REST and ODATA service

I am using PI 7.4.
I have few queries regarding REST and ODATA service -
What is REST based services in PI?
If there is an ODATA service in SAP, how can we use that in PI for mapping needs?
Where we need to use BAPIs and where we can consume odata services that are being built for SAP UI5 project.

Kindly check the following links:
REST Adapter on Advanced Adapter Engine (New) - What's New in SAP NetWeaver 7.4 (Release Notes) - SAP Library
REST Adapter on Advanced Adapter Engine (New) - What's New in SAP NetWeaver 7.3 EHP1 (Release Notes) - SAP Library
PI REST Adapter - Blog Overview

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  • Create a record using SAPUI5 and ODATA Service

    Hi there,
    since SPS6, SAP HANA should allow CRUD operations using an ODATA Service.
    That sounds nice and so I wanted to give it a try.
    I've started by creating a simple table and set up a tiny application that displays the data in a grid (using a JSON Model) and allows to insert new records by entering data into two textfields and save them as a new record to the databse. That works well, the grid shows the records which I have created using the SAP HANA Studio.
    So I wanted to create new records, and the documentation says very clearly how to create a new record.
    I've tried it this way, but when the request is send I get an 501 Not Implemented error.
    Thats the code I'm using in my SAVE-Button:
    btnSave.attachPress(function() {
       var entry = {}; = tfUserId.getValue();
       entry.username = tfUserName.getValue();
       oData.create('/tbl_user', entry, null,
       function() {
          alert("Create successful");
       function() {
          alert("Create failed");
    After that I've tried to create a record using the POSTMAN extension for Chrome browser as mentioned in this cool video by Thomas Jung.
    Unfortunately, this also doesn't work for me. After sending the request I get as respone a sap hana xs login window with Status Code 200 instead of a status code "201 created".
    Here's a screenshot:
    I'm using SAP HANA Cloud Trial.
    Anybody got an idea what I'm doing wrong? Or does ODATA CRUD not work an SAP HANA Cloud Trial?
    Many thanks,

    Hi Jason,
    exactly, it's the logon page returned that is opened when I open the service URL in the browser. After logging on I can see the results of the ODATA service call.
    The URL must be correctly defined, the grid shows up the data from the ODATA Service.
    And yes, the URL looks OK when expecting in Chrome developer tools...

  • Simple Count using Analytic view and Odata

    Hi Experts,
    I have an analytic view based on one table and Odata services on top of it.
    Now i want to include three measures just simple count with group by,
    just for this i ddint want to go for calc view. Please help me how to achieve this using analytic view and Odata script.

    Hello George,
    I don't have any personalization set on the info space. Also I am using mapped Account in BI to connect to HANA. The confusing part is that it is able to validate the infospace with the input parameters and index it. However query does not return any results. I even tried running the same query which explorer sends to HANA in the SQL editor and there too the same results,the query does not return anything. The model does return data when I do a data preview and if accessed from other tools like AAO.
    Also when I use SSO connection to HANA, indexing of the infospace fails. Where can I see the error log?

  • Error while running an Odata service in Advanced Rest Client

    Hi Experts,
    We have created one simple OData model (using Integration gateway) with datasource as SOAP web service. We are able to test the SOAP Web service in STORM tool and getting desired response. But when we run the converted OData URL in Advanced REST Client we are getting the following exceptions/errors.
    Could not send message
    Also, while looking at SMP3 server log, we came across below error logs: failed to serve request for URI http://<ip>:8080/gateway/odata/sap/REL2;v=1/GetUserDets(Applid='****',Applpwd='****',Fund='***',Userid='****.***',Password='***@1234'), message = Could not instantiate data provider based on class null | java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null
    Any help?

    Jitendra Kansal
    After updating my DB and do the ODATA service after completion of that hit the server in chrome it shows error like
    <error xmlns="">
    <message xml:lang="en"> 
    Could not instantiate data provider based on class null
    expet that service i did another one it is working fine using the same server with out set the proxy

  • How to read and process oData service's ATOM XML output?

    I have a RFC created in system A which will call oData services of system B. I am calling this in a report using class methods,  cl_http_client. I will get the response in a ATOM XML format. Is there a standard way to read and process such ATOM XML in abap report without using further addons?

