Sender Mail Adapter Error: exception caught during processing mail message;

HI , I am configuring mail to file scenario. Need to read mail content (no need to capture From,TO or Subject details) and create a file with the content in the mail.
Need to read mails from microsoft outlook. Exchange server has been configured for POP3 protocol.
Following are the details provoding in sender mail adapter:
URL: provided url in the format: pop://<server name>
Authentication method: plain
provided user credinetions to access mails.
poll interval - 1min
content encoding none.
processing parameters : quality of service-exactly once
Since there is no need to capture From,TO or Subject details, didn't select the option - use mail package.
Verified for unread mails in the mail box and made sure that there are few unread mails.
Also, created data types and other components in IR and completed mapping.
But after starting sender mail communication channel, getting error "exception caught during processing mail message; java.lang.NullPointerException" in RWB-adapter-communication channel monitoring.
please let me know what needs to be done to resolve this error.

HI Stefan, i tried, but still it is giving same error. Yes, i am able to access outlook mail with the user credentials given in the communication channel to access exchange server.
I am using message protocol: xipayload . Also since i dont have to capture TO,from,subject details., created data type just with one element of type string, not in the standard format .Does this makes any difference.

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    I am getting the following error in CC monitoring for my sender mail adpater:
    exception caught during processing mail message; invalid IMAP status response; not finding * STATUS, but 001I NO The requested item could not be found.
    Please tell me how to resolve ?

    NOw when i changed the protocol from IMap to POP3 the error is
    exception caught during processing mail message[18]; Error during processing local bean: localejbs/AF_modules/MessageTransformBean caused by: Path to object does not exist at AF_modules, the whole lookup name is localejbs/AF_modules/MessageTransformBean.

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    Hello ,
              I developed a scenario which requires Sender mail Adapter to connect a Third party system to PI, by going thro the links .
    and PDFs in SDN.
    When configured the sender mail adapter using POP Mail Server,faced the following error:gave the correct URL and Login credentials.
    +" exception caught during processing mail message; unexpected user response; read -ERR Command is not valid in this state."+
    Then used IMAP for the same mail server : error:
    "exception caught during processing mail message; unexpected login response; read 001F BAD Command received in Invalid state."
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    Can you please help, what be the cause? how to rectify it?

    There might be an connectivity issue from PI server to mail server. Please check with your BASIS to resolve the issue.,

  • Sender mail adapter error

    hi all,
    I am working on mail-mail scenario where in when i monitor my sender CC it is displaying following error:
    "exception caught during processing mail message; unexpected login response; read 001F BAD Protocol Error: "Invalid string supplied for user name".
    Please help me out in tracing the error as i am not able to trace it.
    Sender CC configurations are as follows
    >> Transport protocol - POP3.
    >> Message Protocol - XIALL
    >>URL - pop://
    >>User - [email protected]
    >>password - xxxxxx
    Thanks and Regards,

    hi ramesh,
    I have changed user to amit.tsec and stopped and started the channel again and the job got scheduled and after the scheduling time it  shows following error :
    exception caught during processing mail message; Connection timed out: connect
    Please see if u have any idea on this error and can u give me the demo scenario on this sender mail adapter right from scratch i.e Data type.
    Thanks and Regards,

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    Dear All Gurus,
    PI Version : 7.31
    Scenario : Mail to File
    Below is the sender communication channel configured.
    But in the Communication Channel Monitoring ( Runtime Workbench) I'm getting below error
    exception caught during processing mail message; A remote host did not respond within the timeout period.

    Hi Mkhail,
    Thank you..
    I have setup according to that...and BASIS confirmed that they are  able to telnet with port 25. It was showing connected
    Now I'm getting
    exception caught during processing mail message; unexpected greeting response; read 220 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Wed, 23 Apr 2014 14:11:33 +0530

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    Hi all,
    I am getting an error in sender MAIL adapter configuration in communication channel monitering.
    "<b>exception caught during processing mail message; unexpected greeting response; read 220 SAP 7.00(52) ESMTP service ready"</b>
    Can anybody tell me why this error is coming and how to resolve it.
    Shiv Prashant Dixit

    Please check your URL what you used.. in MAIL Adapter configured  and port ,(SMTP Configurations..)
    See the following threads
    Mail-XI-file scenario
    Email Adapter Throwing Error
    Error during configuration of Sender Mail Adapter

  • Mail Adapter Error occured in Adapter Monitoring....

