Cnsuming Lightswitch Odata service in c# winform to perform crud Operations

I have created light switch html application which is having  sql as datasource.
I want to consume the Odataservices that will be created from light switch in c# winforms to perform crud operations .
Can any one help me how to handled crud operations.
Thanks and regards

I found:
and a bunch more when I googled "windows forms consuming lightswitch odata"
These are REST services
If you google "windows forms consuming rest services" there are a stack more hits.
I would recommend you create a "proper" wcf data service rather than using a lightswitch one.
Hope that helps.
Recent Technet articles: Property List Editing;
Dynamic XAML

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  • How to perform CRUD operations on joined tables created with Fluent API on Azure Mobile Services?

    I've been following the
    Field Engineer example project from the Windows Development Center to guide into mapping many-to-many relationships on my model. What's been bothering me is how to insert entries into many-to-many relationships.
    Take my model as example:
    An Organization can have many Users.
    An User can belong to many Organizations.
    My model class for User looks like this:
    public class User
    public User()
    this.Organizations = new HashSet<Organization>();
    public int Id { get; set; }
    public string Email { get; set; }
    public string Password { get; set; }
    public string PasswordSalt { get; set; }
    public string FirstName { get; set; }
    public string LastName { get; set; }
    public bool Active { get; set; }
    public string Picture { get; set; }
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    public virtual ICollection<Organization> Organizations { get; set; }
    My UserDTO class is this:
    public class UserDTO : EntityData
    public string Email { get; set; }
    public string Password { get; set; }
    public string PasswordSalt { get; set; }
    public string FirstName { get; set; }
    public string LastName { get; set; }
    public bool Active { get; set; }
    public string Picture { get; set; }
    public string PictureMimeType { get; set; }
    public bool Confirmed { get; set; }
    public string ConfirmationKey { get; set; }
    My Organization class:
    public class Organization
    public Organization()
    this.Users = new List<User>();
    public string Id { get; set; }
    public string Title { get; set; }
    public string LegalName { get; set; }
    public string TaxReference { get; set; }
    public virtual ICollection<User> Users { get; set; }
    My OrganizationDTO class:
    public class OrganizationDTO : EntityData
    public string Title { get; set; }
    public string LegalName { get; set; }
    public string TaxReference { get; set; }
    public virtual ICollection<UserDTO> Users { get; set; }
    With those classes in mind I created the controller classes, I mapped the DTO and the Model classes using AutoMapper as follows:
    cfg.CreateMap<Organization, OrganizationDTO>()
    .ForMember(organizationDTO => organizationDTO.Id,
    map => map.MapFrom(organization => MySqlFuncs.LTRIM(MySqlFuncs.StringConvert(organization.Id))))
    .ForMember(organizationDTO => organizationDTO.Users,
    map => map.MapFrom(organization => organization.Users));
    cfg.CreateMap<OrganizationDTO, Organization>()
    .ForMember(organization => organization.Id,
    map => map.MapFrom(organizationDTO => MySqlFuncs.LongParse(organizationDTO.Id)))
    .ForMember(organization => organization.Users,
    map => map.Ignore());
    Using Fluent API, I defined the relationship between these two entities using an EntityTypeConfiguration class like this:
    public class UserEntityConfiguration : EntityTypeConfiguration<User>
    public UserEntityConfiguration()
    this.Property(u => u.Id).HasDatabaseGeneratedOption(DatabaseGeneratedOption.Identity);
    this.HasMany<Organization>(u => u.Organizations).WithMany(o => o.Users).Map(uo =>
    I created a TableController class to handle UserDTO and OrganizationDTO, I have no problem inserting new Users or new Organizations, but the endpoints from each TableController class only allows me to add Users or Organizations individually as far as I understand.
    To create an entry into the OrganizationsUser table, how can I achieve this?
    I was thinking a PATCH request should be a way to do this, but is it the right way? Do I have to define a TableController for this? How can I expose the Insert, Update, Select and Delete operation for the elements in this relationship? What would be the JSON
    to be sent to the endpoints?

    if you accept lists to hold the LOV data, then here is an example : --> sample 70

  • SEGW : Copy Project vs Redefine(OData Service)

