Unable to select and extract object...

I am currently attempting to edit a recently converted raster to vector image. I have the file opened and selected after having used the "live trace" function to revise it and save as a vector image. Now I would like to select and extract a portion of the image to work with but I am neither able to select and extract the object of focus from within the general picture. When I attempt to use the pointer selection tool to select the object of focus, the entire image becomes selected with a blue border. If I try to use the magic wand nothing happens. If I try to use the lasso tool I can draw around the object of focus but when I close the lasso it simply disappears leaving nothing selected. I've even tried to "ungroup" the image but option is grayed out (unavailable). Any insights into what I am doing incorrectly? By the way, the live trace function becomes active whenever I click anywhere within the general image.

Expanding the Live Trace should make it accessible and editable just like any other vector artwork where you may Direct Select individual/multiple Anchor Points, Select paths, etc.
Maybe a closeup of the issue area, with a hint at what exactly you wish to do, would help the helpers, preferably including the relevant part of the Layers panel (which may be moved).
Apart from that, others may tell you that I am too old, or silly, to apply Live Trace.

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  • Trouble selecting and moving objects near text in Adobe Illustrator? Try this.

    It's been 4 years since I left Corel DRAW for Adobe Illustrator. One thing I could never get used to is the crazy way text has an impenetrable invisible sheet over it making it hard to select objects near or behind it.
    With Corel DRAW I was used to be able to select text by simply clicking on the visible area of the text. Selecting stuff behind the text by clicking between letters or right next to a decender was never a problem. But Illustrator is a different story.
    Tonight I finally found a way to make selecting text in Illustrator behave more like Corel DRAW.
    I wrote it up here: http://www.johnstanowski.com/blog/trouble-selecting-and-moving-objects-near-text-in-adobe- illustrator-try-this/
    Just thought I'd share! 

    It's not spam, but thanks for assuming.
    I was up really late writing that blog post. Posting a link was the quickest way to share and be able to go to bed.
    Plus it's rather lengthy. I thought that would be rude to use an Adobe forum for my articles.
    If you saw my blog you will have seen there's not much going on there at all, and no calls to action to hire me. I don't have anything to gain by getting traffic.
    And, yeah, layers work for selecting, but that slows you down. Who would want to look away from their work to find and select a layer when they're trying to tweak positions of objects? Layers suck for selecting quickly.
    And there must be something wrong with me but I find using Type Object Selection by Path Only by itself hard to use. I'd really just like to click on the text itself rather than an invisible hairline you have to probe to find.
    Here's the post. I hope people who had trouble like me find it helpful.
    Do you have trouble selecting objects near Point Type in Adobe Illustrator? You’ve been there. You want to select an object. Problem is, it’s really close to piece of Point Type. All too often we try to select objects that wind up being unreachable because they lie too close to a piece of Point Type, which we wind up selecting instead. Luckily, after years of angst, I discovered a solution.
    Point Type in Adobe Illustrator is funny. There’s this invisible “shield” around it. This shield is much larger (at least it seems that way) than the text itself. It prevents you from selecting objects behind text by clicking between letter and words. This shield is particularly meddlesome with lowercase letters and decenders because we think surely we can click on that blue box (or whatever) because it seems far enough away from that Point Type. But the lowercase “g” in the Point Type’s territory.
    Okay, now that we know we’re talking about the same thing, let’s move on to the solutions.
    Step 1. Check ‘Type Object Selection by Path Only’ in Preferences
    You’ll find this option in Preferences/Type. Click it and that nasty text shield goes away. But there’s a price to pay. With this option activated, the only way you can select your text is by clicking on the text path, a super, tiny, thin baseline thingy under all the letters, but above decenders. It’s really hard to grab. To do it right you need to slowly approach the text path with your cursor. When you’re right over it, Illustrator will let you know by adding a small black square to your cursor. Now, you can click, hold and move your text. But this workflow can really slow you down and break your rhythm, maybe even more so with it turned off.
    Step 2. Add the ‘Outline Object’ Effect
    Select your Point Type and, from under the Effects Menu/Path/, select Outline Object. This effect does something really sweet to text in Illustrator: it lets your Point Type objects be treated as if their were converted to Outlines. You can still edit the text, but as far as selecting it, Illustrator now considers it outlines and shapes instead of a text object. Basically, it now considers the Path of the text to be the text itself! Now, since we’ve already checked ‘Type Object Selection by Path Only’ we can now click on the text to select it. Just the text. Not the baseline, not the wacky invisible shield surrounding it.
    And now… you can select things behind the text by clicking between words and letters. And the ONLY way to select Point Type is to click on the visible parts of the text itself! Problem solved.
    Potential Problem:
    Too much of a good thing could be a bad thing. Let’s say you have some Point Type set in a very light face and it’s pretty small or you’re zoomed way out. Selecting that text could be a problem since you have to actually click on the text itself. Actually it isn’t that hard, it may just require an extra click to grab it. If you have a set of smaller, light-faced bits of text, you can elect to just not apply the Outline Object effect to these. They’ll get their ‘shield’ back and be easier to click on. And since they’re so small, they don’t pose a problem with selecting things behind them anyway.
    Applying this technique to your old files
    Now that you’ve learned this awesome new way to work around type in Illustrator, you may be anxious to open yesterday’s project and get back to work. But you may be not be looking forward to applying the Outline Object effect to each and every piece of type. For this you can use Illustrator’s “Select Same” feature. Select one piece of text. Then from the Select Menu click on Object/Text Objects. Now ALL of your text objects will be selected, and you can apply the Outline Object effect to all of them at once!
    That’s it. If you build ads or work with a lot of type in Illustrator, you’re about to be able to work a lot faster… and happier.