    I have done the Mail>XI>File senario.... the xi server is sometimes its picking up the mails but some times its not picking... i have give trasport protocol as IMAP4 and url as pop://ipaddress.... I have created the asyncronus message types...n i have given the quality service as Exactly Once... when ever the server is picking file from mail inbox its sending file to the destination directory successfully but in destination side i am getting only the complex tags like the following
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ns0:File_Message_Type xmlns:ns0=""></ns0:File_Message_Type>
    i am not getting any nodes inside those tags.... In adapter monitoring i am getting the following error:
    error occured: [2006-06-05T05:44:06Z] 0 new messages found; no action takenexception caught during processing mail message; caused by: XIServer:NO_RECEIVER_CASE_BE:
    I am using SquirrelMail(webmail) server... so please help me...
    I have tried with pop3 alos but its not working
    Thanks & Regards
    Ravi Shankar B
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    Try giving POP3.
    and correct address.. pop3://etc... Remember to give the name of the folder from where the message have to be picked.
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  • Mail adapter error: Unsupported protocol: linsmtp [null "null"]

    Idoc to Mail adapter. First time working with mail adapter.
    When I tried to send messages from transaction "SO00", i'm able to receive the mail which means the connection is fine from XI to mail server.
    But when I try to send the file using mail adapter, it is failing in adapter engine with the error below.
    Success Mail: calling the adpter for processing
    Error Mail: call failed; Unsupported protocol: linsmtp [null "null"]
    Success Mail: sending a delivery error ack ...
    Success Mail: sent a delivery error ack
    Error Mail: error occured: Unsupported protocol: linsmtp [null "null"]
    Error MP: Exception caught with cause Unsupported protocol: linsmtp [null "null"]
    2010-11-12 14:12:02 Error Exception caught by adapter framework: Unsupported protocol: linsmtp [null "null"]
    2010-11-12 14:12:02 Error Delivery of the message to the application using connection Mail_ failed, due to: Unsupported protocol: linsmtp [null "null"].
    Checked SMICM -- GOTO-->Services --> SMTP is active with green tick.
    Receiver adapter:
    Transport Protocol = SMTP
    Message Protocol = XIPAYLOAD or XI ALL
    URL =
    Not using User Authentication
    User/ Password given - No userid/pwd
    From, To = mail id
    Content Encoding = try with none or base64*
    Is there any setting which I need to do? how to connect and send message to mail server?

    My connection is working now when I downloaded the xsd and executed in the mapping as described in the blog.
    Connection is working fine now, but im getting the below payload.
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    - <ns1:Mail xmlns:ns1="">
      <From>deepthi at</From>
      <To>deepthi at</To>
      <Content>Testing purpose</Content>
    The question is how to get my actual message which looks like below. this is the Idoc to file map and the resultant output file looks like below
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ns0:order xmlns:ns0="http://testing/xi/OrderProcessing">
    How to send this file as email attachment using mail adapter. Do I need to use 2 maps?
    looks like Mail adapter is working only when we use the xsd which is given above and by providing the required details.
    Kindly help me if anyone worked on mail adapters.

  • Receiver  Mail adapter Error

    HI  All
       i    am doing   a   scenario     SFTP    to mail adapter,   i  am sending  a    file    to    SFTP ADAPTER  and   Mail adapter   send  the   mail  to    clint,   i am   using  java  mapping ,   i  have  checked  the message in    RWB  mesage  is    fail   in mail adapte,
       ERROR  :   Message processing failed. Cause: java.lang.Exception: server does not support PLAIN or LOGIN authentication
      anyone  suggest  me     soloution?

    Hi Pankaj,
    Remove your mail server user id and password and keep authentication mode as Plain and try in mail adapter configuration.
    You can try accessing ID from within IR via menu options or via a direct URL.

  • Receiver Mail Adapter Error ( Dynamic mail address to be used)

    Hi EveryBody,
    I am getting an error in the RWB (Communication Channel Monitoring) as Message processing failed. Cause: Error: invalid XIMailAdapter channel 'a089879fd0b63a4b92ca72d4a4af2ec4'.Mail is not send to the receiver.I have tried using USE MAIL PACKAGE as base64 and NONE.
    Can somebody help me out in the configuration.

    have u refered the below weblog of michal:
    Mail Adapter (XI) - how to implement dynamic mail address
    Chirag gohil.


    Hi all,
    We are having an extrange problem. We are trying to read some info from an oracle Database, but we have always this error :
    Error: SQLException during query 'SELECT * FROM XX': java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist: SQLException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
    And WE have checked it, and the table is there. To understand what is happening we try with another table and it works, we have compare both an has the same features.
    Any Ideas?

    This is the format in which your Data polled from the DB wiill be created,
    <column-name1>column-value</ column-name1>
    <column-name2>column-value</ column-name2>
    <column-name3>column-value</ column-name3>
    <column-name1>column-value</ column-name1>
    <column-name2>column-value</ column-name2>
    <column-name3>column-value</ column-name3>
    Resultset is to be replaced by your DT / Message Type name.
    In the Sender JDBC adapter, give the Document Name as the Message Type name and the Document Namespace as the Namespace of your Message Type.
    Is this how you have created the source structure?

