Partner roler in vendor master

    A vendor is providing me some services. The amount of service tax is calculated using the tax code.
My issue is I have to pay the amount of service to the vendor and the tax calculated I have to deposit to government on his behalf.
Amount of service = 100 (paid to vendor)
Tax @12.5%= 12.5 (to be deposited to government)
How this can be achieved during miro?
this is the case of transporter where i pay him the amount after deducting TDS and where I deduct the service tax  and then i deposit to govt on his behalf. this case arise as in india most of the transporters donot compile with the service tax norms or are not registered
This is the case of somewhat similar to 2 different invoicing parties where some amount is to be credited to one vendor and some to the other vendor?

As per standard sap you can distribute the costs to differrant account assignments rather gl accounts. i don't feel we can distribute to differrant vendors, if we treat that the government as vendor for tax.
During miro process the the taxes will be posted to claring account ffor tax account.
you can ask your fi guys to set a bank account for  government taxes so that during their payment programme they can see that the taxes are routed to this account and the tax account gets cleared.

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  • Partner roles in Vendor master record

    Hi all
    can some one explain me how to enter the partner roles in vendor master record
    In sap help i didnt understood this point
    "When working with partner roles, you must maintain the following settings:
    Separate vendor master records must exist for all the partners of a vendor that are to be entered in that vendor’s master record."
    what does it mean
    suppose i am creating vendor master record 1234
    Vendor master record:1234
    LF 1234       /*vendor
    BA1234       /*ordering address
    i have to click 1234 in BA  and select 'parner' at the top to enter the ordering adress right ...
    what is the 'Separate vendor master records must exist for all the partners' mean
    it has to be like this?
    Vendor master record:1234
    LF 1234       /*vendor
    BA1235       /*ordering address
    1235 vendor master record is created earlier and ordering address maintained ??
    please help me in this record, any user manual or some screen shots to explain how to maintain partner roles in vendor master record

    Hi Sasi ,
    What Ramkrishna explained is correct. I will try to illustrate it with the example.
    Suppose you  are creating a vendor 1234 which is Head office of the supplier where you need to place the order. But goods will be supplied from Pune plant so you should enter 1235 againts partner function GS , here 1235 is seperate  vendor master record with Pune plant details & it must exist in the system so that you can use it as a partner function Hope this has cleared your doubts.
    Similarly you vcan create other partner functions like payee,ordering party etc.

  • Account groups for Partner Roles in Vendor Master

    1. Can we use same account group to create the vendor master for the different partner roles? for the partner roles like goods supplier, invoicing party, order party, etc do all these need to have different account groups , example one account group for goods supplier, one account group for invoicing party, etc , etc.
    2. why we need the configuration for partner role in purchasing documents besides  partner role settings for vendor account group. what is the logic behind to have partner role dependent settings for purchasing documents.
    If we do not maintain for partner role settings for purchasing documents  what effects it will cause?

    > 1. We can have 1 account group represent all partner role or separate account group for each role.
    1.If we use the same account group, the field selection control for fields will be applicable to partner roles also. If we have made vendor schema as mandatory in vendor master than we have to assign to partner vendor also. Example ordering address will not require company code data only purchase data, it will not require also pricing procedure as mandatory as no price determination will be required for ordering address.
    I think we have to use combination of account group -same account group and different account group will defining vendors for partner function.
    Do we require to assign vendor schema group to following vendors roles- goods suppliers, invoicing party and payee.
    If we do not assign vendor schema group will these partner role determine price from the VN partner role. For example VN (vendor) has vendor schema group assigned, no vendor schema group assigned to invoicing party, then while doing MIRO the invoicing party will be defaulted. Do the price determined for VN role will be populated for invoicing party in MIRO?
    > 2. we need partner role in purchasing doc because we can copy partner role from vendor master to purchasing document
    It means we need to assign similar roles in schema for vendor account group and purchasing documents. If you see the schema in config for partner determination in IDES system, different roles exists in vendor schema and purchasing document schema.
    This is creating confusion for me to understand.
    Please clarify
    2. we need partner role in purchasing doc because we can copy partner role from vendor master to purchasing document

