How can I Connecticut two Airport Express with One Time Capsula?

Only by Wifi or by LAN in a row?

What are you trying to accomplish with the AirPort Express devices?
Where will the Express devices be located in relation to the Time Capsule?
If you are planning to use the Express devices to "extend" the wireless range of your network, Ethernet LAN will always provide far better performance than trying to connect the Express devices using wireless only.
You have the option of connecting both AirPort Express devices directly back to two LAN <-> ports on the Time Capsule....or....connecting one Express back to the Time Capsule and then connecting the second Express to the first Express using Ethernet.  This assumes that you have a "new" Express with both WAN and LAN ports.
If you choose wireless only, both Express devices will connect back directly to the Time Capsule, so both of them should be located where they can receive a strong signal from the Time Capsule wireless.
A "hybrid" approach can also work. Connect one Express to the Time Capsule using an Ethernet cable and then setup the second Express to connect to the first Express using wireless only.

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  • Replacing an Airport Express with a Time Capsule but it won't connect to the internet.

    Hello, I hope somebody can help.
    I am trying to replace an Airport Express with a 2TB Time Capsule but it won't connect to the internet, via an ADSL modem.
    I have tried everything I can think of, powering down all devices, re-setting all devices, but nothing seems to solve the problem.
    When I first tried to set up the Time Capsule, there was an option to replace the Airport Express using the same settings.
    But there were repeated error messages of 'No DNS Servers' and 'PPPoE server couldn't be found'.
    I also had messages that the password for PPPoE wasn't correct, but when I plug the Airport Express back in again, everything works fine.
    What could the problem be?

    99% of issues with authentication are wrong password or wrong username.. eg it can be strange like the user name is missing the domain.. whereas the Airport Express works fine without it.
    Ring your ISP and make doubly sure you have exactly the correct username and password.
    If it still doesn't work, put the adsl modem back into router mode and try it again directly on the modem.. if it works ok on the modem but fails on the TC that is possible and can be caused by pppoe client using incorrect authentication type, CHAP or PAP which the TC does not allow you to select AFAIK.. some ISP do not give enough time to get the router to switch on auto to the correct authentication method.
    In the end run the modem as router and bridge the TC. It will work just as well for most installations in bridge as the modem in bridge.

  • How can I extend my wireless network with the Time Capsule?

    I recently bought a Time Capsule and set it up, backed up all my data, etc. It is currently plugged in to my AT&T Uverse wireless router via a LAN CAT5e cable. I am wondering if it is possible to wirelessly extend my preexisting network with the Time Capsule so I can move it somewhere else in my house where it can still pick up the signal but extend it. And if possible, how so? Or does it ALWAYS have to be wired'connected to my router for the internet to work?
    Thanks in advance.

    I am wondering if it is possible to wirelessly extend my preexisting network with the Time Capsule so I can move it somewhere else in my house where it can still pick up the signal but extend it.
    Sorry but no.  Extending using only wireless would require that the Time Capsule connect to another Apple router that is producing the wireless network.
    Another way of saying the same thing is that you must have two Apple routers to be able to extend the signal wirelessly.

  • How can I expand my wireless network with a Time Capsule and Airport Express?

    My entire house is wired for ethernet access (2 floors).  I have a Time Capsule on the 2nd floor that reaches the entire house except for one room. 
    In this one room I have an ethernet port plugged into an Airport Express. 
    The problem I encounter is that I have two separate wifi networks with two separate names.  I realize I can extend the wireless network on the 2nd floor to the 1st floor but I can only do this wirelessly to my knowledge, and the entire problem is that the signal doesn't reach the front room.  Also, there is really no place in-between that the AE can be placed to extend the reach.  The building is concrete and steel, I think that has a lot to do with the problem.
    My question is: Can I have two wireless routers (connected to the same home network via ethernet) broadcast the same wifi network?  I also have a SONOS system that further complicates things, I'm afraid.  Would it help if I drew some sort of diagram?

