SAP Business Objects Explorer on top of SAP BW

Dear Experts,
My Requirement:
-  Use BO Explorer on top of SAP BW ( no HANA, no BIA ). This is to provide the users a set of related data and they can analyse the way they want.
- What should be the BW data volume that I should keep in mind for BO Explorer to have good performance. My concern is primarily because we don't use BIA or HANA.
- Can BO Explorer directly connect to a BW Infocube/Multiprovider or it has to connect only through Universes

I will suggest you Go for SAP Business Objects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office,ity can connect bex query directly & Bw/Infocubes also.
Regarding Performance we can do In BI Itself depends on Business needs,: modelling , extraction, reporting 3 levels in BI .
For more info : Refer Below :
FAQs for SAP BusinessObjects Analysis

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  • BI Accelerator used in combination with SAP Business Objects Explorer

    Hi ,
    If you use SAP Netweaver BWA and SAP Business Objects Explorer Blade, do you only get the full benefit with using SAP BO Explorer, or will the same queries ran in BEx 7 Anaylser also benefit from the in memory OLAP processing?
    I'm guessing that the SAP BOE Blade will only benefit SAP BOE.
    It would be great if the current BWA had the ability to in-memory the OLAP part of the processing, as then it might be worth the hassle of getting it installed.

    May be the note : 1384526, could give you an insight.
    Regards, Hyma
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  • SAP Business Objects Explorer app Sybase SUP settings

    Hello Community,
    Is there a guide or a how to for setting up the SAP Business Objects Explorer application with Sybase Unwired Platform?
    I found a guide to setup the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile application but nothing for Explorer.
    Could someone please advise?
    Thank you

    Hi All,
              If SUP comes is introduced in the landscape then the whole licensing structure changes then when used where we directly connect to BI server from the SAP BI app instead of introducing the SUP in the landscape.So what will be advantages of using the SUP against when we compare the licensing part in both the system landscape with SUP and without SUP.Also if we directly use the app with the BI server then apps user license will also play some role ??.I am new to the Mobile BI division and so please forgive me if i have asked some silly question and also some starter links are welcomed.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Fenil Doshi.

  • Tutorials for starting with SAP Business Objects Explorer: Excel / Crystal

    we want to start with SAP Business Objects Explorer. I have been searching for tutorials for while without success.
    Are there any tutorials or documentation that shows how to work with excel-files as data source or how to upload Crystal reports files (.rpt) to the Explorer?
    Thanks in advance for helpful hints.
    Best regards,

    As far as I know the SAP BUsiness Explorer car retrieve data either from a universe or from the SAP BWA. So hat you should be looking for is information on how to set Excel files as data sources for universes.

  • SAP Business Objects Add-ins

    I have a computer with SAP Business Objects 4.1 SP2 and SAP PowerDesigner (4343).
    When I try to enable SAP BusinessObjects Add-ins I get the error message "Add-in SAP BusinessObjects license check failed".
    Anyone can help ?

    Hello Marc,
    As ex-Sybase customer, I wasn't aware about a version "Standard Edition" vs another one.  I just made a control about which version is installed.
    I made a control and I confirm the following elements:
    - It isn't PowerDesigner "Standard Edition"
    - Client platform is Windows 8.1
    - I noticed a problem with "gacutil.exe" during initial installation of version 16.5.
    - Associated license is "EnterpriseArchitect"'
    - I confirm I cannot activate several add-ins such as "SAP Business Objects", "SAP HANA" and "SAP ERP"
    - I see all add-ins mentioned before in PowerDesigner add-ins menu (General options)

  • SAP Business objects mobile on Android - No connections

    Dear All
    I have downloaded the SAP Business objects mobile app on my Android smartphone. The smartphone has a VPN connection to our company network.
    With the IPad I already managed to get a connection to our BO server and I am able to see our mobile reports (Webi+Dashboards).
    But other than on the IPad I am not able to see on the Android a connection to our BO server. I neither see the option to create a new connection. All I see is the 'SAP Analytics Gallery'.
    Is this the correct app or do I need any additional authorisations or any other downloads to be able to get a connection? 
    I hope you can help me.
    Best Regards
    Danya Liebig

