Need Mac drivers in Windows network?

We have a huge windows network here and we have a Mac lab that is part of our network. I just installed a new laserjet printer in the mac lab and set it up on the Windows network and it prints fine from windows but doesn't from the Mac's. I went to the printers folder and added the network printer and it seems fine but when you tell it to print it acts as though it is then it stops the print job. You can restart the job but it just stops it again. Do, I need to install Mac drivers on my dell print server? If so, ho do you install mac drivers on a windows machine?

Though for 10.3 it should work for 10.4 as well.
Printing to a network ethernet printer (which has an IP address) from a Mac running OS 10.3.x

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    Need help connecting a windows network printer to my Mac (Xerox Phaser 3600) over a windows home network.
    My Mac runs lion and the windows desktop runs Windows XP
    I have tried for a few hours or so to connect my mac to this printer over a home network.
    For your information it does work when connected directly to my mac using a USB Cable.
    If there is no soultion could I have help getting the drivers for a Dell All-in-One Photo 926

    In most cases you can connect to the Windows shared printer from the Mac. But there is a dependence on the Mac driver being compatible. For many consumer inkjets, the vendor created driver cannot be used for this type of connection so you need to look at alternative drivers, such as Gutenprint or PrintFab. If you can tell us which brand and model of printer you have shared from Windows then we can answer your question with the preferred procedure on the Mac.

  • Mac vs. Windows Network Compatability

    I finally talked my mother into switching from M$ to a Mac, and she loves the new iBook. Here's the dilemma though: she has to connect to a private intranet for work, and the Mac keeps having problems. Safari won't seem to work, nor will Firefox, so I (grudgingly) downloaded Explorer and the newest JavaScript updates. The site will let you connect and sign on, but when you try to access your personal data, it keeps giving me a JavaScript error. Help me out here, if she can't connect to this site that she needs for work she's threatening to switch back to Windows. Anyone else tried to connect a Mac to a Windows network? Solutions...?

    The company's Intranet site is most likely Windows-centric. Being an Intranet site, it was probably grown in-house by folks who may or may not have the technical skill to make the site truly HTML standards compliant. My company's Intranet site heavily favors IE for Windows and the only browser on a Mac that can view it properly is IE. Safar, Firefox and other browsers fail simply because they adhere more closely to HTML standards.
    It's not a Mac versus Windows issue, but probably due to lazy HTML coding and no cross-platform testing.
    Unfortunately, IE for Mac is officially dead as of December 31, 2005. See this link: =internetexplorer
    You might check into getting Virtual PC for Mac:
    It's not fast, but if all your Mom needs to do is connect to an Intranet site, it may be just fine.
    Better yet, if she can access a Windows XP Professional system at work, she can use the Remote Desktop Client from her Mac: lient
    Hope this helps! bill
    1 GHz Powerbook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.3)  

  • Need Mac download not Windows anyone else have that issue when ordering?

    Need Mac download not Windows anyone else have that issue when ordering?

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    And you can't complain because this company does not provide anyone to answer these questions and it theft by stealth.
    My Mac order was switched to PC first time so I decided to buy again and this time it just won't download. I get a Jrun Servlett Error page instead.
    This company is shonky
    [email protected]

  • Need advice about Mac Pro and Windows networking

    I currently have 2 machines at work: One HP Windows PC (high configuration) and a PowerMac G5 2GHz dual. I'm basically close to purchasing a new Mac Pro to replace both machines but need some advice. I do the majority of design work on the Mac. However I need the Windows PC to also do some design work but mainly use it to connect into the windows network at work. Basically I need to be able to access the network drives (which are set up with Novell Netware, with IPX turned off), Novell GroupWise email system and connect to the internet through the LAN. Can I do this with a Mac Pro, with either Bootcamp or Parallels? Is there any sacrifice in terms of performance in using Bootcamp or Parallels? The end result I want is similar to what I am doing at the moment - at the moment I use a PC to network and the Mac to design, side by side with each other. What I want is to do this from one machine, not two. (I also need the PC side of things as I need to use some software that isn't available on the Mac, eg. bespoke databases that run on PC). Is it easy to network under Bootcamp/Parallels? What pitfalls are there that I need to be aware of?

