Performance problems with EP 6 and MS IE

Hi everybody,
since a couple of days, we are facing a sever performance problem with our SAP EP 6.0. When I access the system with MS Internet Explorer 6.0, it takes 5-10 minutes after the Login. With Firefox Browser, the performance is ok. Therefore I assume that it must be a problem with the IE settings. Does anybody know a solution?
Best regards,

There are a few things that this could be.  I've seen the setting "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed" cause a lot of performance problems (This is in the advanced settings in your IE).
This will cause your cache to be cleared out each time the browser is closed and cause a lot more data to be downloaded each time you login to the system.
For more analysis I'd recommend putting a tool like HTTPWatch into your IE browser and seeing which requests are using the most time.

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  • Performance problems with DFSN, ABE and SMB

    We have identified a problem with DFS-Namespace (DFSN), Access Based Enumeration (ABE) and SMB File Service.
    Currently we have two Windows Server 2008 R2 servers providing the domain-based DFSN in functional level Windows Server 2008 R2 with activated ABE.
    The DFSN servers have the most current hotfixes for DFSN and SMB installed, according to and
    We have only one AD-site and don't use DFS-Replication.
    Servers have 2 Intel X5550 4 Core CPUs and 32 GB Ram.
    Network is a LAN.
    Our DFSN looks like this:
        Contains 10.000 Links
        Drive mapping on clients to subfolder \\\home\username
        Contains 2500 Links
        Drive mapping on clients directly to \\\group
    On \\\group we serve different folders for teams, projects and other groups with different access permissions based on AD groups.
    We have to use ABE, so that users see only accessible Links (folders)
    We encounter sometimes multiple times a day enterprise-wide performance problems for 30 seconds when accessing our Namespaces.
    After six weeks of researching and analyzing we were able to identify the exact problem.
    Administrators create a new DFS-Link in our Namespace \\\group with correct permissions using the following command line:
    dfsutil.exe link \\\group\project123 \\fileserver1\share\project123
    dfsutil.exe property sd grant \\\group\project123 CONTOSO\group-project123:RX protect replace
    This is done a few times a day.
    There is no possibility to create the folder and set the permissions in one step.
    DFSN process on our DFSN-servers create the new link and the corresponding folder in C:\DFSRoots.
    At this time, we have for example 2000+ clients having an active session to the root of the namespace \\\group.
    Active session means a Windows Explorer opened to the mapped drive or to any subfolder.
    The file server process (Lanmanserver) sends a change notification (SMB-Protocol) to each client with an active session \\\group.
    All the clients which were getting the notification now start to refresh the folder listing of \\\group
    This was identified by an network trace on our DFSN-servers and different clients.
    Due to ABE the servers have to compute the folder listing for each request.
    DFS-Service on the servers doen't respond for propably 30 seconds to any additional requests. CPU usage increases significantly over this period and went back to normal afterwards. On our hardware from about 5% to 50%.
    Users can't access all DFS-Namespaces during this time and applications using data from DFS-Namespace stop responding.
    Side effect: Windows reports on clients a slow-link detection for \\\home, which can be offline available for users (described here for WAN-connections:
    Problem doesn't occure when creating a link in \\\home, because users have only a mapping to subfolders.
    Currently, the problem doesn't occure also for \\\app, because users usually don't use Windows Explorer accessing this mapping.
    Disabling ABE reduces the DFSN freeze time, but doesn't solve the problem.
    Problem also occurs with Windows Server 2012 R2 as DFSN-server.
    There is a registry key available for clients to avoid the reponse to the change notification (NoRemoteChangeNotify, see
    This might fix the problem with DFSN, but results in other problems for the users. For example, they have to press F5 for refreshing every remote directory on change.
    Is there a possibility to disable the SMB change notification on server side ?
    TIA and regards,
    Ralf Gaudes

    Thanks for posting in Microsoft Technet Forums.
    I am trying to involve someone familiar with this topic to further look at this issue. There might be some time delay. Appreciate your patience.
    Thank you for your understanding and support.
    are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