    Dear Friends,
    This is regarding the differences between various modeling approaches in SEGW
    1. An Existing Project ( and Technical Service , say, Parent 1.0 ) is live
    2. A new Project ( and Technical Service , say, Child 1.0) is to be implemented.
    What is the real difference between
    (A) ... copying the existing project "Parent" to  "Child" and publishing the Technical service as "Child 1.0"
    (B) ...copying the existing project "Parent" to  "Child" and publishing the Technical service as "Parent 2.0"
    (C) ...Redefining the "Parent 1.0" in a new project "Child" and "Overwrite Base/Extend the Service" ...which publishes the Technical Service as "Parent 1.0"
    (D) ...Redefining the "Parent 1.0" in a new project "Child" ..without "Overwrite Base/Extend the Service" .. and publish the Technical Service as "Child 1.0"
    In other words, what really is the idea of "Redefine >OData Service (GW)" ...( with / without "Overwrite Base/Extend the Service" )
    Many thanks for your patience

    Hi Suresh,
    by copying the project you create a complete independent new project, which does not have any relation to the original project. The runtime objects (model provider classes and data provider classes) are independent from those of the first project.
    By redefining the project you can select which entities and which associations you want to use in your child project. Those redefined objects can't be changed in the child project, you only can redefine names and labels. On the other hand if you change any of the redefined object attributes in the parent project the changes will also be available in the child project.
    And the data provider class of the child project inherits from the one of the parent project.
    So you have a real parent-child relationship.
    Redefining with option "Extend" means to add objects of the parent project, which haven't been redefined before.
    Redefining with option "Overwrite" means to redo the redefinition. All redefinitions done earlier will be overwritten. Objects which had been redefined before, but are not selected in the new redefinition will be deleted from the child project.
    Hope that makes it a little bit clearer.

  • Error while running an Odata service in Advanced Rest Client

    Hi Experts,
    We have created one simple OData model (using Integration gateway) with datasource as SOAP web service. We are able to test the SOAP Web service in STORM tool and getting desired response. But when we run the converted OData URL in Advanced REST Client we are getting the following exceptions/errors.
    Could not send message
    Also, while looking at SMP3 server log, we came across below error logs: failed to serve request for URI http://<ip>:8080/gateway/odata/sap/REL2;v=1/GetUserDets(Applid='****',Applpwd='****',Fund='***',Userid='****.***',Password='***@1234'), message = Could not instantiate data provider based on class null | java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null
    Any help?

    Jitendra Kansal
    After updating my DB and do the ODATA service after completion of that hit the server in chrome it shows error like
    <error xmlns="">
    <message xml:lang="en"> 
    Could not instantiate data provider based on class null
    expet that service i did another one it is working fine using the same server with out set the proxy

  • Error while consuming Odata service from Gateway client i.e /iwfnd/gw_client

    Hello Experts.
       I am facing below an error while consuming the Odata service from GW client... The error is "No service found for the namespace /IWFND/,name ZTEST_STOREROOM_SRV,version 001". Even i have tried to deep dive in /IWFND/Error_log but no use..
      Actually what I was doing :- My aim is to connect multiple back end systems in the same server with the help of Aliasing concept.. I have created multiple aliases and added in the /IWFND/MAINT_Service transaction.. but i am not getting how to consume the service..
       I have followed the solution upto some extent in the link => Multiple Origin Composition - SAP NetWeaver Gateway Foundation (SAP_GWFND) - SAP Library
      Can you please let me know how to resolve this.. Also please let me know, the syntax for the URI...
      Your help is highly appreciated..
      Please find the screenshot attached.

    Hello @Nrisimhanadh_Yandamuri
      Thanks for your reply..
      I have got all the required authorization.. But still I am not able to hit the service.. Please let me know what could be the solution..

  • Getting Error while accessing the data using odata service

    Hi All,
    Iam new to SAP FIORI. 
    Iam getting the below error while accessing the data using odata service.
    "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not found)"
    "No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin "
    i have tried all the solutions like changing the url pattern "proxy/htttp".
    and disabled - security in chrome (Chrome is Updated version).
    i tried with IE still got the same problem.
    And installed all the required software in eclipse
    While installing GWPA plugin i got the following error.
    let me know if any one have idea.
    Thanks in advance.