    You need to pass your filename String as a parameter to your functionality. It depends how you're currently set up though. We can't really see the top of your call so it's difficult to determine what you are calling and we don't really know from where you're calling either.
    If you're running standalone, then on launch of the application, you can feed in a file name as an argument that you can read in in String args[] in the main function and pass down to your XML splitter.
    If you're a method in a class that's part of a bigger pile, you can feed the file name as a String to the method from wherever you call from if it makes sense architecturally.
    You might also want to pass down a File object if that makes sense in your current code (i.e. if you're using your file for other purposes prior to the split, to avoid recreating closing/opening for no reason).
    Depends what you're trying to do. If I put together a piece like this, I would probably create an <yourcurrentrootpackage>.xml.splitter package.
    Also, on a side note, you're problem isn't really reading and writing XML in java, but seems more to be making your functionality generic so that any XML file can be split with your code.

  • Listview and details with Appbuilder (OData Service)

    I try to create an app with appbuilder, which shows me a list of items, and if i click one item in the list, i get to a new site and see the details.
    For this i created an OData service, which works and is available in my browser.
    Then I startet to create the app in the appbuilder. I followed the steps in this tutorial
    I added the ODataService in the DataSource, and added a ODataQuery for the details. After this I created a new SuperList with two sites, one for the complete list, and one for the detailed view. It all seems to work. I see the list with all my items and i can click on one item, to get to the detailed view. But there I see nothing. The fields of the detailview are empty, and I don't know why.
    If I confirm my ODataQuery (with the button in the DataSource section) i get all the data i want, but the view is empty.
    The only differents between my app and the app in the video is, that in the video the query uses the filter function (<url>...?$filter=...). This returns a table with one entry. I use an own OData service with the parameter. The service returns a structure, no table. Could this be the problem?
    How can I fix this (hopefully without changing the OData Service..)
    Thanks and Regards

    Its quarterly billing, and on direct debit, so the whole point there is it takes care of itself. 
    It aso didnt hurt that as I said, I had no communication from BT in that year, no calls, emails, texts, letters nothing. They sent me no letter to say that there had been a missed payment, they took no action due to this, still something at this point that no one has been able to explain how that happened. Also the direct debit was set up by someon from their executive level complaints deaprtment, so you would think it would work ok. But apparantly 3 months later they didnt take a payment, and kept not taking payments or getting in touch with me about it, they just did notning. Then after a year, again without any warning or notification restricted my line, which as it turnds out was an automatic process, no one had any clue about what had been going on. Hence why the first manager I spoke to about it said she was going to have to investigate how this happened and obviously work out a repaymnt package. Though as par for the course from that point on I never received a callback from BT at any point, I called them often enough, but they never could be bothered it seemed to get back in touch.
    Also my bills arent exaclty large, as I say the only reason I even have a landline is for my internet access for work so its not as if its a huge amount and its every 3 months so not something really on your radar. Again thats the point of DD and what you assume is a professional and capapble company. 

  • How to use Alias name in OData service in SAP HANA

         I need to change one column name with alias of another name in odata service definition or odata url running in rest client. I am trying to give alias name with as key in the service definition like sql query.
    There is one table with column name of PRODUCT_ID. I exporting that table via odata service to SAP UI. In the UI i dont want the product id column as PRODUCT_ID. It should be ike "Prodcut". Like we are using in SQL example
    select "PRODUCT_ID" as "Product" from "producttab";
    But i can't use as key for alias name. So i am getting syntax error.
    I have tried in rest client also ie executing odata file in rest based service. But i got error only.
    If anyone knows about this alias name in odata service, Please help me to resolve this issue..

    Hi Thomas
         Thanks for your reply.
         Actually in odata service definition i am using attribute and calculation views only. But in some case from the model view itself i need to use some alias names to the UI through odata service.
         For example in attribute view i have some columns with name col1,col2... I am getting those columns in UI using  odata service, for particular col2 column i need to change column name as product. And i am using the same view as source of another odata service in that service i need to change that column name as productname.
         In that case i need alias name usage. So that only i am searching alias keyword in odata service.
         Is there any possibility to use alias names in odata service.