    Your network is not working as you describe.. or I have misunderstood the layout..
    What is the broadband type? Modem is where? What is the main router?
    From your screen shots the main router is the airport express that covers one room which seems wrong.
    Why isn't the TC the main router? or both bridged.. if you go back and look at the apple document.. one or both apple routers are in bridge mode..
    You are having issues with setup .. half of which is caused by v6 airport utility.
    What OS are you running? Please install 5.6 utility.. do it.. do it now!!
    Easy for Lion.
    Messy but possible for ML.
    How to load 5.6 into ML.
    1. Download 5.6 for Lion.
    Click to open the dmg but do not attempt to install the pkg.. it won't work anyway.
    2. Download and install unpkg.
    Run unpkg on the desktop.. it is very simple.. drag the AirPortUtility56.pkg file over to unpkg.. and it will create a new directory of the same name on the desktop.. drill down.. applications utilities .. there lo and behold is Airport utility 5.6 .. drag it to your main utilities directory or just run it from current location.
    You cannot uninstall 6.1 so don't try.. and you cannot or should not run them both at the same time.. so just ignore the toyland version.. the plastic hammer.. and start using 5.6.. a real tool.

  • How can I use two Airport Express N's together

    I have just purchased the new airport express n and I have the one that I am currently using which is also an n.
    How can I use both at the same time as part of the same network?

    If your goal is to extend the wireless range of one AirPort with another, check out this Apple Support article.

  • How can i setup my airport express with my retina display macbook, how can i setup my airport express with my retina display macbook

    Hi i have a macbook pro with retina display and these mac doesnt have a lan port, so i cant connect the aiport express to my mac with a cable.
    Thanks for the help

    You would need the AirPort Utility app for your iPad in order to administer the AirPort Express. Note: The version of this AirPort Utility will not support older 802.11g AirPort base stations. The AirPort Utility is available from the Apple App Store.

  • How do I extend my wifi using Airport express with my time capsul?

    I want to extend my wifi from my time capsul.  Can I do this with airport express?  I have my wifi with cable so would I need to get another modem and hook the express to that?  Would that help?  I want to keep the same network and not add another.

    You need to pay attention to something, while extending your network with the latest AirPort Express upgrade, your devices will be connected to it except your iPhone, you'll see your iPhone always connected to the capsule instead, even if you're at 1 foot from the AirPort Express.
    You need to change the radio settings from automatic to 802.11a - 802.11b/g on your capsule, then I put it back to the default settings...
    Now in the AirPort utility you should see your iPhone connected to the AirPort

  • Setting up an Airport Express with a Time Capsule

    Merry Christmas! I received a new Airport Express for Christmas. My intention is to use it to stream music to my stereo. I have to admit that setting the AE up was not as simple as I had hoped it would be. I do have it working but I would like someone with more experience in this area to validate what I have done.
    My wife and I each have MacBooks and we have a Time Capsule as our base station in the den. I would like to use the AE to stream music to my stereo which is in the living room. I would also like the AE to act as a "booster" to my TC, which I think is called "Extending a wireless network".
    Here are my questions concerning the settings I have used in Airport Utility:
    In TC, under AirPort, and the Wireless tab, I have checked the box for "Allow this network to be extended". Is that necessary?
    In AE, under Airport, and the Wireless tab, there are a number of choices in the pulldown for Wireless Mode. I know I do not want to "create a wireless network" since that is what my TC is for. But all three other choices seem valid for what I want to accomplish -- Participate in a WDS network, Join a wireless network, or Extend a wireless network. I chose Extend a wireless network. I also checked the box under Network Name that says, "Allow wireless clients". Are these settings correct?
    Here's the problem I'm having with things set up as I described above. AirTunes works fine. But if we close either of the MacBooks (put them to sleep) and open them in the living room which is closer to the AE, we seem to lose internet connectivity. When we open a browser or click on a link, it starts to load but then freezes. If I then walk the MacBook into the den, closer to the TC and restart the Airport or put it to sleep and wake it, its fine. Also, if we work long enough in the living room closer to the AE, it will also loose connectivity. I can sit in the den near the TC without any dropping.
    Any suggestions on what the proper Airport Utility settings should be for my TC and AE would be greatly appreciated.

    Your biggest mistake is confusing signal strength with signal quality. The signal indicator indicates strength and nothing else. You need to be using iStumblr to look at SNR (Signal to noise ratio).