  • Partner roles in vendor master

    Dear All,
    we have raised a PO to vendor 400035, goods are supplied from vendor 400036 and invoice is received from vendor 400037. we have defined partner roles for vendor 400035(<b>account group COMP</b>).
    These partner roles are assigned to account group:
    Defined partner schema H1 under partner settings in vendor master record.
    this schema is assigned to account group COMP( That have vendor 4500035) at POrg, VSR, Plant Level.
    Partner schema for purchasing document is defined.
    it is assigned to document type.
    1.When we  are raising a PO the schema is appearing in partner Tab. The different invoicing party 400037 is pulled from vendor master record into PO. when doing <b>MIRO</b>, it is not appearing subsequently as the default value when invoice is posted. in MIRO it is appearing as 400035 instead of 400037.
    2.same is the case in MIGO, in partner TAB 400035 is appearing instead of 400036.
    please help on both issues where invoicing party should appear autimatically in MIRO and goods supplier in MIGO.
    1. Is it necessary to have VN in schema. is the partner role VN required in schema. if VN is removed output determination doesnot take place.
    2. what is difference between assigning vendor role to account group and to a document type? why it is required ?
    can be use only one of them.

    There are just 4 mandatory steps:
    1: Define partner role
    2: Define permisssable partner roles per account group
    3: Define Partner Schemas
    4: Assign Partner Schemas to Account Groups
    You have setup your partner determination on purchasing org level.
    But you forgot that you create a purchase order on plant level, which is a lower (more detailed) level. If the higher level box is left blank in your partner determination setup, then SAP tries to find partner on plant level. As you don't have partner on plant level maintained in your vendor, SAP can't find the vendor.
    IMG > Materials Management > Purchasing > Partner determination > Partner Settings in Purchasing Documents > Define Partner Schemas
    select your partner schema and then double click Partner roles in schema on the left.
    In the appearing screen you can see the colomn for higher level
    Then create a fresh PO and check.
    Go through the below link:
    Hope this clarifies.

  • Alternate Payee AZ partner role in Vendor Master pop up in PO

    Can anybody help when multiple alternate payees are created in vendor master, when the same vendor is called in a PO, the system should pop up the multiple payees for user to select the required payee. This is coming for other partner roles OA& PI but not for AZ. Does anybody has a solution.

    Thanks for the reply.
    AZ is not marked as unique. And we are able to enter multiple payees in permitted payees in vendor master. But when you get to PO it must propose the user for to select any one, right and that is not happening for only AZ. Let me know.

  • Partner Function in Vendor Master With Internal Number Range

    Hello Friends,
    I am creating vendor master record with internal no range.I wanted following clarifications.
    1.In partner function screen, I want to have same vendor no which i am creating to be assigned automatically to VN.OA PI and GS funtions at the time of its master creation.This is not happening in my case
    2.Partner function like VN,OA,PI and GS does not appear automatically whereas i have to select it manually.

    During defining the partner Schema, please follow the process:
    a.Create partner Schema
    b.After creation of partner Schema, select your partner Schema and click u201Cpartner roles in schemau201D and you will have next screen
    Now for Partner function like VN,OA,PI and GS as you required and select the check box of mandatory
    and save.
    Now try creating Vendor and you will have Partner function like VN,OA,PI and GS in vendor master.
    Note: The following configuration steps for Vendor master are:
    1. Create Vendor Account Group.OBD3
    2. Maintain Number Ranges from Vendor account Group:XKN1,
    3.Assignment of Number ranges to Account Group,OBAS
    4.Partner Function: SPRO->MM->Purcahsing->Partner Determination-> partner roles->Permissible partner role sper account group
    5.Partner Schema:
    SPRO->MM->Purcahsing->Partner Determination->Partner setting in Vendor master record-> Define partner Schema
    6.Assgin partner schema to accont Group
    SPRO->MM->Purcahsing->Partner Determination->Partner setting in Vendor master record-> Assgin partner schema to account Group
    Biju K

  • Partner Number for Partner function in Vendor master definition

    Dear Gurus,
    I need to define a new vendor through Tcode: Xk01 / Mk01, but while defining particular screen know an partner functions, in this its asking partner number in lookup where no data ia avalibale to select and subsequently not able to save the vendor.
    Please help.
    Prashanth Pai

