Replacing Airport Express '08 w Time Capsule 11?

How much stronger and faster a signal would the 2011 Time Caspule be over an Airport Express purchased in late 2008? The time capsule clearly offers the convenience of daily data back up. However I fear having to reconnect all my wireless devices to the new network.  Some of them are very tempermental and might cause hours of pain before cooperating.
Can anyone provide an opinion based on their own upgrade experience?  And I live in a small NYC apartment, so there really is no need for more than one to be connected to wi-fi.

Unless you are also updating all of your wireless clients, just upgrading from the older Express to the Time Capsule may not necessarily show a lot of improvement.
However, the overall bandwidth should be better as the TC uses a 3-stream antenna design over that used in the Express which would provide a higher maximum bandwidth for your wireless clients that can take advantage of it.

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  • Should I buy airport express, extreme or time capsule?  I have my new Mac Pro. 2 iPhones, 2 iPads , and grandchildren who come with their devices.  I live in a two-level house.

    Should I buy airport express, extreme or time capsule?  I have my new Mac Pro. 2 iPhones, 2 iPads , and grandchildren who come with their devices.  I live in a two-level house.

    A Time Capsule is an AirPort Extreme with a built in hard drive to allow your Mac(s) to back up automatically, so it's a logical choice if you need a wireless router and back up capabilities for your Macs
    The AIrPort Extreme has a bit better antenna arrangement than an AirPort Express, so it would be a good choice for a two level house.
    Depending on the location of the "main" wireless router, you may find that you still need to add an extender or two in other parts of the house for full, fast wireless coverage. The AirPort Express is a good choice for this duty.
    To compare the 3 Apple devices, see this Apple support document:
           Compare Apple Wi-Fi base stations          AirPort Express    AirPort Extreme    Time Capsule    

  • Unable to get Airport Express to extend Time Capsule via WDS

    Hi all,
    I have a Time Capsule that's a couple years old, and recently decided to try to extend its network given that we recently did a lot of re-arranging things in our home.  I followed the instructions posted here for using version 5.5.2 of the Airport Utility but I'm not having any luck...  I've triple-checked that the SSID, security settings, etc. are identical between the two devices.  I set the Time Capsule as the main WDS device and entered the airport ID of the Airport Express into it, and set the Airport Express as the remote WDS device and put the airport ID of the Time Capsule there.  As far as I can tell I've got all the settings correct.
    What really confuses me is that I can get the two devices so that the Time Capsules status light is green but the Airport Extreme's status light is yellow.  The Time Capsule reports that WDS is functioning properly but the Airport Extreme is unable to connect to the WDS network.  I have the two devices only about 5 feet from each other so signal strength certainly shouldn't be an issue. 
    Any ideas what's going on?

    I would not use WDS unless your AEX is so old that is all it supports.  Much easier to configure the TC to allow the network to be extended under the Wireless tab.  Then configure the AEX's Wireless Mode to Extend Existing Network from the dropdown menu.

  • How can I Connecticut two Airport Express with One Time Capsula?

    Only by Wifi or by LAN in a row?

    What are you trying to accomplish with the AirPort Express devices?
    Where will the Express devices be located in relation to the Time Capsule?
    If you are planning to use the Express devices to "extend" the wireless range of your network, Ethernet LAN will always provide far better performance than trying to connect the Express devices using wireless only.
    You have the option of connecting both AirPort Express devices directly back to two LAN <-> ports on the Time Capsule....or....connecting one Express back to the Time Capsule and then connecting the second Express to the first Express using Ethernet.  This assumes that you have a "new" Express with both WAN and LAN ports.
    If you choose wireless only, both Express devices will connect back directly to the Time Capsule, so both of them should be located where they can receive a strong signal from the Time Capsule wireless.
    A "hybrid" approach can also work. Connect one Express to the Time Capsule using an Ethernet cable and then setup the second Express to connect to the first Express using wireless only.

  • Replacing an Airport Express with a Time Capsule but it won't connect to the internet.

    Hello, I hope somebody can help.
    I am trying to replace an Airport Express with a 2TB Time Capsule but it won't connect to the internet, via an ADSL modem.
    I have tried everything I can think of, powering down all devices, re-setting all devices, but nothing seems to solve the problem.
    When I first tried to set up the Time Capsule, there was an option to replace the Airport Express using the same settings.
    But there were repeated error messages of 'No DNS Servers' and 'PPPoE server couldn't be found'.
    I also had messages that the password for PPPoE wasn't correct, but when I plug the Airport Express back in again, everything works fine.
    What could the problem be?