  • How to select and move objects on multiple layers

    Coming from Photoshop...  how do I move the contents of multiple layers across the page at one time?
    In photoshop, i would click on one or more layesr in the Layers panel, and then use the move tool to move them all on the page. How do I do that in Fireworks? It seems to be too basic to be documented anywhere I have seen but the interaction is very different. I tried  ctrl-clicking on multiple layers and sometimes is seems to work. the objects are selected and I can move them. Other times, it just refused to select anything or it only select the object within one of the selected layers.
    It sort of looks like selecting a layer selects objects in that layer unless the layer has a child layer. Is that true? Seems a strange limitation if it is.
    I saw a comment somewhere that suggrested grouping and ungrouping which seems a little complicated for a basic editing action. Also, if it won't select the objects on all of the selected layers.
    I'm guessing that I'm missing a basic concept in Fireworks here.

    I found that It worked if I selected a layer, if there is a child layer
    then shift>select and ctr+click other layers or objects. You could also
    lock layers/objects you don't want to move and use Select>Select All, if
    you are moving most items.

  • Unable to select and move and folders on the desktop.

    I was having many issues installing Adobe Premiere and that resulted in my stopping processes in the Activity Monitor & working with Disk Utility- repair Disk feature. Now I am unable to move my folders on the desktop, back them up, or move them out of the trash. I am able to open the files individually- but no dragging & dropping. I also can no longer copy & paste anything. I am running a Mac OS 10.5.8.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    First, I should have started with this, but if you have run Repair Disk, you would had to have restarted, so I didn't, but in any case, have you restarted yet?
    mj8000 wrote:
    I am runing a 10.5.8.
    Please excuse my being nosy, but where on earth did you get a brand new MBP of the vintage that it would be running 10.5.8?
    I only have repair' Disk Permission's and 'Verify Dis'k Permissions options available- The 'Repair Disk' tab is grayed out.
    EDIT: That is as it should be. "Verify Disk" is not available? If it is, just run Verify, and if it's "clean," no need to run RD. If neither VD or RD is available, then:
    First check the S.M.A.R.T. status on your HD: Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility > in the panel at left, select the first item in the list/your HD mechanism > look at the bottom of the main window next to S.M.A.R.T. status and see if it says “Verified” or something more ominous like “Failing.”
    Boot from install disc (insert disc > restart > immediately hold down the c key and keep holding it until you see “Preparing Installation”) > at first screen select the language and click Continue > click on the Utilities Menu in the menu bar > select Disk Utility > select your HD in the panel on the left side (the name of the HD’s manufacturer and the model number, usually the top item in the list) > click Repair Disk at bottom of main window. Run this at least twice, and keep running it until it says “appears ok” twice in a row. If that doesn’t happen, you may need a stronger utility (such as DriveGenius, TechToolPro, DiskWarrior) or if the directory is damaged beyond repair, you may need to reinstall the OS, or you may have a damaged HD which will need to be replaced (repair utilities can only repair the directory structure, not the HD itself). When this is finished, quit Disk Utility, quit the installer, and restart. Once booted normally, go to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility and run Repair Permissions.
