Soap LookupService with Decentralized Adapter Engine

Hi Experts,
I would like to use a Decentralized adapter engine with the Lookup Service on PI 7.1 , but when try to use that, it doesn't work, because Lookup Service is default configure to use Central adapter only. I would like how to set a decentralize adapter.
How to do a Soap Lookup using a Decentral adapter?
Now, I use the following:
Channel channel = LookupService.getChannel("BC_SF_***","CC**");
SystemAccessor accessor = null;
accessor = LookupService.getSystemAccessor(channel);
Thanks in advance.
Fernando Pena.

You define in the communication channel, which adapter engine should be used, not in the mapping.

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    I'm facing a situation in one of our integration scenarios, where we have a Integrated Configuration ( Sender -> Decentral Adapter Engine -> Receiver ). File -> SOAP ( XI 3.0 ). On Adapter Engine I see the messages in OK status, but I didn't see them in ECC sxmb_moni...?
    Could you please help me where to check, what could be a problem?
    There are no issue in st22, no entries in smq2.
    Many Thanks,

    Hi Indrajit,
    yes exactly I did that, compare the number of successfully messages leaving PI and entering ECC and I have different numbers. I have 6 successfull from PI, 0 in ECC...
    This is the question, why? Where do I check except ST22, what kind of error occured. This happed once so far we are aware of...
    Best regards,

  • Decentral adapter engine questions

    My customer's XI 3.0 system has interfaces to 30 partners, almost all using the SOAP adapter. It turns out that when XI sends  a high volume of messages to one partner and this partner is not responding (system down, network issues, etc.) all messages to the other 29 systems are blocked/timing out in the soap adapter because this adapter cannot deliver it's messages to the misbehaving partner.
    Therefor the customer wants to have a dedicated AE for business critical processes. They claim they need a decentral adapter engine to achieve this.
    My question: is that the best solution in this case? The customer has a CI and DI on different hosts and thus already two AE. Can't they make use of that to split important/less important traffic to their partners?
    Assume the DAE is needed anyway. We want to install that on the same hardware as the XI system itself, because most of the connectivity is already in place.
    Question: Does this DAE need it's own SID or can it use the same SID as XI itself with a unique instance number? If the DAE needs it's own SID, then I need to create a database as well (+ backup + database maintenance)...
    There is also the requirment to use 2048-bit certificates. The current  XI 3.0 supports only 1024-bit, NW 7.00 supports 2048-bit.  Is it supported by SAP to have a XI 3.0 system with a NW 7.00 Decentral Adapter Engine?
    Thanks and Regards,
    Rob Veenman
    SAP Basis.

    Hi Rob
    I can't answer all your questions but I can offer some tips that will help improve the performance and perhaps you will not need to install the DAE.
    1) you can increase the number of queues/threads available to the SOAP adapter. This will help with performance issues in high load situations.
    See the blog: /people/kenny.scott/blog/2007/08/20/messaging-system-queue-properties-after-xi-30-sp19-xi-70sp11 for details on how to do this.
    2) apply note #1136790 Blocking receiver channel may affect the whole adapter type. The parameter in this note will help prevent a problem with one SOAP channel, for example, blocking all your other SOAP channels. This will allow other interfaces to operate as normal if the high load interface has problems.
    See the blog: /people/kenny.scott/blog/2008/12/05/xipi-file-and-jdbc-receiver-adapter-performance-and-availability-improvements
    You should be on a SP higher than SP20 to avail of the functionalities in points 1 and 2 above.
    3) also ensure note #937159 XI Adapter Engine is stuck. This will help with the Adapter Engine performance.
    Maybe some of the other forum users can help you with your other questions.

  • Configuration Steps for Decentralized Adapter Engine

    Hi all,
    What all configuration steps are required to make Adapter Engine as
    Decentralized AE.
    I have made required changes in SLD DataSupplier in Visual Administrator.
    what more configurations have to be done? On SAP XI Server and Decentralized
    Adapter Engine.
    With regards

    After configuring SLD data supplier in Visual Admin, you need to the following
    1) Configure the gateway service for the central integration server on adapter engine host.
    2) Perform Initial adapter engine cache refresh
    3) Trigger data transfer to SLD
    4) Check the connection parameters in exchangeProfile
    5) Create HTTP destination pmistore in java environment
    you have to go through all these tests for decentralized adapter engine. If you have XI configuration guide, it has all these steps in detail for you to configure

