SSRS - Stored procedure with Dynamic SQL Query

Am calling stored procedure in SSRS report.  I have used Dynamic SQL query in stored procedure as I don't know the column name and column count.  And I have used like below at end of the stored procedure "select * from ##temptable".
As I have used dynamic column, am not able to create report with this stored procedure.  Can someone help me out to resolve this issue.
It will be highly appreciated if I get help. 

I have tried everything.  But nothing has worked out. 
If I get solution for below issue, it would be highly appreciated.
"An error occurred during local report processing.
The definition of the repport 'Main Report' is invalid.
The report defintion is not valid.  Details: The report definition has an invalid target namespace '' which cannot be upgraded.
I would suggest you post the complete error message to us for further investigation, if you preview the report before you deploy you may get a more detailed error that will help diagnose the source of the problem.
This issue is more related to SQL Server Reporting Services, it's more appropriate to discuss it in the forum below:
Don't forget to elaborate your issue with more detail.
For the manual column, it might be the calculated field in SSRS. Here is the article for your reference, please see:
Elvis Long
TechNet Community Support

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  • Writing to a temp table in a stored procedure with dynamic sql

    I am writing into a temp table with dynamic sql:
    select coloum_name into #temp_table from
    and then I am trying to use #temp_table in the procedure:
    select coloum_name into #anotherTable from #temp_table
    but I am getting an error that #temp_table is not recognized.
    Can a temp table not be used in dynamic sql ?
    How can I overcome this problem ?

    Temp Table Can used easily in Dynamic Query in SQL Server and here is small Exmaple you can check it and do like it 
    CREATE PROC test
    (ID  int , NAME Nvarchar(50))
    (ID  int , NAME Nvarchar(50))
    DECLARE @SQL NVARCHAR(MAX)='Insert into #T1 
    SELECT database_id , Name FROM Sys.Databases
    Insert into #T2 Select ID , Name from  #T1 '
    EXEC SP_ExecuteSQL @SQL
    Exec Test
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  • Convert a trigger format into a  stored procedure using Dynamic Sql

    Hi everyone,
    ihave table
    Table_NAME_ABCD contains
    i am populating Table_NAME_ID(primary_key) using sequencer in the below mentioned trigger.
    and for this table i have created IU trigger for inserting or updating trigger will fire
    create or replace
    If inserting then
    If :new.Table_NAME_ID is NULL THEN
    end if;
    if :new.ROW_CREATED_DATE is NULL then
    end if;
    if :new.ROW_CREATED_BY is NULL then
    :new.ROW_CREATED_BY := USER;
    end if;
    if :new.ROW_CHANGED_DATE is NULL then
    end if;
    if :new.ROW_CHANGED_BY is NULL then
    :new.ROW_CHANGED_BY := USER;
    end if;
    if :new.UNQ is NULL then
    :new.UNQ := SYS_GUID():
    end if;
    end if;
    If updating then
    :new.ROW_CHANGED_BY := USER;
    end if;
    above mentioned table along with trigger is same format for ~100 different tables i have been created.
    i want a stored procedure in side it above mentioned trigger (i.e., for inserting or updating )code should be written with Dynamic Sql so that when ever i am passing Tablename as a parameter it should work.
    please suggest me.

