SAP Scenario Testing

I understand that  SAP scenario are tested in Mercury software, any possible link or a website where i can find info on how to use mercury testing software for SAP

Mercury is a software which is only used to record and execute your test scenarios. Mercury will not interact with SAP and test it automatically. The test steps should be defined in Mercury manually and the test results should also be recorded then you may be able to execute.
The test results, time, process areas ...etc can be tracked by this.

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    Hi All,
    Please guide regarding SAP HR testing process and procedure for functional consultant.
    How the process go and what are the T codes applicable?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Satish
    Depending which all sub-modules of SAP HR HCM you have implemented and how many types of users you are having.
    Better thing will be to prepare a document to test all process with actual screenshots taken from system.
    Heading for the document will be like 1.Business scenario name 2. Transacation Code 3. Input Data test description and 4.Expected Behaviour 5. Actual Behaviour
    Lets take an generic scenario for OM,PA ,TM and PY .
    1.For OM you need to test whether end user is able to create Positions or not and if he can pull out all the standard reports.
    2. Test for PA40 all the actions configured and PA30 .
    3. If Time Mgmt is there whether End user is able to maintain his 0007 ,leaves and absence.
    4. Checking for payroll calculations like PF Deduction, ESI Deduction ,Third Party deductions ,payment made through 0014 and 0015 are reflecting correct in system and Payslip. Absences or LOP getting deducted  and Leave encashmentis bein paid from system.
    5. All standard reports pulled are giving desired results.
    Everything needs to be tested from a end user perspective.
    These all are generic things might help,better to post a specific question for issue are facing.

  • SAP-XI Test Server File path

    Hi all,
      I am accessing the SAP-XI test server(Web Server
    Provided by SAP). In this I am going to do FILE->IDOC
    Scenario. Now which File path  I want to mention in File
    Adaptor to place the Source XML file?

    Hi Khaja,
    If you are placing ur file in the server itself then u can mention the file path as given below:
    Here the D: indicates the drive where ur server is installed.
    Within the given path sender is a folder created to hold the input file.


    Hello friends
    Can any one tell how to get in to SAP software testing? Is there anythning seprate modiule or course provided by SAP ?

    Hi ,
    There could be n no, of scenarios.Its just not practically feasible to mention all of them here.
    I think you concerned with functional testing.Lets consider a basic end to end scenario integrated with MM to understand a basic flow.
    A typical scenario could be posting a raising a purchase requisition,releasing the same,then creating purchase order,releasing the same,creating goods receipt and and then invoice for quantity with GR done.Finally creating the invoice and checking during this the validation could be right G/L accounts,Cost centres,Profit centres, WBS elements are updated.
    Also need to check the vendor balances before and after clearing.We can validate the status of invoice and accounting documents.Apart we can always check the stock during this process.
    Please feel comfortable if this does not make thing cristal to you.
    Syed Abbas

  • SAP XI Testing Team

             Do any one working in SAP XI Testing. If any one please specify  me which Testing tools you were using to test the sap XI.

    Hi Amruthraj,
    You will not test SAP XI u will test the objects which are developed in XI.
    For Example:
    If it is file to file scenario
    1) u put the file at the required directory
    2) SXMB_MONI whether it is sucessful or not.
    3) U will check the file adapter in RWB whether its Communication channel is in green status or not?
    4)  and check whether file is created at the destination directory or not. U will check the message in
    These are the normal testing steps which is done.

  • Documentation on the SAP FICO testing

    Can any one provide me the Documentation on the SAP FICO testing. please its bit urgent.......
    thanks in advance

    The testing can be process testing and integration testing.  There is no documentation as such for the FICO testing.
    In the process testing, you can test each and every transaction within the FICO and in the integration testing you can test the End to End process like Procure to pay, Order to Cash etc.
    It is a good idea to plan the test scenarios that meets the business requirement in the first place.

  • SAP PP Testing Engineer

    Hi to all,
    Pls share me the duties & responsibility of SAP PP Testing Engineer in real time.
    Thanks With Regards,
    Dinesh Kumar V.

    HI Dinesh Kumar
    Your role of job will be like
    I will explain this with a simple scenario
    I your company you have a PP related issue you have raised ticked to the support partner company they have resolved the issue and will ask you to check the result.So you will be checking it with your current business process and report the working status.
    You may asked to test any new development,enhancement,customization related to PP and report it result and working status.


    Hello all
    I am a SAP Hr Functional consultant , recently working on a SAP Hr UAT Testing Project . if you have any information on SAP HR testing please forward it to my email address
    [email protected]
    Many Thanks

    My clients have recently finished configuration, and they want to go live . they ahve hired me to do testing on HR Reports, and are specific that i should be doing UAT Testing.
    Please give me more info on UAT testing in SAP Hr environment

  • Scenario Testing vs. Integration Testing

    I am really confused with all the Testing lingo. There are so many different types of testing. They all sound like one another. Can somebody please clarify for me the difference btwn scenario testing and integration testing. A definition of each with a brief explanation would be nice.
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            Alvaro Tejada Galindo

