Text node in the Charac Hierarchy sums up

I am working on IP.
I had created an hierarchy for a specific consumption data with the top node as a text node, which should appear only once in the report.
But when i use the Input ready query, the system shows multiple rows of the text node for every new characteristic values in the nodes below this node.
How do i avoid the text node being displayed multiple times?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Jacky,
Yes i have text nodes for more than one set of characteristics.
Level 1A
    Level 2
        Char1 A
        Char1 B
Level 1B
        Char1 C
        Char1 D
        Char1 E
These characteristic also have an attribute characteristic. Hence, in the Input ready query it displays as follows;
Level 1A
    Level 2          Char2 A
    Level 2          Char2 B
        Char1 A    Char2 A
        Char1 B    Char2 B
Is there a way to avoid the "Char2" in the text nodes.
Thank in advance for the solution,

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    Hi Virginie,
    You should be able to see an example in many threads; look for an example to Restriction of bw infoobect(not mapped to dim)
    You can also make a restriction under the InfoObject name when you run the DM package.
    Hope this helps,

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    In the SmartForm I'm taking advantage of the option "Include text" in the Text type of the General Attributes of the text node. The system retrieves the text in a normal way, except that the text is shown without Carriage Return, that is, all the text is show in one single line. Do you know why?
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    I need to include the Standard text created in so10 into a text node in the Smart form.
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    <xs:element ref="ts:answer"/>
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    But I get: #text default #text answer #text.
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    Do you have white space between the nodes? I believe you can tell the parser to ignore white space that is not required by the schema.

  • Problems getting text content of text node?

    Hi all,
    I am currently somewhat puzzled why one of the simplest parts of my code doesn't work. I am trying to get the text content of a text node (XmlValue.getNodeType() correctly returns TEXT_NODE) in Java, but what I get is always the text of the entire document retrieved from the database (no matter what text node I consult in the entire document!). Is this expected behaviour? The method I am using to retrieve the data is XmlValue.getNodeValue(), but playing around with other functions didn't show any success either.
    So my question is: what am I doing wrong here? I hope someone in here can help me with my rather stupid problem :-)
    Thanks for your help,

    Hello Rucong,
    thanks for your quick answer. I am sorry for the delay - I was away for a couple of days.
    I boiled down my code to a simple example - however can't believe it's the query itself (since it's really basic). But maybe you see something I am missing?
    Here is my sample code that exhibits this behaviour:
              XmlManagerConfig managerConfig = new XmlManagerConfig();
              EnvironmentConfig envConfig = new EnvironmentConfig();
              Environment env = new Environment(new File("D:\\dbhome"), envConfig);
              XmlManager manager = new XmlManager(env, managerConfig);
              XmlManager.setLogLevel(XmlManager.LEVEL_ALL, true);
              XmlManager.setLogCategory(XmlManager.CATEGORY_ALL, true);
              XmlContainerConfig containerConfig = new XmlContainerConfig();
              XmlContainer container = manager.openContainer("mpeg7samples.dbxml", containerConfig);
              XmlQueryContext context = container.getManager().createQueryContext();
              String query = "for $a in collection('mpeg7samples.dbxml') return $a";
              XmlResults result = container.getManager().query(query, context);
              while (result.hasNext()) {
                   XmlValue v = result.next();
                   if (v.getNodeType() != XmlValue.DOCUMENT_NODE)
                        throw new Exception();
                   v = v.getFirstChild();
                   if (v.getNodeType() != XmlValue.TEXT_NODE)
                        throw new Exception();
    This code executes a simple query and then dumps the first text node of the first retrieved document. As stated before the System.out.println() call dumps the text of the entire document (including <?xml...?> at the beginning and so on) though.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance for your help,

