Problem updating iPhone 5S to iSO8

Attempted to update my iPhones 5S to iSO8 using iTunes for Windows on my Sony laptop, and now I'm locked out and the phone will not even turn back on.
iTunes will not recognize it, not even when trying it on iTunes via a MacBook Pro.
Also, the backup I did before starting the update is not showing up on iTunes when I try to restore it to where it was.
If anyone has seen something similar and has any advise at all? it would be greatly appreciated as I've lost some critical data and pictures.
Please, advise.
Thank you very much,

Last time I did mines, it didn't ask for a sim. I used wifi to activate the phone.

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  • Having problems updating iphone software to version 5.0

    I currently have version 4.3.1 and finally decided to update iphone software to version 5.0.  It goes through the 6 minute process, but then I get the error message:  "There was a probem downloading the software for the IPhone -----.  The network connection ttimed out.  Make sure your network setting are correct and your network connection is active or try again later."
    I've tried several times and keep getting the same message.  My network connection is active and I've just the firewall and made sure it allows itunes updates.
    Please help!  Any other suggestions?  When answering please be very specific - I'm really clueless with the computer. 
    Thanks in advance!

    try this,
    Plug in, click update software, and click download ONLY.
    Let the ipsw file download complete,... then click update.
    This way is much better. If you keep having error message, its either your internet connection is inconsistent or Apple's server is inconsistent... usually more likely the former.

  • Problems updating iPhone to 3.0 on Windows Vista

    Alright so I decided to attempt to install the 3.0 software onto my iPhone 3G.
    I walked away from my computer and came back to "Could not install due to unknown error."
    After this my iPhone went into recovery mode and is no longer recognized by iTunes at all. I've tried putting it into DFU mode and connecting it to my computer but still no dice. I even connected it to a computer running XP under both recovery and DFU mode and still iTunes will not recognize my phone.
    I've run out of things to try and this is EXTREMELY frustrating, anyone out there come up with a fix for this?

    I had mega problems too. Try following my posting as below after creating a new user account on your computer. See my posting on 20/06/2009 22:33 titled "Upgrade Error number 4 and Restore Error 1603 when going to OS 3.0 - Solved"
    And turn off any antivirus and firewall software too, before doing so. And also click the Restore Button on the ITunes Summary page which seems to force the iphone into an update. Dont try using the Check for update button. Good Luck, Tony

  • Problem updating iphone software version 4.3.3

    Every time I have tried to update the iphone software when prompted by itunes it crashes, sometimes at the end of the update sometimes before. It comes up with an error message every time. Please can someone help?

    First thing I'd do is check that I have the latest version of iTunes. This has cought me out a few times. Other thing that I've experienced is a iTunes seems to think there is a problem with my USB socket, so I've tried another and it's worked fine.
    But yes what is your error and error number?

  • Problem updating iphone software to 3.0.1

    hi this is kunal here . i am trying to update my iphone to 3.0.1 but again and again i get a message unknown error , check your network settings , i tried many times and i am sure that there is no problem in internet connection .
    i am not getting it is there a problem with itune or iphone , my i tune is a updated version.
    i am really ****** from apple first no support for india every thing these guys do thats always for united states and canada.

    Try temporarily disabling your firewall and anti virus software and try again...
    See here for Connection Issues
    From Here

  • Problem updating iphone 3G S

    when i try to update iphne 3G S to 4.0.2 it say error 3194
    im using an iphone 3G S and its stucked on recovery mode i cant update to any firmware plz HELPP!!!!

    You are getting the 3194 because you are trying to install version 4.02 - this has stopped being signed by Apple and that give the 3194 error.
    Download and use version 4.1 and you shouldn't have any problems.

  • Problem updating iphone to iOS 5 latest OS.

    i have an iMAC and I have tried to update my iphone 3g to the latest OS. Each time I get to around 20 - 25 minutes ( last time Igot to 5 minutes) an the connections drops. I get a message saying there was a problem transfering the data with the phone. Is this my connection with ATT or is it a problem else where?

    I tried all options that Jenniferrules provided:-
    Try this:
    It can't help.  I've also done removing and re-installing iTunes ... it is still not working.

  • Problem updating iphone 4 4.1

    Hi, I'm trying to upgrade iphone to 4.1 but the bar that appears on itunes has stopped near the end while the iphone is more or less in half. It takes so two hours. What should I do?

    I am having a problem downloading and installing this update. Whenever I select "Update," I get a message that says, "This version of iTunes (9.2.1) is the current version." I'm not trying to download iTunes. I'm selecting the "Update" button for the update to the iPhone software. Any suggestions?