  • UI5 Approval - Missing OData Service TASKPROCESSING

    Hi Experts!
    We are implementing SAPUI5 HR renewal Services with NW 7.4 and EHP7.
    When we execute the approval applicaton, we are facing the following error message:
    The error log shows that the TASKPROCESSING Service is missing:
    I've checked already the following help-document:
    We activated all the business functions. But indeed, the oData Service /IWPGW/TASKPROCESSING is missing (or at least not activated yet).
    When I try to add this Service via /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE, there is no search result:
    How can we add / activate this service?
    Thanks in advance!

    Please advise if you are using this on portal or NWBC?
    Looks of it you are using the portal, did you assign the correct portal and backend UI5 role?
    did you check the ping to the BPM webservice ? does it work?
    * note 1859438 Launchpad service generates relative URLs
    * note 1864001 Resolving of system alias for launchpad service
                   (Help for error analysis)
    * note 1875366 resolution of sm59 destinations in UI2-RunTime
    Follow these steps:
    Run Transaction SPRO
    Run activity  Manage SAP System Aliases  under ODATA channel
    Change system alias software version to /IWPGW/BWF
    Now the service should run ,
    Check in transaction /iwfnd/gw_client
    Do GET on url -  /sap/opu/odata/IWPGW/TASKPROCESSING/TaskCollection
    The previous error should be gone
    then send me the response and error log if exist.
    If you see in this transaction a good response, then most likely the
    server is configured and you can continue with the rest of the
    Steps are
    To use the Tasks by Draft, Tasks by Priority, and Tasks by Time lanes, make the following settings:
    Maintain the settings in SAP NetWeaver -> -> Gateway Service Enablement  -> Content -> Workflow Settings -> Maintain Task Names and Decision Options.
    Activate the required OData services and configure the ICF nodes in your SAP NetWeaver Gateway system.
    For more information, see SAP Library for SAP ERP under SAP ERP Central Component -> Human Resources -> Personnel Management (PA) -> Personnel & Organization -> Landing Page -> Configuring the Landing Page -> Activating SAP Gateway OData Services, Configuring ICF Nodes, and Configuring the Task Gateway Service for Task Lanes.
    The information on the required OData services and ICF nodes is also available in the Administrator's Guide for HR renewal <applicable release> or in the SAP ERP Installation Guide <applicable release>.

  • Cnsuming Lightswitch Odata service in c# winform to perform crud Operations

    I have created light switch html application which is having  sql as datasource.
    I want to consume the Odataservices that will be created from light switch in c# winforms to perform crud operations .
    Can any one help me how to handled crud operations.
    Thanks and regards

    I found:
    and a bunch more when I googled "windows forms consuming lightswitch odata"
    These are REST services
    If you google "windows forms consuming rest services" there are a stack more hits.
    I would recommend you create a "proper" wcf data service rather than using a lightswitch one.
    Hope that helps.
    Recent Technet articles: Property List Editing;
    Dynamic XAML

  • Testing tools for OData services

    Hi all,
    I managed to get my oData services up and running on my local/Cloud HANA server, using Olingo libraries and JPA.
    Now I'd like to test my services. I can test the queries from the browser and from multiple clients found on the web.
    However PUT/POST requests require to type in manually the body, and this is really time-consuming.
    As a consequence, I'm looking for any tool which could generate POST/PUT request body for oData (much like XMLSpy/soapUI does for SOAP)
    There is no SAP NW Gateway in my landscape so it is not an option, I'd like a desktop tool or browser plugin
    Does anyone know whether such a tool exists?
    Thanks, Regards

    Hi Vicenzo,
    you can use the Chrome plugin Postman REST Client. There are two versions available, an extension and a packaged app. I've installed both, but only the extension is able to use the authentication cookie. Thus the packaged app is not suitable if you want to test service which require authentication.
    Regards, Mathias
    Message was edited by: Mathias Boettcher

