The latest osx update has caused keychain errors on my macbook pro...what should I do?

I downloaded and installed the latest osx update last night (10.9.2) and now I'm getting login errors when trying to download emails and keychain errors when using Google Chrome or Safari. I have no idea how to solve the problems caused by this update. My macbook pro is older - 2008. Help, please? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

I should have clarified above....."keychain errors", not just login errors. Thanks again.

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  • Does the latest osx update remove the flashback malware

    Does the latest osx update remove the flashback malware?

    From Thomas A. Reed's post:
    There is malware (called Flashback) that has been actively taking advantage of Java vulnerabilities on Macs, installing as a drive-by download with no user interaction required when visiting a malicious web site.  Apple's latest Java update patches these vulnerabilities, though it's still possible for that malware to use social exploits to trick you into installing it.  You would do best to turn off Java in your web browser...  you probably won't miss it at all.

  • Auscompgeek: latest Firefox update has caused a conflict with Norton 360

    Latest Firefox update has caused a conflict with Norton 360 "Web Safe" feature when using Yahoo search - no icons visible, i.e., green check mark for OK, gray for not enough info in Norton user data base, RED for unsafe
    "Web Safe" feature functions in Firefox if Norton tool bar search is used (powered by ASK) - functions in IE8 when Yahoo search is used.
    Problem is isolated to Firefox / Yahoo search.
    No prior history of similar problem.
    == Operating system ==
    Windows 7

    Result from - WOT link is :

  • I tried to download the latest itunes update, but received an error and now can't open itunes at all. Help?

    i tried to download the latest itunes update, but received an error and now can't open itunes at all. Help?

    Hello bajura007,
    Thank you for the details of the issue you are experiencing with installing the latest iTunes update.  I recommend following the steps below:
    Follow these steps to resolve the issue:
    Check for .dll files
    Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes and C:\Program Files\iTunes and look for .dll files.
    If you find QTMovie.DLL, or any other .dll files, move them to the desktop.
    Reboot your computer.
    Note: Depending on your operating system, you may only have one of the listed paths.
    Uninstall and reinstall iTunes
    Uninstall iTunes and all of its related components.
    Reboot your computer. If you can't uninstall a piece of Apple software, try using the Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall Utility.
    Re-download and reinstall iTunes 11.1.4.
    When you get to the step to uninstall iTunes, it is important to uninstall iTunes and the related components in the order listed in the link for that step.
    You can find the full article here:
    iTunes 11.1.4 for Windows: Unable to install or open
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • I  can t open the CS 5.5 MC i just downloaded on my macbook air. what should i do?

    i  can t open the CS 5.5 MC i just downloaded on my macbook air. what should i do?

    After downloading the software you need to install it.
    Please double click on the downloaded .dmg file to begin then installation

  • The latest Lookout fix patch causes an error.

    I applied the latest fix patch for Lookout 4.5.1 dated 3/8/2002. It now causes this error when I attempt to open my program: "Cbl has caused an error in ALLBRAD.CBX. Cbl will now close." If I restore the original ALLBRAB.CBX the problem does not occur. Any ideas?

    We just currently put up the fixed ALLBRAD.CBX - check it out! > Drivers and Updates > Search Drivers and Updates > type 'Lookout 5' and you should get the link for 'Lookout 5.0 for Windows -- Fixes'
    Hope this helps
    PS: You should be able to use the driver CBX version 5.0 in Lookout 4.5.1. Or you might consider to upgrade to Lookout 5.0.

  • The latest OS update now causes my external keyboard to crash the system?

    I use my late 2008 MacBook Pro 15" as a desktop.  I have it on a stand and use a Magic Trackpad and was using an iHome external keyboard with a built in iPod dock.  I downloaded the latest software update for 10.6.8 this morning and when i restarted my computer a bunch of code displayed on the screen and a window saying "You have to restart your computer" in 4 different languages appeared.  I restarted the computer 3 times and the same thing occured.  It wasn't until a disconnected all the peripherals and restarted that the OS would reload and then realized that it was the iHome keyboard that was causing the OS to crash.  
    Any suggestions?

    This has been reported before. The driver for that device is incompatible with 10.6.8. Contact the vendor for an update.

