Problem capturing Data from TAG.

We have dashboard which displays Throughput, Downtime for the particular Machine. The data for the Downtime is extracted from the TAG system. We have created Downtime BLS which is scheduled for every 1 Hour and it displays Downtime Start and Downtime End on the Dashboard after every 1 hour if it finds any Downtime.
The requirement is whenever the machine goes down at that particular instant we need to capture the Downtime Start.
We plan to build the 24/ 7 monitoring system to capture the Downtime Start. This has a huge Performance Issue.
Please suggest me if there is any feasible and effecient way of capturing Downtime Start from the Tag instantly when the machine goes down.

If you build the 24/ 7 monitoring system to capture the Downtime Start, it will create the huge perfomance issue.
There is no any feasible and effecient way of capturing Downtime Start from the Tag instantly when the machine goes down.
So you follow the following steps to avoid the performance issue.
You build a transaction to do the 24/ 7 monitoring system to capture the Downtime Start.You schedule this transaction in backend and this transaction will store the values in a SQL table.In front end you can get the values from the SQL table.
It wont create any performance issue.
Hope this will help you.

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  • Capturing data from a RS232 device

    how do I capture data from an RS232 device to my APEX application. Precisely, I am using a barcode scanner and I need to know how to get the barcode data into an item (say P12_barcode) in my application. I have tried the keyboard wedge and the problem is that I have to set the input focus each time I need to collect the barcode of an item, so I have to switch to RS232 mode but how do I get this barcode data now?
    Please HELP...

    Thanks a trillion for this reply! wether your reply was helpful is an understatement in this matter!
    That is the type of Barcode scanner I am using man... they call it USB Keyboard emulation. It scans into note pad, word processors and text items freely.
    In my design for a solution to this problem, I have on paper, your type of solution but I lack the ability to set the focus on the desired Text Field when my cash_sales page loads.
    Secondly you said "I did have to set it to include a "Enter" after each scan" that touched upon another bug in me: I had always wanted the form to submit after each scan so that my procedure can use it against the items database and display the item in my Current Transaction Report. How did you set it to include a "Enter" after each scan? Is it on the scanner or at the page item level?
    Precisely I am using Metrologic MS9520 barcode scanner a.k.a Honeywell MS9520 barcode scanner!
    If I can set a cursor in my Px_Barcode text item after loading my CASH_SALES page and automatically submit the page after a scan(without clicking any button) then my nightmare is over...and you become my Virgo 2009 Hero.
    Happy September :)

  • Hi, I would like to ask about how to capture data from real time loop.

    Here is some overvier of my project:
    I have done real time control using labview 9.0. I used PID controller.
    In order to optimise this controller, I need to capture data from my sensor(input) and actuator (output).
    1. For example while real time control is running. I need to capture 1000 sample data (sensor(input) and actuator (output)).
    Then I will used these data for PID optimisation on the other loop without intefere my real time loop.
    2. When PID optimisation is completed, I will sent its PID parameter to real time control loop.
    3. These operation is done in parallel.
    Anybody can help me to solve these. Your idea may solve my problem.

    Typically you will have to use RT FIFO or Queue communication to avoid any impact to your time critical loop.
    Best regards

  • Unable to capture data from drop down list in custom added field in migo tcode at item level

    Hi guys,
    need bit help in resolving query related to custom added field in Tcode migo.
    i have added a field in migo at item level ,in this i have used drop down list
    to get data but unable to capture data from drop down list.gown through
    many blogs in scn but unable to resolve.
    Please help me out in this.

    U can use following code to fill the list box
    write this code in PBO
    In layout editor please select listbox in dropdown attribute of input field and put some fctcode attribute
    TYPE-POOLS vrm.
      DATA values TYPE vrm_values WITH HEADER LINE.
      TABLES: <ur custom Database table>.
      clear values, values[].
      SELECT * FROM <ur custom Database table>.
        values-text = <TABLE FIELD TO DISPLAY IN DROPDOWN> .
        APPEND values.
          id              = '<SCREEN INPUT FIELD NAME>'
          values          = values[]
          id_illegal_name = 1
          OTHERS          = 2.
    Also please define the following before accessing the listbox value
    data: <listbox input field name> type <table field name>,
            <inputfield name where text to display> type string  in top include
    In PAI, select the text from the table into <inputfield name where text to display>  depending on value selected which will be called when enter key is pressed or any vale is selected

  • Capturing data from ALV grid

    Dear experts.
    Can anyone help me to capture data from ALV grid to pass to a BAPI FM.
    My ALV grid has the check box as first column and I want to capture only the rows in the grid with these checkboxes checked. I would prefer to do it without OO.

    Loop at the table used for ALV data where <checkbox-field> = 'X'.

