QT 7.1.5 can't play QT movie from Final Cut Pro 5.1.4?!

I am editing a film in Final Cut Pro 5.1.4 on a PowerBook running 10.4.9.
But when I moved a QT movie from FCP's "capture scratch" onto my Core 2 Duo MacBook, QT only showed me a white screen and asked me to search for third-party updates/plugins.
To make things even stranger, I loaded the file into my MacBook's Final Cut Pro 5.0 and it runs in there flawlessly!
Since this file is a pure FCP Quicktime video, in HD (Codec: HDV 1080i50, Integer (Big Indian), Timecode), I am very surprised that Quicktime won't play it - and that FCP will...
Is this perhaps due to the fact that my MacBook doesn't have the Universal binary FCP 5.1.4 installed?
I'd appreciate any help I can get.

Great! Thks David..I have not come up against this prob yet,but as I am progressing along a long edit,no doubt,I will..Your tip is extremely helpful.Thanks again from Australia.

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    For clips in the timeline, andynick's suggestion works fine - temporarily disable the audio roles will play everything without audio and you just have to reenable these roles later.
    For clips in the Event Browser, you can also disable and reenable audio for a bunch of clips all at once. Select the all the clips you want, open the inspector, click the audio tab and uncheck the box (for "stereo" or "mono" or whatnot) under "Channel Configuration". Again, to reenable just check this box again.

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    Open the movie in the QuickTime player and report exactly what it says in the movie inpstecor. It's probably not in a spce that FCP supports.

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    I received three mov videofiles with exactly the same length of 2.097.152 KB. This is a playout from a final cut pro editing system.
    When playing one of these files with quicktime 7.1 on a Win XP system there is a -2048 error message: "not a video file".
    It seems that the files are packed/compressed before from a bigger movie. Do you know which software will pack/unpack those mov files or how to view?
    Thank you in advance,
    Dave H.

    the source is FCP<<</div>
    That still doesn't say what the specific format the files are ... FCP can export to MANY, MANY QT (and other) codecs/formats. See if the files will play on a Mac. If so, while open in QT Player, hit Command j, then look to see what the specific codec is. It may just be a problem of not having the needed codec installed on the Windows system. Also, most Windows systems will require that the file has an extension in order to play properly.

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    You can export a QuickTime Movie from FCPX. Take to movie to FCE and print to video from there.

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    all of the videos that I imported using "Log and transfer" will only open in FCE 4.
    Do you mean the media in the capture scratch folder? These don't open in any other application? Not in the QuickTime player?
    If you mean the FCE project files, that's correct they will only open FCE4 or FCP7.

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    What do you mean by "this video"? The FCP file? No, but any rendered version: Show the video track in GB and pull the video over.
    The question is: Why would you want to do this? If it's just about fading out the music, as you write, FCP will happily do that for you.

  • How can I share a video from Final Cut Pro to friends via WhatsApp please?

    As titled please.

    upload to YouTube/Vimeo
    share URL via Whatsapp
    Plan B)
    share to iTunes
    transfer to your iOS device
    share video via Whatsapp
    keep in mind: video is a bandwidth killer - do your friends like to waste 100s of MBs for a tiny stamp-sized video?

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    Did you open the background task window?

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    Loaded the demo onto the hard drive of the PC, but the demo is showing poor resolution. It Loaded the latest releases of QuickTime, tried putting QuickTime in safe mode, tried re-setting the screen resolution and tried using different PCs. Still get the same fuzzy screen. Even tried saving the demo in different formats from Final Cut Pro, but still no better.
    Any suggestions? Thanks-- Foster

    I have the same problem and need a good solution. On 2 seperate PC's. I believe (but don't know 4 sure) that it is something to do with Quicktime not using the Windows direct X environment.
    You could try going into quicktime / Edit / preferences / quicktime preferences / advanced /tick the safe mode GDI only circle ... restart quicktime and try again.

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    I'm having trouble exporting anything from final cut pro x because there isn't any share button that I was use to before. It pretty much seems like there are no options seeing as they have simplified it to the point where there are no longer any options. Anyways here is a screen shot of my final cut hopefully someone will be able to help me.

    The Share menu changed in 10.0.6, and is now customizable from the Preferences of FCPX:
    You find the Share menu to the far right in the toolbar, as dastoelk wrote.
    (The screenshoots he posted is missing here, so here you go again)

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    After updated to OS Maverick, I can no longer export video from Final Cut Pro.
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    10.0.2, I think this is where the problem is.
    I will update to the latest (10.0.9) and update this thread to see if this will resolve my problem.

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    Davey Bumper wrote:
    Can i play 3d movies on my macbook pro?
    Yes, but they won't be 3D.

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    How to play an HD movie exported from Final Cut Pro? on a mac???

    How to play an HD movie exported from Final Cut Pro? on a mac?
    Most FCP users export them in a high-effeciency distribution/delivery compression format (e,g,, H.264/AAC) targeted for a particular application and/or device. For example, you could export using H.264/AAC at full display resolution for playback in the QT Player at an appropriate data rate if your platform and display can handle the output. TV would limid the video to 960x540 at 30/29.97 fps and normal AAC audio to 160 kbps at 48.0 KHz. Files exported for display an the Internet would be restricted by the bandwidth being targeted. Etc, etc, etc. Unless the file will only be played on your own platform, what you do not want to do is use an FCP only compression format which would limit viewers to those recipients have the same FCP codecs installed.

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    I can't get my projects in Final Cut Pro X to work in 1080p. One turned out to be 1080p by "accident" but I did everything the same as the ones that did not. Same camera/settings (shot in 60i).  I didn't really care cause I had to get some stuff done, but now I know I "can" dp them in HD but can't figure why the one went up to YT in full HD (and made a copy in my movies folder.  That one project acted totally different than the other 5 but I didn't change anything.  Can't get it to work again. ***?  Any ideas?

    No problem! If you're worried about more complicated edits (which in all honesty, should work no matter how many clips you select or how many effects are attached to them), you can always compound a clip first, and then copy it over after if you're afraid of lots of track clutter getting in the way. Not sure if they would break apart afterwards though if you wanted them to.

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