  • Performance problems with File Adapter and XI freeze

    Hi NetWeaver XI geeks,
    We are deploying a XI based product and encounter some huge performance problems. Here after the scenario and the issues:
    - NetWeaver XI 2004
    - SAP 4.6c
    - Outbound Channel
    - No mapping used and only the iDocs Adapter is involved in the pipeline processing
    - File Adapter
    - message file size < 2Ko
    We have zeroed down the problem to Idoc adapter’s performance.
    We are using a file channel and  every 15 seconds a file in a valid Idoc format is placed in a folder, Idoc adapter picks up the file from this folder and sends it  to the SAP R/3 instance.
    For few minutes (approx 5 mins) it works (the CPU usage is less then 20% even if processing time seems huge : <b>5sec/msg</b>) but after this time the application gets blocked and the CPU gets overloaded at 100% (2 processes disp_worker.exe at 50% each).
    If we inject several files in the source folder at the same time or if we decrease the time gap (from 15 seconds to 10 seconds) between creation of 2 Idoc files , the process blocks after posting  2-3 docs to SAP R/3.
    Could you point us some reasons that could provoke that behavior?
    Basically looking for some help in improving performance of the Idoc adapter.
    Thanks in advance for your help and regards,

    Hi Bhavesh,
    Thanks for your suggestions. We will test...
    We wonder if the hardware is not the problem of this extremely poor performance.
    Our XI server is:
    •     Windows 2003 Server
    •     Processors: 2x3GHZ
    •     RAM: 4GB (the memory do not soak)
    The messages are well formed iDocs = single line INVOICES.
    Some posts are talking 2000 messages processed in some seconds... whereas we got 5 sec per message.
    Tnanks for your help.

  • Performance problems with Integrated security and ODP

    While testing performance for opening a data base connection, I notice there is a huge performace issue when using externally identified users and ODP with Oracle client and .Net 3.5. The test is running 30 times slower with an externally identified user compared to using a database identified user.
    I also noticed that System.Data.OracleClient does not result in any significant performance penalties for externally vs database identified users.
    The test environment is Vista 64 and VS2008, and I do not notice any significant difference using 32bit vs 64bit Oracle client.
    Is this a known problem and does it exist a workaround for this?
    Kind regards

    I'm assuming you're using ODP, so you'd want to upgrade to or higher ODP. Prior to that, Externally Authenticated connections were not pooled so resulted in a hard connection every time.
    If you have 111060 full client installed, applying the 11107 database patch to the cleint install will give you 11107 ODP. Or, you can add the [11106.20 ODAC bundle|] into your existing 111060 full client home as well.
    Hope it helps,

  • Performance problems with external sounds and Sound class

    I'm using Sound & SoundChannel classes to load and play external MP3s and I'm seeing terrible playback performance on my 3G phone. Audio starts out ok, but will gradually get more and more choppy and eventually crashes the app. The MP3s themselves are typical sizes, 2 - 6 MB and of various types (VBR, CBR).
    On top of that, when the phone gets locked (with the app still running), the audio sputters and stops completely. When I unlock, it begins where it left off. Anyone else seeing this?
    My code is pretty standard:
    private var soundPlayer:Sound;
    private var soundChannel:SoundChannel;
    public function load(url:String, playNow:Boolean = true):void {
      if (soundChannel) {
      soundPlayer = new Sound();
      soundPlayer.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, onIOError);
      soundPlayer.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, onProgress);
      soundPlayer.addEventListener(Event.ID3, onID3);
      trace('Loading new stream: '+url);
      var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
      if (playNow) {
        this.isPlaying = true;
        soundChannel =;
        soundChannel.addEventListener(Event.SOUND_COMPLETE, onSoundComplete);

    this is from another forum ( ):
    "I've spoken to the developers of of couple of these apps, and they've all said it's a memory fragmentation/low memory condition.
    Restart the phone. Don't just turn it off and on, but restart it.
    Hold the on/off button and the home button down like you were going to turn it off. When you see the swipe to turn off message, keep holding the buttons down.
    In a few seconds the screen will flash, and then go dark.
    Now it's really off.
    Turn it back on (restarting it). All should be well.
    The iPhone is really a computer. Performing a restart like this every  once in a while (weekly, bi-weekly) is a good idea, esp if you use  memory intensive apps."