    What is new since this thread?
    Stored procedure instead of Trigger

  • Flash chart with dynamic sql query does not display

    In my schema SIVOA I have a lot of tables declared like this :
       (     "CLEF_VAR" NUMBER(4,0),
         "DATE1" DATE,
         "VALEUR" NUMBER(16,8) Only the last part of the name changes "xxxx". For example E009, E019, etc....
    I am making a chart page with report and want the user to select a name of a table and I will display using dynamic sql query, the table report and chart.
    P184_ENAME is a select list returning the last part of the name of the table, fro example 'E009', 'E019', etc.
    P8_CLEF_VAR is an item containing a value. This value is a key retrieved like this :SELECT CLEF_VAR
    WHERE SITE = :P184_ENAMEI built a classic report using a sql dynamic function :DECLARE
    x VARCHAR2 (4000);
    || UPPER(:p184_ename)
    || ' WHERE CLEF_VAR = :p8_clef_var' ;
    RETURN (x);
    END;:p8_clef_var is an itme containing the value '4544'.
    This works perfectly fine !
    When I use this sql fucytion into a flash chart it does not work. I get this message "No data found".
    I do not understand why a the report get a result and not the chart !
    But if i hard-code the number of the CLEF_VAR instead of fetching it from :p8_clef_var I get a nice chart ! Go figure !DECLARE
    x VARCHAR2 (4000);
    || UPPER(:p184_ename)
    || ' WHERE CLEF_VAR = 4544 ' ;
    RETURN (x);
    I cannot stay with the key (CLEF_VAR) hard-coded unformtunately !
    My question is how to get the chart displaying properly ??
    Thank you for your kind answers.

    Using your request, with the classic report I get results (data), but I get the same message with the Flash chart : "No data found" ! I don't know how to investigate this. i tried many things but nothing works.
    PS I tried this :
       X   VARCHAR2 (4000);
          || UPPER (:p184_ename) ||
          ' WHERE CLEF_VAR = '
          || :p8_clef_var ||
          ' AND DATE1 BETWEEN TO_DATE ('''
    ||:P8_DATE_DEBUT||''', ''DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI'') AND TO_DATE ('''
    ||:P8_DATE_FIN||''', ''DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI'')'
    RETURN (X);
    END; But it does not work either. I could find that the SLQ syntax generated is good becaus I put it into an item which display the return done by the pls/sql.
    What is sttange also with the classic report is that if I do click on next or previous to see another rows, I get the message "No data found". If I try to export the report I get an excel file with "No data fouid".
    Does anybody already tried my "need" here ? i find strange thant I should not be the firs one trying to get a report an tables which name would be "dynamic".
    Tahnk you.
    Edited by: Christian from France on Feb 13, 2009 3:05 AM

  • Can I call stored procedure with PL/SQL?

    Oracle newbie question, it is.
    Assume a very simple stored procedure like this:
    Create or replace procedure aa (
    inPar IN number, outPar OUT number)
    rrr Number;
    Blah, blah, blah...
    rrr := inPar + 100;
    Blah, blah, blah...
    outPar := rrr;
    So the questions are
    1) How do I call the above stored proc and pass input parameter values dynamically?
    2) How can I retreieve the results of outPar?
    I did some research and I learn I can use a programming interface such as Visual Basic or Java. Is that the only way available? I know a small bit about SQL*Plus. f I've tried to enter some PL/SQL commands under SQL*PLUS but I'm stuck. I must have missed something..please.
    In MS SQL Server environment I know what I can do. If I want to do the same thing, I just:
    Create proc aa ( @inParam int, @outParam int OUTPUT )
    blah, blah, blah
    Set @outParam = @inParam + 1000
    return 1
    Enter the following statements (via query analyzer) to call the SQL Server Stored procedure and get the result:
    Declare @outX int
    Declare @returnX int
    exec @returnX = aa 100, @outX OUTPUT
    print str(@outX)
    print str(@returnX)