    Before vendor creation, you have following configuration steps:
    1. Create Vendor Account Group.OBD3
    2. Maintain Number Ranges from Vendor account Group:XKN1,
    3.Assignment of Number ranges to Account Group,OBAS
    4.Partner Function: SPRO->MM->Purcahsing->Partner Determination-> partner roles->Permissible partner role sper account group
    5.Partner Schema:
    SPRO->MM->Purcahsing->Partner Determination->Partner setting in Vendor master record-> Define partner Schema
    6.Assgin partner schema to accont Group
    SPRO->MM->Purcahsing->Partner Determination->Partner setting in Vendor master record-> Assgin partner schema to account Group.
    & then after above steps, you can create vendor with XK01 t.code by entering company Code,Vendor account group and purchase organisation.
    Note:what is partner role:Generally during in your business transaction process we are specifying the roles involved by vendor i.e.....… vendor act as a Goods Suplier, Ordering Address, Invoice Processing. Here all these functional activities by vendor we termed as partner functions (GS,IP, OA) in partner determination Process. SAP has standard Partner role and its 2 characters.
    Example: A company supplying goods/material having plant in Hyderabad, south India branch office is in bangalore and head office is in Delhi.So hyderabad plant is your"GS",banglaore office is your"OA" and Delhi office is "IP"where you pay to Vendor. for the procurred material/goods.
    Biju K

  • Partner Function in Vendor master

      I want to know what is partner functions in Vendor master  , what configuration settings required for it  and is it necessary to maintain  what can be the problem or why it use .

    Hi Zafar,
    Basically Vendor partner functions allowed you to define the rights and responsibilities of business partner in a business transaction. The R/3 standard partner functions are :
    AZ     Alternative payee
    OA     Ordering address
    VN     Vendor
    CR     Carrier
    PI     Invoice presented by
    CA     Contract address
    GS     Goods supplier
    DP     Delivering site
    Accordingly the vendor is first the ordering address, then the supplier of good and after that Invoicing party and finally the Payee. You can determine which of the partner roles are optional and which are mandatory in the customization. If no roles have been maintained, the data of the vendor role applies
    Now the Vendor partner function will work after few Setting in Customization :
    1) Maintain seprate vendor master record for each partner
    2) Activate partner function by ASsign Partner Schema to Account Groups
    SPRO ; Material Management > Purchasing > partner Determination > partner Settings in Vendor Master REcord > here choose and account Group to active partner Function and from Field PS EKORG Select L1
    3)Define Permissible Partner Roles Per Account Group
    In this step, you can specify for each account group of the vendor which roles the vendor may assume.
    I.e. you can specify that certain vendors may only serve as an ordering address, not as an invoicing party.
      Maintain Partner roles, which is to be used in Account Group
    GS - DIMP
    4) Maintain partner function - Now in the Vendor master record you can maintain Vendor partner function .
    or can assign partner at the Time of PO Creation ME21n, When GR will be done you can See partner Details.

  • Using Business Partner versus Customer/Vendor master

    What could be the business scenarios in ERP2005, when Business Partner (BP) functionality should be used rather (or addition) than older Customer/Vendor master?
    I know that in CRM the BP is mandatory, but still CRM can interact with ERP's customer master using middleware replication. I also know that some ERP industry solutions like IS-U uses BP instead of customer master.
    I know that when maintaining a partner with tcode BP, also the customer master tables (KNA*) gets updated if partner has a Sales role. Thus system automatically updates both BP and customer master data. But does it work other way round?
    But if no CRM nor ERP industry solutions are within current solution landscape are there any other business scenarios why BP should be chosen instead of customer/vendor master?
    In a virgin ERP2005 project, is it a good practise to start with BP already from the beginning even if benefits of it are not yet recognized?
    I know that many ERP2005 projects are live without BP, so a it cannot be a "must" at least.
    best regards,

    Just to check, try running from the synchronization cockpit for your scenario from the master data reconcillation.  Give your BP number and try running BP -- Customer sync.  In this you can check the PPO logs and check where the error is.  It will show the exact error you are getting. 
    For BP, you can also try creating it in FI customer role, which will have all the customer master data. 