    When your running Windows via bootcamp, you are essentially Running windows on a PC architecture. You will have all the same capabilities that you have now.
    When you use Parallels to run Windows, you are running Windows as a virtual machine running within the confines of the Mac OS. The advantage is that you can run multiple OS's at the same time, and easily share files and data between them. The disadvantage is that the OS running within Parallels has a slightly performance hit, meaning you are not running as fast as the bootcamp version, but the performance hit is very slight. The only place that Parallels is lacking at the moment is in support of 3D or accelerated graphics. That is Parallels currently cannot make use of a graphics card 3D capabilities or advance GPU options. Parallels has stated their intent is to provide better graphic card support in the near future.
    With all this in mind, I don;t see any reason why you cannot use Parallels for your Windows networking needs, and the Mac for your design needs, all at the same time. You will need of course to ensure you have enough RAM to support both OS's if you intend to run them at the same time.
    Tom N.

  • I have i mac system, need all drivers for windows?

    I have I Mac system and i installed windows vista ultimate edition, i require all drivers for windows vista

    It is installed (I installed Windows....)
    Everything you need to know was in Boot Camp Assistant, the drivers are on OS X DVD (while in Windows)
    HERE: has FAQ How To Manual articles and updates for AFTER yu have Boot Camp 3.0 installed
    If you bother to read the instructions first would save you and us a lot of repeating.
    You also want Microsoft Security Essentials Vista SP2+ (Windows 7 64-bit would be better and supported) and make sure you have about 15-20GB free space on Windows. All the updates will eat up 10GB of temp space, plus page and other items

  • Mac on a windows network

    i have recently installed a wireless network. i configured it to work with a couple of PCs but i am now trying to use my ibook. which has no problem detecting and logging on to the network. but when finished the PCs are not able to get back on the network, despite the fact that one PC is hard wired. there is no password on my router(not a good idea but i'll deal with that once i have the network running smoothly).
    any input would be appreciated.

    While your Mac is connected to the wireless network (is this also a router?) open /Applications/Utilities/Network Utility. Be sure to select the wireless network interface from the dropdown menu.
    What is your current IP address? Does is start with or Or is it very different from these numbers?
    If it's very different, I would suspect you have your router set bridge rather than route your network traffic. Check that your settings are configured for NAT or to route traffic. Also, be sure that your network router is handing out IP addresses via DHCP.
    If it's similar, then compare your Mac's IP address with your XP systems' IP addresses. They should all be similar but the last number should be different (e.g.
    In case you need more information about wireless networks, see this page on Microsoft's website: to help with Windows XP. See this page on CompNetworking for a tutorial on setting up wireless networks.
    Hope this helps! bill
    1 GHz Powerbook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.3)  

  • Opening a .mov file on a Mac across a Windows network causes hang

    QuickTime player hangs when I try to open a .mov file on a networked Mac OSX machine from my Windows XP machine. This happens 80-90% of the time; that is, not every time, but most of the time.
    I've tried this from 2-3 different machines, and get the same result.
    Interesting thing is that, if I'm viewing the directory that the .mov file comes from in Windows Explorer, Windows Explorer also hangs - so it looks like something bad in going on in the Windows networking layer.
    File opens fine when I open it locally or on another Windows machine on the network.
    We're actually accessing the QT SDK from an app we're developing. We first noticed this behavior in our app, and decided to see if we could repro the problem in QT player. Sure enough, we could.
    Is there somewhere else I can log this message so that it will come to the attention of the SDK group? This a major problem for our app that I need to resolve one way or another.

    A MOV. file can be anything.
    I would suggest you download and install Perian from
    You should read this support page in case you need to delete older codecs.