  • My experience in Toshibas product and customer services

    Just a warning to people who may be considering purchasing a Qosmio based on my own experiences and the research I have done in the last week.
    Toshibas customer service is simply not what it once was and there are 100s of reports of Qosmios of all generations suffering extreme issues just outside of warranty periods.
    Ref: Toshiba Qosmio X500-149, Support call reference ********
    I am writing to express my frustration, anger and disappointment in Toshibas product and customer services.
    I am a Freelance Community Manager, Video Game and hardware reviewer in the video games industry presently looking after 2 communities for 2 employers totalling over 2.5m users, I travel to a lot of trade shows, expos and community meet and greets where I require a laptop suitable of showing the employers products which are usually AAA video games or editing video on the fly for publication to social networking sites.
    In January of 2011 my 4 year old Alienware hit that point where it really needed replaced, I opted for a Toshiba Qosmio over the Asus G73 as there was a 300 price difference for near identical spec.
    I managed to source a X500-149 at PCWorld the companies flagship model here in the UK paying 1499 for it on January 26th 2011 reduced from 1799.
    For the 1st 13 month this laptop performed admirably aside a design issue of the fan guards that I raised on the 16th May 2011 with PCWorld where the heat expelled causes the rear guard plastics to become exceptionally brittle and crack. I evangelised the product to anyone who asked me what laptop and model it was that was running these AAA games in such great detail, something I certainly won't be doing in future.
    In early March 2012 it then began randomly locking up requiring a hard reboot this would then suffer issues restarting, reporting Operating system could not be found this would usually point to a fault on the primary HD, disk checking software however reported no errors but this continued to happen which would lead me to suspect the motherboard.
    Within a month of this problem starting the left laptop fan began making a horrible screeching noise and had a distinct wobble whenever high RPM's were required and the machine began to often go into thermal shut-down whilst performing my work duties and utilising graphics and higher than idle CPU.
    I decided on the 23rd April 2012 that enough was enough and I was going to speak to Toshiba as for this to happen to a flagship laptop that was only just out of warranty was simply unacceptable.
    23rd April called to report the issue and was basically told tough luck its out of warranty at this point I also updated my tel numbers with Toshiba as the info was outdated, after expressing my anger at this Toshiba agreed to offer me a extended warranty at a cost of 166.
    I was fuming to say the least Toshibas flagship laptop breaks at 14 month old and I am expected to stump up more money. If I was not desperate as the machine is critical to my work I would have returned the machine to PCWorld under the sales of goods act and it not being fit for purpose.
    As that course of action would likely lead to legal proceedings, engineer reports and even more delay than just dealing with Toshiba for a repair, against my better judgement I called back at 11am on 24th April paid the 166 and took Toshiba up on the warranty extension, order number ********** again having to provide correct tel numbers as where once again incorrect, immediately after I reported the faults.
    Toshiba Support centre on fault reporting where great noting each issue in detail and raised a collection with UPS for the following day.
    The evening of the 24th April whilst I was retrieving data from the laptop in preparation for factory resetting it the machine went into thermal shut-down with a very distinct smell of burning chemical/plastic coming from the rear vents.
    It took me over 90 minutes to get the machine cool enough to actually reboot and get my data after this I shut it back down and boxed it up not be used again.
    I thought the best course of action would be to report this as it was a fair step up from the previous overheating. Wednesday 25th April at around 9am I called Toshiba to report this and was advised this would have to be dealt with by a head office case manager, as the item had become hazardous thus the collection that would take the laptop to the service centre was cancelled.
    At this stage the advisor took my contact numbers again and escalated the case to head office advising at that time that I would be called by HO within 24 hrs.
    Thursday 26th April 15:31 Well past the 24 hr mark and no sign of a call so I called support again and spoke to a advisor called Jacob. Jacob advise that HO had indeed tried calling on 01670 ******* this number was my old number, this number was the number I had advised twice already was incorrect and had provided both a correct land-line and mobile number 3 times previously. To say I was annoyed was a understatement.
    Jacob attempted to contact Chloe Sontag who was looking after my case but the line just rang out so Jacob advised that he had sent an email asking for Chloe to contact myself.
    Friday came and still no contact by 15:00 so I called support who once again tried to patch me to Chloe who's number once again just rang out and again an email was sent asking to call me.
    No call by 17:30 so I called tech support again and spoke to Ian asking for head offices number so I could call them direct, Ian provided the number yet advised that HO are now closed.
    After expressing my frustration with this whole process and just how critical this machine is to my daily working life Ian promised to look into the case on Monday AM and try and expedite actually getting a phone call to at least start the process of having this laptop repaired.
    To say I'm annoyed is really a understatement not only has this failure to receive a simple phone call at least delayed the repair by almost a week but it is costing me more and money daily when I spent a large amount on what I imagined would be a great laptop for 3-4 years and believed Toshiba actually had good customer service in the event something did happen.
    My best guess is that Chloe is on holiday or is part time or such like as her phone just rings out and if that is the case then I would question why assign a case to her, if she isn't then I would want to know why after 2 additional mails advising that the customer is not happy and to contact them has there been no contact or are your case workers just so overworked with faulty products that they can't manage the workload ??
    So far Toshibas inability to produce a product that last as long as you expect it would has cost me 2 days off work that I am having to make up this weekend thus cancelling prior commitments, 166 extended warranty 600 for a HP laptop that I had to go and purchase yesterday 27th April 2012 to actually perform my work on and who knows how much in phone calls by the time this matter will finally be resolved.
    I was happy with Toshiba as a manufacturer and of course laptops can have issues however having now researched these issues far to many Qosmio X500 users report severe overheating just after the 12 month period or within it and many state that repair after repair has taken place but still to no avail, this on top of the cracking of the rear heat-sink guards has to be a design fault.
    This letter will not arrive with you before I have hopefully had a phone call and my laptop has at least been collected for repair, If I have not had that phone call then I would expect another letter very shortly.
    Why have I wrote this letter ? To express my disappointment with just how poor the durability of your flagship laptop is and also at just how poor your customer service are, 1500 is a lot of money in the PC purchasing scheme of things and to expect this quality of hardware and customer service is simply unacceptable.
    I expect the repair to be expedited and if like some of the horror storys I have read online parts required will take 4 weeks + then I would expect a replacement laptop, not everyone uses these things for entertainment and whilst the HP I had to rush out and buy with money I didn't really have available can allow me to perform my core duties to the minimum it cannot allow me to perform my duties to my standards, my employers standards or my expectant communities standards.
    This has been a really unfortunate series of events as I had been considering the X870 Ivy Bridge based on the Nvidia 670m Qosmio which would release soon and passing this X500 onto my partner but after these events and the fact that the HP laptop had to come out of the money saved for it then I can categorically state that will not be the case and I will instead opt for the Asus G55 or G75.
    If this issue cannot be resolved to a satisfactory manner then I will have no option but to seek an independent engineers report as well as printing the myriad of similar reports of these issues on the internet and return the item to PCWorld.
    In line with the sale of goods act 1979 a large electrical item has to be of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose for a period of 6 years whilst I wouldn't expect the full 6 years from a laptop I would expect at least 3-4 year especially considering that this is a near 2000 flagship model not a 200 budget model.
    This is a action I really do not want to take as it will likely end in small claims court against PCWorld a company that on this occasion has done nothing wrong, I do not believe in punishing those who are not at fault so its a action I really wouldn't be happy with and I'm sure PCWorld one of if not the largest vendor of Toshiba products when you incorporate the rest of the DSG group wouldn't be too pleased with it either.