  • Vendor Number not coming in partner functions in vendor master

    I am facing a peculiar issue with the vendor master.
    I am creating a vendor having a account group z001 to which the number range is assigned as internal (only) and in the Partner Schema the vendor VN is defined as mandatory and checked for higher level.
    When entering the data on reaching the partner function  tab the first line item where we enter ahve the vendor details of VN it is coming blank in the non-editable mode where we have  the vendor number cell. I noticed as I number range is internal till the vendor is saved the number is not assigned so in the partner tab in the first line item the number is blank.
    On saving and going back to vendor in change mode I am finding the partner VN line item in non-editable mode and the vendor number is blank and I am not able to enter the number also.
    How to overcome this issue.
    Please guide me..
    Vengal Rao.

    Hi Diwakar,
    Thanks for the response. As it is mandatory it is coming , but as it is defined as internal number, the number is assigned to vendor after saving only.
    So if I got back to same vendor and see what is the partner no appearing in the first row, I see the number as blank, when I try to add the same number in change mode it is not allowing as the realted line ie first line is in non-editable mode. Here VN , and description VENDOR is coming but number not coming, and I am not able to add the number also.
    This is my issue.
    Vengal Rao.

  • Rg: How to upload Partner Functions in vendor master

    Hi All,
    I am doing LSMW batch input for vendor master. Since the client has different address for a single vendor, we use partner functions. So two lsmw are used, one for the different address and the lifnr is system generated. another lsme for the original vendor master witl the partner functions like Ordering Address, Invoicing party. The vendor number which is cretaed in first lsmw will be provided in the partner numbers for vendor the field is gparn. But while uploading the datas the partner numbers are not getting updated..
    so does any one have solution..

    You can make use of this Tgt Structure BWYT3,
    BWYT3 - Vendor Master Record: Partner Functions (Batch Input)
    In this you need to  pass the combination values of
    PARVW           Partner function
    PARNR           Number of contact person (batch input only),
    In field mapping you need use Conversion exit for both.
    Reward for helpful answer.

  • Creation of partner roles for customer master

    when I try to create one or more partner roles while creating a customer with IDOC DEBMAS basic type DEBMAS06 I get the error message:
    No customer ID found for partner .
    The required fields PARVW and KUNN2 are filled with valid values.
    Can anybody help ?

    Hi Alex,
    Could you specify what error message you are getting?

  • Reconciliation account role in vendor master

    Please provide the detail about role of reconciliation a/c in vendor master

    Reconciliation account in typical accounting terms would " Control account ".
    Means the creditors account in which you want to show the outstanding .
    like Creditors for Materials or Creditors for services or Creditors for other purchase etc.
    So let say you are posting any invoice of expense then system would pass the entry like this :
    Expense A/c Dr. 100
    To, Creditors materials A/c 100 .
    So in sundry creditors it would show as Rs 100 outstanding and in subledger that is vendor account you will see that 100 Rs. as open item .
    Cheers ,

  • Partner functions  for vendor master in SRM

    We in SRM40 and extended classic scenario.
    we would like to implement Partner functionality in SRM.
    Do share the steps for configuration with details,

    Which SRM version are you using ?
    SPRO Path ->
    SRM SPRO - Configuration Path for maintaining Partner Functions
    SPRO -> Supplier Relationship Management -> SRM Server -> Cross-Application Basic Settings -> Define Partner Functions
    Refer to following IMG Configuartion path and ensure that Goods Recipient entry is maintained in the system.
    Function Function_type Usage Description Abbrerviation Created by
    00000020 0002 B2B Goods Recipient GR XXX
    For maintaining Pricing conditions, see the related links ->
    Conditions for Pricing
    Pricing Conditions
    Condition types from SRM to backend
    Other related links ->
    Partner function Payee in SRM
    vendor partner functions EBP
    Re: Partner function not found
    Invoicing party ADDR_BILLT
    /message/4395909#4395909 [original link is broken]
    Hope this will definitely help. Do update me.
    - Atul

  • Partner Functions in Vendor Master

    We have a requirement to use different Remit to address in many of the vendors. So I created a vendor with account group 0004 (Invoice presented by) and attached to main vendor LIFE ( Main vendor). I need some understanding on below points  -
    1. what is difference between Invoice present by and Alternate Payee? Which we need to use for Remit to address?
    2. If we have remit to address, then still does it need to give Reconciliation account for main Vendor?
    3. In case of different remit to address which account group we need to use for creating main vendor between 0001 and LIFE?
    4. In general (Not with remit to address) which account group will be better to use for creating main vendors between 0001 and LIFE or KRED?
    Thanks for your valuable inputs.
    Best Regards

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