Ogg Vorbis Support itunes & ipod

With the potential problems round the corner that may appear with the Alcatel MP3 "patent" isn't it time Apple re-consider adding Ogg Vorbis support to iTunes and the iPod?
As a totally free format which outperforms MP3 on both file size and quality I don't understand why Apple hasn't added this already. iTunes with Ogg and AAC support would be awesome.
At the very least it would enable Apple to drop MP3 in future if need be.
Does anyone else agree?
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    How to play OGG Vorbis in iTunes 10? Tried XiphQT 0.1.9 and oggvorbis_r45 component, but no luck.. Any ideas ?

    graver wrote:
    How to play OGG Vorbis in iTunes 10? Tried XiphQT 0.1.9 and oggvorbis_r45 component, but no luck.. Any ideas ?
    Use a conversion program and convert them to an iTunes-compatible format such as AAC.
    Even if you find a plug-in (similar to what Xiph does for FLAC) they will play in iTunes but will not sync to an iPod, which defeats the main purpose of iTunes.

  • Ogg/vorbis support?

    I have traditionally been a linux user, but recently bought a mac. I also was given (another) ipod as a gift, so I am trying to actually use it. Unfortunately, my entire music collection is ripped as ogg/vorbis files. While I can rerip them or play them on my laptop with XiphQT (http://xiph.org/quicktime/), it is frustrating not to be able to play them on my ipod. Are there any plans to add ogg/vorbis support officially? If not, are there published SDKs that would allow outside developers to add additional formats to the ipods?

    if you search with google/whatever you will find plenty about linux/ov for the ipod, but afaik not for the 2nd/3rd generation nano
    people have asked for support for this, and other formats, since the very first ipod, it hasn't happened so far
    apple might do it one day, but personally i doubt it
    there's no generally available apple sdk that would allow you to do this

  • How do I get my music from iTunes Match to my older ipod that doesn't support iTunes Match

    I have an old ipod ios 4.2 that doesn't support iTunes Match how do i get my music from the cloud to my computer library in order for me to put the music onto my older ipod for the car

    Setup iTunes Match on your computer. Download the songs to your iTunes libary and then sync to your old iPod.

  • Apple iTunes/iPod Technical Support?!

    Is there a phone number I can call to get real live tech. support help with my iTunes & iPod? I find that this forum only gives a majority of the people the run around a good percentage of the time. For a product such as this, that rules the world, there should be an easier, softer way to get answers to your problems than posting on forums and taking some days, weeks, or even months for replies. A lot of the time, persons still do not get a proper response to their questions and have to look elsewhere for solutions. I speak of this due to numerous crashes, freezes, & errors since Version 7.0 came out (iTunes Plus and Quicktime). A bulk of the issues seem to be coming from Windows Vista. With quite a few coming from Windows XP as well. I rarely, if at all, get help from this forum and that is sad! I also have to ask when the next new official release of iTunes/Quicktime is set to be published? Many folks have been wanting to know. Will many troubles be fixed? Larry