    Hi Ali,
    Testing is actually the process of exercising or evaluating a system or a system component by manual or automated means to verify that it satisfies specified requirements. It is the process of executing a program with the intent of locating errors.
    There are certain levels of testing as below:
    1) Unit Testing or Component Testing or White Box Testing or Scenario Testing
    2) Integration Testing or Interface Testing
    3) System Testing
    So, Scenario or Unit testing is taken care by the developer by executing the particular piece. Example is Developer wrote one program to display the list of vendors details. So, the developer tests whether the program is displaying the data correctly and in the correct format meeting the requirements.
    Integration testing is a logical extension of unit testing. In its simplest form, two units that have already been tested are combined into a component and the interface between them is tested. A component, in this sense, refers to an integrated aggregate of more than one unit. In a realistic scenario, many units are combined into components, which are in turn aggregated into even larger parts of the program. The idea is to test combinations of pieces and eventually expand the process to test your modules with those of other groups. Eventually all the modules making up a process are tested together.
    Integration testing (sometimes called Integration and Testing, abbreviated I&T) is the phase of software testing in which individual software modules are combined and tested together as a group.The purpose of integration testing is to verify functional, performance and reliability requirements placed on major design items.
    Example: A third party system sends vendor data file into our unix box. Our application program read the file and uploads the data and posts to different tables there by creating some document numbers.
    Hope this helps.
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  • New version of sapyto - SAP Penetration Testing Framework

    Hello list,
    I'm glad to let you know that a new version of sapyto, the SAP Penetration Testing Framework, is available.
    You can download it by accessing the following link:
    News in this version:
    This version is mainly a complete re-design of sapyto's core and architecture to support future releases. Some of the new features now available are:
    . Target configuration is now based on "connectors", which represent different ways to communicate with SAP services and components. This makes the
    framework extensible to handle new types of connections to SAP platforms.
    . Plugins are now divided in three categories:
         . Discovery: Try to discover new targets from the configured/already-discovered ones.
         . Audit: Perform some kind of vulnerability check over configured targets.
         . Exploit: Are used as proofs of concept for discovered vulnerabilities.
    . Exploit plugins now generate shells and/or sapytoAgent objects.
    . New plugins!: User account bruteforcing, client enumeration, SAProuter assessment, and more...
    . Plugin-developer interface drastically simplified and improved.
    . New command switches to allow the configuration of targets/scripts/output independently.
    . Installation process and general documentation improved.
    . Many (many) bugs fixed. :P

    Hi Mariano,
    Thanks for the update.
    We implemented secinfo restrictions 5 years ago, but used a rather complicated approach. We did some tests today (the "local" setting works okay so far) and will continue tomorrow.
    We now use the HOST and USER-HOST set to "local" and let the application security deal with who-can-do-what and this works quite well; though we have encountered some external 3rd party server programs in some cases. It seems to be popular amongst the business folks and some of the products use the gateway monitor to comunicate with the SAP system to find out when it has completed processing.
    I think this is a design error, but they of course think otherwise
    What was interesting to note, was that we locked ourselves out of an unprotected system. We changed the gw/monitor from 2 to 1 in a test. This worked. But then the gwmon cannot be used to change it back to 2! To we tried RZ11, and experienced the same. So we changed it to 0 in a test, and then 1 was blocked as well. This appears to be implemented in the kernel, as even hobbling the application coding does not help. The parameter is only dynamic when decreasing the value and increasing the security.
    We had to restart the whole system for the instance profile to take effect again. Rather noisy and a few developers could take an additional 10 minute coffee break as a result
    We are testing this on 3 different releases with different config:
    - 4.6C (46D)
    - 6.40
    - 7.00
    The different config relates to:
    - gw/sec_info
    - gw/monitor
    - auth/rfc_authority_check
    Our intention behind this is to improve baseline security and harden some special systems further.


    hi friends
    does anybody have any idea about the responsibilities of a

    check this it may help you.

  • SAP ABAP Tester

    Hello Friends,
                      Recently in got one requirement on SAP ABAP Tester. They didnt gave me any detailed explanation. what is role played by the abaper in this position? Can anyone have any documents relating to this...please post here. 

    may be they would give you test data for each program and ask you to test the programs accordingly and record the results

  • SAP SD Tester

    I would like to know about SAP SD Tester. I'm going for my first Project and need someone's expertise on this topic to explain me little bit about SAP SD.

    Hi Sunil,
    As Nisha rightly said - brush up basics.
    The primary job of SAP SD tester are :--
    01. To test the main functionality of the SAP_SD  work item / project.
    02. To carry out System Integration Testing ( SIT )
    03. To do performance testing with different load scenerios.
    04.To do integration testing and data flow  with NON-SAP systems.
    05.Suggest ways to improve code during design and testing phase.
    06. Support user acceptance test ( UAT )
    Hope this helps and revert if require further details.

  • ASCP Scenario Testing Scripts

    Hello! Group,
    We are in the process of starting the implementation of the ASCP Module 11.5.8. I was wondering if any one in the forum would be willing to share or guide me in creating a scenario testing script for the ASCP module to validate the functionalities.
    Any pointers regarding what to look for, what worked, what failed is also appreciated.

    There is no ready made solution to this. What you have to do is..
    a)what is the Proposed Process for the customer.List all the elemental details and it is Data input and its expected out put results. I give you one simple example.
    Assume that customer is using Resource Availability with Efficiency and utilization consideration. You need to validate the data input and data calculation on this.
    Like wise, you need to identify the each elemental activities that forms your proposed Process ; Based on that Propose the test scripts.How ever you can make to test all the functionality of the ASCP and infarct it may not work 100% as well.So go with Business Process and form the test scripts.
    thanking you,

  • SAP QTP testing tool

    Hi guys,
    Please any one help me, how SAP QTP testing tool working.

    Hi ,
    QTP is an Automation testing tool from HP. QTP requires SAP Add-in to automate SAP testing. Feel free to ask anything else to know ..
    Srinivas Reddy
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