  • "evdre encountered a problem retrieving data from the webserver"

    We are using a big report which takes very long time to expand and sometimes we get the error message "evdre encountered a problem retrieving data from the webserver" when expanding the report, but not very often for most of our users. But we have one user who gets this error message almost every second time he expands the report. This user have a computer with same capacity as the rest of us, can there be some setting on the computer or in the client installtion the cause this problem?
    We are using BPC 5.1 SP 5

    This error occurs usually if we have huge data in combination of our dimensions.
    Even, if the selection of your memberset is not apt to the combination of the data present in the back end, you may encounter a data retrival error.

  • Problems transferring data from MacBook Pro to MacBook Pro

    I just bought a new MacBook Pro and I am having problems transferring data from my old MacBook Pro. I am using an Apple Thunderbolt to FW adapter to hook both computers and I am using the Migration Assistant. Everything looked ok until the "Transferring Your Information" screen got stuck. It says that it is "Transferring your Application folder..." And it has been stuck for at least the last two hours giving a message that says "About 3 minutes remaining..." This is starting to get ridiculously annoying. Options?

    I guess I am finding my own way as time progresses and frustration increases but these are two things that I have found so far:
    1. Transfering from one machine to another does not seem to be the most efficient way to do this so using the TimeMachine backup must be the way to go...
    2. In this process I also found another "complication" called: Legacy FaultVault - My computer is encripted and I used this now so called "Legacy FaultVault" app to do it (when it was no a Legacy!). The thing is that you can not transfer documents from your TimeMachine backup to your new Mac if the Legacy Fault Valut is active on your old machine so you first need to desactivate the encription. HOWEVER, this brought another issue...when I tried to desactivate the encription using the Legacy FaultVault screen I got a message saying that I did not have enough disk space to allow me to do that....Isn't that great??? This is a problem by itself and it seems to have some sort of solution I was reading about (not straight forward at all). What I am trying to do now is to copy the folder that contains my files and just paste them on my new machine to see if that looks like my apps are on my new machine, unsure if they are working...need to test this next....
    I guess the transfer machine to machine could have sorted out the conflict eventually...after tens of hours or maybe not! Who knows....
    A very frustrated Apple fan...
    I love Apple products but this is an ISSUE...I feel like there is lack of adecuate documentation around to deal with this or the data transfering apps should be able to deal with this on a more efficient way....just saying...

  • Migration Assistant: Problems transferring data from PC (XP SP3) to new Mac Pro 2012 - can not get Migration Assistant to work as PC will not display verfify passcode

    Migration Assistant: Problems transferring data from PC (XP SP3) to new Mac Pro 2012 - can not get Migration Assistant to work as PC will not display verfify passcode
    Hello, I am having problems migrating data from my old PC running XP (SP3) to my new Mac Pro 2012 using the Migration Assistant.
    - I downloaded and installed the Windows Migration Assistant from Apple
    - My Mac recognized PC and displays passcode
    - The sasscode does not show / display on my PC
    - My Mac is then stuck in "authenticating" loop and the PC is stuck "waiting for Mac to connect."
    - Both computers are connected on same network (have connected PC on WIFI and using ethernet to Reuter)
    I have looked on support site and only response I saw says to reinstall Windows Migration Assistant (which I have done)
    Any ideas?  If cant get this to workare there instructions for manually bring across relevant data eg itunes music and apps, photos, picasa data etc?

    Why not turn off the Windows firewall and uninstall any other firewall software you have installed?
    If you are using a Norton product uninstall it and discard it. To fully unistall most Norton products you have to go to the Norton website and download a soecial program to completely get rid of it. The normal uninstall feature built into the program will not remove all of it.

  • Capturing data from a website

    I would like to capture data from websites, or get a snapshot
    of a given URL. I was wondering how this would be posible using
    Any help or comments will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, that worked beautifully.
    I was wondering if you could help me with one more point.
    There are some webpages that before getting to them you must
    give a username and password. I was wondering how I could get
    data from such a webpage if I know the username and password
    using Java.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Capturing Data from forms before it is stored in the table

    Hi...I would like to capture data from a form before the data is stored in the database. that is, i would like to access whatever data is entered into a field right after the user pushes the Insert button. I would like to do some processing on the data and then store it in the table along with the data from the other fields. Is it possible to access it through a bind variable or something? Please tell me how to go about it. Thanks

    You can make of the session variables to access the values. Every field in the form has a corresponding session variable with the name "A_<VARIABLE_NAME>". For example for deptno the session variable will be "A_DEPTNO"
    Here is a sample.
    flightno number;
    ticketno varchar2(30);
    tdate date;
    persons number;
    blk varchar2(10) := 'DEFAULT';
    flightno := p_session.get_value_as_varchar2(
    p_block_name => blk,
    p_attribute_name => 'A_FLIGHT_NO');
    ticketno := p_session.get_value_as_varchar2(
    p_block_name => blk,
    p_attribute_name => 'A_TICKET_NO');
    tdate := p_session.get_value_as_date(
    p_block_name => blk,
    p_attribute_name => 'A_TRAVEL_DATE');
    persons := p_session.get_value_as_number(
    p_block_name => blk,
    p_attribute_name => 'A_NOF_PERSONS');
    p_block_name => blk,
    p_attribute_name => 'A_FLIGHTNO',
    p_value => to_char(NULL)
    p_block_name => blk,
    p_attribute_name => 'A_TICKETNO',
    p_value => to_char(NULL)
    p_block_name => blk,
    p_attribute_name => 'A_TRAVEL_DATE',
    p_value => to_char(NULL)
    In the above example the values of the variables are got into temporary variables and session variabels are set to null.