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    This is the error I get while starting "home" instance on Windows Server 2003 SP2 32b box.
    Product - AS10gR3 (
    oracle.ias.opmn.optic.OpticControlException: Error from opmn during process control operation
         at oracle.ias.opmn.optic.AbstractOpmnEntity.runCommand(
         at oracle.ias.opmn.optic.AbstractOpmnEntity.start(
         at oracle.appserver.startupconsole.control.OPMNController.doStart(
         at oracle.appserver.startupconsole.control.Controller.start(
         at oracle.appserver.startupconsole.control.GroupController.doStart(
         at oracle.appserver.startupconsole.control.Controller.start(
         at oracle.appserver.startupconsole.view.controller.ControllerAdapter.start(
         at oracle.appserver.startupconsole.view.Runner.main(
    Tried - getting OPMN error while starting Oracle SOA Suite - doesnt work.
    Any ideas anyone?

    Can you post the error from the begining, this is a generic exception and could be for any reason.
    Also, please refer:
    After Changing The HTTP Port To 80 Attempting To Start OHS Service Fails To Start Apache [ID 1104898.1]
    Error During Stopping Oracle Application Server Components With "Error from opmn during process control operation" [ID 941822.1]
    "oracle.appserver.startupconsole.model.ConsoleException: An unknown OPMN error" Thrown by OC4J During Startup Running OIM [ID 832025.1]

  • After effects error: exception occurred while processing effect "Pixelate". ( 25 ::0 )

    I'm using Adobe After Effect CS5.5 and I'm having a problem with the following errow message:
    After effects error: exception occurred while processing effect "Pixelate". ( 25 ::0 )
    It happens when I apply pixelate to text and have the text move onscreen from offscreen...
    To clarify, let's say I apply the "pixelate" effect to text and move it off screen. Then, I place a keyframe and move 10 frames down. Next, I place another keyframe (ten frames past the 1st keyframe), and I move the text to the center of the screen. When I play the comp, the error appears as soon as the text is first visible in the preview window (onscreen).
    I've already tried the following websites, but none of there solutions work:
    Any thoughts?

    I actually got it somewhat working...
    Here's my System Specs:
    Mac Pro
    Processor 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
    Memory 12 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC
    Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB
    I tried turning off Adaptive Resolution and/or turning of OpenGL. Nothing changed.
    However, when I opened a new comp with only the text layer in question and tried messing with the keyframes, I found out something. If I move the keyframes closer (thus making the animation faster), the error didn't appear. But when I moved the keyframes farther away, the error appeared.
    Ideally, I want the keyframes to move at it's original speed (not faster or slower).
    Any thoughts?

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    Hi ,
    After creation of new page under staging area, when i trying to add the content of the page, selecting the content in the combo box and click on the edit button, showing  Error message "Exception caught during event invocation" all the other properties can able to change the properties(General Properties,Advanced Properties etc) of the page.Please see the attached screen shot WPC Error.jpg
    Edited by: Balaji Bodagala on Apr 21, 2011 1:22 PM

    Dear balaji,
    There is still some errors in templates about creating new pages under staging area, i recomend you to use only templates with
    three containers or four containers. i probed those ones and i didnt have problems, by the way in some cases when you use two containers you could be fine, but the problems appears when you try to edit the content...because the error you mentioned appears again!

  • Got internal error Exception caught in pfrrun() while running PLSQL in apex

    The apex 3.1 is running on the windows 2003 box with database.For almost 3 weeks,there are error messages on the alert log that
    ORA-00603: ORACLE server session terminated by fatal error
    ORA-03135: connection lost contact
    When the trace file is observed,the following messages is displayed
    *** 2008-07-29 07:25:42.715
    *** ACTION NAME:(PAGE 26) 2008-07-29 07:25:42.684
    *** MODULE NAME:(APEX:XXX) 2008-07-29 07:25:42.684
    *** SERVICE NAME:(test) 2008-07-29 07:25:42.684
    *** CLIENT ID:() 2008-07-29 07:25:42.684
    *** SESSION ID:() 2008-07-29 07:25:42.684
    *********START PLSQL RUNTIME DUMP************
    ***Got internal error Exception caught in pfrrun() while running PLSQL***
    ***Got ORA-3113 while running PLSQL***
    Did somebody encountered this error?What is the problem here?please advice on this.

    This was upgraded to 3.1 from a month back and there
    are no messages on the development box where the
    envirnoment is the sameI'm not sure (at the moment I have not instance with APEX here) but FLOWS_030000 should be APEX 3.0 package...
    So to say it's a corpse of previous APEX installation...
    But there is an Oracle Application Express (APEX) where you can ask further questions about APEX structure.
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    alert log internal error exeception caught in pfrrun() while running pl/sql

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