    I think you've already logged into the Analytics gallery in your workflow.
    you need to go to the 3 dots/lines > (icon top right hand corner) > settings > application settings > Connections > new connection
    like this:

  • I have error while testing the system created from a sap business objects template in SAP portal

    I have error while testing the system created from a sap business objects template in SAP portal. Error text:
    com.sapportals.connector.connection.ConnectionFailedException: Connection Failed: A nested exception occurred. Could not initialize physical connection. Connection Failed: A nested exception occurred. Could not initialize physical connection. Connection Failed: A nested exception occurred. Could not create JCO connection. 'mshost' missing
    I configure integration SAP portal and SAP BW system. All system requirements are complied.
    SAP Business Objects 4.0
    SAP BW 7.31
    1.     I configure SSSO between SAP BW and SAP Business Objects Enterprise 4.0
    2.     Next I setting integration SAP PORTAL with SAP BW system
    3.     I download certificate from portal. Select Certificates and key (http://sapserver:port/nwa) – See scren_
    4.     In next window selected Ticketkeystore and Saplogonticketpair-cert( near part window form)
    5. Select Export entry button and binary format file certificate for download. Press download.
    6.     Save certificate file in local PC folder
    In next step need export certificate file to SAP system. Sequence of step:
    1.       Run STRUSTSS02 transaction .
    2.       Chose certificate ->import.
    3.       Select downloaded certificate file
    4.       Select Add to certificate list button and Add to ACL button
    5.       Inter System ID and Client(000)
    6.       In next I download iview sap business objects template into sap portal: System administration->transport->Import. And select and download sap business Objects iview template in .epa format into sap portal.
    7.       Result – downloaded iview.
    8.       In next step I create system from template. System administration->system landscape.
    9. In next step I input parameters for my system in Connector category, Sap business objects and user management categories: See screen _2
    10.   When I created the system and test the connection error occurred: See screen_3
    This issue is important enough. I would be grateful for opinions and ideas. Thanks in advance.

    Did you find a solution?

  • Error while connecting microsoft Excel to sap business objects

    I am trying to connect sap business objects to Microsoft Excel using Power Query add in but i am getting  Proxy time out connection error  when adding
    Credentials, As per the SAP documents i am using SAP Restful Web service URL when connecting to Business objects
    Details are as follows:
    Opearting System-:Windows 7
    SAP BO Platform-:BO 4.0 SP 6 (OS-Windows server 2008 R2)
    Excel Version-:Microsoft Excel 2013
    ADD IN-:Power Query
    Please check attach  Error Screen-Shot for Detail information

    please be aware that you need SAP BI 4.1 SP2 at least for using Power Query
    So maybe this error results in a non suported Environment.

  • SAP Business Objects Analysis for Office 1.4 on Microfost Office 64-Bit Version

    Has anyone installed SAP Business Objects Analysis for Office 1.4 SP6 on Microsoft Office (Excel) 64-Bit Version. I am getting message "The launcher was not able to connect Analysis Add-In. Make sure that Analysis Add-In is not disabled by Office Application".
    When I activated the Analysis Add-In, I am getting below Error: "Excel experienced a serious problem with the 'analysis' add-in." and it is forcing to disable the add-in and asking to check for if any update is available. It was working fine on 32-bit Excel version.

    Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for the response. It is working fine on 32-bit Office version (with OS 64-bit). I checked the compatibility (OSS 1466118 ) and it supports Microsoft 64-bit office version. Just wanted to see if anyone had successful installation.

  • Query on SAP Business Object and Content shipment..