    > Do you want to add and/or update the data in the already existing tables or do you want to replace the content completely?
    > so in that way :
    > bot the options are fine what ever take less time.
    Sorry mate, but YOU have to know what you want here.
    I gave you an easy to follow set of steps.
    As you don't seam to mind the outcome, just might just use them...
    > I wanted to know weathe i can use the  loadercli for thie export import or not? if yes then is there any new steps to do before i do the export import?
    We had this discussion before...
    > For that the easiest option would be just to drop the tables of SAPR3 and run the import again.
    > For ease of use you could also just do:
    > - logon as superdba
    > - drop user SAPR3
    > - create user SAPR3 password SOMEPW not exclusive dba
    > After these steps you can easily pump the data into the database again.
    > So here in th above given steps , i am creating a new SAPR3 user and why it is not exclusive dba ?
    >  i already have that user SAPR3 can i use the same.
    Yes, you do have the SAPR3 user.
    But you don't seem to like to read documentation or learn about how the tools work or anything like that.
    Therefore I gave you s simple way to reach your goal.
    Of course it's possible to reuse the user.
    But then you would have to deal with already existing tables, already existing data etc.
    You don't seem to be able to do that. So, the easy steps might be better suited for your needs.

  • Anyone been able to get the control working with a Gateway OData service?

    I have been trying to get the control working with an OData Gateway service, specifically /IWPGW/TASKPROCESSING which is the service used by both Fiori Approve Requests and the Unified Inbox.
    I have looked at the sample application in the Explored at SAPUI5 Explored
    I have managed to replicate that and get it to work, but as soon as I switch it from a JSONModel to an ODataModel I get javascript errors from within the setModel method of the control. I have redefined that method and corrected the errors, which enables me to get a bit further, but then I hit more errors, and other strange behaviour.
    Either I am doing something completely wrong, or to me it appears as if this control is still extremely buggy and maybe either not designed to work with an ODataModel, or just hasn't been tested using an ODataModel. I'm hoping it is my mistake.
    So has anybody out there successfully managed to use this control connecting it to a Gateway OData service? If so please share your experience.

    Hi Pauline,
    Same issue I had, I switched to using a sap.m.list and handling the press as follows:
    attachmentsList.bindItems(workItemPath + "/Attachments", new sap.m.StandardListItem({
                               type: sap.m.ListType.Active,
                               title: "{FileName}",
                               description: "{CreatedByName}",
                               icon: "sap-icon://doc-attachment",
    //                         counter: "{FileSize}",
                          info: {path : "CreatedAt", formatter: dateTimeFormatter},
                          tap: function(oEvent){
                                var oContext = oEvent.getSource().getBindingContext();
                                var media_src = oContext.getProperty().__metadata.media_src;
                                sap.m.URLHelper.redirect(media_src, true);
                        }), new sap.ui.model.Sorter("CreatedAt", true));
    So sap.m.URLHelper.redirect(media_src, true); is what loads the attachment.
    See the full function handler:
                  var oContext = oEvent.getSource().getBindingContext();
                  var media_src = oContext.getProperty().__metadata.media_src;
            sap.m.URLHelper.redirect(media_src, true);
    This should be enough if you only want to list and display the attachments, then you don't really need the FileUploader control as that is more advanced and handles upload, display, change and deletion of files.
    I only needed to upload and display files, so I used a list to display it and created a separate upload button using the sap.ui.unified.FileUploader control.
    Hope that helps.

  • Unable to parse the OData service in JSON

    Need to parse the OData Service in JSON format.Able to successfully get Service and MetaData documents. After that, when try to parse OData service returning response in JSON.
    Below  code is throwing exception.
    Server Used:SMP3.0
    Service Used:$format=json
    Code Snippet:
       @try {
          ODataCollection *collc = [[self.serviceDocument getSchema] getCollectionByName:_srvcInfo.serviceEntityName];
          ODataEntitySchema *schema = [collc getEntitySchema];
          //Instantiate parser for Carrier entity
         ODataDataParser *dataParser=[[ODataDataParser alloc] initWithEntitySchema:schemaandServiceDocument:self.serviceDocument];
          //Parses a feed or an entry xml or json
          [dataParser parse:entriesData];
          results = dataParser.entries;
      @catch(NSException *e) {
          NSLog(@"Exception:%@, %@", e.description, e.debugDescription);
    -[__NSCFArray objectForKey:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance
    However Service Used:$format=json. Not
    throwing any exception, but dataParser.entries is returning 0 objects
    Please let us know, is the same API is used for parsing JSON.
    What can be the reason of issue and what are possible resolution.

