Question about using Macbook in Vietnam.

I have a question about using Macbook in Vietnam. I bought my mac here in the US, and I'm going to visit Vietnam, but I'm wondering if I can plug in the power directly into the wall or I have to need any convert power modem for my mac. The only thing I know that Vietnam use 220V so, can anyone help me?

You may need a plug adaptor, but you don't need a power converter.

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  • A lot of questions about my MacBook Air

    I am really new to re-using Apple computers.The last time I used an Apple computer was back in 1987 when the school and my family had Apple IIGS computers. I have been using PC's which reqiure Microsoft. I a lot of have questions (10 questions) about my MacBook Air and I hope you good people can and will help me.
    Product: MacBook Air
    Operating System: Mac OS X Version 10.7.4
    1) I Downloaded MacKeeper because I was fooled. I had a bad feeling just before I Downloaded it and I should have listened to my heart. However, I didn't buy it or fully Install it. It was like a test run and then they wanted me to pay almost $100 for it. Thankfully, I didn't because I read it is Malware. I spoke with an Apple Tech at Apple Care and he helped me get rid of it (or so we think). I don't see it anymore on my computer. I read it can slow down your computer. How can you tell if it's really off of the computer?
    2) When I open "Finder" and I see that there are people Sharing my computer with me. I went into AirDrop and it reads, "Other people can see your Mac as (my name) MacBook Air when their computer is nearby." I bought a HotSpot and while it's turned on and I selected it as my WI-FI connection I thought it would  get rid of these people, protect what I type, me, my items, computer, etc. But it didn't.  
    I didn't know that I have to buy a exteral CD and/or DVD Player in order to connect to the brand new Modem and Router in one by NetGear. I am so used to PCs and the CD/DVD Players being built inside.
    The people at Apple Store told me that there is an internal modem inside, but I don't know how to find it and what to do then.  Should I use a Firewall?, An AntiVirus, AntiMalware, AntiSpyware, etc. Apple Care tech told me I don't need to get an AntiVirus.
    3) Is there a new kind of Wireless Modem and Router that doesn't require a CD-ROM?
    4) When I travel or fly and I am not close to home I was told by Best Buy and Sprint that I had to buy a mobile HotSpot to use the computer (WI-FI) safely. As I typed, I have one. But it's pretty expensive and only gives me 1 hour and 15 minutes per day to Stream. What can I do to use this computer safely Online when I am out of range from a Modem and Router? What do people do when they travel on airplanes?  
    5) This compter won't let me use "Raid." I think you have to have a newer version. I hard about Raid on the radio from Leo (can't recall his last name) who's a Tech expert.
    6) Should I buy a ZipDrive? Apple Store Tech told me that I didn't need a ZipDrive. I just remember the episode of HBO's "Sex and The City" when Carrie looses everything because her copy crashed. Now, of course, I know that's a fictional show, but with PC's and Microsoft I have lost everything when it crashed, frooze up, etc. I know there's iClouds. I heard about Carbonite, but I have read the Pros and Cons about it. Mostly they are Cons about it. I just don't want to do anything wrong and mess up this computer.
    7) Should I buy a new Printer/Copier/Scanner because mine is an HP. It's not new, but it works. I even have a CD-ROM for Macs. What about the new product called, "Neat"?
    8) Is there a special product that I should buy to do Online Banking and/or other important stuff?
    9) I saw and read about iWork in the Apps Store and it sounds cool. I still have alot of friends and colleagues who still use Microsoft. Is iWork good to use? Should I Download it from the Apple Apps Store or can a buy it at Apple? Is there another Word Processing Program that is great and user friendly and will work with Macs and PCs?
    10) Should I Update the OS with OS X Mountian Lion Pro from the Apple Apps Store or buy it at Apple Store?
    In advance, I wish to thank you in this Apple Support Communites for your help.  Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

