The mini store is simply to much

Hi I really like the iTunes music store , but you seem to have forgotten that iTunes is a music player first and second a Shop. This mini shop is simply to much. The links beside each music to the store, the mini store and the music store link - Why do we need three links in front of our face constantly to the music store ???? This is simply to much, normally I've deactivated the link beside each track, because i don't really need to buy it when I allready have it, I am not going to buy the same piece of music twice just because it exist on the music store. The mini store is totally to much. Normally I've keept the itunes music store icon so that i occasianlly could take a look at the new music. Now I have to remove this Icon to the music store in order to get rid of the mini store. So now I will never visit the music store, because you forced me to remove ever link to it, in order to get rid of this mini store.
First time i opened the new version of iTunes i feelt that you only wanted me to buy, buy and buy music all the time, we'll its really simple if iTunes is nothing more than a shop which tryes to force me buy stuff all the time by displaying music all the time, then iTunes has developed to the state where it is no more than an advanced Banner - which means that i will soon find another music player, beause all this sales thing has gone to your head.
What you should do is: By default the mini store should be deactivated, and people should be able to activate it if they want it. Personally I think that the mini shop should totally vanish as it makes the music PLAYER loose its simplicity, but if you want it in you program it's your choice.

You have expressed so eloquently my reaction when I opened up the latest version of iTunes. I don't want to buy music, I want to play music.
I spent several minutes trying to get rid of the eyesore. In your post you saidNow I have to remove this Icon to the music store in order to get rid of the mini store.Can you remove it? How? I would like to, if I can.
In other Forums there were topics on the new version of iTunes messing up Disk Utility. Some posters were vowing to go back to the previous version, which seemed like a pretty good idea to me. I downloaded it and it is on my desktop ready to be installed.
I don't know of any real enhancements to iTunes, but this blatant crass commercialism is definitely not an improvement.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to spout off.
Good luck.
Pismo400, 100 GB 5400 Toshiba internal, 1 GB RAM; Pismo 500 OS 10.4.3 Mac OS X (10.3.9) Beige G3 OS 8.6
Pismo400, 100 GB 5400 Toshiba internal, 1 GB RAM; Pismo 500 OS 10.4.3   Mac OS X (10.3.9)   Beige G3 OS 8.6

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  • ITunes 7 - Turn off the mini store? Paaalease help!~

    Just downloaded iTunes 7. How can I turn off the mini store thing at the bottom of the screen. Man that's annoying. Help!~

    Yea I JUST found it too
    Under the 'View' text menu too. Whew, thought Apple was pulling a Microsloth thing and couldn't turn it off. Whoohoo~ glad I can...thanks!

  • How do I turn OFF the "Mini Store"?

    The title says it all. I want that little mini store in iTunes 7 to go away!

    Go to View>Hide MiniStore

  • This is a question about the iTunes Store.  I have the correct artist, title, composer, and album name for a song popular in the 1970's.  The store's Advanced Search feature can't find any of the information.  How can I get Search to find the song I seek?

    What can I try if the store's Advanced Search strikes out trying to find the song I want?

    Perhaps the song is not available in MP3 format, or isn't available in the iTunes Store, or simply not available in your country. (A Norwegian band's first album from the 1980s became available in MP3 format only in April 2012; an example that not everything is automatically is available in MP3 as soon as possible.)
    ... and before any wag says, or even thinks "it", yes - the Norwegian band's album is very good! (Still waiting for their second album, from 1982, though!)
    You may be surprised at how often a song or album is not available because of "contractual problems" - in other words, someone's being greedy, difficult, or both. (Another album I like, from a UK band of the 70's, was unavailable for a long time because - and I'm quoting the band's leader - "the copyright owner wanted too much money for the album to be on CD.")
    You could try looking for the song in other stores. If it's not yet available anyhwere, you'll just have to be patient. You could try contacting the band via any websites they have, and asking them about it's availability. What's the song? Perhaps I (or soemoen else) might be able to confirm it's availability on MP3 from another source.

  • Very Slow if the Mini is in Sleep Mode

    I used my Mac Mini as file server. I use a Powerbook G4 to access files that are store in the Mac Mini through a wireless network. Everything work great except I found the following issue:
    I noticed that when the Mini is not logged on by user AND when it is in sleep mode , when I assess the files from my Powerbook, the response time is horrendous. Even scrolling the file list in the Mini folder takes forever.
    I found a temporary solution: Logon to someone in the Mini. By simply doing this, the response time comes back to normal.
    Anyone is experiencing this and have a better solutions?

