Updating 'Payee acct no' in table PAYR for 'Check' Payment through F110.

Hi All,
          Automatic Payment is done for vendors with payment method 'C' which is configured under Payment method Classification 'Check'. Here table PAYR is not updating the vendor bank account in field 'Payee acct no'. This field is updated for payment method 'A' which is configured under Payment method Classification 'Bank Transf'.
Please help to find the solution for updating 'Payee acct no' in table 'PAYR'.

Payee account number is appearing because to transfer the payment you will need account number of the payee in the master and same is system deriving so that it is displaying the PAYR whereas you do not need account number to pring the check.
Still if you want to derive payee acocunt number then try following..............
Go into Check payment method in country payment method in transaction FBZP.
Under required master data specification select Bank details and Account number required under that.
Now try if payee account number is updated.
Prerequisite will be you must have maintained acocunt number in the vendor master record otherwise payment will not be executed.
Chintan Joshi

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    While executing F110 we want the data to be sorted by vendor name and checks thereafter generated and printed based on this sorting. Please advice.

    For check payment throgh automatic posting sort variant configuration setting has to be maintained in Tcode: O7S2 where the document line item can be sorted based on check digit and vendor name .

  • Tables name for Customer Payment Report

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    Thanks & Regards
    Rekha sharma

    Hi Rekha
    when you pass following entry
    Bank dr  
    to Customer
    All header data like co code currecy ref , period etc goes to BKPF,
    line item - Bank Dr ( its a GL  entry ) goes to BSIS
    line item- Customer Cr ( its a AR entry ) goes to BSID or BSAD depends it is cleared or still open
    Also both the line items goes to BSEG
    Hope this helps.

  • Table name for partial payment

        what is the is the table genarally use for full payment and partial payment.

    There is no special table for partial payment n full payment.
    Table available only based on the status of the item - OPEN / CLOSED.
    GL          -            Open - BSIS           Closed - BSAS
    Vendor    -            Open - BSIK           Closed - BSAK
    Customer -           Open - BSID           Closed - BSAD
    If it is partial payment means, it is with OPEN staus then in the OPEN tables you can find

  • Idoc for check payment method

    When I use payment program RFFOEDI_1 for Payment Method CHECK, program is generating an idoc but not the check number. I have maintained the check lot but I could see check register is not getting updated.
    What could be the possible reason for check number not generating when using an Idoc option?

    If you are on a release higher than 46C then the coding corrections of note
    437942 must be available in your system. Hence please follow the
    guidelines mentioned in this note.
    Note contents of 437942 for your reference:
      Adjustments in Customizing as of Release 4.6C:
        o  Exactly one check lot (with its next lots) has to be allowed for
           the respective IDoc payment method. To do this, enter the paymen
           method into the check lot in Transaction FCHI. In this case, the
           system determines the check lot automatically using the payment
           method to generate the check numbers from it.
        o  Use IDoc type PEXR2002. The check number is placed into field
           BELNR in segment E1EDK12 with qualifier 026.
    I hope I could be of assistance.
    Kind Regards,
    Fernando Evangelista

  • How to set a different PLD for checks payment vs. outgoing payments?

    Hi Experts,
    Is there a way to configure B1 to use one PLD for checks that originate from the 'Checks for Payment' window/process and another for checks that originate from the 'Outgoing Payments' window/process? I see in our current configuration that they are sharing the same PLD and I would like to change that.

    Hi Lang,
    If they are issued from the same bank, then it would be the same cheque stock that is used for printing which is why they use the same PLD template. Whether the payment is created through Outgoing Payments, Checks for Payment or Payment Wizard, the end result uses the same template if the same bank is used.
    If it's issued from different banks, you would select the applicable bank and could have different templates. In this case, the PLD template would be determined under Setup / House Bank Accounts.
    Hope that helps,

  • AR table needed for customer payment terms specified by sales areas

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    What table can I use to see the payment terms of specific customers by sales areas? I have tried T052 and TVZBT but it is not possible to view or filter by sales areas and customers in those sales areas.
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    check the  VBKD: To get sales related Business data like Payment terms etc.(VBELN, ZTERM)

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    How to know whether DMS document locked or not through table access

    basically you can check whether your DMS doccument is locked or not by using a LOAD command it has different modes and with the help of these modes you can check the status

  • What are the charges for collecting payments through Formcentral or/and Paypal?

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    We don't charge any extra fee (just need to pay for FormsCentral service).
    Here is a page explaining PayPal fees:

  • Table name for Reference

    I need table name for vendor payment against the reference.  For example at the time of invoice i will give reference as inv no:1 and at the time of payment i will make payment against that reference number.  Now i required that in voucher printing.  So please help me in which table i can get those details.