  • Performance problems with SAP GUI 7.10 and BEx 3.5 Patch 400?

    Hi everybody,
    we installed SAP GUI 7.10 and BEx 3.5 Patch 400 and detected hugh performance problems with this version in comparison to the SAP GUI 6.40 and BEx 3.5 or BEx 7.0 Patch 800.
    Does anybody detect the same problems?
    Best regards,

    Most important question when you are talking about performance-issues:
    which OC are you working on and which excel version?

  • Performance Problems with "For all Entries" and a big internal table

    We have big Performance Problems with following Statement:
    SELECT * FROM zeedmt_zmon INTO TABLE gt_zmon_help
      FOR ALL ENTRIES IN gt_zmon_help
        status = 'IAI200' AND
        logdat IN gs_dat AND
        ztrack = gt_zmon_help-ztrack.
    In the internal table gt_zmon_help are over 1000000 entries.
    Anyone an Idea how to improve the Performance?
    Thank you!

    Matthias Weisensel wrote:
    > We have big Performance Problems with following Statement:
    SELECT * FROM zeedmt_zmon INTO TABLE gt_zmon_help
    >   FOR ALL ENTRIES IN gt_zmon_help
    >     WHERE
    >     status = 'IAI200' AND
    >     logdat IN gs_dat AND
    >     ztrack = gt_zmon_help-ztrack.
    > In the internal table gt_zmon_help are over 1000000 entries.
    > Anyone an Idea how to improve the Performance?
    > Thank you!
    You can't expect miracles.  With over a million entries in your itab any select is going to take a bit of time. Do you really need all these records in the itab?  How many records is the select bringing back?  I'm assuming that you have got and are using indexes on your ZEEDMT_ZMON table. 
    In this situation, I'd first of all try to think of another way of running the query and restricting the amount of data, but if this were not possible I'd just run it in the background and accept that it is going to take a long time.

  • Performance problem with Integration with COGNOS and Bex

    Hi Gems
    I have a performance problem with some of my queries when integrating with the COGNOS
    My query is simple which gets the data for the date interval : "
    From Date: 20070101
    To date:20070829
    When executing the query in the Bex it takes 2mins but when it is executed in the COGNOS it takes almost 10mins and above..
    Any where can we debug the report how the data is sending to the cognos. Like debugging the OLEDB ..
    and how to increase the performance.. of the query in the Cognos ..
    Thanks in Advance

    Please check the following CA Unicenter config files on the SunMC server:
    - is the Event Adapter (ea-start) running ?, without these daemon no event forwarding is done the CA Unicenter nor discover from Ca unicenter is working.
    How to debug:
    - run ea-start in debug mode:
    # /opt/SUNWsymon/SunMC-TNG/sbin/ea-start -d9
    - check if the Event Adaptor is been setup,
    # /var/opt/SUNWsymon/SunMC-TNG/cfg_sunmctotng
    - check the CA log file
    # /var/opt/SUNWsymon/SunMC-TNG/SunMCToTngAdaptorMain.log
    After that is all fine check this side it explains how to discover an SunMC agent from CA Unicenter.
    Kind Regards