    99% of issues with authentication are wrong password or wrong username.. eg it can be strange like the user name is missing the domain.. whereas the Airport Express works fine without it.
    Ring your ISP and make doubly sure you have exactly the correct username and password.
    If it still doesn't work, put the adsl modem back into router mode and try it again directly on the modem.. if it works ok on the modem but fails on the TC that is possible and can be caused by pppoe client using incorrect authentication type, CHAP or PAP which the TC does not allow you to select AFAIK.. some ISP do not give enough time to get the router to switch on auto to the correct authentication method.
    In the end run the modem as router and bridge the TC. It will work just as well for most installations in bridge as the modem in bridge.

  • Setting up an Airport Express with a Time Capsule

    Merry Christmas! I received a new Airport Express for Christmas. My intention is to use it to stream music to my stereo. I have to admit that setting the AE up was not as simple as I had hoped it would be. I do have it working but I would like someone with more experience in this area to validate what I have done.
    My wife and I each have MacBooks and we have a Time Capsule as our base station in the den. I would like to use the AE to stream music to my stereo which is in the living room. I would also like the AE to act as a "booster" to my TC, which I think is called "Extending a wireless network".
    Here are my questions concerning the settings I have used in Airport Utility:
    In TC, under AirPort, and the Wireless tab, I have checked the box for "Allow this network to be extended". Is that necessary?
    In AE, under Airport, and the Wireless tab, there are a number of choices in the pulldown for Wireless Mode. I know I do not want to "create a wireless network" since that is what my TC is for. But all three other choices seem valid for what I want to accomplish -- Participate in a WDS network, Join a wireless network, or Extend a wireless network. I chose Extend a wireless network. I also checked the box under Network Name that says, "Allow wireless clients". Are these settings correct?
    Here's the problem I'm having with things set up as I described above. AirTunes works fine. But if we close either of the MacBooks (put them to sleep) and open them in the living room which is closer to the AE, we seem to lose internet connectivity. When we open a browser or click on a link, it starts to load but then freezes. If I then walk the MacBook into the den, closer to the TC and restart the Airport or put it to sleep and wake it, its fine. Also, if we work long enough in the living room closer to the AE, it will also loose connectivity. I can sit in the den near the TC without any dropping.
    Any suggestions on what the proper Airport Utility settings should be for my TC and AE would be greatly appreciated.

    Your biggest mistake is confusing signal strength with signal quality. The signal indicator indicates strength and nothing else. You need to be using iStumblr to look at SNR (Signal to noise ratio).

  • The internet coming from my AirPort Extreme, which is extended by an AirPort Express and my Time Capsule, is being very flaky. It is dropping and I have to reconnect every few minutes. Any solutions?

    To be more detailed, my AirPort Extreme needs to be extended by an AirPort Express, which then is extended to my personal Time Capsule. The internet drops on my MacBook Pro and other MacBook Pros randomly. We then reconnect with no problem and go on with what we were doing. The internet is fine. Always able to connect. We have Open DNS set up as well. But the flaky internet is annoying. Any ideas how to fix this?

    The primary issue that you will need to contend with is the distance between routers. 300' would be at the fringe of the signal coming from the base station located in the house which, most likely, make it too "weak" to extend/repeat with the second base station at the shop.
    There is a method to configure a relay base station between them in a Wireless Distribution System (WDS), but a WDS has two major drawbacks: 1) It can only operate in the 802.11g Radio Mode, and 2) For every base station participating in the WDS, the overall bandwidth will be cut in half .., so with a total of three (main, relay, & remote), the maximum of 54 Mbps (for 802.11g) would be more like 15-17 Mbps. If you plan on streaming HD video (either 720p or 1080p), your local wireless network may not have enough bandwidth to do so successfully.
    You proposal to run the DSL line to the shop does offer another option. Instead of running a DSL line, run an Ethernet cable between the house and the shop. You would connect one end to any of the available LAN ports on the AirPort Extreme to the Ethernet port on the AirPort Express. You can then configure both base stations into a roaming network and not have bandwidth loss of the WDS.

  • Airport express, guest wifi, time capsule all muddled up - Looking for Bob Timmons!