    So I received my laptop back today after having fans replaced and a good clean as well as the top cover replaced.
    Opened the box and took the laptop out 1st thing I noticed was a screw rattling around inside, SIGH!!!!
    Plugged the laptop in and attempted to boot it at this point it just cycle through finalisation of windows install and shutdown.
    How could a laptop have been tested if it didn't even have windows installed ?
    An hour later and I gave up unplugged it and lo and behold it actually booted when on battery only.
    I then noticed that the SSD was full, oh wait no it wasn't the head office engineer in his infinite wisdom decided that partitioning a 64GB SSD to 2 drives barely even leaving enough for Windows on the C: and wait for it putting the HDD recovery on the second partition was a good course of action.
    So a completely borked install and a screw floating around inside remind me how this particular engineer has a job ??
    I spent the next 15 minutes just moving data around and creating and deleting partiitions to fix this mess up.
    Grabbed HWMonitor to check temps and at an idle 50c on CPU and 36c on GPU they didn't look too bad,
    Installed the Toshiba recommended Nvidia driver a driver I hasten to add that was released in 2010 as Toshiba have not updated the drivers for their flagship series laptop since then, They are happy to take your 1643 that the unit cost but then don't expect support for it.
    Anyway that aside I then installed 1 of the games I work on and began to run the machine through our benchmark software wooooosh the temps shot up to 90c+ on both CPU and GPU and remained at this temp for the duration of the benchmark never quite triggering thermal shutdown, I then loaded into a warzone for further testing and sure enough half way through it the machine shut down due to thermal shutdown.
    I then uninstalled the toshiba driver and tried a NVidia one sure enough as others have advised actual Nvidia drivers seem worse and thermal shutdown came so much earlier.
    I have been to PCWorld today to begin proceedings of returning outside of warranty due to not being fit for purpose or of suitable quality. This is costing me a further 60 and at least 2 weeks more without a proper machine and will likely result in me getting about 1300 back from PCWorld.
    So lets do the math on just what this will have cost me by the time its finished.
    1634 Original purchase
    166 Extended Warranty
    600 Backup Laptop whilst this was away for a month
    60 outside of warranty assessment
    50 phone calls
    I will probably receive 1300 back but then 1300 doenst buy me the spec I need for work so I will have to pull out another 300-400 for the required spec so lets add that to the original figures.
    A Toshiba Qosmio, Toshibas flagship laptop will have cost me in total 2910 almost double its actual retail price.
    I will NEVER buy a Toshiba product again and it will become my lifes mission to let everyone know just how terrible they are.