    1) Here are instructions for removing MacKeeper. Since it mostly consists of manually looking for folders and specific files, if you follow the instructions you either fail to find what you are told to find (because your AppleCare guide gave you complete instructions which you followed) or you'll find some additional files that need to be replaced.
    2 & 3) I assume you are looking at the sidebar of a Finder window and seeing Shared and computers under it. Those are computers that you can potentionally share. To do so you'd need an account on their computer and a password. They are not sharing your computer.
    AirDrop allows you to create an adhoc network for filesharing and it only functions when you have selected the AirDop item in the SideBar. Actually doing that merely announces to computers in the same network node that your computer is available for a file to be sent to. Even then you have to explicitly allow the file to be downloaded to your computer. Similarly you'd be able to see other computers with AirDrop selected and be able to send them a file - which they'd have to accept.
    The only reason your NetGear Router comes with a CD is to install and run their 'easy' step by step configuration program. It can also be done manually with a browser. Read the manual to find the IP address you must enter to access the router's configuration menu. Apple's WiFi routers don't require a CD to install the software because the configuration software is already on your computer.
    I do have my firewall turned on. AntiVirus software isn't a bad idea - I use Sophos having tested it for a review for our local User Group and I found I liked it better than ClamAVx which is what I'd been using before. Both are free.
    4) I think you were scammed by Sprint and BestBuy. I use hotel, coffee shop, and restaurant WiFi spots and have for years. However, because they can be unsecured, I do not shop online or bank when I'm using them. I also use 1Password and don't reuse passwords so even if a sniffer should grab an account and password that's all it would get - one account.
    5) Raid doesn't really make sense with a MacBook Air - a RAID involves 2 or more disks being used as if they were one.
    6) Zip drive? No. External hard drive - yes. It isn't a question of if a computer's hard drive will malfunction, it is when. OWC has a nice selection of external drives and the Mac has a built in backup system called TimeMachine. Due to the way TimeMachine works, I've found that your TimeMachine drive should be at least twice as large - and preferably 3-4 times as large as the data you are backing up.
    7) if your printer works and it has Mountain Lion drivers, why replace it?
    8) Online banking is done with a browser - Use Safari or FireFox
    9) If trading files with Windows users is important Mac: Office is your best bet. If not, iWork, Mac:Office, or LibreOffice are all good possibilities.
    10) you can only buy Mt Lion via the App Store.

  • I have a question about using multiple ipads in our school.  Each of our teachers have a iPad and AppleTV in their classroom.  The issue is, with our classrooms so close in proximity to one another, is there a way to pair teacher

    I have a question about using multiple ipads in our school.  Each of our teachers have a iPad and AppleTV in their classroom.  The issue is, with our classrooms so close in proximity to one another, is there a way to pair teacher #1 iPad to its AppleTV without effecting/projecting onto the adjacent teachers #2 classroom AppleTV?

    Not as such.
    Give the AppleTV units unique names and also enable Airplay password in settings with unique passwords for each teacher.

  • Hi, I have quick question about use of USEBEAN tag in SP2. When I specify a scope of SESSION for the java bean, it does not keep the values that I set for variable in the bean persistent.Thanks,Sonny


    Make sure that your bean is implementing the serializable interface and that
    you are accessing the bean from the session with the same name.
    "Sandeep Suri" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]..
    Hi, I have quick question about use of USEBEAN tag in SP2. When I
    specify a scope of SESSION for the java bean, it does not keep the
    values that I set for variable in the bean persistent.Thanks,Sonny
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    Includes Access to our Product Knowledge Base!

  • Question about using new battery in old Powerbook

    I have a pre-intel Powerbook G4, and the battery is pretty much toast (lasts about 15 minutes now). I have ordered a new battery for it, and I have this question about using it:
    Am I smarter to keep the new strong battery out of the PB most days (as I usually work with it plugged in at home) and just pop it in when I know I will be out surfing on batteries? Or is it just as good living in my laptop 24/7 and only occasionally being called upon to do its job?
    Current bad Battery Information below:
    Battery Installed: Yes
    First low level warning: No
    Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 1144
    Remaining Capacity (mAh): 1115
    Amperage (mA): 0
    Voltage (mV): 12387
    Cycle Count: 281
    thanks folks, Shereen

    Hi, Shereen. Every Powerbook battery wants to be used — drained and then recharged — at least every couple of weeks. If you've always used your Powerbook on AC power nearly all the time, and not followed that pattern of discharging and recharging the battery every week or two, it's possible that your use habits have shortened the lifespan and prematurely diminished the capacity of your old battery. Of course it's also possible that your battery is merely old, as a battery's capacity also diminishes with age regardless of how it's used. You didn't say how old the battery is in years, so this may or may not be an issue. I mention it only because it can be an issue.
    For general information on handling a battery for the longest possible lifespan, see this article. My advice on the basis of that article and long experience reading these forums is that it would be OK to do as you propose, but I doubt that you'd derive any significant benefit from it. You would still want to be sure of putting the new battery through a charge/discharge cycle every week or two, even if you didn't have a reason to use the Powerbook away from home or your desk, because sitting unused outside the computer is just as bad for a battery as sitting unused inside it. And you should never remove the battery from your computer when it's completely or almost completely discharged and let it sit that way any longer than a day or two.
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  • Question about using TVARV in an ABAP program