    My operatign system is OS X 10.9.1
    Airport Express Time capsule 1 TB
    I have had my airport express time capsule for 2 years (1 TB)and it worked pretty near flawlessly since then.  It started with the time capsule being too full and that got me messsing with it.
    I could not fugure out how to delete files from the time capsule and it was not writing over old ones.  I have seen the same problem on here already. (In the end I bought an external drive and now that seems to have solved it and is scurrently bqcking up to the exteranl, even though I deleted a bunch of old files and my computer is now hovering around 830 MB it still won't back up to time capsule a stime capsule states it is hovering around 965 MB .  If you can help me on this part that is great.   )
    Then I tried to reset my AE device.  WIth that I had to reset my network.  this is where the problems began.
    Previously my AE had a steady green light and hosted two wifi names (mine and for guests).
    Now if I click not bridged (?) then I can not get Internet access on the guest network, i get the signal and it is there just no internet connection.  If I click DHC and Nat it constantly blinks amber but the guest network is  there and i have internet.  I have gone back and forth with this and it is consistently behaving like I described above.
    I have done a reset.  I have done a reset and unplugged the machine (though I admit I did not wait two minutes, closer to 45 seconds)
    I want to go back to the steady green light and the two wifis established as before.
    Also one  more thing to add.  My Server name has disappeared too.  I get an error message that says
    There was a problem connecting to the server "name"
    The server may not exist or it is unavailable at this time.  Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection, then try again.
    Seems I did a great job messing with this today.
    Can you please help me?

    In its default state, the 802.11n AirPort Express Base Station (AXn) will broadcast an unsecured wireless network. It does not need to be connected to another network or the Internet to operate this way. Wireless clients can then connect to this wireless network, but as you know, none will have access to the Internet. Both your Mac and iPhone should have no issues connecting to this network.

  • How do I extend my wifi using Airport express with my time capsul?

    I want to extend my wifi from my time capsul.  Can I do this with airport express?  I have my wifi with cable so would I need to get another modem and hook the express to that?  Would that help?  I want to keep the same network and not add another.

    You need to pay attention to something, while extending your network with the latest AirPort Express upgrade, your devices will be connected to it except your iPhone, you'll see your iPhone always connected to the capsule instead, even if you're at 1 foot from the AirPort Express.
    You need to change the radio settings from automatic to 802.11a - 802.11b/g on your capsule, then I put it back to the default settings...
    Now in the AirPort utility you should see your iPhone connected to the AirPort

  • Airport Express (g version) & Time Capsule (n version) integration question

    I currently have an Airport Express (g version). When I add my new Time Capsule (with n), will my iMac Intel duo (with n), pick the wireless feed from the Time Capsule or the slower Airport Express? Is there some way to designate the Time Capsule? And in this mix, I have a 12" Powerbook.

    It's not the actual posted speeds that limit the speed of a network, but the technology with which the devices are connecting. So, an 802.11n network will be dragged down to 802.11g speeds if an 802.11g client joins. Whether or not this client is getting the full 54 Mbps out of the connection, other n clients joining the network will be at 802.11g speeds. They may be getting the full 54 Mbps even if the g client is getting, let's say, 48 Mbps out of his connection. This is because the 802.11n router has to go down to the lowest common denominator (802.11g) for all connected devices to work.
    As for your initial question, I'd highly suggest setting your Time Capsule to 802.11n only 5 GHz as the main router, and hardwire your Express having it set up as an 802.11b/g bridge for b/g devices. This means your n devices get n speeds and g devices don't slow things down. This is called a dual band setup, and each band will have it's own unique SSID, so n devices can't "accidentally" switch over to the b/g network, or vice versa.
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  • Airport express /  wireless speakers  /  time capsule

    I use Time Capsule for my home network and backups. I'd like to be able to have wireless speakers I can move around the inside and outside of my house.
    Is AirPort express the way to go?
    Will using it create conflicts with my Time Capsule?
    Any recommendations on wireless speakers to use? The speakers need to be battery powered also.

    Is AirPort express the way to go?
    Yes, the AirPort Express Base Station (AX) would be one way to provide wireless capability to self-powered speakers that is portable.
    Will using it create conflicts with my Time Capsule?
    The primary issue will be with sharing bandwidth. Streaming audio and performing backups simultaneously will affect the overall bandwidth available. This can show up as either "slower" backups or skips in audio playback.
    Any recommendations on wireless speakers to use? The speakers need to be battery powered also.
    Sorry, don't actually have any myself. Here appears one source to check out: BatteryPowered

  • Cn I Use Airport Express together with Time Capsule?

    I've just bought a Time Capsule to facilitate Time machine backups, and I was wandering if I can continue to use my old Airport Express alongside this. I used to have a lead from my old hi fi system plugged into the Express, but there doesn't appear to be a similar socket in the Capsule. Does this mean I've lost the ability to play music from the Mac through my speakers??

    Yes, you can still use your AirPort Express, for streaming, along with the Time Capsule. Please check out the following Apple Support article for details.