  • Filtering more than one node with the command SAPBEXFilterValue

    Hello everybody,
    i have an issue with the
    Function SAPBEXsetFilterValue(intValue As String, Optional hierValue As String, Optional atCell As Range) As Integer
    Filtering with cell atCell (if this parameter is missing, then the active cell is taken as the basis)
    The internal filter value must be entered in the parameter intValue. Please note that this value can be displayed differently from the external value displayed in the filter cell. You can either use SAPBEXgetFilterValue or carry out the filter process once manually with the log book function switched on in order to determine the internal value for a known external value. The internal filter value is noted in the log.
    Enter the parameter hierValue when dealing with a node of a certain characteristic hierarchy with the filter value.
    "intValue = <blank>" means "do not filter anymore"
    If no connection to a BW server exists the function starts a logon dialog.
    The function produces a context error if atCell is not a filter cell.
    My problem:
    i would like to select inner nodes. With one node it is not a problem. I have just to use the technical name for the inner node as intValue. But I would like to select more than one node. I would like to filter 4 inner nodes with the SETBEXgetfilter command but it does not work.
    i tried also to set them iteratively but when the second filtervalue is selected the first will be overwritten.
    If i select more than one navigation panes to filter the nodes differently on a seperate navigation pane it also does not work because all navigation panes are connected and show the same.
    Does anybody know how to filter more than one node in the same hierarchy. manually it works. So there should be a way to do that with VBA.
    Thank you in Advance and kind regards,


  • Account dimension hierarchy text nodes ACCTYPE property

    We have master data being populated into BPC from BW. So for the Account dimension in BPC, we use the 0GL_ACCOUNT infoobject in BW. This infoobject also has all the Financial statement version hierarchies which are being loaded to BPC. The question that I have is, how should the hierarchy text node values for ACCTYPE property be populated if I have to automate this load on a daily basis.
    For the actual GL accounts, we have the account number ranges defined. Like 1* series accounts are Assets etc..So we can easily define a rule for populating the ACCTYPE  property values. But not sure if there is any easy logic for populating the hierarchy text nodes as we dont have any pattern in them. Would we need to maintain it manually always?

    Hello Richard,
    If there is really no logic behind them there is off course no way of automating this. Then I guess you will have to maintain each node separately.
    Some customers are also willing to change their text node structure. For example I had one when where the rules for the 0HIER_NODE records were as follows:
    *           EXP -> Starts with 32*, 311*, 312*, 321*, 3111*, 3112*,
    *                  3142*,  31111*,  31112*,  311111*
    *           INC -> Starts with TOT, 3000000000, 3100000000, 313*,
    *                  322*, 3113*, 3141*, 31113*, 311112*
    *           AST -> Starts with 1*
    *           LEQ -> Starts with 2*
    Kind regards,

  • How to import hierarchy text node from BW infoobject

    I tried to import hierarchy from BW InfoObject through process chain /CPMB/IMPORT_IOBJ_HIER.
    But BPC complains the hierarchy text node haven't been dimension member.
    As result, I have to export the hierarchy text node to a flat file and import again which is not convenient.
    Does anyone have some best practice for this?
    Thank you.

    You can follow the steps mentioned in the below How-to-Guide of sdn. This explains the steps to be implemeted to inport hierarchies.
    Hope this helps.

  • The text which is in text node is not displaying in output in smartforms

      In smartforms i created a text node and entered some text like following.
         Target Quantity               60000001     60000002          
         Scheduled Quantity               60000003     60000004               
         So far delivered Quantity          60000005     60000006
         Last delivered Quantity          60000007     60000008
          Delivery Schedule Details
    the text which i entered as above in the text node is not displaying.It is in main area.

    if u are using table or template inside the main window
    then just mention the position of the text element
    goto text element - output options- output structure tab----give line and column no.

  • How to Restrict the node level in account hierarchy

    Hi experts,
    I want to restrict the node level in account hierarchy. I attached one example. in that if i click 6000 node again it want to show error message. for one parent node i want to create only two child node. Further if i create means it want to show error msgs and not allow to create the node..