  • Problem Updating iPhone with iMac

    Whenever I try and update my iPhone 4 from my iMac, it just sits there for hours not completing. It's at 99%.
    Whenever I try and update it from my sister's iMac, it works perfectly.
    What is the problem with my computer? I have tried uninstalling itunes and reinstalling, but that doesn't work.
    Right now, I am running OSX Lion, but had the same problem with Snow Leopard.

    Hello jennywijaya,
    I would be concerned too if I was not able to backup my iPhone.  I recommend the following article for troubleshooting backup issues with iTunes:
    iOS: Troubleshooting backup issues in iTunes
    If you are still unable to update after creating the backup, I recommend the following article:
    iOS: Unable to update or restore
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • Problem updating Iphone 3gs to ios5

    I have a serious problem. Yesterday, Itunes requested to update my phone to IOS5 (My Iphone was working perfectly on the older version of IOS)
    Updater got stuck on the recover part for an hour until I recieved an error.  " Iphone could not be restored. Unknown error (14)."
    On my phone's screen it wants me to plug it into itunes. Itunes says "ITunes has detected an Iphone in recovery mode.
    IPhone software must be restored before it can be used with iTunes"
    I try to restore it and same problem occurs. Any ideas? I've noticed some people are facing problems with ios5 update also.
    Thanks already for help!

    See Here
    Backup and Set Up as New Device

  • Problem updating iPhone software 4.0.2

    When I try to download the new update (4.0.2) it spends around 15 minutes downloading and then says
    'Unable to complete download due to Network error. Your network has timed out. Please check network settings and try again'
    The exact same thing happens when I try and do the update on my iPad(3.2.2) too.
    As far as I am aware there is no problem with my network (I assume this means my broadband line?). This has been happening for three days now and after trying to download over ten times I am stumped. Any ideas?

    Hi, i also trouble with the 3g network. I couldn't make/rec calls or send/rec text msgs but i could email - odd. I rang apple and they had me turn off the 3g setting and now i can use me phone. I assume this is a vodaphone issue and not my phone's fault as i first thought. Just an idea if any one is having similar probs.

  • Problem Updating Iphone

    I have downloaded I0s 5 on my computer and when I try to sync it to my computer I get the same error message over and over again, something along the lines of "this device is not eligible for this update" I cannot even restore it to factory settings. I have tried a hard restart, systems restart, etc, Please HELP!

    I had a similar case in which my iPod touch could not successfully update from 4.3.5 to 5.0.
    To correct this problem, I put the iPod touch into DFU or recovery mode. Then, I was able to successfully update it using iTunes. The information was erased, but a previous backup allowed me to recover my data.

  • Problem updating iphone 4 to os5

    I am trying to update my husband's iphone 4 to os5 via itunes on my macbook air. Itunes detects his phone and says update is available. Then it says that there is music on his phone that has not yet been transferred to itunes library. Choices are "continue" or "cancel". I do not want to try to transfer his music to itunes library because he has over 1000 songs on his phone and I don't want itunes to delete any of them. I'm assuming itunes will delete the songs on his phone and keep the ones that are stored on itunes. He would be very upset with me if I lose his music! Can anyone tell me how to do this without losing music and to update his phone. That's all I want to do is update is phone!! Thank you

    "I don't understand how the music can be on the computer. He purchased this music on his phone "
    He should be importing any purchases made on teh iphone to his computer regularly.
    "So if I hit "continue" will that proceed to transfer his music from his phone to the computer?"
    no.  You need to click File>Transfer Purchases
    Everything should live on your computer.  You can then sycn it from the computer to your iphone.  The iphone just allows your computers content to be portable.

  • Problem updating iphone to iOS5

    I am trying to update my iPhone to the latest version 5 from 4.3.5 but get the following error
    "An error occurred while backing up this iPhone (-43).  Would you like to continue to update this iPhone? Continuing will result in loss of all contents on this phone"
    I have backed it up but the message is making me very nervous as I cant tell exactly what has been backed up and I don't want to do a total restore
    The update worked fine on my iPad and they were both last updated at the same time
    Please can anyone help?

    In  > System Preferences... > Network > Advanced ... button > DNS >
    key in (add in)
    The numbers above are from OpenDNS.

  • Problem updating iphone 4s

    Hi, Ive just updated my iphone 4s to as prompted by itunes and now it wont switch on, all i get is a picture of a usb lead and itunes symbol. When i plug it in it says its in recovery mode and i need to restore it, however when i do this is will not work due to unkown error (6). I feel like im going round in circles - help?!

    then you definitely need to unplug it and plug it back in so you can restore the device

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