Part of Photoshop isn't functioning.  Under adjustments, when HDR toning is clicked on I get a code:  Error 48: File or folder does not exist.  Line:11  - $.evalFile(g_StackScriptFolderPath   "StackSupport.jsx");  How can it be fixed?

The phone company was here working on something while I was gone.  They sat down at my computer (iMac) and since then HDR toning doesn't work.  Get the code:   Error 48: File or folder does not exist.    Line: 11     ->  $.evalFile(g_StacScriptFolderPatch + "StackSupport.jsx");   How can this be fixed?   

Go to //Applications/Adobe Photoshop [Version]/Presets/ Scripts/Stack Scripts Only/ and see if StackSupport.jsx is there. If it is not, uninstall and reinstall Photoshop to have it added back in. If it is there, first try recreating the Photoshop Preferences (hold down Command+Option+Shift while launching Photoshop).

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