Reg: GGB1 Transaction - substitution

To the entire SAP Network,
I need to work on GGB1 Transaction for the substitution.
My actual requirement is to work on Asset Accounting - Master Data , to get the substitution and prerequisite for the step.
If any one has worked on GGB1 tcode and can help me in guiding to get the prerequisite and rule for the same in a step by step manner - it would be of great help to me.
The process of adding a structure to the step - is also a prerequisite .

This link may be helpful...
Thanks and Regards,
Bharat Kumar Reddy.V

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  • Modify RBWS by using GGB1 transaction

    Hi everyone,
    I have a requirement where I need change the Withholding tax code field (WT_WITHCD) in RBWS table by using GGB1 transaction.
    Do you have any idea about how to do this?
    Thanks in advance!!!

    Hi Naimesh,
    When I do a invoice reduction through MIRO. It creates 2 documents: First by the invoice and second by debit note. I have to change only the second (Debit Note). So, I can't do this substitution changing the value in the screen.
    Do you know any way to change the withholding tax code in RBWS table?

  • Reg: Validation and substitution

    Hi gurus
    what is the use and difference of Validation and substitution?
    pls urgent

    Hi AMK
    validation will validate field values in your input in transaction and return a message, it could be warnign, error .
    Ex:- if you want to check for cocode=1000 business area would be HYD.
    in Validation (T-code GGB0) you write validation that check cocode=1000 busineess area= hyd else error message
    "enter right business area"
    you need to activate this validation in T-code 0b28
    when ever you enter values in f-02 system will execute this validation and returns a message accordingly.
    Substitution will subtitute the field values without the user knowledge.
    Creation of subsitution GGB1
    It will substitute value of business area automatically  without user knowlege.
    Best Regards
    Ashish Jain
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            Ashish Bohara

  • Reg calling Transaction code in Webdynpro ABAP

    Hi All,
    Can I call Transaction code in Webdynpro ABAP Portal Application. If so, how can this be possible? Can anybody give me a lead?
    Kumar Saurav.

    The most easy Way is here:
    1) Test any Webdynpro Application from SE80 when the webdynpro Browser opens to display output
    Copy its HTTP link, Suppose we get the below link
    2) Now replace some part of the above link ( webdynpro/sap/z_dynamic_view?sap-client=002&sap-language=EN )  with the new link part ( gui/sap/its/webgui?~transaction=PA30 )
    So that the newly generated link is such that the below one:
    Note in place of PA30 you can put any of your desired tcode.
    3) Now Just Make a webdynpro component and in its View layout put a LINK TO URL ui element
    and in its property REFERENCE just past the http link ( )
    4) Activate and test your webdynpro Application.

  • Reg MDB transaction rollback

    i have an MDB deployed on weblogic 8.1 sp6 server. My confusion here is how the MDB handles transaction rollbacks. E.g suppose if the MDB is designed to do the below action.
    1) read an xml message from a jms queue
    2) insert some database records
    3) generate some xml message, post it to some other jms queue
    suppose if step 1 and 2 is completed, and its on step 3, at this point weblogic server shutdowns suddenly, once i restart the server, it reads the xml message again from the jms queue, but this time it errors out, because it finds the data already entered in step 2.
    My question is when the weblogic server shut down while the mdb was at step 3, why didnt it removed all the db entries it made in step 2. This behaviour apears to me as partial rollback. I have given the mdb descriptor below.
    </ejb-jar>Please clear my doubt.
    Edited by: Deepak Dev on 19-Dec-2011 11:01

    General information on message-driven beans can be found here:
    To transaction configuration is discussed here:
    Looks like you have to set the transaction-type to Container and the trans-attribute to required. Also see the note:
    - However, if you make this configuration error, the MDB will not run transactionally—if a failure occurs mid-transaction, updates that occurred prior to the failure will not be rolled back.

  • Reg: VA01 transaction second screen

    hi ,
    in va01 second screen
    sold-to-party fied
    when i am presing F4 search help i am getting popup window
    in this popup window i need to add additional  tabs how can i find that
    specific field  how to add this tabs to this popup window
    plzzz help me
    it is an upgradetation from 4.7 to ECC6.0

    go to se11 .
    go for search help and give sd_debi.
    go for change mode.
    maintain in logon language.
    give field name that should exist in dictionary table.
    save and activate.
    come back to se11  and create a search help ****   and give short description.
    select table as vbak.
    at dialog tab : give dialog with value restriction.
    search help parameter as example:field name what u gave in sd_debi.
    save and activate.
    now assign this search help in sd_debi in included search help tabstrip.
    save and activate.
    go to va01 and check u wil find ur tab and also tabstrip.
    thanks and regards,

  • Va01 transaction second screen

    hi ,
    in va01 second screen
    sold-to-party fied
    when i am presing F4 search help i am getting popup window
    *in this popup window i need to add additional  tabs how can i find that
    specific field  how to add this tabs to this popup window*
    plzzz help me
    it is an upgradetation from 4.7 to ECC6.0

    [Cross post|Reg: VA01 transaction second screen;
    please don't crossposing.
    Check my reply in your other post.

  • Unbalanced transaction - A/P Invoice

    Dear all,
    I am facing the error "UNBALANCED TRANSACTION" while posting the A/P invoice document. I have tried all the solutions provided in this forum, like checking the taz amounts, unchecking the unbalanced FC for journal entries in document settings, the currencies have no mismatch, all the currencies are in INR.
    is there any other possibilities of this error.. it is coming for each transaction and my client is unable to post the transaction.
    Please help me guys.