    My expert area is not IOS but you can check this IOS Odata development tutorial that might help you,Getting started with SMP3 Native OData iOS apps
    Midhun VP

  • Consume OData service in SUP 2.1.3

    How to consume of OData service in SUP 2.1.3 for creating MBO for HWC?
    Our OData service is having mandatory filters which needs to be passed.
    http://xxx:8000/sap/opu/odata/sap/Z_TEST_V2_SRV/Entity_Set_Name/?$filter=Filter1 eq 'value1'and Filter2 eq 'value2'
    So, while creating XSD from XML should we need to use the above URL or http://xxx:8000/sap/opu/odata/sap/Z_TEST_V2_SRV/?$format=xml
    If we are using http://xxx:8000/sap/opu/odata/sap/Z_TEST_V2_SRV/?$format=xml and convert it in XSD then we are not able to see FEED in the MBO creation.
    Also, if we are using http://xxx:8000/sap/opu/odata/sap/Z_TEST_V2_SRV/Entity_Set_Name/?$filter=Filter1 eq 'value1'and Filter2 eq 'value2' and convert it into XSD then we are able to see the FEED in MBO creation but while choosing the fields it is throwing us java.lang.nullpointer exception.
    Can anyone explain us the solution for the problem?

    Is there a particular reason why SUP 2.1.3 is used and not the latest 2.3.4?  It is recommended to move to the most recent version if possible/new project.
    For HWC consuming OData service, you can connect directly from your JavaScript without using MBOs.  Please take a look at this link:
    Develop OData-based Hybrid Apps

  • BPM ODATA Service to start process

    Can any one help how to use BPM Odata service to start process?

    try the following two blogs:
    The specified item was not found.
    Working with SAP NW BPM and SAPUI5: Using SAP NW BPMs OData-Services
    Best regards,

  • Binding to Odata Service with Input Parameters from HANA

    I'm developing a UI5 application that consumes a SAP HANA OData service to search a database (using fuzzy search). This service receives an Input Parameter, used to query the database.
    So every time the user searches for something I build a new binding path and refresh the model to show the search results in the sap.m.List.
    The Model:
    var hanaModel =  new sap.ui.model.odata.ODataModel("…/services/seed.xsodata");
    The search event handler from sap.m.SearchField:
    var listBinding = this.getView().byId("list").getBinding("items");
    listBinding.sPath = "/FoodstuffByNameValuesParameters(P_NAME='" + searchString + "')/Results";
    My question is if this is the correct approach to create the model and bind the list when we have a service with an Input Parameter, or if there is a better way to do it.
    (This approach is actually working).

    i would do
    var       filter = [];
    var selectFilter = new sap.ui.model.Filter("name", sap.ui.model.FilterOperator.Contains, sVal);
    listBinding .filter(filter);

  • SUP 2.1.3 MBO creation using ODATA service

    Hi All,
    I am using SUP 2.1.3 and trying to consume OData service created using SEGW transaction on gateway. following an older document i moved ahead by creating XSD files from the XML file.
    But,after uploading the XSD file , i chose the root element as 'feed' .
    After this , one XSLT file is generated automatically.
    But , when I click the XSLT file to edit , it shows error saying  'java.lang.NullPointerException' .
    I have to follow the methodology of creating MBO's using OData service and then deploying it on server.
    Please help me to move ahead with ODATA service in SUP 2.1.3 version. 
    Appreciate your quick help and assistance on this.