    maybe this example might be of some help:
    SQL> set linesize 120
    SQL> set pagesize 40
    SQL> select * from emp;
         EMPNO ENAME      JOB              MGR HIREDATE         SAL       COMM     DEPTNO
          7566 JONES      MANAGER         7839 02-APR-81       2975       1000         20
          7902 FORD       ANALYST         7566 03-DEC-81       3000                    20
          7839 KING       PRESIDENT            17-NOV-81       5000                    10
          7698 BLAKE      MANAGER         7839 01-MAY-81       2850                    30
          7782 CLARK      MANAGER         7839 09-JUN-81       2450                    10
          7369 SMITH      CLERK           7902 17-DEC-80        800                    20
          7499 ALLEN      SALESMAN        7698 20-FEB-81       1600        300         30
          7521 WARD       SALESMAN        7698 22-FEB-81       1250        500         30
          7654 MARTIN     SALESMAN        7698 28-SEP-81       1250       1400         30
          7788 SCOTT      ANALYST         7566 09-DEC-82       3000                    20
          7844 TURNER     SALESMAN        7698 08-SEP-81       1500          0         30
          7876 ADAMS      CLERK           7788 12-JAN-83       1100                    20
          7900 JAMES      CLERK           7698 03-DEC-81        950                    30
          7934 MILLER     CLERK           7782 23-JAN-82       1300                    10
    14 rows selected.
    SQL> create or replace procedure proc_get_emp_name(pEmpno in number,
      2                                                pEmpName out varchar2) as
      3  begin
      4    select ename
      5      into pEmpName
      6      from emp
      7     where empno = pEmpno;
      8  end;
      9  /
    Procedure created.
    SQL> declare
      2    vEname     emp.ename%type;
      3  begin
      4    for i in (select empno from emp) loop
      5      proc_get_emp_name(i.empno,vEname);
      6      dbms_output.put_line(vEname);
      7    end loop;
      8  end;
      9  /
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

  • How do I submit to stored procedure with dynamic number of controls on page

    I need to submit to a stored procedure from a dynamic page that has a variable number of controls. In the past I have always had a procedure that took 1 input parameter for each control. Now I will not know how many controls are on the form.
    Is it possible to submit some type of parameter array?

    To declare a bind variable in SQL*Plus, use the SQL*Plus VARIABLE command with a data type:
    SQL> VARIABLE  n   NUMBEROr you could change your code so that it uses the local variable n instead of the bind variable by removing the ":"
        v_new_jobno BINARY_INTEGER;
        n number;
        DBMS_JOB.SUBMIT (n
            ,job => v_new_jobno
            ,what => 'spMyTest(null,null,n);'
            ,next_date => sysdate
            ,interval => 'sysdate + 1');

  • Stored Procedures and Dynamic SQL

    In order to return query results from a PL/SQL procedure, I currently use an IN OUT parameter to return a cursor to JDBC.
    (Q: Is there any other way ???)
    But if I want to use dynamic SQL (DBMS_SQL) within the procedure, I don't know how to return the results. How do I get a handle on the DBMS_SQL underlying cursor, rather than just its cursor-ID?
    Can anyone help ?
    ([email protected])

    Very happy customer here!

  • Problems while creating a Java stored proc with dynamic SQL

    I am trying to write a stored procedure which uses dynamic SQL. The code runs fine outside the database (on DOS PROMPT),but gives me an exception when I try to execute it as a procedure. Could somebody help me out?
    The exception given is:
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-29532: Java call terminated by uncaught Java exception: the Permission ( resolve) has not been granted by
    dbms_java.grant_permission to SchemaProtectionDomain(SPO|PolicyTableProxy(SPO))
    Does it have anything to access permissions to that user?
    Thanks in advance!

    This store procedure is a Java stored procedure (JSP)?
    If true, change your Java code to connect to database because you are connected.
    For example:
    Connection con = new OracleDriver().defaultConnection();
    instead of
    Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(..);

  • Expose Stored Procedure with Dynamic Table Parameters

    I know Oracle 11g allows access via web service to all stored procedures.
    The basic idea of what we intend is to create groups of users.
    What I need, and I'm not sure if it's possible, is to expose a PLSQL that has the group's attributes and an xml:sequence of users that belong to that group. The procedure would be something like this:
    TYPE user IS RECORD (
      uid   NUMBER,
      name   VARCHAR2(100),
    PROCEDURE add_group(g_name IN VARCHAR2(100), g_users IN users, ...) IS
    The Procedure will be called from a BPEL Process as if it was a web service.
    - Can this be done?
    - How will it map users?
    Thanks in advance :-)

    So, being as we don't have Oracle DB 11g that exposes WebServices natively to access the stored procedures, what would be the best way to access the stored procedure like a web service?
    What we are thinking of doing now is
    Thanks again!