  • I am trying to download the latest iTunes update.  Keep getting error message stating "The folder path 'My Documents' contains an invalid character".  I can't uninstall iTunes for the same reason.  HELP!

    I am trying to download the latest iTunes update; keep getting error message that says "The folder path 'My Documents' contains an invalid character".  This also happens when I try to uninstall iTunes.  HELP!

    OK, never mind!  I saw another question on the right side that addressed the problem, and it worked perfectly!  Went to Major Geeks' page, downloaded the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, and was able to reinstall the updated version of iTunes!  This community is super!

  • The latest Firefox update, which I have installe on my macbook Os 10.68, seems full of bugs

    I am so fed up with the latest version of firefox. It is incredibly slow, when I enter one url in the web bar it will send me bouncing off to a random address that is on my bookmards toolbar. Before the latest firefox update, I had already noticed it had become ridiculously slow. I read some support articles and it suggested uninstalling some add ons and reinstalling them. I did so, i even got rid of the ones I felt I no longer needed them. It fast slighter faster for maybe a day, then just as slow again. In the mean time, I installed google crome browser, b/c I have a blog with blogger, and there are just some things you can't do with blogger unless you're using Chrome. By accident, I discovered there were several things I could all of a sudden do online that I couldn't do with Firefox (reply to messages on a forum I post on, access a free menu planning feature on Canadian Living Magazine's website).
    After their latest update, everything has gotten worse! That's when it got even slower, and started bouncing me around the web. I even cleared the cache, which was incredibly annoying since I had so many places all over the web that I had set to be automatically signed in to, and I spent an entire day having to recover all these passwords, and clearing the cache did nothing to fix the problem in any way. I will wait two days for a response from this forum. The only reason I haven't ditched Firefox completely is because of it's adblock feature. The adds on Chrome drive me nuts. If I have not received any suggestions that seem worth my time and energy, I'm uninstalling Firefox, and might consider returning to it when they come up with a new update.

    Well, that's pretty made my decision final. I'm ditching firefox for good. The only reason I was willing to use it at all, was because of Ad block. I already tried uninstalling, disabling add ons, like I mentioned previously. The whole proceeding with Firefox safe mode thing sounds like way too much trouble than it's worth. Since I already have Safari Browser, that came with my Macbook, and I need Chrome Browser for using Blogger, I'm uninstalling Firefox and I'll just use those two. Chrome Browser annoys me enough of the time that I don't want to use it as my primary browser. Safari is fairly good though, especially if I only use it occasionally, that means if runs very quickly. Thanks for the advice. It's too bad. When I started using Firefox about 4 years ago, I loved it. Now it drives me absolutely crazy. I'll just start gathering all my passwords that are stored in Firefox and then uninstall it.

  • After downloading the latest osx update I find that my speech alerts only work on things that need attention but won't work when I get mail. I am using Gmail and it was ok before I updated, has anyone else had this problem ?

    After downloading the last OS X update ,I can no longer get the speech to work in my gmail account to tell me I have mail
    It will alert me to anything that needs attention except mail
    any ideas would be appreciated 

    bryan123 wrote:
    After downloading the last OS X update ,I can no longer get the speech to work in my gmail account to tell me I have mail
    It will alert me to anything that needs attention except mail
    any ideas would be appreciated 
    imac, Mac OS X (10.6)
    The last OS update for SL was OS 10.6.8.  If that's the case you posted in the wrong forums.  You should be posting in the SL forums. 
    If you are using Mail for your Gmail account, did you check the sound settings in Mail Preferences?  Please detail what you have done so far in the way of troubleshooting?   Need this info to avoid the "been there done that" scenarios. 

  • If I download the latest OSX update via the App Store, can I choose to do a fresh install instead of an update?

    That's basically the question - since I get a RAM error upon trying to freshly install the OS on my MBP (disc or SD card), I find this to be the last remedy. I already tried switching the RAM. I'd like to sell my device, so I wanna "reset" it. Can I choose to freshly install OSX when downloading the Mountain Lion update?

    That is not a RAM issue. You're trying to boot from a Mac OS X version too old for the computer.