  • Using streams to capture data from physical standby database.

    Does anybody know if it is possible to use streams to capture data from physical standby database instead of PROD database? The standby database is in read only mode. We use Oracle 11gR2.
    Thanks in advance.

    physical are closed : how will it managed the queues and overspill queues when target is not present? Also the data dictionary must reflect the primary but If you run capture, then you introduce rules that are not on primary: How ?

  • ADS, Problem accessing data from Destination

    Hello All,
    I'm facing an error when executing transaction TRIP.
    If I use the standard Adobe form it's OK no error.
    If I use a Z-form copy of this standard form (after doing customizing in PE03) I have an error message: Error while initiating travel form
    When I was deeper in the debugging I found that there was an exception rose which is:
    ADS: com.adobe.ProcessingException: com.adobe.ProcessingException: Problem accessing data from Destination: ...
    I found some threads talking about ADS and transaction SM59u2026
    When testing the connection in tx SM59 I have an error message 403: forbidden access
    Is it the cause of the error generated in TRIP tx?
    If yes why using the standard form works fine??
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Hello Otto,
    Yes I'm using the same user for the two forms.
    It works for the standard form and not for the Z-form.
    That's why I'm expecting a customizing issue to resolve this problem.
    All solution that I found are talking about administration and Visual Admin tool.

  • SYSTEM ERROR : com/adobe.processingexception:Problem accessing data from De

    Hi SAP Guru,
    We have configured ADOBE for separate ABAP server and Java Server.
    But when I am execution report FP_TEST_00 getting below error
    ADS: com.adobe.ProcessingException: Problem accessing d(200101) Message no. FPRUNX001
    SYSTEM ERROR : com/adobe.processingexception:Problem accessing data from Destination dest :FP_ICF_DATA_IP1//sap/bc/fp/form/layout/FP_FORM_SECURITY_TEST.XDP?fp-language=DE
    But report fp_pdf_test_00 is giving postive response.
    I have troubles hooted according to note 944221 , my configuration is ok but no success.
    Please help to resolve this issue.

    Check your ADS Connection .
    Do one thing
    Go to T-code "SM59"  -  "RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)"
    select "HTTP Connections to External Server" - > ADS
    Double click there and check the all the settings " Administrations "  ,  Technical setting , Logon and security , Special option .
    Please check the log on and pass word with the help of your SAP BASIS consultant it will work fine .

  • Com.adobe.processingException : Problem accessing data from destination

    hi guys,
    i have an ECC 6.0 server(db : sql) and i am getting the below error while testing the destination service
    (((com.adobe.processingException:Problem accessing data from destination
    dest: fp_icf_data_isp)))
    i checked rfc connection and it is working fine .
    i dont remember the ADS_AGENT password for checking the user.but i have provided all the required roles for that.
    please guide me to resolve this issue

    When you say you checked the rfc are you refering to the one in SM59? The fp_icf_data_isp should be an entry in the visual admin of the server that runs the ADS. In the visual admin under server->services->destinations goto to the http folder and check that there is an entry with that name there. Also the address should be http://<host of abap system>:<abap http port> and the client field and username field should be filled in.

  • Problem loading data from the PSA to the InfoCube

    Hello experts.
    I'm having a problem loading data from the PSA to the InfoCube.
    I'm using a DTP for this process but is happening the following error:
          An error occurred while executing the transformation rule:
          The exact error message is:
          Overflow converting from''
          The error was triggered at the point in the Following Program:
      System Response
          Processing the record date has Been terminated.
          The Following is additional information included in the higher-level
         node of the monitor:
         Transformation ID
         Data record number of the source record
         Number and the name of the rule Which produced the error
    Procedure for System Administration
    Have already created new DTP's deactivate and reactivate the InfoCube, the transformation, but solves nothing.
    Does anyone have any idea what to do?
    Thank you.

    Is it a flat file load or loading frm any data source?
    try to execute the program GP4KMDU7EAUOSBIZVE233WNLPIG 718 in Se38 and check if its active and no syntax errors are there.
    Check the mapping of the fileds in transformations weather
    some data fileds are mapped to decimal or char 32 filed is mapped to Raw 16
    or calweek, calmonth mapped to calday etc.
    Check in St22 if there any short dumps ..

Maybe you are looking for