    Hai Aarigala,
    Try BKPF & BSIK Tables in XBLNR field name of Reference Number
    Madhu I

  • Table for checking the appended fields in the standard extractor

    Please let me know the table name for checking the appended fields in the standard extractor.
    Thanks in advance

    From Rsa6 , goto your extractor from there you may get the name of your strucutre
    Go to DD03L and enter this name
    And you get to see all the fields there..
    waiting for your feedback.
    Nitin Bhatia

  • In which table can I find data about payment runs (F110)

    Good morning,
    Can anyone tell me in which table I can find data about payment runs,which are carried out via transaction F110?
    Data about dunning runs can be found in table MAHNV, KNB5 & LFB5.
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,

    See in REGUH and REGUP. Also for Check payments, it can be seen in PAYR

  • EDI 820 used for Check processing

    We currently print our checks via a data file sent to a 3rd party.  They have informed us they can accept an EDI 820 instead of the custom format we send them now.  We use 820s for other payments so I am familiar with how that process works, but I am having issues getting a check number assigned since you normally would not need one.
    Today, we process our check payments with F110, and the assigned print program has the check lot information to assign the check numbers during processing.  Once that is complete, we extract the data via a custom program and send it to the 3rd party printer.  We currently use EDI 820s to send ACH payments to the bank and that is working just fine.  We use program RFFOEDI1 to create the IDOCs for the 820s.
    I am finding that if I use the current print program to assign the check numbers, I can not create the IDOCs for an 820.  If I change the payment medium on the check payment method so that I can use RFFOEDI1, then I get no check numbers.  I need the check numbers since we are still dealing with checks, but just trying to change the means of sending the data to the 3rd party printer.
    If anyone has done this and can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you,

    I think the information you finally will be sending in the format of EDI 820 will first be stored as IDOCs. The mapping document that you develop will tell which segment in the IDOC will be stored in which EDI segment..
    for example:
    for the amount field, the IDOC segment E1IDQU5-MOABETR will be mapped to BPR02.
    a script that middleware team runs will translate these IDOCs to EDI820's using the mapping rules.
    if you are not using middleware, then probably ABAPers will use the same mapping logic to create the EDI820.
    assign points if you find this useful.

  • Is Smartforms recommended for use in check payments?

    Looking at some of the comments on this Forum, I am apprehensive about the advisability of using SMARTFORMS for check payments. I see issues in configuration (only Script/PDF Forms are available in Payment Methods) and the driver program RFFOUS_C needs special customization, etc.
    My thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts and experiences of using SMARTFORMS for this aspect (versus SAPSCRIPT).

    Ananth Vootkur wrote:
    > I have a cheque developed through Smartforms.
    > This needs to be integrated into configuration (FBZP) and F110 process invoking RFFOUS_C or modification there of, so that cheques are printed for the Payment Runs.
    > This is where i am stuck. My customized RFFOUS_C that invokes Smartforms Cheque is not getting the data passed. There is some connectivity missing. (I am quite far away from other issues like MICR printing).
    > How to navigate through this payment process through RFFOUS_C (replacing SAPSCRIPT cheque with Smartforms Cheque)?
    > Regards.
    Assuming you copied the RFFOUS_C into Z program, did you then made config changes so that your program will be called for payment method C in company code/country.
    Check setting in F110
    F110->Enviroment->Display Config->Payment methods in country/Payment methods in company code
    check program name specified in there.

  • Customized program for format payments doesn't work in all operating unit

    I would like to ask for your help with the issue I’m having right now with the customized program I’ve created.
    A customized program using XML was created for check payments. This check format is used when printing Payment Batches. I tried to register this program in two operating unit, one is EMR AP SuperUser-EPT-APDUS and the other one is EMR AP SuperUser-EPT-APDMX. The program completes successfully in EMR AP SuperUser-APDUS but not in EMR AP SuperUser-EPT-ADPMX. The set up was the same for both OU. In every time I tried to run the program by:
    1. Create a batch name in Payment Batches.
    2. Enter the Invoice Batch Name
    3. Assigned the Bank Account and Document type
    4. Save and hit the Actions..1 button
    5. Then Select the Format Payments - I've entered the same program for both OU
    The program errors out including the Payment Process Manager in APDMX OU but not in APDUS. Please help me fix this issue as this is a very high priority task.
    I would greatly appreciate any help that you could give.

    See https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/questions/799388

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