  • The last itunes update has failed - getting error program C:/program files (x86)\itunes\itunes.exe - R6034 attemp tp load C runtime library incorrectlly. I have tried to repair and reinstall. getting same error - can ayone help

    the last itunes update failed - getting error R6034 attemp to load C runtime library incorrectly. Program reference - Program C;/prgram files (x86)\tunes\itunes.exe - can anyone help. I tried to use epir and did an uninstall and reinstall and still geting same error

    Go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (Win XP) or Programs and Features (later)
    Remove all of these items in the following order:
    Apple Software Update
    Apple Mobile Device Support (if this won't uninstall move on to the next item)
    Apple Application Support
    Reboot, download iTunes, then reinstall, either using an account with administrative rights, or right-clicking the downloaded installer and selecting Run as Administrator.
    The uninstall and reinstall process will preserve your iTunes library and settings, but ideally you would back up the library and your other important personal documents and data on a regular basis. See this user tip for a suggested technique.
    Please note:
    Some users may need to follow all the steps in whichever of the following support documents applies to their system. These include some additional manual file and folder deletions not mentioned above.
    HT1925: Removing and Reinstalling iTunes for Windows XP
    HT1923: Removing and reinstalling iTunes for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8

  • Is the latest version of Adobe Flash Player bad for my macbook pro? I have heard different things like it causes MBP to overheat. any truth to this?

    From research on different communities, I have read that Adobe flash player will cause my macbook to overheat, and a bunch of other rumors. is there any proof or truth that Adobe flash player is bad for my macbook pro? I installed it a couple hours ago and so far nothing has happened but im worried about the future.

    SgtKeebler wrote:
    I have read that Adobe flash player will cause my macbook to overheat
    That might have been true for the 13" Intel HD 3000 graphics models, but the newer machines with Intel HD 4000 have a bit more kick in the CPU graphics.
    and a bunch of other rumors. is there any proof or truth that Adobe flash player is bad for my macbook pro?
    No it's not bad, it's just that the late Steve Jobs came out publicly against Flash because it couldn't run on the new low performance devices like iPads and iPhones that he was serving up.
    So a lot of young people took it as a mission to kill Flash and bad mouth it to death.
    What you do have to do, like you need to do with any browser plug-in or software, is be careful from where you install it from as there are many websites that will try to trick one into installing a fake one.
    Many people thus tricked into installing a trojan immediately blame Flash as the cause, when it's not.
    Also you have to keep it updated, but using a browser like Chrome will do it for you and Firefox will not let you run outdated web browser plugins.
    Safari also blocks outdated plugins, but Apple is very slow to issue updates so it's almost worthless.
    How to install/uninstall Flash, fix problems

  • What is the latest version of Safari I can use on a MacBook Pro?

    I am attempting to take an online course and the site states that it does not support old versions of Safari; my version is 5.1.10. I'm not sure what to update to.

    Hi seitusink,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    The latest version of Safari on Mac OS X 10.6.8 would be 5.1.10. To get a newer version of Safari, you may want to consider updating your operating system. Mac OS X 10.9 is available as a free download from the App Store if your computer meets the System Requirements.
    The first article attached here shows the System Requirements for Safari while running Snow Leopard.
    Safari 5.1.10 for Snow Leopard
    The next article here will list the Mac OS X 10.9 System Requirements to see if your computer is compatible with the update.
    OS X Mavericks: System Requirements
    Have a great day,

  • IMessage has randomly stopped working on my Macbook Pro, what can I do?

    My iMessage on my macbook pro has stopped working. I can log in just fine and I have logged out and back in but still cannot send or receive messages. It worked just fine at my house and last year at college but for whatever reason it has stopped working now. What can I do to fix this?
    I keep everything up to date and currently have no updates ready at this time.
    I also cannot currently FaceTime from my computer either, but both of these work just fine on my iPhone 5 which is connected to the same wifi.

    Right now the best thing to do is be patient. The last six days many people have been reporting problems with FaceTime. The source of the problems remains unknown.

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    I was given a 2005 vintage eMac and asked to find a new home for it. I located a 10.3.2 install CD and erased the drive and installed a new OS. I would like to leave it set for a new user and here is my problem. The owner did not provide an Apple key

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