    eesh. I'm afraid to reinstall the OS- I have a ton of media that hasn't been backed up yet from the past few days.
    If you have another Mac, you could boot your MBP into FireWire Target Disk Mode and copy files from it:

  • Unable to select 'Art Text' object.

    Not sure whether this happens only to me. I just added one image (jpg) through Insert -> File options changed it opacity, then I selected the art text tool for adding some text.
    But after adding the art text and when I tried to select the text, Instead of selecting the art text, I was only able to select the background jpg.
    Can anyone shed some light here?.

    It would be beneficial for the development team to take a look at the file.
    When the text is above the image it should work as  expected. When it is behind, the image  will be selected. You can always select "blocked" objects with help of  the "Objects" Panel on the left.
    Forum Moderator

  • Why i am unable to select between 2 anchor points with in a object while dragging with direct select

    why i am unable to select between 2 anchor points with in a object while dragging with direct selection tool instead it moves

    Another option is to temporarily change your view to outline mode, when your done switch back to preview mode. Ctrl-Y or View>Outline {View>Preview} The menu option will change depending on which mode you are in.
    And another option, double click on the object in question to place it in Isolation mode. You can now edit to your hearts content. When done, click on the gray border at top of document.
    So as you can see there are multiple ways of accomplishing the same thing.

  • Unable to delete email from trash bin.  How do I do this?  If I select and chose delete, it doesn't.  What am I doing wrong?  My grand daughte is using my iPad and I don't want her to see some of the mail there.

    Unable to delete email from trash bin.  How do I do this?  If I select and chose delete, it doesn't.  What am I doing wrong?  My grand daughte is using my iPad and I don't want her to see some of the mail there.

    There are two ways that should work. When you are in the trash folder, you can swipe on the email in the list - left to right - and a red Delete button should pop up. Or you can select - Edit - at the top of the list of messages and then select the message and tap delete.
    Not sure exactly how this works - but if you have restrictions enabled - especially since you let your grandchild use the device - that may be restricting what you can do in the mail app. Go to Settings>General>Restrictions. If you have it set to on - turn it off or see if you have mail restricted.

  • Error in Adobe Captivate 4: "unable to decode and import the selected wav - mp3 file"

    Good day!
    I have a problem. When i want to import music file from standart Gallery, i see the mistake: unable to decode and import the selected wav - mp3 file.
    I can't import mp3,wav files...
    In Adobe Help site i have found this: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Captivate/4.0/Using/WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d119e9582190-7fd8. html
    But in my Adobe Captivate 4 directory i don't have file regsvr32 NSAudio.dll.
    Question: where i can download this file?

    Hi there
    As I recall there were two different "fixes" for audio with Captivate 4. One involved replacing the dll and another had something to do with installation problems on Windows XP. So give the link below a try.
    Click here to view
    Cheers... Rick
    Helpful and Handy Links
    Begin learning Captivate 5 moments from now! $29.95
    Captivate Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form
    Adobe Certified Captivate Training
    SorcererStone Blog
    Captivate eBooks

  • Unable to select the SSRS report parameters and execute the reports.