  • How can I get the Airport Express to handle all the PPPoE stuff?

    Hi, I’m visiting my family in China, and now trying to help my dad, with his Airport Express and how to set up a PPPoE connection.
    We have currently set up the Airport Express in bridge mode (not distributing IP adresses and selecting DHCP under the Internet tab in admin utility). The Airport settings on our two computers is set up to connect using PPPoE using the given login name and password. (ps! we can not see the Base station in Airport Admin Utility when using these settings, we would have to select a new location from the Apple menu to see it and make condigurations.)
    What we want is to do, is to have the Airport Express connect to the ISP using a PPPoE connection and not through the computer.
    I know there is a 'Connect using PPPoE' option in Airport admin util, letting me input account name and password. If I select this setting instead of DHCP, enable distribution of IP addresses and configure my Airport card to NOT connect using PPPoE, I will see my base station in the Airport admin util with the IP address of (or similar) and my computer will have x.x.x.2. Next to the Airport icon in the menubar, a scrolling message will say 'Looking for PPPoE host' without anything happen. I am sure my account name and password is correct as they've both worked when using this computer to connect to PPPoE (like now)
    How can I get the Airport Express to handle all the PPPoE stuff without using bridge mode?
    Ps! Both me and my dad have iPhones whom we can’t seem to get to connect unless its been distributed an IP address cause there's as fars as I know, no options of inputing a PPPoE user name and password.

    Any solutions to this? I'm in China also, in Beijing, trying to get my Airport Express to work with an ADSL modem.
    Direct ethernet cable connection to my Macbook works fine.
    When I configure the Airport Express with the ID and password that seems to be fine also – Airport Express shows a green light.
    But I cannot figure out the settings to connect wirelessly from my Macbook to the Airport Express. I get a constantly scolling message: "Looking for PPPoEhost..."

  • Can I use the airport express with a desktop computer that is not wire less- I want to have wifi in the house for an iphone

    Can i use the airport express with a desktop computer not wifi- I want wifi for my iphone

    I can't seem to find any information anywhere.  It seems like it should work since the AX is showing up on his wifi settings on both his iPhone and iPod.  Not to mention the Apple "Genius" told him that it should work.  However, they also told him that it came with an ethernet, USB and the stereo patch cables...

  • Should I buy airport express, extreme or time capsule?  I have my new Mac Pro. 2 iPhones, 2 iPads , and grandchildren who come with their devices.  I live in a two-level house.

    Should I buy airport express, extreme or time capsule?  I have my new Mac Pro. 2 iPhones, 2 iPads , and grandchildren who come with their devices.  I live in a two-level house.

    A Time Capsule is an AirPort Extreme with a built in hard drive to allow your Mac(s) to back up automatically, so it's a logical choice if you need a wireless router and back up capabilities for your Macs
    The AIrPort Extreme has a bit better antenna arrangement than an AirPort Express, so it would be a good choice for a two level house.
    Depending on the location of the "main" wireless router, you may find that you still need to add an extender or two in other parts of the house for full, fast wireless coverage. The AirPort Express is a good choice for this duty.
    To compare the 3 Apple devices, see this Apple support document:
           Compare Apple Wi-Fi base stations          AirPort Express    AirPort Extreme    Time Capsule    

  • How can I combine two itunes accounts into one?

    How can I combine two itunes accounts into one?

    Items purchased from the iTunes Store are permanently associated with the account from which they were originally purchased.  Apple provides no way to change this.
    However, if you wish to put content from two accounts into a single iTunes library, you can easily do so.  Use the command File > Add File (or Folder) to Library.

  • How can i sync two different ipods to one computer

    How can i sync two different ipods to one computer

    How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer

  • How can I have two itunes accounts on one computer?

    How can I have two itunes accounts on one computer?

    Not sure what you mean.
    An account is a user name and password.
    Sign into whichever account you want to use for purchasing.
    Authorize the computer for both account to listen to the content.

  • Can i use two apple tvs with one itunes account?

    can i use two apple tvs with one itunes account?

    yes and you can use more then 2
    just don't give them the same name

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