  • Problems with ListViews Drag and Drop

    I'm surprised that there isn't an Active X control that can do this more
    easily? Would
    be curious to find out if there is - although we aren't really embracing the
    use of
    them within Forte because it locks you into the Microsoft arena.
    ---------------------- Forwarded by Peggy Lynn Adrian/AM/LLY on 02/03/98 01:33
    PM ---------------------------
    "Stokesbary, Michael" <[email protected]> on 02/03/98 12:19:52 PM
    Please respond to "Stokesbary, Michael" <[email protected]>
    To: "'[email protected]'" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Problems with ListViews Drag and Drop
    I am just curious as to other people's experiences with the ListView
    widget when elements in it are set to be draggable. In particular, I am
    currently trying to design an interface that looks a lot like Windows
    Explorer where a TreeView resides on the left side of the window and a
    ListView resides on the right side. Upon double clicking on the
    ListView, if the current node that was clicked on was a folder, then the
    TreeView expands this folder and the contents are then displayed in the
    ListView, otherwise, it was a file and it is brought up in Microsoft
    Word. All this works great if I don't have the elements in the ListView
    widget set to be draggable. If they are set to be draggable, then I am
    finding that the DoubleClick event seems to get registered twice along
    with the ObjectDrop event. This is not good because if I double click
    and the current node is a folder, then it will expand this folder in the
    TreeView, display the contents in the ListView, grab the node that is
    now displayed where that node used to be displayed and run the events
    for that as well. What this means, is that if this is a file, then Word
    is just launched and no big deal. Unfortunately, if this happens to be
    another directory, then the previous directory is dropped into this
    current directory and a recursive copy gets performed, giving me one
    heck of a deep directory tree for that folder.
    Has anybody else seen this, or am I the only lucky one to experience.
    If need be, I do have this exported in a .pex file if anybody needs to
    look at it more closely.
    Thanks in advance.
    Michael Stokesbary
    Software Engineer
    GTE Government Systems Corporation
    tel: (650) 966-2975
    e-mail: [email protected]

    here is the required code....
    private static class TreeDragGestureListener implements DragGestureListener {
         public void dragGestureRecognized(DragGestureEvent dragGestureEvent) {
         // Can only drag leafs
         JTree tree = (JTree) dragGestureEvent.getComponent();
         TreePath path = tree.getSelectionPath();
         if (path == null) {
              // Nothing selected, nothing to drag
              System.out.println("Nothing selected - beep");
         } else {
              DefaultMutableTreeNode selection = (DefaultMutableTreeNode) path
              if (selection.isLeaf()) {
              TransferableTreeNode node = new TransferableTreeNode(
                   node, new MyDragSourceListener());
              } else {
              System.out.println("Not a leaf - beep");

  • Problems with dropped calls and no reception on Samsung Continuum

    My mother and I both purchased a Samsung Continuum in late March 2011, and have experienced the same problems with the phone.  The device drops at least 2-3 calls per day, often on the same conversation; we have not found that location or time of day makes a difference.  The phone freezes up frequently, even if no apps are running in the background.  We lose our 3G network reception frequently, and cannot access our texts, emails, or the internet.  The screen saver kicks in even when we are actively dialing a number, or typing in a text message.  The overall performance of the phone is also poor, and it is quite slow much of the time.
    We have raised this issue several times with a representative at one of the Verizon stores, but he states that he can find no problem with the phone, and that these issues may not be covered under our insurance plan.  None of my friends with non-Samsung phones are having the same problems with phone reception and performance.  I am aggravated enough with these issues that I am considering reactivating my old Blackberry, which worked like a charm.
    I am not upset that my phone has not been updated to Android 2.2.  I just want the phone to perform as stated, and not fail at its primary function:  making and receiving phone calls.  I am not certain if these problems originate with the phone, Verizon, or Samsung, nor do I care.  I just want to resolve these issues as soon as possible, or I will have to look at other alternatives.
    Thank you.