    I'd assume as its in sleep mode you need to enable
    the wake ethernet. Either that or not let it sleep.
    Maybe select power down hard drive option instead if
    noise/heat is problem.
    As I've said, my solution(that works) is to have at least one person logged on in the Mini. Once it has someone logged in, even when it goes to sleep, the response time will still be ok.

  • I am unable to connect to the iTunes store

    I keep receiving this message when trying to connect to the iTunes store, or accessing GraceNote database:
    - 'iTunes could not connect to the iTunes store. An unknown error occurred (306). Please check the network connection and try again.'
    My internet service is fine and I can access other internet sites with no problems at all. It is extremely frustrating!
    I have a MacBook Pro, with Mac OS X Version 10.6.6. If anyone could advise me how to fix this, it would be very much appreciated!

    Attempt to close out of iTunes or restart the computer... this sometimes can mean Apple is updating the iTunes Store or simply your wifi needs reset. I have had this happen before.

  • Mini Store Doesn't Recommend Based On Selected Track

    I really like the Apple Mini Store and how it shows other songs or albums by the same artist that you're playing. What I can't understand is why it makes recommendations on some tracks but doesn't provide any info on others. I can't seem to find any common link to the tracks it finds and the ones it doesn't. For example, I have some tracks where I tell it to download the artwork and it finds the artwork without any problems. But when I look at the Mini Store, it's still showing the generic new release, new songs listing, not recommendations based on the song, album or artist. In fact, I can click on the arrows next to the song name and it takes me to the exact album in the store. I've made sure the spelling of everything on the track is exactly the same as iTunes has it listed but that doesn't even always work. Then there are some tracks which aren't for sale on iTunes but it shows others by the same artist and then of course I also see some that are exact matches but it's very inconsistent.
    Any ideas on why it seems to provide recommendations based on some tracks but not others?

    ... and one more thing. How do I send feedback to Apple regarding this? Previously, I found a "Feedback" page where an email could be sent to the ITunes Dept. Now , I can no longer find it, but rather a Contact iTunes Store Support page
    that requires me to select a category and sub-category in order to send a message. My question doesn't really fall into any of the provided Categories, and there doesn't seem to be a general questions category. Just venting. Thanks for listening. I think I'm done now.

  • ITunes Mini Store Change - Thanks Apple

    According to reports today Apple has listened to we users and has now made a change to the Mini Store which alerts people to Opt in or Out at the time of upgrade or download of v 6.02
    Thanks for listening and making the necessary adjustment
    Just reinforces that Apple does Think Different

    I am having the same issue. No one has an answer yet?

  • Can I give my iPhone 4S to the apple store to repair the rear end camera?

    I bought an iPhone 4s from the flea market. I discovered that the rear camera is blurry/foggy. I searched the serial number online and it said that my warranty has NOT expired yet. Is it possible for me to get my rear camera fixed if I go to the apple store tomorrow? How much will it cost? How long will it take? Sorry I'm new to this.

    Apple would not fix the camera they would replace the whole iPhone. If the iPhone has no physical or liquid damage and no unauthorised modifications or repairs then you will get a replacement free of charge under the warranty.

  • Mini store

    hey guys, i forgot, how do you turn off the itunes mini store in the music and video menus?

    Hi folks, did the mini-store disappear with Version 8 release of iTunes? If not, how do I turn it on? It's not in any of the menus...

  • Turn off mini store in itunes 7

    How do I turn off the mini store in itunes 7. I don't see any option to get rid of it. I'd like the full screen to be song listings. Thanks

    It turns it off as it states when its first turned on...
    "Apple does not keep any information related to the contents of your itunes library. You can always turn the MiniStore off by selecting hide MiniStore from the view menu"

  • Data Privacy: Considering to disable store for my kids to avoid mini store

    Is there a way to disable my children from enabling the mini store when they are operating their own library without disabling their ability to navigate the real store? Telling apple what they have in their library, what they are clicking on and perhaps playing and telling apple when they do it -- none of apples business unless I consent to it -- and I don't.
    I can fix it with training but I find it unfortunate that the mini store can be turned on by them sending information on their library content (as they click library items).
    But I do want them to be able to actively browse the store -- there they know they are out shopping AND it doesn't ask them to tell what they are playing or even just looking at in their own library. It only knows what they are browsing over.
    I am disappointed with this from Apple. Apple, watch more careful over your consumer friendly image.