    Hi All,
    We have set of SSRS reports and are been published to SharePoint 2010.After that I have enabled Anonymous user access at SharPoint side,after enabling Anonymous user access no one is able to access the reports so I have removed Anonymous user access
    and the reports are working as normal in IE (internet explorer) but not working thorugh CITRIX (before Anonymous user access provided reports are working normal in CITRIX too), able to open welcome page of sharepoint and unable to select any parameters and
    unable to execute the rpeorts.
    Could you please suggest if you have any solutio as it is very urgent for me.

    Have you tried the basics, such as clearing the browser cache? Note that depending on the version of SSRS in use, Anonymous is not supported with SSRS.
    Trevor Seward
    Follow or contact me at...
    This post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or view of Microsoft, its employees, or other MVPs.

  • Unable to decode and import the select wav/mp3 file

    I've been TRYING to test the Text-to-speech feature in
    Captivate 4. Problem: "Unable to decode and import the select
    wav/mp3 file" each and every time I want to use it. Frustrating!
    I also tried importing sounds from the library, same problem.
    My system is Vista Business 64Bit, 4Gb RAM, Intel SSD hard
    drive, conexant high definition audio 221 on a Lenovo T400.
    How do I fit this? I want to try it out damnt :)

    I went through the "unable to decode and import the selected wav/mp3 file" error.  After talking with an Adobe Rep,  I quickly realized that I could NOT use the directions.  I have no experience in using Command Prompts.  I have written down the directions by key stroke for those people that are similar to me.  Enjoy!
    For Vista and Win7,
    Click on the circle start menu,
    In the search box, type in command and in the generated list, "right-click" on the comman link and change to "run as administrator".
    Go back to the search box, type in command and hit enter.  This will take you to the command prompt window (black window w/ white text) lol
    You have to get to the right directory first.
    Type: cd (space-bar) .. (hit enter)
    Type: cd (space-bar) .. (hit enter)
    If Captivate is installed on Program Files (x86) ---
    Type: cd (space-bar) progra~2 (hit enter)
    If Captivate is installed on Program Files
    Type: cd (space-bar) progra~1 (hit enter)
    Type: cd (space-bar) Adobe (hit enter)
    Type: cd (space-bar) Adobe (space-bar) Captivate (space-bar) 4 (hit enter)
    Type: regsvr32 (space-bar) NSAudio.dll (hit enter)
    If you get an error at any point, re-key that particular line.
    Once you see that the last line of command went through, open up Captivate and test the Text to Speech.  These instructions fixed both computers I was working on!!!!

  • CP4 unable to decode and import the selected wav/mp3 file

    I am trying to import a .wav file into a project and get an error message 'unable to decode and import the selected wav/mp3 file'.
    I have tried the solution huan_miguel posted a week ago for someone with the same problem.
    http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate/2009/03/adobe_captivate_4_installatio n.html
    executed all the steps described in this link.
    Unfortunately, the problem is still there.
    Any other solution?

    You're probably going to need to do both.
    Although Captivate can certainly accept a 10 meg audio file, you would need to add it to the movie and then synchronise the slides to the audio. Chopping the audio file up and adding the relevant bits to each slide has both advantages and disadvantages.  It's easier to control the playback synchronisation when you divide up the audio, but it's more work.
    Take a look at this graphic from SoundBooth when I export an audio file recorded in Captivate 5:
    Notice that it shows the bitrate of the Captivate WAV file as being 16 bit.  This is quite a low bitrate.  You can go as high as 32 bit in SoundBooth, however, in my experience, when you try to import a WAV into Captivate that is over 16 bit you will encounter issues.  Cp just doesn't seem to like it.
    If you want to learn more about bit rates in multimedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bit_rate
    Suffice to say, you need to find out what the current bit rate of the audio file is, and if necessary, save it as 16 bit for Captivate.  For this, you will require some kind of audio editing software.
    You can try using Audacity as someone else suggested: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/  and try exporting the file out as 16 bit.
    However, if you are going to be doing quite a bit of this type of work, I would suggest you invest in Adobe Soundbooth, or something of that ilk.  You'll enjoy the experience more.