  • Decentralized Adapter Engine

    We have installed an XI landscape (XID, XIQ, XIP) on Unix along with a single decentralized Adapter Engine on Windows (XD1) which is currently configured for use with our XID system. We would like to also use this same decentralized Adapter Engine with our XIQ system. However, when we export a communication channel from XID that is configured to use the decentralized adapter engine (af.XID.calxid1) and subsequently import the communication channel into XIQ the decentralized Adapter
    engine that was configured in XID (af.XD1.calxid1) is
    replaced with "Integration Server"  (Default) in the Communication Channel configuration in XIQ. The pull down to choose an adapter engine shows only the (Default) Integration server as an available choice. Currently XID and XIQ are using the same SLD and the decentralized adapter engine (af.XD1.calxid1) is identified there. I have been unable to determine how to use the decentralized adapter engine with our XIQ system.  Does anyone know whether it is possible to have multiple XI systems using the same de-centralized Adapter Engine?  And if it is possible how does one configure the second XI system (XIQ) to use the decentralized adapter engine?

    Hello Dan,
    a decentralized AE can only be attached to a single Integration Server.

  • Decentralized Adapter Engine working

    Hi guys,
    I have installed a decentralized adapter engine for my XI Server. I have a scenario which i run with default Adapter Engine(Integration Server), runs fine.
    However, when i run it with choosing Decentralized AE it gives such errors in
    Message Monitoring:
    Exception caught by adapter framework: null
    Delivery of the message to the application using connection AFW failed, due to: RecoverableException.
    Also i am testing this for two simple file2file scenarios. It's acting differently; in a scenario sender commn channel picks file, in other not.
    Is there any configuration settings that's remaining? Or something else?

    For the picked message, i see this in moni....
    <Trace level="1" type="T">--start sender interface action determination</Trace>
      <Trace level="1" type="T">select interface MI_XmlFile_out*</Trace>
      <Trace level="1" type="T">select interface namespace urn:Plain2XML</Trace>
      <Trace level="1" type="T">no interface found</Trace>
      <Trace level="1" type="T">--start receiver interface action determination</Trace>
      <Trace level="1" type="T">Loop 0000000001</Trace>
      <Trace level="1" type="T">select interface *</Trace>
      <Trace level="1" type="T">select interface namespace</Trace>
      <Trace level="1" type="T">no interface found</Trace>
      <Trace level="1" type="T">--no sender or receiver interface definition found</Trace>
      <Trace level="1" type="T">Hence set action to DEL</Trace>
    - <Trace level="1" type="B" name="CL_XMS_MAIN-PERSIST_READ_MESSAGE">
    Any clue?

  • Installaing decentral Adapter Engine (Java EE) 7.1 Including Enhanc

    Dear All
    we are installaing decentral Adapter Engine (Java EE) 7.1 Including Enhancement package 1 on Linux with database DB2.To do installation we have followed the installation guide "Adapter Engine (Java EE) 7.1 Including Enhancement Package 1 on Linux: IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and WindowsTarget"
    Accoridng to that document "In the Welcome screen, choose the required SAPinst installation option under the node SAP EHP1 for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1Installation >OptionsOptional Standalone Units >Partner Connectivity Kit." we have followed the same.
    The installation has been completed successfully.But to do post-installation activities the java url in not comming up.
    ,we have tried with physical host and ip address as well.From os level we have found that server0 process is in running status.
    I am not sure why the installation guide is asking us to follow  Process Integration 7.1Installation >OptionsOptional Standalone Units >Partner Connectivity Kit?
    Will you please let me know whether this is the correct procedure for Installation of Adapter engine on Pi 7.1 EHP1
    is there any prerequisite steps are there for adapter enginee
    Thanks and Regards

    From your description, it appears that you have installed a PCK and not a decentral Adapter Engine.
    I guess you need to follow Process Integration 7.1Installation
    -> Optional Standalone Units
    -> Adapter Engine
    You can undeploy the PCK by following the steps in the note #1295094 Initialization of PI 7.1 XITOOLS fails.