    If this doesn't what??? I have a useless $400 plus piece of unreliable junk. My Motorola Razor was ions more reliable than this phone...very, very sad but true.
    What carrier were you using with the Razor? AT&T? Same area?
    Dave M.
    MacOSG Founder/Ambassador  An Apple User Group  iTunes: MacOSG Podcast
    Creator of 'Mac611 - Mobile Mac Support' (designed exclusively for an iPhone/iPod touch)

  • Problem with Java 5 and Oracle 10g JDBC driver

    Hi All,
    Currently we upgrade our web application to Java 5 and Oracle 10.2 JDBC driver. And we encountered a bug, when the user entered the information through UI and data didn't store into database (Oracle 9i). The problem is that this bug is not happend so often maybe once a day and this did not happen before we upgraded to Java 5 and Oracle 10.2 JDBC driver. Does anyone encounter the same problem ? Is this Java 5 problem or Oracle JDBC driver problem ?

    sounds like a database problem...
    Are you using a driver version that's supported for your database engine?
    What else did you change? We once ran into a major bug in our application that had for 5 years been masked by performance problems in our hardware and infrastructure.
    Once those were resolved the bug showed itself and caused tens of thousands of records to be erroneously inserted into our database every day.
    It's certainly NOT a problem with your JVM (if it's a decent one, like the Sun implementation).
    So it's either your database, your driver, your network (dropping packets???), or your application.
    The upgrade may just have exposed something that was already there.

  • Performance problems with new Java Tiger style recommendations

    Performance problems with jdk 1.5 on Linux plattform
    (not tested on Windows, might be the same)
    using the new style recommendations.
    I need fast Vector loops for high speed mathematical calculations, some
    hints about the fastest way to program that loop would be also great!
    After refactoring using the new features from java 1.5 (as recommended from
    SUN) I lost performance significantly:
    using a vector:
    public Vector<unit> units;
    The new code (recommended from SUN for Java Tiger for redesign):
    for (unit u: units) u.accumulate();
    runs more than 30% slower than the old code:
    for (int i = 0; i < units.size(); i++) units.elementAt(i).accumulate();
    I expected the opposite.
    Is there any information available that helps?
    The following additional information I got from Mr. Shankar Unni:
    I got some fairly anomalous results comparing ArrayList and Vector: for the
    1.5-style loops, ArrayList was faster then Vector, but for a loop with get()
    calls, Vector was faster. Vector was even faster than that using
    elementAt(), which was a surprise:
    For a million summing iterations over a 100-element array:
    vector elementAt loop took 3446 ms.
    vector get loop took 3796 ms.
    vector iterator loop took 5469 ms.
    arraylist get loop took 4136 ms.
    arraylist iterator loop took 4668 ms.

    If your topic doesn't change, please stay in your original post.

  • Performance Problems Bex 7.0 and Office 2007 Workbooks

    we had a performance Problem with Bex 7.0 and Worksbooks in Office 2007.
    The Workbooks are created with Office 2003 and runs with good performance but in Office 2007 the performance is inacceptable.
    E.g. open Workbook with Office 2003   --    30 seconds
           open Workbook with Office 2007   --    15 minutes
    We do everything what we find in SAP Notes, Whitepapers oder SDN Messages.
    For Example:
    - We installed all Excel Patches witch descriped in: Microsoft Excel 2007 &
    SAP Business Explorer Compatibility
    - We set the optimize X: RS_FRONTEND_INIT setting u2018ANA_USE_OPTIMIZE_STG = Xu2019
    - We open worksbooks in Office 2007 with the repair Flag.
    - We used Flag open in XLS format
    But same Workbooks are extrem slow.
    We try to create a new Workbook with Office 2007 and it runs with good performance.
    But there are 500 Workbooks we didn`t wont to create all new.
    System Information:
    BW: 7.0 Netweaver 7.01 BI_CONT 7.05
    Client: SAP Gui 7.10 BI Explorer: 902
    Thank your for your Help.
    Edited by: Carsten Ziemann on Feb 2, 2011 4:36 PM

    Hello Carsten,
    Try to use Workbook compression:
      -  Open the specific workbook in BEx Analyzer
      -  Open Workbook Settings dailog
      -  Check "Use Optimized Storage"
      -  Click on OK Button
      -  Save the workbook
    But also, your front end tools are on a very old version.
    I would like to recommend you to install the latest patch of SAPGUI 7.20 and Business Explore 7.20.
    Front End Version 7.10 will be supported until April 2011.
    But, if you want to continue using 7.10, update to latest patch:
    > Support Packages and Patches
    > Browse our Download Catalog
      > SAP Frontend Components
    > Win32
    _ > gui710_20-10002995.exe
       |  > BI ADDON FOR SAP GUI
       |  > BI 7.0 ADDON FOR SAP GUI 7.10
       |_ > bi710sp14_1400-10004472.exe
    Edward John

  • Performance problem with Mavericks.