  • Selection screen - search help with dynamic sql query

    hey ,
    is it possible to change the search help of the selection field ?
    when i create the range table i put a data element :
    create a range table that consists of this new data element
    can i control the search help via the the data element or by other methods ?
    i want that when the user press F4 the values that will show is the result of a sql query that i will write .
    is it possible ?

    yes it is possible...
    This is my test code for say personal number select options...
    lt_range_table = wd_this->m_handler->create_range_table(
      i_typename = 'PERSNO' ).
    add a new field to the selection
      i_id = 'PERSNO'
    I_VALUE_HELP_TYPE = if_wd_value_help_handler=>CO_PREFIX_SEARCHHELP
    I_VALUE_HELP_ID = 'ZHELP_WDA_PERNR'   "this is the custom search help we need to create
    I_NO_INTERVALS = abap_true
      it_result = lt_range_table
      i_read_only = read_only ).
    do the following:
    1) copy the std function module: ZF4IF_SHLP_EXIT_pernr (in my case i am testing for pernr so my fm
    name is like that....obviously it can be anything you want...under the recommended naming convention)
    2) look for "STEP SELECT"
    STEP SELECT    (Select values)
    3)write the code as follows:
    "NOTE: this is my testing code...but you can build your logic on it....
    types: begin of zpri_listing,
    pernr type PERSNO,
    end of zfund_listing.
    DATA: lo_syuname TYPE sy-uname.
    data itab type standard table of Zpri_LISTING.
    data wa type zpri_listing.
        DATA : t_fields LIKE TABLE OF shlp_tab-fielddescr.
        DATA : w_fields LIKE LINE OF shlp_tab-fielddescr.
        DATA : l_fname TYPE dfies-lfieldname.
        IF lo_syuname <> sy-uname.  "means we were here before and ITAB is retains its data values...unless refresh happens
    "this if condition make sure that we do not do this select all the time as long as the same user is logged in...
    "a user can press f4 many might want to enhance this logic a little bit more for performance
          lo_syuname = sy-uname.
    ))))))))))))))HERE DO YOUR SELECT(((((((((((((((((((((
    select pernr from "sometable" into table itab.
        LOOP AT shlp_tab.
          LOOP AT shlp_tab-fielddescr INTO w_fields.
            l_fname = w_fields-fieldname.
                parameter               = w_fields-fieldname
              OFF_SOURCE              = 0
              LEN_SOURCE              = 0
              VALUE                   =
               fieldname               = l_fname
                shlp_tab                = shlp_tab
                record_tab              = record_tab
                source_tab              =  itab
                shlp                    = shlp
                callcontrol             = callcontrol
               parameter_unknown       = 1
               OTHERS                  = 2
        IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
          callcontrol-step = 'DISP'.
          callcontrol-step = 'EXIT'.
        EXIT. "Don't process STEP DISP additionally in this call.
    4) save and activate this function module...
    5) go to se11 and create "Elementary srch hlp"....
    6) fill out all the necessary fields...i am assuming that you already know how to create the search helps...
    look for this field: "Search help exit" and put your function name which you created in the above steps...
    in this example i have: ZF4IF_SHLP_EXIT_pernr....
    7) create and activate the search help....
    hope this helps...i just tested this and it is working for me....

  • Stored procedure with ejb3

    Hi all,
    I want to know: calling to stored procedure is support in EJB3?
    Specifically if it's possible to call one to return a sql query, like a ref cursor in Oracle Database or a stored procedure with a sql query insight in Microsoft Sql Server.
    Historically, our teachers say to us "put your logic nearest to the database, this is a good practice and preserve the data integrity". This concept caused many legacy systems currently have a layer of stored procedure; the only way of accessing data (like in may company).
    With arrive of Object to Relagtional Mapping APIs this concept it seems to go direct to the trash.... but, What happen with all of this legacy logic?. Can we use them?
    I've search on the Web but nothing I've found. Some APIs like Oracle TopLink have support to calling stored procedure. But nothing in EJB3.
    Well, I hope some help of your.