    How bout them apples? LOL I see no one else replied to my previous messages, so here you go folks:
    Contacting Apple for Support and Service
    North American Technical Support Numbers
    * Phone support: 1-800-275-2273
    * Find an Apple retail store
    * Find a U.S. Apple authorized service provider
    * Find a Canadian Apple authorized service provider
    Education Customers
    * U.S. Support: 1-800-800-2775
    * U.S. Sales: 1-800-780-5009
    * Canadian customers: 1-800-800-2775
    Enterprise & Government Customers
    * Call 866-752-7753 for sales support.
    Service Providers
    United States and Canadian service providers, please call 1-877-576-2775.
    International Technical Support Numbers
    Country Phone Website
    Australia (61) 133-622* www.apple.com/au/support
    Austria (43) 0810 300 427* www.apple.com/at/support
    Belgium (Flemish) (32) 070 700 772 www.apple.com/benl/support
    (French) (32) 070 700 773 www.apple.com/befr/support
    Brazil (Outside Sao Paulo) 0800-127753 www.apple.com/br/suporte
    (Sao Paulo) 5503-0090
    Brunei Dial 800-1111 first; when prompted, dial 800-708-5413 www.asia.apple.com/support/
    Canada (English) 1-800-263-3394 www.apple.com/ca/support
    (French) www.apple.com/ca/fr/support
    China (Within China) 800 810 2323 www.apple.com.cn/support
    (Outside China) (86) 21-51343045
    Denmark (45) 70 10 20 07 www.apple.com/dk/support
    Finland (358) 0800 96162 www.apple.com/fi/support
    Fiji (61) 133-622* www.asia.apple.com/support/
    France (33) 0825 888 024 www.apple.com/fr/support
    Germany (49) 01805 009 433* www.apple.com/de/support
    Guam 1-800-865-0853 www.asia.apple.com/support/
    Hong Kong (852) 2112-0099* appleclub.com.hk/applecare
    India (91) 1800 4250 744 www.asia.apple.com/support
    Indonesia (62) 0018 03061 2009 www.asia.apple.com/support
    Ireland (353) 1850 946 191 www.apple.com/ie/support
    Italy (39) 199 120 800* www.apple.com/it/support
    Japan (Within Japan) 0120-27753-5 www.apple.com/jp/support
    (Outside Japan) (81) 3-5334-2096
    Korea (82) 1544-2662* www.apple.co.kr/support
    Latin America and Caribbean www.apple.com/la/support/
    Luxembourg (352) 800 24550 www.apple.com/befr/support
    Malaysia (60) 1-800 803-638 www.asia.apple.com/support
    Mexico (Outside Mexico City) 01-800-277-5322 www.apple.com/mx/support
    (Mexico City) (52) 55 5209-1280
    Netherlands (31) 0900 7777 703 www.apple.com/nl/support
    New Zealand 00800-7666-7666 www.apple.com/nz/support
    Norway (47) 815 00 158 www.apple.com/no/support
    Pakistan Dial 00800 01001, then 800 361 0479 www.asia.apple.com/support/
    Papua New Guinea (61) 133-622* www.asia.apple.com/support/
    Philippines 1-800-1441-0234 www.asia.apple.com/support
    Poland 00800 4411875 (universal free phone) www.apple.com/pl/support
    Portugal (00351) 0707 200 826 (national rate) www.apple.com/pt/support
    Russia 495 5809557 pstn (local rate for Moscow, national rates for others) www.apple.com/ru/support
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    (65) 6835-1812* www.asia.apple.com/support
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    (German) (41) 0848 000 132 www.apple.com/chde/support
    Tonga (61) 133-622* www.asia.apple.com/support/
    Taiwan (886) 0800-095-988 www.apple.com.tw/support
    Thailand (66) 02 681-2081 www.asia.apple.com/support
    United Kingdom (44) 0870 876 0753 www.apple.com/uk/support
    Vanuatu (61) 133-622* www.asia.apple.com/support/

  • My computer won't support the new iTunes, but my friend's will. If I update my iPod touch to ios 5 or later, will the older iTunes be able to support my iPod?

    My iPod has apps and music that I really don't want to lose. My iTunes at home is the older version and won't update to iTunes 11. If I update my iPod to ios 6  will the iTunes at home (the one that can't update to iTunes 11)-- support my iPod touch if I update it to ios 6 or later?-- meaning that will my iTunes be able to transfer my music and apps back to my iPod? Like, will it be able yo support it?

    - First try a rset. Nothing will be lost.
    Reset iPod touch:  Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Next try restoring from backup

