cut Pro X Update Issues

    Last year I purchased a used 2013 MacBook Air with Final Cut Pro X already installed.
    I just learned that in order to update the software, I need to be signed into the Mac App Store account that purchased FCPX.
    Is there anyway to transfer the software onto my own account, or do I have to contact the seller and get their information to update. Any other ways to update?

    If you are serious about editing with FCP X, buy it yourself. That way you will get each future update
    which will match whatever iteration of OS X is most current on any computer on the planet (that you own).
    No One in their right mind is going to give you their App Store sign In info. W/O it you are stumped,
    stagnant even - in the bottom of the pond all alone. You know how many people write in here asking
    how to get something for nothing? Lots. In that respect you are not alone.
    You Follow?

  • Because of the new final cut pro x update with photoshop capability, does that mean 3d objects are now compatible with final cut pro x

    Does Final Cut Pro X now support 3d models or objects because of the update with photshop capability?

    When you import a 3D model in Photoshop, it is imported as a Layer (smart object). And, yes, you can edit 3D objects in Photoshop and import them into FCPX—AS a photohop image (you cannot manipulate the 3D nature of the object in FCPX.) You can however create an animation in PS, convert to layers from frames and import that into fcpx. You can then edit the compound clip created to make use of those "animated" layer/frames. (I'm not sure how far I'd "push it" though...fwiw, at that point, it might be better to export the animation from PS and import the MOV into FCPX.)
    You can also make edits in PS after the psd is imported and fcpx will do live updates (after saving the psd file, of course.) 3D objects in PS are a special kind of Smart Object, and Smart Objects will translate to Motion and FCPX (they will be rasterized as a single layer, though.)

  • I cleared out a movie I made in final cut pro, now fcp will not open completely, I get the logo with all the names running through but never get timeline, browser or anything else?  Help!!  Larry

    I removed a movie I had made and now when I try to open final cut pro, all the stuff shows up with the names, etc, but that is it, I don't get anything else, and, final cut does not show at the top of my computer.  I have the 27 inch iMac with the intel processor, any help will be appreciated.  Larry

    Sounds like you may have deleted more than just the movie file.  It the FCP application in the Applications folder?  if so, try launching from there.  If not, you'll neeed to uninstall the app completely using this:  then reinstall from the original install discs.
    You may want to first try trashing FCP's preferences.

  • Final cut pro x trial dose not exporting

    I did using tral version final cut pro x, edit my video on open project and store it on event. i try to go file and export my video, also try share  to mac hd, movie, and document location, export it to portable hardrive, all of them coould not open video, could you tell me how eport my finish video, It is trail version cannot be export video file. thank you.

    Tom, I am having save issue the other gentleman was. When I click on  share it asks me what way I want to save it. So I click on it and tried double clicking and it selects it but then never gives me a button to start the rendering and export. Any hep would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Final Cut Pro Academic Version Is not fully functional!

    Could someone tell me if Final Cut Pro Academic is really functionally? I bought final cut pro academic and it appears that the program color does not work. The viewer in color doesn't work. Apple states that the only difference between academic and the normal version is that the academic version version is a non-upgradable version. But I don't believe this. I believe that you have to buy the standard version to get the full features. Could someone one tell me this is not so.

    The academic version is Functionally 100% exactly the same. There are no differences feature wise.
    The only difference is you can't use an upgrade with that serial #.

  • Why doesn't Final Cut Pro X update songs from Garageband?

    While working on a short film in Final Cut Pro X, I worked up a simple sound track in Garageband. I imported the Garageband project, aligned it, and discovered that I'd mistimed one of the sound transitions.
    So, I went back to Garageband and updated the transition, moving the sound effect to the right spot to match up to the video, and then went back to FCPX. I dragged the Garageband project onto the original copy that I'd imported, and selected "replace" and ended up with... the original. After some experimenting, I actually went and deleted an entire track from the Garageband project and reloaded it in FCPX... still no change. How can I fix this?

    Here's an update...
    I made some changes to the Garageband track and saved it as another project... Final Cut refused to even detect it until I restarted Final Cut.
    I have a sound effect that's placed at 1:32 in Garageband, and it ALWAYS plays at 1:31 in Final Cut, no matter how shift it around in Garageband. After changing the song in Garageband and sharing it to disk, I verified that the sound effect is happening at 1:32 by playing it back in Quicktime, so it must be Final Cut that's misbehaving.

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