    Well, may be my original question was badly raised.
    Being more precise I talk about the following thing:
    How to execute a stored procedure that returns the result of a SQL query (like a ref cursor in Oracle) and then to map this result to Java objects in JPA/EJB3?
    The Query interface allows to execute native SQL querys , but I have only been successful executing ordinary SQL querys (like SELECT * FROM Table).
    I wish some like this:
    --Stored procedure some like that
    /*The EJB Entity*/
    query="GET_CUST_SP(:AGE )",
    public class Customer {
    Or may be in programmatic mode through Query interface...
    Well, thanks for your help.

  • Build stored procedure from a dynamic SQL query

    I have the following method, that receives a string from a textbox and creates a dynamic select command. Since I am using a dataSet I cannot execute a dynamic SQL query by calling a method of a strongly-typed dataset (.xsd). I have been told that the best
    way to do this is to pass an array of values to the stored procedure.
    But I have no clue how to build the stored procedure.
    string[] allWords = txtSearch.Text.Split(new char[] { ' ' }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);
    string sql = "SELECT Books.ISBN, Books.Title, Books.Tag, Books.Image, Books.photoType, Publishers.Name AS publisherName FROM Books INNER JOIN Publishers ON Books.codPublisher = Publishers.codPublisher WHERE ";
    using (SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand())
    for (int i = 0; i < allWords.Length; ++i)
    if (i > 0)
    sql += "OR ";
    string paramName = "@param" + i.ToString();
    sql += string.Format("(Books.Title LIKE {0}) ", paramName);
    command.Parameters.AddWithValue(paramName, allWords[i] + "%");
    command.CommandText = sql;
    //execute the SQL query against the db...

    After hours around this, I have came with this solution.
    private SqlConnection sqlConn = new SqlConnection();
    private System.Data.DataSet dataSet = new System.Data.DataSet();
    private System.Data.DataTable dataTable;
    private System.Data.DataRow dataRow;
    private SqlCommand search(string searchParam, int searchOption)
    SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand();
    string sql;
    string[] allWords = searchParam.Split(new char[] { ' ' }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);
    if (searchOption == 1)
    sql = "SELECT Livros.ISBN, Livros.Titulo, Livros.Tema, Livros.Resumo, Livros.Imagem, Livros.fotoTipo, Editoras.Nome AS nomeEditora FROM Livros INNER JOIN Editoras ON Livros.codEditora = Editoras.codEditora WHERE ";
    sql = "SELECT Livros.ISBN, Livros.Titulo, Livros.Tema, Livros.Resumo, Livros.Imagem, Livros.fotoTipo, Editoras.Nome AS nomeEditora FROM Livros INNER JOIN livrosAutores ON Livros.ISBN = livrosAutores.ISBN INNER JOIN Autores ON livrosAutores.idAutor = Autores.idAutor INNER JOIN Editoras ON Livros.codEditora = Editoras.codEditora WHERE ";
    using (command)
    for (int i = 0; i < allWords.Length; ++i)
    if (i > 0)
    sql += "OR ";
    if (searchOption == 1)
    sql += string.Format("(Livros.Titulo LIKE '%{0}%') ", allWords[i]);
    sql += string.Format("(Livros.Autor LIKE '%{0}%') ", allWords[i]);
    command.CommandText = sql;
    return command;
    protected void Bind()
    sqlConn.ConnectionString = Properties.Settings.Default.BibliotecaConnectionString;
    string connectionString = sqlConn.ConnectionString.ToString();
    SqlDataAdapter sqlDataAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter(search(searchText, searchOption).CommandText, connectionString);
    sqlDataAdapter.Fill(dataSet, "livrosTitulo");
    dataTable = dataSet.Tables["livrosTitulo"];
    dataGrid.DataContext = dataTable.DefaultView;

  • Calling Stored Procedure with TestStand to SQL 2000

    When I run the Stored Procedure in the query analyzer it returns the recordset fine. I am not specifying any parameters. I am Using TestStand 2.01 and SQL Server 2000. I am using the OPEN SQL STATEMENT step to call the SP. When I run the SP in TestStand I get no data returned. If I run the SQL statment in TestStand I get the data that I am requesting. Does TestStand not support stored procedures.