  • Decentral Adapter Engine

    Currently documentation only indicates the ability to create a single decentralized adapter engine.  (1) Is this in addition to the existing central adapter engine or do I have to choose which one I will use?  (2) Does the decentralized adapter engine have to run on its own WAS?  (3) If I am planning for a high volume of messages will the decentralized adapter engine perform load balancing for my integration engine?  (4) Can I have more than one decentralized adapter engine?  (5) If so, how do I configure these decentralized adapter engines to communicate to my integration engine?  (6) In addition, how do I control message flow from the integration engine to 1 to many decentralized adapter engines?    Feedback as well as any reference to additional information is much appreciated.

    Hi Kirk,
    (1): in addition
    (2): no, jou need to install J2SE adapter engine
    (3): yes
    (4): as much as you like
    (5): you configure like in XI 2.0 with configuration files. That is described at the XI documentation. For messages going to decentral adapter use channel XI with specified URL, for incoming messages you don't need a channel.
    (6):1 to many: Just put your receivers to receiver determination.

  • START/STOP Decentral Adapter Engine

    Hi friends,
    We have a decentral adapter Engine .
    it is possible to start the adapter engine(decentral) if no conectivity exist with the XI central system?

    Hi Udo,
    Thanks for your help,
    I try to start the engine, but nothing, in developer trace of server node i see that :
    Thr 3204] *  RELEASE     640
    [Thr 3204] *  COMPONENT   NI (network interface)
    [Thr 3204] *  VERSION     37
    [Thr 3204] *  RC          -10
    [Thr 3204] *  MODULE      nixxi_r.cpp
    [Thr 3204] *  LINE        8684
    [Thr 3204] *  DETAIL      NiPConnect2
    [Thr 3204] *  SYSTEM CALL SiPeekPendConn
    [Thr 3204] *  ERRNO       10060
    [Thr 3204] *  ERRNO TEXT  WSAETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out
    [Thr 3204] *  COUNTER     1
    [Thr 3204] *
    [Thr 3204] *****************************************************************************
    [Thr 2988] JLaunchIExitJava: exit hook is called (rc=-11113)
    [Thr 2988] JLaunchCloseProgram: good bye (exitcode=-11113)

  • Decentral adapter engine sp14

    Hi All,
    Do we compulsory needed De central adapter engine and how to do this.
    According my understanding If I use in my scenarios rfc/Idoc adpter i can use proxy server and central adapter.
    Pls anyone clarify my assumption.

    Hi Venu,
    no, you do not need a decentral adapter engine. Not for RFC and IDoc nor for any other technical adapter. The central adapter engine which will be installed with the integration server can hold all technical adapters (File, JDBC etc). Decentral adapter engines are only used, if there are special requirements such as network separation etc.
    best regards

  • Decentral adapter engine & security

    Hi Guys,
    We have a requrement wherein there are 10 business systems in the landscape to be connected to XI. would it be advisable to install 10 decentral adapter engines on all the 10 business systems to ensure the security of the message sent by the different systems to SAP XI? Can we install the decentral adapter engine on the business system itself? If not, what could be the best option to ensure the secured message delivery to XI system from all the different business systems. I have read the ppt
    where it says that the decentral adapter engine should be used when close proximity with the business system is needed. Does it mean that we have to install the decentral adapter engine on every business system from which we want to ensure secure message transfer?
    <It is against the rules of Engagement to post a question with the catch of awarding points. Please refrain from the same.>
    Edited by: Bhavesh Kantilal on Dec 3, 2008 10:26 AM

    So, I think your have the answer in the link above:
    A decentral adapter engine is used when we need to connect to other applicaton systems through a firewall.
    Xi does not provide any such security, so in order to ensure security and to allow minimal access to out sld and other objects we use an external adapter engine(a decentralised adapter engine).
    An example of using a decentralised AE would be when we connect the PCK
    You could install a non-central adapter enfine/PCK in those business systems outside your network.
    In your inside business systems is not necessary.