  • SEGW : Copy Project vs Redefine(OData Service)

    Dear Friends,
    This is regarding the differences between various modeling approaches in SEGW
    1. An Existing Project ( and Technical Service , say, Parent 1.0 ) is live
    2. A new Project ( and Technical Service , say, Child 1.0) is to be implemented.
    What is the real difference between
    (A) ... copying the existing project "Parent" to  "Child" and publishing the Technical service as "Child 1.0"
    (B) ...copying the existing project "Parent" to  "Child" and publishing the Technical service as "Parent 2.0"
    (C) ...Redefining the "Parent 1.0" in a new project "Child" and "Overwrite Base/Extend the Service" ...which publishes the Technical Service as "Parent 1.0"
    (D) ...Redefining the "Parent 1.0" in a new project "Child" ..without "Overwrite Base/Extend the Service" .. and publish the Technical Service as "Child 1.0"
    In other words, what really is the idea of "Redefine >OData Service (GW)" ...( with / without "Overwrite Base/Extend the Service" )
    Many thanks for your patience

    Hi Suresh,
    by copying the project you create a complete independent new project, which does not have any relation to the original project. The runtime objects (model provider classes and data provider classes) are independent from those of the first project.
    By redefining the project you can select which entities and which associations you want to use in your child project. Those redefined objects can't be changed in the child project, you only can redefine names and labels. On the other hand if you change any of the redefined object attributes in the parent project the changes will also be available in the child project.
    And the data provider class of the child project inherits from the one of the parent project.
    So you have a real parent-child relationship.
    Redefining with option "Extend" means to add objects of the parent project, which haven't been redefined before.
    Redefining with option "Overwrite" means to redo the redefinition. All redefinitions done earlier will be overwritten. Objects which had been redefined before, but are not selected in the new redefinition will be deleted from the child project.
    Hope that makes it a little bit clearer.

  • Error while consuming Odata service from Gateway client i.e /iwfnd/gw_client

    Hello Experts.
       I am facing below an error while consuming the Odata service from GW client... The error is "No service found for the namespace /IWFND/,name ZTEST_STOREROOM_SRV,version 001". Even i have tried to deep dive in /IWFND/Error_log but no use..
      Actually what I was doing :- My aim is to connect multiple back end systems in the same server with the help of Aliasing concept.. I have created multiple aliases and added in the /IWFND/MAINT_Service transaction.. but i am not getting how to consume the service..
       I have followed the solution upto some extent in the link => Multiple Origin Composition - SAP NetWeaver Gateway Foundation (SAP_GWFND) - SAP Library
      Can you please let me know how to resolve this.. Also please let me know, the syntax for the URI...
      Your help is highly appreciated..
      Please find the screenshot attached.