  • Unable to decode and import the selected wav/mp3 file

    I am trying to import mp3's into a Captivate 3 presentation
    but keep getting this error "Unable to decode and import the
    selected wav/mp3 file." I am using the same mp3 files that I have
    used many times with projects in Cap1 and Cap2. I have converted
    the files to wav's and tried but I'm still getting the same
    message. I have a deadline and I'm stumped.
    Any ideas?

    Hi DianaUNC
    Interesting. I've seen it happen with WAV files but not MP3.
    Do you still have Captivate 2 around? If so, do these successfully
    import into Captivate 2? One thought was that you might pop them
    into something like Audacity and save them out again. Perhaps
    something is amiss with the encoding used.
    Or you might try the trick of opening them in Windows Sound
    Recorder and saving them out of that in a different format. I know
    that works with one particular WAV file I have.
    Cheers... Rick

  • I cannot resize the selected text and the object in Illustrator

    I am unable to resize the text and the object with transform tool. It resizes but half of it does not. and not that much i want.

    Ok so if i write some text and all the words are of different sizes and i have to resize it using the transform tool, i cannot resize it unto the size i want. e.g.. i wrote this text "The Big Bold Sale" all the words are of different sizes and are grouped together, so when i resize it using transform tool all these words are resized differently "The big" becomes big, "bold" becomes little smaller and "sale" is not resized.. the image is attached.

  • After upgrading, I can see the icloud choice in settings but it is pale gray and I am unable to select it.

    After upgrading, I can see the icloud choice in settings but it is pale gray and I am unable to select it.

    I have the same problem. In your mail settings are the "Accounts" options also faded? My twitter option is also faded as well and I have no idea whats going on (iPhone 4). I seemed to have set up iCloud through some of my apps but I can't manage them at all in settings. My mail is also working fine but I can't log off of any of them.

  • How to select the business object in ESR and the packages used in SAP 7.1

    I am trying to use the Service interfaces of ESR available in ESA ECC-SE 604 and a few in SAP APPL 6.04.
    How can we choose the GDT,Business objects or Service interfaces for the requirments?
    Can we know which package provides which objects like what are the available things in ESA ECC-SE 604 and when should PI or ECC use it.
    I am trying to create functional location Service interface(Installation Point ) and Equipment (Indivisual Material) for untillities requirment.
    Thanks in Advance

    For choosing the GDT, Business objects or Service interfaces for the requirements you first need to create dependencies between the components. For that read the "Defining Dependencies Between SWCV and EnSWCV in SLD" topic from the following link
    SAP has published all Services that support SAP Business Suite functionality on the Enterprise Services Workplace in the SAP Developer Network (SDN). You can refer that for getting the information of different services and their objects.

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  • HP Mini 1000 Netbook Lost / Forgotten Bios Password

    I have inherited an HP Mini 1000. I would very much like to access it to get my lost one's files. The battery looks a bit swollen, but it doesn't look like it's has hard use. It is XP. The Bios, not the WIndows login screen comes up and asks for the

  • Disable MENU list (grey-out one of Menu List)

    Hi Experts, I want to disable disable/grey-out one of the Menu-list Ex: 'Document' is a Menu 'Display' 'Change' & 'Exit' are 3 lists in 'Document' Menu And I need to grey-out  'Change' Thanks in Advance.

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    I own the current iPad and I'm planning to buy the iPad 2 on Friday. I have the 3G/WiFi model and will but the same in the new device. How will I be able to transfer the AT&T 3G service from the old to the new? I called Apple Support a few days ago,