I get this short dump, when doing Initial Stock Initilization for 2LIS_40_S278.
I couldnt use 2LIS_03_BX because, i would be missing some fields related to AFS.
Any Input on how to ..Stock Initilization for AFS Inventory.
I have earlier done for MM but its a bit different for AFS..i think.
Steps I followed.
1. Activated Asyncronous Mode for 2LIS_40_S278 without Delta Update.
2.Using Tran Code: MCNB, executed stock Initilization for Structure 2LIS_40_S278.
It Actally pops up an informattion about how many records it collected, but when i click on OK...
it Dumps, saying "PERFORM_TOO_MANY_PARAMETER"....This routine contains 4 formal parameters, but the current call
contains 5 actual parameters.

Check this Note 113382 - Perform_too_many_parameters and see if it helps

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