  • OGG Vorbis

    Hello all,
    About six years ago I ripped my 250+ CD collection using Ogg Vorbis. I had various reasons for doing this, but the most important was that Vorbis was the only codec at the time that could reliably play my gapless mixes perfectly. Playing Sasha and John Digweed's Northern Exposure on pre-gapless iTunes or mp3 is a pretty horrible experience.
    Anyway, the upshot is that I now have an iPod touch, iTunes on Mac and Windows and hundreds of albums in Vorbis format that don't work (and holding me back from fully embracing iTunes and the iPod).
    I have a couple of questions:
    1. Is there a plugin for iTunes on the Mac that will let me add Vorbis files to my library and play them in iTunes and in front row?
    2. Is there a plugin for iTunes (or a nice third party app) that will intercept my Vorbis files and do a reasonable job of re-encoding them for iTunes/iPod playback?
    3. Does anyone know why doesn't Apple support Vorbis on modern iPods in the same manner mp3 files are supported?
    I know Apple used to claim that the processor power of an iPod wasn't enough for Vorbis, but that hasn't been the case for a long time. I really like Vorbis, not least of all from an idealogical standpoint, and I've kind of shunned Apple for not supporting it all of these years (the iPod touch was a gift). As a buyer of high-ish-end hi-fi and a person who gets asked for opinions on such matters by friends and family, that probably translates in to quite a few lost sales. It just seems strange to leave it out.
    Thanks for any help!

    *Is there a plugin for iTunes on the Mac that will let me add Vorbis files to my library and play them in iTunes and in front row?*
    These pages may be of interest to you:
    Playing ogg vorbis files using iTunes
    Xiph QuickTime Components (XiphQT)

  • Front Row not playing ogg vorbis

    I installed the OGG vorbis Quicktime components from www.xiph.org and iTunes plays these files perfectly. However, when I want to use Front Row to listen to them, I only get the message that the file cannot be played.
    Can anyone help me with that?
    Thanks in advance

    I have the same problem. I'm not sure if I had this same problem in 10.4.x, or if it came with Leopard ... (I just upgraded.)
    Too bad Apple doesn't include OGG/Vorbis and FLAC to the list of officially supported formats, what do they have to loose?

  • OGG Vorbis supp

    OGG Vorbis audio format support is a feature that lot of people are trying to find in a hard-disk based player (see www.hydrogenaudio.org).
    iPod have no OGG support, and I think iRi'ver, mPio and Neuros are the only brands that can fight with Apple because their players supports more audio formats than iPod (including OGG Vorbis).
    So, does Creative will add this feature in a future?.
    For the Creative guys: OGG Vorbis is a patent free audio codec much better than MP3 (I know you know it) so... why not implement this easy feature and make us happy?
    P.D: sorry for my english: I'm Spanish and here in Europe the Neuros is hard to find so, if Creative adds OGG support to the Muvo or Zen players, I (and lot of audiophile geeks) will buy a Creative.

    OK. I know my needs can differ from the others, but I find incredible that there're still people that don't buy a good player because it takes 0? seconds to boot.
    You can't wait 0 seconds? You're so hurry? Really? Hum...
    What computer do you have at home? How long it takes to boot?... This will be very annoying to you, isn't it's
    (these are rhetorical questions) =;-)

  • Tried to sync iPod Touch, noted "new" iTunes. iPod won't sync ("iTunes is unable to load data class information from Sync Services"). Tried the fix, but iTunes hangs when I try to open Preferences.

    Just tried to download new audiobooks to my iPod Touch 3, and noted new iTunes. iPod won't sync ("iTunes is unable to load data class information from Sync Services"). Tried to Reset Sync History per Support Article, but it didn't work. My purchased audiobooks are also gone from my iTunes Library.  Any fix, or is my best bet to uninstall new iTunes and reload earlier version??

    iTunes for Windows: "Unable to load data class" or "Unable to load provider data" sync services alert

  • How can I get a list of apps which are supported on ipod touch model ma623zo?

    How can I get a list of apps which are supported on ipod touch model ma623zo?
    It's about 6 years old I think.
    I have put the latest IOS on there (currently 3.1.3 (7E18)).
    I download apps from the app store but they often fail to launch. I assume they're incompatible.
    Is there a way to check which apps will work and which won't before I buy them?

    I have no idea how my reply could be "misleading". I stated the exact situation: there are millions of apps in the iTunes Store, and providing a comprehensive, accurate list of which apps support which version(s) of iOS would be highly impractical. You can perhaps help with your search by going to AppShopper:
    That will give you at least some starting points, but AppShopper is neither comprehensive nor completely accurate. I've found a number of apps listed there over the time the site has existed that either are no longer offered or which have been updated beyond the iOS version indicated. But it might help.