    Hello gurus, Im sorry about the silly question.
    I have a question about using TVARV in an ABAP program.
    A program is presenting a problem and I think that in this code:
      INTO TABLE R_1_163431035_VELOCIDADE
      WHERE  NAME = '1_163431035_VELOCIDADE'
      AND    TYPE = 'S'.
          ZMM001-MATERIAL       IN R_1_163431035_PRODUTO.
    What happens is that the value "ZMM001-SPEED" B not exist in "R1_163431035_VELOCIDADE" but the program executes commands under the IF and not under the ELSE, as I imagine it would work. Is this correct ?
    I am new to ABAP programming, but I have a lot of XP in other programming languages ​​and this makes no sense to me.
    Anyone know where I can find some documentation of the use of "TVARV" in ABAP programs?
    I search the Internet if other programmers use TVARV this way, but found nothing, which leads me to think that was a quick and dirty solution that used here.
    If this is a bad way to program, what would be the best way?

    Hi Ronaldo,
    But in this case, the range is not empty, there are 17 records, in this way.:
    For the column "SING" all values ​​are "E"
    It means that the result is false if ZMM001-VELOCIDADE_B has the same value as one of the 17 records (E = exclude).
    For instance, if it has value 'C' and one of 17 records matches C, then the result is false.
    The "IF" with "IN" using "TVARV" as used in the program of the post above has the same behavior of a selection screen?
    Yes, the same behavior as the selection criterion to be exact. You can press the help key in the complex selection dialog for more info.
    I know it's a silly and very basic question, but other language that I used, only the SQL has the "IN" operator, but I think they work in different ways, so I would like to understand how it works in ABAP.
    Not silly ;-). Yes they work differently.
    More info here:

  • I have a question about using adobe CS files in CS6 edition

    I am a graphic artist . I have a question about using adobe CS files in CS6 edition. when I am gonna open thse adobe CS created files in CS6 Edition i get a color variation than i made with the CS version.Please give me an idea about this issue as soon as possible.If you need i can upload my problem as a screenshot to clearity

    Are your Edit>Color Settings the same?
    Are you using spot colours, such as Pantone (there have been some changes in CMYK values with new colour books)?

  • Where Would be the best category to ask a question about using dashboard?

    Where Would be the best category to ask a question about using dashboard?

    However, don't ask it in this topic. Create a new topic for the question with a title describing that you are looking for Dashboard help.

  • Question about Using PAPI Web Service in PowerBuilder 9

    Hi, all.
    I Have a simple question about using papiws in power builder 9.
    In pb9, I created a new Web Service Proxy Wizard and I input a url for papiws(ex. http://seraphpernote:7001/papiws/PapiWebService) and click next.
    But I couldn't get any Service List.
    In Eclipse, I used this url for using papiws well.
    Does anybody know about this case??
    help me plz.

    IIRC you must activate PAPI-WS for the engine. In Studio you do it by right-clicking on the project, then "engine preferences". In enterprise/standalone you must activate PAPI-WS in the Admin Center.

  • Question about using 10g/11g and APEX ...

    I just recently learned of Oracle's APEX and have a few questions about using it.
    Can I use APEX with express, standard, and enterprise editions of 10g and 11g?
    Are all of these free to use?

    You might want to read about APEX rather than jumping into questions that are reasonably well documented. Info at
    Your specific questions:
    1) Apex is a package that can be installed into any properly licensed database.
    2) The price for the production license of the database varies by edition.
    The price for Express Edition is $0 for use in production. Part of the cost for that edition is 'no Oracle Support based support, no patches, data volume limitation, etc.'

  • Question about using Runtime.getRuntime();

    hi all
    i have a question about using Runtime.getRuntime(). if i use this to get a runtime reference to run an external program, is it considered as starting a new thread inside the thread that starts it?
    is it safe to do it in the Session EJB? if not, what can you recommand to do it? thanks

    hi all
    i have a question about using Runtime.getRuntime().
    if i use this to get a runtime reference to run an
    external program, is it considered as starting a new
    thread inside the thread that starts it? No. Starting a process, starts a process. Threads have nothing to do with it.
    is it safe to do it in the Session EJB? if not, what
    can you recommand to do it? thanksSo what? Run another process? If you want to run another process in java then your choices are to use Runtime.exec() or use JNI. And using JNI will probably end up doing exactly the same thing as Runtime.exec().
    "Safe" is harder. Typically to correctly use Runtime.exec() you must use threads. And as noted threads ideally should not be used. You can use them but if you do you had better understand why they didn't want you using them in the first place. You had also better be sure that you really want to wait for it to complete.
    Other than that Runtime.exec() is safe because it can't crash the VM like other interfaces can (like JNI.)