    Hi ,
    The component is bp_hier, and method is onnew_node.
    IF lv_tree->is_locked( ) = abap_false.
         lv_tree->lock( ).
       CHECK lv_tree->is_locked( ) = abap_true.
       lv_index = typed_context->accounthierarchy->selected_index.
       lv_tree_node = typed_context->accounthierarchy->get_node_by_index( lv_index ).
    *key = lv_tree_node->node_key.
      CALL METHOD lv_api->get_node_parent
           iv_node_key        = key
           ev_parent_node_key = lv_paent_key
    *      ev_tree_guid       =
    *   lv_parent = lv_tree_node->parent_entity.
    *    typed_context->accounthierarchy->parent_entity.
    CALL METHOD lv_tree_node->get_children
         rt_children = rt_child.
       CHECK lv_tree_node IS BOUND.
       lv_tree_node->is_leaf = abap_false.
           lv_proxy_node ?= lv_tree_node.
               lv_object ?= lv_proxy_node->bo.
             CATCH cx_sy_move_cast_error.
               lv_mixed_node ?= lv_proxy_node->bo.
               lv_object ?= lv_mixed_node->if_bsp_wd_ext_property_access~get_model_node( ).
           lv_object_name = lv_object->get_name( ).
           IF lv_object_name = 'BuilHierarchyNode'.
             lv_relation_name = 'BuilHNodeRel'.
           ELSEIF lv_object_name = 'BuilHierarchyHeader'.
             lv_relation_name = 'BuilHeaderNodeRel'.
           lv_tree_node->get_children( ).
           lv_object = lv_object->create_related_entity( lv_relation_name ).
           lv_child_node = lv_proxy_node->node_factory->get_proxy(
               iv_bo = lv_object
               iv_proxy_type = 'CL_BP_HIER_HIERARCHYTREEV_CN05'
               iv_parent_proxy = lv_tree_node ).
           lv_tree_node->expand_node( ).
           typed_context->accounthierarchy->refresh( ).
           typed_context->accounthierarchy->deselect_all( ).
           lv_child_node->selected = abap_true.
           lv_child_node->is_leaf  = abap_true.
    *      selectedhierarchynode
           lv_col_wrap = typed_context->selectedhierarchynode->get_collection_wrapper( ).
           lv_col_wrap->clear( ).
    This is the code.
    i wrote . but its not getting.

  • Displaying the entire text of a tree node when the tree isn�t wide enough

    I have a JTree displayed in a JScrollPane, so there is a chance that some of the tree data may be hidden if the tree's width is insufficient, so when the user moves the cursor over a tree node whose text is not completely visible (cut off by the right edge of the scroll pane and/or window), a tooltip is displayed to show the entire node text. So far so good!
    If the user double click a node in the tree a new window is supposed to be opened. This works fine if the tooltip hasn�t been displayed jet, but if it has then the user has to click 3 times to open the window.
    The first time to remove the tooltip and the next 2 opens the window.
    How can I awoid this?

    Any ideas, please?

  • Cannot Include and exclude selectiion on hierarchy node in the Filter area

    When i open the query and execute it. and select the filter area for hierarchy nodes. The include and exclude selection is disabled in 3.5x analyzer. We are using BI 7.0 with SP 12. we just upgraded.
    Can you please help. is this functionality not available?

    Hi Rob, you can do that for the query (the exclude selection) on the Query Designer. But its not recomended on performance point of view.
    hope this helps

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    in change mode(GRR2)it wont allow to edit 'set/hierarchy node', only allows for variable.

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    hi SAP gurus,
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    In Cost Centre Hierarchy highest node is Operating concern -> controlling Area
    Hierarchy of controlling is-
    Operating Concern
    Controlling area
    Company codes
    Business Areas
    hi SAP gurus,
    can anybody tell me what is the highest node in Cost Center Hierarchy.

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