    The instructions that I posted were for TestStand 3.0. In version 3.0 you can call stored procedures with input/output paramateres and to support this functionality the data operation step support several new modes.
    TestStand 2.0.1 does not support parameters on stored procedures, but it does support calling stored procedures that do not take parameters. To be able to access the data back from the database you need to set the cursor location (in the Advanced tab of the Open SQL Statement step) to Client (
    By changing the cursor to Client I was able to succesfully call a stored procedure from TestStand 2.0.1 and to read back the recordse
    t return by the database. Please let me know if you are still experiencing dificulties.
    Best regards,
    Alejandro del Castillo
    National Instruments

  • How to invoke a stored procedure on MS Sql Server with Java?

    I started writing Enterprise Java Beans and created an ODBC dsn with MS Sql Server 2000 which I can access using jdbc:odbc:mySqlDSN. This all works fine using Java Sql Statements. What kind of Java/Java Sql statement can I use to invoke a stored procedure on the Sql Server? Is it possible to use ADO/ADO command objects with Java? Is it possible to import/implement Mdac2.6 ActiveX data objects libary in Java?

    Thanks all for your replies. I will search the api for callable statements. I am curious though, the reply that suggests using a prepared statement - can I put the name of a stored procedure in a prepared statment or is this just suggestions an action query like Insert Into, Update, Delete? Like with ADO you can say
    cmdObject.CommandType = adStoredProcedure
    cmdObject.CommandText = "NameOfStoredProc"
    Once I am calling/importing/implementing the proper libraries/interfaces in Java, can a prepared statement reference a stored procedure as above?

  • Calling a Stored Procedure with output parameters from Query Templates

    This is same problem which Shalaka Khandekar logged earlier. This new thread gives the complete description about our problem. Please go through this problem and suggest us a feasible solution.
    We encountered a problem while calling a stored procedure from MII Query Template as follows-
    1. Stored Procedure is defined in a package. Procedure takes the below inputs and outputs.
    a) Input1 - CLOB
    b) Input2 - CLOB
    c) Input3 - CLOB
    d) Output1 - CLOB
    e) Output2 - CLOB
    f) Output3 - Varchar2
    2. There are two ways to get the output back.
    a) Using a Stored Procedure by declaring necessary OUT parameters.
    b) Using a Function which returns a single value.
    3. Consider we are using method 2-a. To call a Stored Procedure with OUT parameters from the Query Template we need to declare variables of
    corresponding types and pass them to the Stored Procedure along with the necessary input parameters.
    4. This method is not a solution to get output because we cannot declare variables of some type(CLOB, Varchar2) in Query Template.
    5. Even though we are successful (step 4) in declaring the OUT variables in Query Template and passed it successfully to the procedure, but our procedure contains outputs which are of type CLOB. It means we are going to get data which is more than VARCHAR2 length which query template cannot return(Limit is 32767
    6. So the method 2-a is ruled out.
    7. Now consider method 2-b. Function returns only one value, but we have 3 different OUT values. Assume that we have appended them using a separator. This value is going to be more than 32767 characters which is again a problem with the query template(refer to point 5). So option 2-b is also ruled out.
    Apart from above mentioned methods there is a work around. It is to create a temporary table in the database with above 3 OUT parameters along with a session specific column. We insert the output which we got from the procedure to the temporary table and use it further. As soon the usage of the data is completed we delete the current session specific data. So indirectly we call the table as a Session Table. This solution increases unnecessary load on the database.
    Thanks in Advance.

    please check if this following proposal could serve you.
    Define the Query with mode FixedQueryWithOutput. In the package define a ref cursor as IN OUT parameter. To get your 3 values back, open the cursor in your procedure like "Select val1, val2, val3 from dual". Then the values should get into your query.
    Here is an example how this could be defined.
    type return_cur IS ref CURSOR;
    PROCEDURE myProc(myReturnCur IN OUT return_cur) ...
    OPEN myReturnCur FOR SELECT val1, val2, val3  FROM dual;
      MYRETURNCUR myPackage.return_cur;
        MYRETURNCUR => ?
    Good luck.

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