  • Questions about using iMovie HD (6.0.4) with a new, as yet undecided, camcorder

    I want to keep on using iMovie HD (6.0.4) with whatever new camcorder I am getting. iMovie HD accepts mpeg-4 video so any camcorder that uses that format should work, shouldn't it? I will (probably) be bringing the video in via USB, as I don't think any new camcorders have Firewire ports anymore but I'd love to know about any that do. The plan is to find the files on the camcorder and drag and drop or otherwise transfer them into my MacBook Pro. (See my last question for the Thunderbolt/Firewire adapter problem.)
    I've read that some?/all? Canon camcorders can record in both AVCHD and mpeg-4 so I'm looking into them. Any other brands I should check out? Using AVCHD looks like it will be too much trouble so I'm ruling those out, unless you have better ideas.
    I've heard that Sony uses their own proprietary "wrapper" for mpeg-4 files their camcorders create. I think there is software out there, possibly for free, that will simply "re-wrap" them, not re-ecode them, so that they may be more easily used. Will Sony camcorders be a problem?
    Will file sizes be a problem? I've read so much on AVCHD and other formats that maybe this doesn't apply but I've read that one hour of video can be 60 gb? I don't remember what context that was in.
    Can I use mpeg-2 files? From what I have read, I don't think I can. If converting them would make them work, would it take a long time to do that and would file sizes be huge?
    I have been using a 21 year old Sony DCR-TRV 9 mini DV cam. This past weekend the LCD screen died. I can still use the viewfinder but that's going to be challenging, so I am shopping for an inexpensive new camcorder. Less than $500, somewhere in the $100-$300 range is preferred but no toys.... HD seems to be out of reach with most starting around $500 but if you recommend any under $500, I'd love to know about them. SD should be fine otherwise. I prefer some sort of card for storage storage rather than a DVD or hard drive. The more popular format, the better.
    Any advice is welcome. I do want to stay with iMovie HD though. I have tried iMovie 11 and don't like it. HD suits me fine.
    One last question: Since my MacBook Pro doesn't have a Firewire port, I have found it simpler to use my old Powerbook that does.  I then transfer the files over to the MacBook Pro to edit them. I have tried using a Thunderbolt/Firewire adapter so I could use the MBP but it didn't work well with video. The question is: is there a better way to transfer the video files onto the MBP from whatever new camcorder I get than USB? Are there good Thunderbolt connectors that will work well with camcorders?
    Many thanks.
    John L

    I heartily support your decision to continue to use iMovie 6! I use nothing else!
    imovie 6 was originally designed to import DV video streams from tape via firewire. However, in practise it can do much more. Useful sources of information:
    iMovie 6 Help:
    from which this is excerpt:
    iMovie HD can transfer, or import,
    video in many video formats and from many different
    types of camcorders, including DV camcorders (including those that support
    widescreen) and high definition (HDV) camcorders. In most cases, iMovie HD can
    automatically recognize and import the video you’re using, so you don’t have to pay
    attention to video formats.
    In this step, you will import your own video into your iMovie project. If you have a
    camcorder with a FireWire connection, follow the instructions to connect your
    camcorder and import the video using the capture controls in iMovie HD. If you have
    another type of digital video device or have footage in a file on your computer, see the
    instructions on page 13.
    To import video from a camcorder:
    Set the camcorder to VTR mode (some camcorders call this Play or VCR) and turn it on,
    if necessary.
    Connect your camcorder to your computer using a FireWire cable.
    This MaciLife PDF is also good:
    There is also a video tutorial here (with links to others):
    The excerpt I quoted from the Apple link is less informative than it could be. It also succesfully imports video from my Fuji FinePix S4500 (actually a digital still camera) via USB2, as well from my Sony video camera via firewire!
    Can I use mpeg-2 files? From what I have read, I don't think I can. If converting them would make them work, would it take a long time to do that and would file sizes be huge?
    No. mpeg2 is the final compressed standard format of a DVD (and will be created by iDVD). To use that in iMovie 6 requires you 'reverse engineer' the file back to a DV stream, with commensurate loss of quality. If you really want to do that, post back for instructions.
    I have no experience with Thunderbolt so can't help you there, but hopefully Karsten will see this thread and chime in with his usual excellent advice!