  • I'd like to know if Windows 8 supports iTunes.

    I got a brand new iPod for Christmas and now my birthday is coming up and I'm getting a new computer. The computer I'm getting has Windows 8 on it. I'm hearing some people say that Windows 8 doesn't support iTunes and I really want to be sure whether it does or not so I can maybe tell the person buying the computer for me to get me one with Windows 7. Anyway, I want to know for sure if Windows 8 can support iTunes. Thanks.

    Hey Nintendega,
    I'm finding that the newest version of iTunes is compatible with Windows 8:
    Windows System Requirements
    PC with a 1GHz Intel or AMD processor and 512MB of RAM
    Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, 32-bit editions of Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
    64-bit editions of Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 require the iTunes 64-bit installer
    400MB of available disk space
    Broadband Internet connection to use the iTunes Store
    from: https://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
    Have a great day,

  • HT3231 I have migrated all of my data from my old 2006 MacBook to a new 2011 MacBook Pro. Everything went fine. How to I remove all of my data from the old MacBook so I can give it to my girlfriend to support her iPod? I want to remove everything and star

    I have succesfully migrated my data from my 2006 MacBook to a new 2011 MacBook Pro. How do I delete ALL of my personal data from the MacBook so my girlfriend can use it to support iTunes and her iPod?

    Order a Snow Leopard 10.6 install disk for $29 from The Apple Store as long as you have at least 1gb of RAM. http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC573Z/A?mco=MTY3ODQ5OTY
    Put your install DVD into the optical drive and reboot. As soon as you hear the boot chime, hold down the "c" key on your keyboard (or the Option key until the Install Disk shows up). That will force your MacBook to boot from the install DVD in the optical drive.
    When it does start up, you'll see a panel asking you to choose your language. Choose your language and press the Return key on your keyboard once. It will then present you with an Installation window.
    Completely ignore this window and click on Utilities in the top menu and scroll down to Disk Utility and click it. You should see your hard drive in the left hand column along with your other drives. Click on the drive and select the Erase tab. Set the format value to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and click the Erase button. After that has finished select the Partition tab. Type in a Name for your hard drive and select how many partitions you want from the Volume Scheme. The usual setting is one partition. Click on the Options button after you've selected a partition to make sure it's set for GUID. Then click the Apply button and after the Partitioning is done quit Disk Utility.
    You can now follow the instructions on the install screen

  • Rip dvd's into itunes/ipod???

    Hi -- with itunes 6 and the new ipod, how can I transfer my own video files to the ipod? can i rip a dvd I own to itunes/ipod???

    I don't understand the snobbery attached to paying a few dollars for a piece of software when all of us spend thousands on equipment.
    All the mentioned software is available for download and tryout, if you like you buy - simple!
    For me "DVD to AppleTV Converter" runs incredibly slow on my Quad as it doesn't support multi-processing, so no good. I have no idea of the quality of it's conversions because I binned it as soon as I realised this flaw and wasn't prepared to pay for a product that failed to utilise the power of my machine.
    "VisualHub" however is amazing. The quality is great, and it's fast - maxing out all four processors, so I have no problem shelling out a few quid for it.
    "Mediafork" is another great utility, and has the advantage of being able to rip straight from a dvd, and the quality is great.

  • HT1926 I have an error installing itunes : the installer has insufficient privilidges to modify this file C:/ program files\itunes \ipod updater\ext.dlll? what to do?

    I have an error installing itunes : the installer has insufficient privilidges to modify this file C:\program files\itunes \ipod updater\ext.dlll? what to do?

    iPhone - not enough access privileges: Apple Support Communities
    ITunes Access Privileges Error?!?!: Apple Support Communities
    The installer has insufficient ...: Apple Support Communities

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    Hi, If I buy a movie or music on my iPad, how do I manually transfer the movie or music to my computer? It seems I'm forced to sync, which results in me losing the purchased items on my iPad and then all the items on my computer are synced to my iPad

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