  • Satellite L30 (PSL30A) - Need new drivers for Windows 7

    Hello I am trying to update my notebook from Windows XP to Windows 7 and need new drivers.
    My machine specs
    Satellite L30 (PSL30A-00100E)
    1.6 Celeron M
    2GB RAM
    40gb disk space
    ATI gfx card (Radeon 200m?)
    Intel chipset
    Realtek RTL8139/810x family network card
    Realtek High Definition Audio Device
    Only the gfx card, sound card and network card need new drivers
    Hopefully I can do this

    Thanks so much for the swift reply's :) I had Windows XPsp3 running very well on this old computer and was quite happy with it. I decided windows 7 being new I'd give it a go anyways, so I can go back if I have to. I am going to battle on though I think this is achievable. Found this thread on another website, I am giving this solution a go as it sounds promising.
    Thanks for your help...... next the :)

  • Trouble installing Mac drivers on Windows Vista

    I've just installed Windows Vista on my intel-based IMac. I'm at the final part where I'm supposed to install the Mac drivers on Vista by ejecting the Windows installation disk and inserting the Mac OS X installation disk. According to the Boot Camp Setup Assistant instructions, it should either auto-run on Vista or the 'setup.exe' application should be visible to click on. However, after inserting the Max OS X installation disk on Vista, the computer doesn't detect anything on the disk! It's as if it's empty but the 'properties' option shows that the installation disk is full! How should I resolve this problem? Can Vista actually read the files present in the Mac OS X installation disk in the first place?

    Put the OS X installation disc in the SuperDrive after booting the iMac in Windows, right-click on the disc icon in My Computer, open it in explorer and then double-click on Setup.exe

  • Where are the Mac Drivers for Windows 7 installation?

    Where can i find the mac drivers for the windows 7 installation?

    If you have a Mac with OS X Lion or Mountain Lion, they are available as a download. You can download them from Boot Camp Assistant (in /Applications/Utilities) or from the Apple site.
    If you have a Mac with Leopard or Snow Leopard, they are included in the Mac OS X disc that came with your Mac or in the Snow Leopard DVD. However, as you are going to run Windows 7, you can find more recent drivers in the Apple site as Boot Camp Support Software, depending on the Windows editions your Mac supports >

  • Using bootcamp 5.1, Windows 7 home is installed but missed installing the drivers disk. How to install the Mac drivers for windows after the fact.

    While using Bootcamp 5.1, and OS X 10.8.2, I partitioned my Mac disk with 80 Gigs for Windows 7 home and the install went great, but I must have missed the time when I was to install the Mac drivers disk to install the drivers for Windows,(when in Windows I don't have a mouse or optical drive.)  Is there a way to install the drivers after Windows is installed, or do I have to go through the whole process all over again?

    Press X key after the startup sound to boot into OS X. Then, open Boot Camp Assistant, download Boot Camp drivers and burn them into a USB drive or DVD. Finally, boot in Windows and install drivers

  • Need BootCamp Drivers for Windows Vista!

    Hi Guys, I lost my bootcamp installation disk for the Windows Drivers. I have OSX 10.6.3 and boot camp 3.0.2 on an imac G5 Intel duo. Please help me, I need drivers for Windows Vista . Thanks

    have you looked on the bootcamp install list?

  • Adding macs onto a window network for schools

    Im David and i work in a school in ICT support. at the moment with have an entire windows network. the art, media and music department are planing on getting Imacs. The ICT team and I are wondering how to get macs on the network to have users logon to just like an XP machine so they can get to home directories and use networked printers and have the applied security from active directory and ranger and so on. We are also planning on getting a Xserve to run a new domain for macs and act as the go between to the windows domain.
    Is this an option?
    Can anyone please help us and give us any ideas or point me onto the right path?

    Are just a few. Googling 'AD-OD Integration' should get you more?

  • Does Adobe have an email address?  I have bought the wrong OS I need mac but got windows

    does Adobe have an email address?  I have bought the wrong OS I need mac but got windows

    Please see Return, cancel, or exchange an Adobe order -

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