  • A few questions about my MacBook Pro?

    Hey guys, I have a few questions about Virtual Machines and a few other random questions.
    1. Which one is the most "complete" in its features when compared to a plain install of Win. 7?
    2. Which VM should I purchase?
    I have a 15" late 2012 MacBook Pro with a 2.6 ghz intel i7, 16gb ram and a 256gb SSD. (I was planning on running it off of an external hard drive— if that is possible)
    3. I have 206.12 GB of 255.2 GB free— should I just use boot camp instead?
    4. If I use Boot Camp, do I have to delete the data that's on my Mac currently to install Win. 7 or can I partition my current drive and keep my data?
    5. What is the "other" data that's taking up 25.51 GB of space on my SSD? (I have the same problem on my iPhone, but that's a different problem.)
    Thank you very much.

    You posted your Boot Camp questions in the MacBook Pro forum. Try asking in the Boot Camp forum where the Boot Camp gurus hang out.

  • Questions about using the Voice Memos app

    I'm currently an Android user, but will be getting an iPhone 6 soon. My most used app is the voice memos app on my Android phone. I have a couple questions about the iPhone's built-in voice memos app.
    -Am I able to transfer my voice memos from my Android phone to my iPhone, so my recordings from my Android app will show up in the iPhone's voice memos app?
    -When exporting voice memos from the iPhone to computer, are recordings in MP3 format? If not, what format are they in?
    -In your opinion, how is the recording quality of the voice memos app?

    You cannot import your Android voice memos to your iPhone's voice memo app.  You might be able to play the Android memos and have the iPhone pick up the audio and record it.
    Here is the writeup about sending voice memos from the iPhone to your computer (from the iPhone User Guide):
    App quality is excellent.

  • Questions about Using APIs to import Bills and Routings - AND COSTS

    Hi Forum - the following is a back-and-forth with a customer about use of APIs - Inventory developer suggested I post the question here. Note the 2nd question - and thanks for any assistance.
    SR# 7332152.994 ALCOA
    Instructions given to ct:
    Q1 - Can I load the bill header and components at the same time?
    You should be able to load the bill header and components at the same time. Customer loads bill and component data inserting enough "other" data for each so that the bill sequence id will be derived. For the component record, the assembly item, org and alternate_bom_designator values will be used by BMCOIN to derive the bill_sequence_id.
    Hi Aruna, some additional information that may be useful:
    We can load/create the bill header and components at the same time using the scripts given (as above)
    Required Data for Creating a Routing : assembly_item_id,
    organization_id, routing_type, transaction_type, process_flag
    And following scripts can be used to load routing header and operations equences.
    VALUES (2255800,207,1,'Create',1);
    'Paint Wagon');
    Q2: One more question, can an expense item can be added to the bill and can contribute the cost.
    As there is a confusion of what I asked, below I am rephrasing my question
    By an Expense Inventory Item, I mean an item that is just tracked for quantity only i.e.,Checking the attributes - Inventory Item, Stockable, Transactable under Inventory Tab and not checking the attribute - 'Inventory Asset Value'.
    My question here is, For these Expense Inventory Items, What is the difference between having the 'Costing enabled' attribute turned ON as opposed to having it UNCHECKED
    *Q3 I have tried to load the items and I could only load 1st level of components but could not load second level of bom at the same time.
    While inserting I have inserted plan level too.
    Please let me know if I have to do anything different to load second level.*

    You may want to look at using the more4apps bill of materials wizard, an excel based solution for uploading assemblies and their components.

Maybe you are looking for

  • How to put Video/DVD/games/eBook to Nokia

    Nokia phone still the NO.1 of all the phones, As a fan to Nokia phone, I want to share with you some tips to play Nokia. Only some experience of play Nokia phone, just enjoy it. This guide will show you how to put videos to Nokia, DVD to Nokia, games

  • Strange HTTP/Web Server Problem - HELP ~~~~~~~

    HI all, I would like to seek help from you - the apple expert! I received my mac mini server and immediate want to setup a web/http server. I encountered one very strange problem that only the mac mini server itself can access the http server page bu

  • What is a library

    I can see 3 library folders on my macbook. one in the root, one in the system folder and one in the user folder under my name.. they all are slightly differend in items listed. is this normal? thanks for helping on a probably stupid question;-)

  • How to save objects in file

    Hello, I am concerned with how to save a Vector into a file. Can anyone help me ?

  • Can any one expalin...

    hi wat is the use of  CL_GUI_DOCKING_CONTAINER can any one explain it plz thnx