    Hello @Nrisimhanadh_Yandamuri
      Thanks for your reply..
      I have got all the required authorization.. But still I am not able to hit the service.. Please let me know what could be the solution..

  • Getting Error while accessing the data using odata service

    Hi All,
    Iam new to SAP FIORI. 
    Iam getting the below error while accessing the data using odata service.
    "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not found)"
    "No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin "
    i have tried all the solutions like changing the url pattern "proxy/htttp".
    and disabled - security in chrome (Chrome is Updated version).
    i tried with IE still got the same problem.
    And installed all the required software in eclipse
    While installing GWPA plugin i got the following error.
    let me know if any one have idea.
    Thanks in advance.

    > Do you want to add and/or update the data in the already existing tables or do you want to replace the content completely?
    > so in that way :
    > bot the options are fine what ever take less time.
    Sorry mate, but YOU have to know what you want here.
    I gave you an easy to follow set of steps.
    As you don't seam to mind the outcome, just might just use them...
    > I wanted to know weathe i can use the  loadercli for thie export import or not? if yes then is there any new steps to do before i do the export import?
    We had this discussion before...
    > For that the easiest option would be just to drop the tables of SAPR3 and run the import again.
    > For ease of use you could also just do:
    > - logon as superdba
    > - drop user SAPR3
    > - create user SAPR3 password SOMEPW not exclusive dba
    > After these steps you can easily pump the data into the database again.
    > So here in th above given steps , i am creating a new SAPR3 user and why it is not exclusive dba ?
    >  i already have that user SAPR3 can i use the same.
    Yes, you do have the SAPR3 user.
    But you don't seem to like to read documentation or learn about how the tools work or anything like that.
    Therefore I gave you s simple way to reach your goal.
    Of course it's possible to reuse the user.
    But then you would have to deal with already existing tables, already existing data etc.
    You don't seem to be able to do that. So, the easy steps might be better suited for your needs.

  • Anyone been able to get the control working with a Gateway OData service?

    I have been trying to get the control working with an OData Gateway service, specifically /IWPGW/TASKPROCESSING which is the service used by both Fiori Approve Requests and the Unified Inbox.
    I have looked at the sample application in the Explored at SAPUI5 Explored
    I have managed to replicate that and get it to work, but as soon as I switch it from a JSONModel to an ODataModel I get javascript errors from within the setModel method of the control. I have redefined that method and corrected the errors, which enables me to get a bit further, but then I hit more errors, and other strange behaviour.
    Either I am doing something completely wrong, or to me it appears as if this control is still extremely buggy and maybe either not designed to work with an ODataModel, or just hasn't been tested using an ODataModel. I'm hoping it is my mistake.
    So has anybody out there successfully managed to use this control connecting it to a Gateway OData service? If so please share your experience.

    Hi Pauline,
    Same issue I had, I switched to using a sap.m.list and handling the press as follows:
    attachmentsList.bindItems(workItemPath + "/Attachments", new sap.m.StandardListItem({
                               type: sap.m.ListType.Active,
                               title: "{FileName}",
                               description: "{CreatedByName}",
                               icon: "sap-icon://doc-attachment",
    //                         counter: "{FileSize}",
                          info: {path : "CreatedAt", formatter: dateTimeFormatter},
                          tap: function(oEvent){
                                var oContext = oEvent.getSource().getBindingContext();
                                var media_src = oContext.getProperty().__metadata.media_src;
                                sap.m.URLHelper.redirect(media_src, true);
                        }), new sap.ui.model.Sorter("CreatedAt", true));
    So sap.m.URLHelper.redirect(media_src, true); is what loads the attachment.
    See the full function handler:
                  var oContext = oEvent.getSource().getBindingContext();
                  var media_src = oContext.getProperty().__metadata.media_src;
            sap.m.URLHelper.redirect(media_src, true);
    This should be enough if you only want to list and display the attachments, then you don't really need the FileUploader control as that is more advanced and handles upload, display, change and deletion of files.
    I only needed to upload and display files, so I used a list to display it and created a separate upload button using the sap.ui.unified.FileUploader control.
    Hope that helps.

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