    I know about SAP Business Suite... & SAP Business One... But what is :
    1. SAP Business Object and
    2. Content Shipment
    The definitions on the SAP Release & Maintenance Strategy and other docs on SDN were not too clear for my understanding. I want to know why are they used / where are they applied ? E.g: if you have a SAP BW system.. why would you need SAP BW Content ? where does it fit in the picture and what purpose does it serve...
    (PS: it would be great if someone can share the product / functionality details of their landscape where these systems are used, how does it benefit the business operations and any other purpose of having them... )

    Hi Ashim,
    If your client want it to be done in one database, then the answer is no if you do not have any add-on or SDK codes.  Most difficult part is authorization since I believe what you mean project here is not the same as project center in B1,
    If your client allow more than one database, then the configuration will be easy.

  • SAP Business Objects and SAP Business Objects PCM

    Hi all
    We want to know if is recommendable to have Business Objects and SAP Business Objects PCM installed in the same server, and if is necessary to have a special configuration of the services for both applications?
    Thanks in advance

    You can refer the below link for PCM Install guide:
    If you are looking for more info related to specific requirements then from the below link select BusinessObjects tab and select PCM category for more guides.

  • SAP Business Objects and IBM i White Paper available

    The "SAP Business Objects and IBM i" White Paper is available on IBM Techdocs under the follwing URL:
    The SAP Business Objects and IBM i white paper describes how the SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI server fits into an SAP on IBM i landscape. The paper provides detailed instructions showing how to integrate data sources located on an IBM i server with SAP Business Objects.
    Feel free to post your feedback and comments.
    Thanks and Regards,
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    Hi ,
       Please find these blogs by Ingo. This should help you.
    BusinessObjects and SAP - Installation and Configuration Part 1 of 4
    Install Part #1
    BusinessObjects and SAP - Installation and Configuration Part 2 of 4
    Install Part #2
    BusinessObjects and SAP - Installation and Configuration Part 3 of 4
    Install Part #3
    BusinessObjects and SAP - Installation and Configuration Part 4 of 4
    Install Part #4
    BusinessObjects and SAP - Configure SAP Authentication
    SAP Authentication
    BusinessObjects Integration with SAP NetWeaver BI - Technical Material

  • SAP Business Objects Data Services 3.2 - Homogenous System Copy

    Hi All,
    We have a SAP Business Objects Data Services 3.2.
    I wanted to know if it is possible do a homogenous system copy or any alternate procedure. I just need to perform this on a Development system and move all its content to a new Sandbox installation.
    Any info on this will be much useful.
    Jaianandh V

    you could extract an ATL File from DEV and import it to Sandbox.
    This can be done via the DS DEsigner. Please Check the DS Designer User Guide for more information.

  • SAP Business Objects Data Services (free) Trail version!

    Hello guys,
    I am trying to learn SAP Business Objects Data Services.
    After a long search, i couldn't find any (free) trail versions in sap website.
    Are there any free trail versions available for Data Services!!, if so please post the link!!
    Your help would be appreciated!

    hmmm... maybe 'recently' was back in Summer 2010 ? 
    if you are a small to medium enterprise, and are looking to buy,  take a look at our offerings over here:
    Else, if you are an existing customer, with an active support/maintenance agreement and license, please download your software from the marketplace here:

  • Regarding the SAP Business objects Server configuration

    Hi Experts ,
    I was newly entered in to SAP Business Objects .Kindly i am requesting can you please let me know the follwing details .
    1) Latest server configuration of the SAP Business Objects .
    2) Latest version of the Crystal reporting / Desktop Intelligance / Web Intelligance / Universe.
    3) And also if do you have any document releated to the server configuration of the SAP Business objects kindly can you aatch the mail.
    Thanks and Regards,

    The latest available version of the BO Server/Web Intelliggence /Dekstop Intelligence is XI 3.1 SP3 with FP 3.4.
    The latest available version of CR is CR 2008 SP3 with FP 3.4.
    You can find the latest documentation for Business Objects here:

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