    Check this thread, may be it will give soln:
    Error - Unbalanced transaction in AP invoice
    Reg: Unbalanced Transaction
    Unbalanced transaction

  • Unbalanced Transaction in GRPO

    Hi Experts,
    We are facing an issue during posting of GRPO where the system flashes an error "Unbalanced Transaction" . This occurs only when Freight is entered and that too with non Zero TaxCode .The freight has stock impact also thus Distribution method is set for both Freight amount and Tax Amount too.
    We have tested that with no taxcode selected (Zero amount TaxCode Selected), there is no issue.
    I have gone through various posts ion Forum but none of them are related specifically to freight.
    Please guide some solutions for this.
    Thanks in advance,
    Pooja Singh.

    Hi Pooja.......
    Please check these thread.......
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  • FB60 payment method when splitting amount

    We have a problem in transaction FB60. When a document is created using this transaction, we need to implement a check
    on the payment method. To achieve this, we use a FI substition (OB28) on field BSEG-ZLSCH. But when we split the amount (strip 'Amount split)', BSEG-ZLSCH is cleared and we cannot made the check. How can we fix that? Which field(s) contain the value of the payment method when amount is split?
    Thanks and regards

    use GGB1 - create substitution with type EXIT - U300 - ask to write code for cumulated value of all line items total amount (amount split line items wise) in FB60
    Program make copy and ZRGGBR000
    and activate in OB28
    it will work

  • OBYC account determination

    Hi Experts,
    Please help me in mapping the following customer requirement in SAP.
    The customer is a having specific valuation class of materials that they want a separate account determination for.
    The account determination they want is for the DIF key in transaction OBYC.
    They want to Different accounts to be picked up per valuation class in this DIF key.
    But sap has not provided the rule for the DIF key to segregate by valuation class.
    SO one alternative would be to substitute the account number while doing the posting, but sap will not allow us to substitute the gl account number as it is not in the substutable fields in the ggb1 transaction.
    For this substitution we also tries to remove the check box in the GB01 table as per the note 42615. But that has some side effects that we cant get by with.
    We also tried using a user exit in substitution but that didn't work out well because of some function module being called.
    So please suggest me a way out or a working solution for this...

    Closing as the requirement is met using condition types...

  • Automatic derivation of Profit centers

    hi all
    is there a possiblity that profit center can be derived based on the customer?
    rquirement is .. profit centers are divided geographically, they have only one revenue account . and based on the customer we can tell to which profit center that revenue line item is to be posted. how can we achive this in the SAP.
    in 3kei i am seeing GL account but not customer. is there any other way
    pls help
    thanks in advance

    Hello you can go for a substitution, create a set of customers for a region and then you can give the pre req as if the customer is from set 1 then substitute with the appropriate profit center. use ggb1 for substitution
    points will be appreciated
    Zaid Azam

  • Electronic Bank Reconilation Statement (EBRS)

    Hi All,
      I have to configure for the Electronic Bank Reconcilation the formats such as AUSZUG.TXT Format or MT940 Format does the bank provide the file in those formats or we have to write a program to convert a text file into the prescribed formats.
      My Clients has got account in UTI Bank has anybody worked in EBRS with the UTI Bank.
      External Transaction type means the transaction that are adopted by the bank or it is something different I mean the Bank has Transactin type for deposit- DL
    and for issue-IL these things should me mapped in our system.
    I am cross checking it with the UTI Bank Authorities whether thery are gong to give us the statement in the prescribed formats for uploading.
    Anyways kindly guide me

    Thanks Jaya Ram for the information one more thing Reg External Transaction
    Say for ex-Bank uses the Transaction Type (internally)
       FT- Fund Transfer
       BC-Bank Charges
      So now I too have to use external transactions as FT & BC and I have to assign this to my posting rule.
      And whats <b>Interpretation algorithm</b> this should always be as
    <b>No Interpretation</b> and Process Type should always be
    Dummy-not assigned.
    Am I Right or am I  going wrong if so kindly help me out

  • Maint order budgeting

    How to carry out budgeting in PM order.
    Client requirement is
    1. Cost ctr wise budgeting - 5 Lacs
    Pls provide info reg config & transaction ko22,kpz2
    I've not done budgeting before. Kindly guide me.

    For budgeting in PM order you can do in 2 ways
    one is order budget, second is costcenter budgeting.
    For order budgeting
    1) Create the budget profile.T.code OKOB
    2) Maintain the Tolerance limit for the budget profile,Node spro-Controlling-Internal order-Budgeting and Availability Control--Define Tolerance Limits for Availability Control.
    3) Assign the Budget profile to the maintenance Order types.
    4) Assign budget to maintenance order in KO22 transaction.
    5) The budget will control for the PR from MO,PO from PR,GI to MO,GR to MO.
    The system will issue the error message or warning message depends on the tolerance limt check.
    For cost center budget follow same procedure.
    Only difference is the assign the budget in the KPZ2 - Change transaction.

  • Launching SAPGUI for Windows from WD application

    I have managed to launch an SAPGUI transaction "BRF+" at the click of a link on my Web Dynpro application. For this, I used the sample code from Reg calling Transaction code in Webdynpro ABAP
    However, this opens the SAPGUI for HTML, where the transaction is not rendered correctly. The display is restricted only to a small of the IE screen, and no button clicks are working.
    Is there any way to fix this? Or, is it possible to launch SAPGUI for Windows from a WD application?
    Thanks, Rohan.

    You are accessing Tcode in browser, it means we have to use sap gui for html only not windows.
    The display is restricted only to a small of the IE screen
    Do you mean, tcode opens in minimize window mode? if yes, then in create_external_window method ,  try to maximize the window by default.

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