    If i ignore the Null exception error and move ahead with the XSLT format and preview the data source i receive the below error:
    Execution failed: HTTP status code is [401], expected [200]; response body is [<html><head><title>Logon Error Message</title><META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8"><style type="text/css">body { font-family:tahoma,helvetica,sans-serif;color:#333333;background-color:#FFFFFF; }td { font-family:tahoma,helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:70%;color:#333333; }h1 { font-family:tahoma,helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:160%;font-weight:bold;margin-top:15px;margin-bottom:3px;color:#003366; }h2 { font-family:verdana,helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:120%;font-style:italic;font-weight:bold;margin-top:6px;margin-bottom:6px;color:#999900; }p { font-family:tahoma,helvetica,sans-serif;color:#333333;margin-top:4px;margin-bottom:4px; }ul { font-family:tahoma,helvetica,sans-serif;color:#333333;list-style-type:square;margin-top:8px;margin-bottom:8px; }li { font-family:tahoma,helvetica,sans-serif;color:#33333;margin-top:4px; }.emphasize { color:#333333;background-color:#C8E3FF;padding:5px;}.note { color:#CC6600; }a { font-family:tahoma,helvetica,sans-serif;text-decoration:underline;color:#336699; }a:visited { color:#001166; }a:hover { text-decoration:none; }</style></head><body><table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%"><tr><td><h1>Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen</h1><br><h2>Was ist passiert ?</h2><p>Der Aufruf der URL wurde aufgrund fehlerhafter Anmeldedaten abgebrochen.</p></td></tr><tr><td> </td></tr><tr><td class="emphasize"><strong>Hinweis</strong><br>Die Anmeldung wurde im System GWD ausgeführt. Hierbei wurden keine Anmeldedaten bereitgestellt.</td></tr><tr><td> </td></tr><tr><td><p>  </p><h2>Was können Sie tun ?</h2><ul><li> Falls Sie noch über keine Benutzerkennung verfügen, so wenden Sie sich an Ihren Systemadministrator. </li></ul></br><p class="note">Fehlercode: ICF-LE-http-c:001-l:-T:-C:6-U:-P:-L:6-X:CBC8A013038D1EE486AE76E3D8B54E1D_CBC8A013038D1EE486AE76E3D3D34E1D_1-x:B77319E4C51EF1AFAE1DCBC8A013038D</p></br><p> HTTP 401 - Unauthorized</br><p> Ihr SAP Internet Communication Framework Team</p></td></tr></table></body></html>
    Please let me know if anyone has worked on ODATA+MBO+SUP2.1.3. I know this is not the recommended approach but i have to follow this scenario and i know it can be achieved through this approach. JUst need your assistance experts.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Query options for OData service

    I am able to  create an OData service and using SDK, I am able to read the data from the connected database. Now I have to fetch data based on queries. I mean from the database table I have to fetch subset of data based on conditions. I have checked the documnetations
    Other than setting up the Netweaver gateway, is it possible to achieve it through  GWPA(eclipse plugin). I am using the kepler version of eclipse. Could you please share the documents related to this topic?

    Hi Jitendra,
    I have developed ios/android applications using SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.0 SP06.
    1) MAFLogin is successful
    2) Store initialize is successful
    Now I have to fetch subset of data from the database table based on some conditions.
    Could you please help to clarify the below queries?
    1) Is it possible using eclipse plugins?
    2)  Can we achieve this feature only through Functional import feature using SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder?

  • How to use Alias name in OData service in SAP HANA

         I need to change one column name with alias of another name in odata service definition or odata url running in rest client. I am trying to give alias name with as key in the service definition like sql query.
    There is one table with column name of PRODUCT_ID. I exporting that table via odata service to SAP UI. In the UI i dont want the product id column as PRODUCT_ID. It should be ike "Prodcut". Like we are using in SQL example
    select "PRODUCT_ID" as "Product" from "producttab";
    But i can't use as key for alias name. So i am getting syntax error.
    I have tried in rest client also ie executing odata file in rest based service. But i got error only.
    If anyone knows about this alias name in odata service, Please help me to resolve this issue..

    Hi Thomas
         Thanks for your reply.
         Actually in odata service definition i am using attribute and calculation views only. But in some case from the model view itself i need to use some alias names to the UI through odata service.
         For example in attribute view i have some columns with name col1,col2... I am getting those columns in UI using  odata service, for particular col2 column i need to change column name as product. And i am using the same view as source of another odata service in that service i need to change that column name as productname.
         In that case i need alias name usage. So that only i am searching alias keyword in odata service.
         Is there any possibility to use alias names in odata service.

  • Odata Service For Employee Information

    Hi Everyone,
    I want to call the odata service related to employee profile. But unable to find that service in my sap system.
    Can anybody tell me the name of the odata service which need to call from the gateway or from where I will get the name of the odata service related to employee information?

    Hi Soumya,
    getting bad request means your URI is not correct. try with
    let me know if you get any specific error with above query.
    how can I connect to the HR system with GW? Is that can be done by using GW?
    it depends if you will be getting employee details from SAP HR system which is separate from SAP NW GW or part of it. ie. based on your deployment scenarios( ) and accordingly confuguration should be in place
    you can also refer and

Maybe you are looking for

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