  • Sender File Adapter Not Showing in Decentral Adapter Engine

    We have recently implemented a Decentral Adapter Engine on a windows box. The adapter engine seems to be working fine because my adapters show and seem to work fine in it.
    However, when I define a Sender File Adapter that uses File Content Conversion message protocol instead of just File messaeg protocol, the adapter does not show up in the decentral adapter engine.
    I made sure that Adapter Engine parameter in the Sender File Adapter shows the new adapter engine but that does not seem to be working. If change the Adapter Enginer parameter to show the Central Adapter Engine, then I can see the Sender File Adapter on the Central Adapter engine and it works fine. (Note: The Central Adapter Engine is installed on a Unix box) 
    Here are the paramters I defined for the Sender File Adapter:
    - Transport Protocol: File System (NFS)
    - Message Protocol: File Content Conversion
    - Adapter Engine: (new Adapter Name)
    Source Directory: (
    File Name: purchaseOrder.txt
    Quality of Service: Exactly Once
    Poll Interval (secs): 60000
    Poll Interval (msecs):
    Retry Interval (secs):
    Processing Mode: Archive
    Add Time Stamp (checked)
    Archive Direcotry: (
    Process Read-Only files: (not checked)
    Processing Sequence: By Name
    Fiel Type: Text
    File Encoding:
    Operating System Command:
    Additional Files (not checked)
    Content Conversion Parameters
    Document Name: MT_Request_File_Data
    Document Namespace: http://nxy.tots/fg_admin
    Document Offset:
    RecordSet Name: Purchasing
    RecordSet Namespace:
    RecordSet Structure: Purchase_Record,*
    RecordSet Sequence: Ascending
    RecordSets per Message: 1
    Key Field Name:
    Key Field Type: String(Case-Insensitive)
    Purchase_Record.fieldFixedLengths: 8,4,2,10,10,12,18,12
    Purchase_Record.fieldFixedType: char
    Purchase_Record.fieldNames: Request_Action,Request_PO_Num,Request_PO_LN,Request_PO_Date,Request_Purchasing_Org,Request_Purchasing_GName,Request_Created_By,Request_Vendor_Name
    Purchase_Record.fileContentFormatting: trim
    Adapter Status: Active
    Advanced Mode: (not checked)
    Your help is much appreciated.

    Hi Alaa,
    look into this document: -> Exchange Infrastructure -> Troubleshooting: Adapter Engine 3.0 (Expert Call slides)
    If the File Adapter works without conversion, then you should count the number of fields in a row. If it differs from the configuration, then it runs on error.
    Another idea is to check the content type of the file. When you do not enter a File Encoding, then the file adapter assumes utf-8. If the file is for example latin-1, then the number of characters in a row are not counted correctly.

  • Decentral adapter engine - No Alerts - PI 7.1

    Hi Guys,
    decentral adapter engine - recently installed and working fine but we are not getting any alerts.
    alert rule is active by default but stilll not getting any alerts for any errors on the decentral adapter engine.
    we are getting alerts properly on central adapter engine.
    any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated

    Hi ,
    please go through the below link.   ---  STEP BY STEP

  • Retrive SID of XI server from EJB used in decentral adapter engine

    Hi Experts,
                        We have a requirement where we need to call an RFC from a EJB bean using load balancing. To do the JCO call, we need the SID of the XI system as an input parameter for the createConnection function.
    The SID can be retrieved using System.getProperty("SAPSYSTEMNAME"), however, we need to know if this is called in a decentral adapter engine, whether the getProperty() function will return the SID of the XI server, when called from a bean used in the sender adapter of a decentral adapter engine.

    > however, we need to know if this is called in a decentral adapter engine, whether the getProperty() function will return the SID of the XI server, when called from a bean used in the sender adapter of a decentral adapter engine.
    The decentral adapter engine has its own SID. So you need another solution for retrieving the SID of XI server. Maybe a property file?

  • Decentralized Adapter Engine or Local Adapter Engine

    Hi Experts,
    I hv a doubt like what exactly we are achieving by installing a local Adapter engine?  Is this something to handle the firewall protocols? In one of the SAP material, it has been mentioned that aditional adapter engines may need to be installed "Close" (in a network sense) to the Business System? What does it mean?  What are the advantages over a centralized adapter engine?

    Vijaya Lakshmi,
    Every XI installation will install a default adapter engine and these are called as the Central / Local Adapter Engines. Most of the times this one Adapter Engine is more than sufficient.
    At times, when the load on your server is going to be high , you can install a Decentral Adapter Engines and these are nothing but seprate instances of your Adapter Engine that can pick data and send it to your Integration Engine.
    The need for a decentral Adapter Engine also arises when you have security restrictions, DMZ , etc in the landscape where one adapter engie is used for one particluar DMZ and another acts as the local adapter engine etc.

Maybe you are looking for

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