    Performance problem with Mavericks. My Mac is extremly slow after upgrading to Mavericks. What can i do to solve that?

    If you are still experiencing slow down issues, it maybe because of a few other reasons.
    Our experience with OS X upgrades, and Mavericks is no exception, is that users have installed a combination of third party software and/or hardware that is incompatible and/or is outdated that causes many negative performance issues when upgrading to a new OS X version.
    Your Mac's hard drive maybe getting full.
    Do you run any antivirus software on your Mac? Commercial Antivirus software can slow down and negatively impact the normal operation of OS X.
    Do you have apps like MacKeeper or any other maintenance apps like CleanMyMac 1 or 2, TuneUpMyMac or anything like these apps, installed on your Mac? These types of apps, while they appear to be helpful, can do too good a job of data "cleanup" causing the potential to do serious data corruption or data deletion and render a perfectly running OS completely dead and useless leaving you with a frozen, non-functional Mac.
    Your Mac may have way too many applications launching at startup/login.
    Your Mac may have old, non-updated or incompatible software installed.
    Your Mac could have incompatible or outdated web browser extensions, plugins or add-ons.
    Your Mac could have connected third party hardware that needs updated device drivers.
    It would help us to help you if we could have some more technical info about your iMac.
    If you so choose, please download, install and run Etrecheck.
    Etrecheck was developed as a simple Mac diagnostic report tool by a regular Apple Support forum user and technical support contributor named Etresoft. Etrecheck is a small, unobstrusive app that compiles a static snapshot of your entire Mac hardware system and installed software.
    This is a free app that has been honestly created to provided help in diagnosing issues with Macs running the new OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
    It is not malware and can be safely downloaded and installed onto your Mac.
    Copy/paste and post its report here in another reply thread so that we have a complete profile of your Mac's hardware and installed software so we can all help continue with your Mac performance issues.
    Thank you.

  • There is any Performance problem with Creation of many Y or Z  Programs.

    There is any Performance problem with Creation of many Y or Z  Programs. plz give clarity regarding this to me......

    Can you please mention the context and the purpose of creating these custom program.  And application are you referring to?

Maybe you are looking for

  • RFC connection Error

    Dear All,     when i connect our BI System to R/3 system via RFC in SM59 ,i am getting following error in BI system and also The problem occur  in particular instance .(Other instance working fine in BI system) Logon     Connection Error Error Detail

  • Custom extractors using function modules

    Hey all Does anyone has a document regarding how to <b>Develop Custom extractors using function modules?Step by step method would be great</b> Also document regarding <b>CTS in BW?</b> Appreciate it Thanks

  • How do I go back to the previous version? New one is not compatible with my OSX version.

    I'm running 10.4.11 and had Firefox 3.6.something. I installed the Firefox update, assuming that if it was not compatible with my OSX version, it wouldn't install. First mistake, huge. I need to go back to my previous version. I don't have system res

  • How do I install a bootable copy of Tiger to an external Firewire drive?

    I've got a problem with my optical drive and cannot boot from a CD or DVD on my 17" flat panel iMac, running 10.2.8. I have bought Tiger and would like to upgrade my OS but want to be able to run some disc repair utilities on the iMac prior to doing

  • Nokia 5530

    Hi I could really do with some help in setting up the email on my nokia 5530. I have followed all the instructions but as soon as I try and connect to send a email it says its unable as packet data not available. Have tried searching all the sites an