  • Airport express hardwired to Time Capsule

    I just ran an ethernet from my TC to an out building where I plugged and Airport Express into the other end.  I can see the AE but can't get the settings right.  I've tried different approaches extend network, using same network and change the channel etc but with no success.  Any suggestions as most directions come at it from the wireless mode.
    Thanks, George

    If you have an Ethernet cable connecting from the TC to the AirPort Express (AX), the correct configuration for the AX is as follows:
    AirPort Utiliity - Manual Setup
    Base Station tab....enter the info required here
    Wireless tab:
    Wireless Mode = Create a wireless network
    Wireless Network Name = Same name as your TC wireless network
    No check mark needed next to Allow this network to be extended
    Radio Mode = 802.11n (802.11b/g compatible) a good option
    Channel = Automatic
    Wireless Security = Same setting as the TC network
    Wireless Password = Same password as the TC network
    Confirm Password
    Click the Internet icon
    Connect Using = Ethernet
    Connection Sharing = Off (Bridge Mode)
    Update to save settings
    Restart the entire network
    Reference:  Apple Document

  • TIme capsule replaces Airport Express - method for success

    I just got a 1TB timecapsule to replace an airport-express as our home wireless internet router - as well as keeping data backed up.
    a couple of questions for those who may have successfully done this:
    what is the best process to swap out airport express function with Time Capsule?
    - (the apple manual assumes too many things go well and provides little detail on actual steps).
    - if both devices are on to copy info from AP Express to Time Capsule, I end up with an IP conflict (each wanting to be and I only see one at a time -- one on my home network, the other on the Time Capsule's default MAC-id based network.
    - also, the Time Capsule tells me that I should update the firmware. except, since it's not hooked to the internet yet (not configured) it can't actually complete this's that supposed to work?
    suggestions, links to the right article in the apple site?

    I never had very good luck with saving configurations and re-importing on my current Airport menagerie -- so I hadn't gone this route (also figured the two things would be incompatible).
    However, I did just as you suggested and the Time Capsule imported the Express configuration readily, and aside from having to change a couple of security settings, rebooted fine.
    For some reason, then the Time Capsule started working just like the Air Port Express. But, when I changed the name of the TC from Express back to something 'Time Capsule' and restarted - it was back to the old unresponsive way it was.
    - so I went through this re-importing exercise several times.
    When things finally stabilized, I noticed that the TC had some ups and downs with my ISP in getting an IP assigned. THis could have been from the ISP acting up the last week or so...or maybe the software?
    But in the end - Time Capsule is up running and backing me up wirelessly.
    Next trick is to add the Airport Express back into the network so we can stream some iTunes.
    Thanks for the idea.
    Oh - I guess this might also be of note - I hardwired the TC up to the iMac so I could continue the Time Machine back ups while I figured out the networking issues -- and it went ahead and updated it's firmware. Not sure if that helped or hindered so far - but it's running 7.4.2 now and I'm writing this reply via the TC.

  • Extending airport wi-fi network (time capsule airport express)

    I have a time capsule linked to my BT cable modem and i have created an apple wi-fi network that I use for my Mac mini and a laptop.
    However the wi-fi network doesn't reach the other end of the house, and I am thinking about extending the wi-fi network by adding an airport express.
    I have looked at the documents online, but I am not sure of a few things.
    Do you need to wire the airport express to your time capsule or another cable modem? (that seems to loose the purpose of wi-fi) as per a document on apple airport networks (p41)? is the only solution a Roaming set-up?
    Can t you just plug it in a electricity socket the airport express and add it to your wi-fi network via your network software in system preferences?
    thanks for the help

    Welcome to the discussions, stephanm8!
    The AirPort Express(n) can be configured to "extend" the main wireless network created by the Time Capsule. Here's how to do it.
    _On the Time Capsule:_
    Open AirPort Utility, click Manual Setup
    Click the Wireless tab below the row of icons
    Wireless Mode would be set to "Create a wireless network"
    Make sure there is a check mark next to "Allow this network to be extended"
    Update to save settings
    _On the Express:_
    Open AirPort Utility, click Manual Setup
    Click the Wireless tab
    Wireless Mode would be set to "Extend a wireless network". If you don't see this choice, hold down the "option or alt" key on your computer when you click on the selection box. When you select this choice, you should see the network created by the Extreme to "extend".
    Enter the wireless password if requested
    Make sure there is a check mark next to "Allow wireless clients"
    Update to save settings
    If you have a dual band Time Capsule the main network can be extended. The guest network cannot be extended.
    Once you have the Express configured to "Extend", position it at a point that is approximately 2/3 to 3/4 of the distance between the Time Capsule and the area that you want the Express to cover. You may need to adjust the location of the Express from this general starting position depending on signal strength.

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