    Seems like Apple has been listening... Thanks.
    Latest download does not activate this by default, however its still very easy to turn on. Also Apple has committed to not using the information uploaded to match store offerings for anything... Thanks again.

  • Unable to launch Config tool to updaing the Secure Store

    Hi Experts,
    We've moved a 7.01 J2EE stack to a new server, where the hardware key has changed. As a result, SAP is not able to build a connection to the Oracle database. (The database is startable via SQLPLUS).
    In our attempt to update the secure store information, the configtool does not start to allow changes to the secure store - it simply dies out after not being able to build the connection.
    The offline configurarion tool does not start at all for the same reasons.
    Any thoughts on how to update the secure store to update the password?

    Hi Ventsi,
    Your answer was dead-on. We were indeed able to lauch the config tool from the 'remote' location and were able to edit the secure store files afterwards. SAP support has stated that the fix for 7.01 will be available with  support stack 07 (not yet released).
    On a side note, we found the true core of our issue.  Apparently, once this server was moved to it's new location (new IP) a firewall rule prevented the proper functioning of the TNSlistener in building a java based connection string. The listener depended on the nslookup functionality working properly.
    Once we corrected the port block and nslookup could function correctly, the listener also functioned correctly and everything began to flow.
    We're up and running again. I don't understand the false positive we got here for the issue, but we're fixed and running again.
    Thanks again Ventsi!

  • [iPhone development] How to load the App Store directly from an app?

    I need to figure out how to load the app store from one of my applications by clicking a button. The code is relatively easy to load say a website. But when I use this code:
    [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""]];
    it does not work, because it says too many redirects occurred.
    Is there a way to load the app store (and load into a specific app info view) directly from the app, instead of loading a website to load the app store?
    Thanks very much,

    Thank you.
    But I using the one line code I had too many redirects. So, I needed the latter code, which didn't load the app store until all the redirects have happened. Unfortunately I don't understand this code:
    // Process a LinkShare/TradeDoubler/DGM URL to something iPhone can handle
    - (void)openReferralURL:(NSURL *)referralURL {
    NSURLConnection *conn = [[NSURLConnection alloc] initWithRequest:[NSURLRequest requestWithURL:referralURL] delegate:self startImmediately:YES];
    [conn release];
    // Save the most recent URL in case multiple redirects occur
    // "iTunesURL" is an NSURL property in your class declaration
    - (NSURLRequest *)connection:(NSURLConnection *)connection willSendRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request redirectResponse:(NSURLResponse *)response {
    self.iTunesURL = [response URL];
    return request;
    // No more redirects; use the last URL saved
    - (void)connectionDidFinishLoading:(NSURLConnection *)connection {
    [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:self.iTunesURL];
    I'm know where to implement the code, however I don't know where to put my link in inside the specific code up above.
    Please help me
    Thanks very much

  • ITunes Mini Store

    I recently upgraded iTunes to version 6.0.2.
    The most noticeable new "feature" is an unanounced and unwanted "Mini Store," which appears at the bottom of the iTunes browser window when browsing my music library.
    I find this highly annoying since I cannot find any option for turning this feature off. In looking through the new iTunes information, all I can find by way of dealing with the situation is to "click an icon and MiniStore tucks away, ready to pop up again later when you want to explore some more" (see This is problematic because I don't know what is meant by "click on an icon." All I can see is that the icons on the left hand side of the browser window remove this option, but that still does not cause the Mini Store to "tuck away" so I can browse my own library in peace.
    I find this all very un-Apple-like by not providing an on/off buttton, an intrusion in my privacy, and a poor marketing scheme. I hope that forthcoming versions of iTunes will remedy the situation.
    Does anyone know how to get around this, or turn it off, or, what more precisely is meant by "clicking on an icon?"
    G5   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    When the MiniStore is hidden, no information is sent to whatever internet address.
    You'll have to take my word for it (checked it with Network SpyAlert).
    Don't believe all you read on this and that webpage. Those people still thinking information is sent are paranoid.
    After installing iTunes 6.0.2, you will not be prompted enabling/disabling the MiniStore. It comes enabled.
    So, if you missed that window, there's nothing wrong with your eyesight. It wasn't there.
    17' iMac fp 800 MHz 768 MB RAM   Mac OS X (10.3.9)   Several ext. HD (backup and data)

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