Idoc for check payment method

When I use payment program RFFOEDI_1 for Payment Method CHECK, program is generating an idoc but not the check number. I have maintained the check lot but I could see check register is not getting updated.
What could be the possible reason for check number not generating when using an Idoc option?

If you are on a release higher than 46C then the coding corrections of note
437942 must be available in your system. Hence please follow the
guidelines mentioned in this note.
Note contents of 437942 for your reference:
  Adjustments in Customizing as of Release 4.6C:
    o  Exactly one check lot (with its next lots) has to be allowed for
       the respective IDoc payment method. To do this, enter the paymen
       method into the check lot in Transaction FCHI. In this case, the
       system determines the check lot automatically using the payment
       method to generate the check numbers from it.
    o  Use IDoc type PEXR2002. The check number is placed into field
       BELNR in segment E1EDK12 with qualifier 026.
I hope I could be of assistance.
Kind Regards,
Fernando Evangelista

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    Hi AP Experts,
    When using PEXR2002 to create IDOCs for outgoing payments, there is a single IDOC create for each vendor payment. Can you advise if it is possible to produce just one consolidated IDOC (per payment method) for these payments rather than a single IDOC for each one? Is there a way to achieve that is standard SAP or perhaps a user exit that can allow it? If a user exit is there any general advice on how that can be achieved?
    Thnaks and regards

    The reason for the requirement is that each IDOC get's its won generated payment file in the shared middleware site. The bank then will charge by payment file. Therefore the goal is to minimize the number of IDOCs generated.
    Is it possible to do this?

  • Payment File for each Payment method in Automatic payment run

    Hi Guru,
    For each payment method in automatic payment run, eg, ACH(Auto Clearing House), Bank Draft. etc. what kind of payment outbound file I need to take note to configure it, please advice me. Thanks.

    Please check the documentation in the link below. You will be able to get some help from them.
    Please let me know if it is useful. Also do award points if found useful.

  • Updating 'Payee acct no' in table PAYR for 'Check' Payment through F110.

    Hi All,
              Automatic Payment is done for vendors with payment method 'C' which is configured under Payment method Classification 'Check'. Here table PAYR is not updating the vendor bank account in field 'Payee acct no'. This field is updated for payment method 'A' which is configured under Payment method Classification 'Bank Transf'.
    Please help to find the solution for updating 'Payee acct no' in table 'PAYR'.

    Payee account number is appearing because to transfer the payment you will need account number of the payee in the master and same is system deriving so that it is displaying the PAYR whereas you do not need account number to pring the check.
    Still if you want to derive payee acocunt number then try following..............
    Go into Check payment method in country payment method in transaction FBZP.
    Under required master data specification select Bank details and Account number required under that.
    Now try if payee account number is updated.
    Prerequisite will be you must have maintained acocunt number in the vendor master record otherwise payment will not be executed.
    Chintan Joshi


    Hi Gurus,
    I need a big help in this. This program RFFOEDI1 do payment summary (report) and generates IDocs and RFFOUS_C does the same for Check except generating and IDoc. Is there a way to or a program to that can do this for check i.e do payment summary (report) and generates IDoc. I was told i can create a new function module to do this but I dont know how to go about doing this.
    A big help will be seriously appreciated and rewarded.
    Thanks for your time.

    Hi Subramanian,
    Thanks for the quick reply. Both the program produce the summary, but only the RFFOEDI1 generates IDoc for payment (wire & ACH) exept checks. RFFOUS_C also does the same thing except that it doesn't generate the IDocs for checks.
    So what I'm trying to do is have a program that will work like RFFOEDI1 for checks i.e it will also generates IDocs for checks too.
    To be more clear, when the payment run program FII0 is ran, its gives a report of the payment and generates IDocs using the first program when its wire or ACH but when its checks, it uses the second program which doesn't generate checks.
    I was think if we can make a function module that will generates checks and call it in the RFFOUS_C. This is just a guess and i dont know if it will work.
    Please advice the best way to go about this and how.
    Thanks very much.

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    why apple forces me to choose a payment method to download a free aplication when I already check "payment method ...... NO" in the settings of my apple account

    Asking for card details is a way of confirming that you are able to buy from that country's store, it doesn't necessarily mean that the card will be charged for the purchase (unless you are trying to gift content or an amount, that can only be done via a credit card) - have you tried entering the card, you should then get the 'none' option so that you can remove it

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    Check the AppleCare number for your country here:
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  • Sort on vendor name for check payments via F110

    While executing F110 we want the data to be sorted by vendor name and checks thereafter generated and printed based on this sorting. Please advice.

    For check payment throgh automatic posting sort variant configuration setting has to be maintained in Tcode: O7S2 where the document line item can be sorted based on check digit and vendor name .

  • IDOC for Partial payments

    hi guys,
            Kindly let me know if there is any IDOC for partial payments.  when you run f-53
    With Reagards
    Pradeep N

    The partial payment for the finance transaction you find in BSIK , BSID tables.
    When the invoice paid fully then all this partial payment will shift form BSIK and BSID to BSAK and BSIK table.
    For all the partial payment REBZG, REBZJ will contain the invoice number , fiscal year of the invoice .

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    It may be that there is a balance on your account that needs to be taken care of before you can remove a credit card. If you are trying to create an account with a "none" option, see most of the threads to the right under "More Like This" including

  • If I have money on my account why does it ask for a payment method in order to buy the song?

    If I already have money on my account from an itunes card, why does it ask for a payment method when I try to buy a song?

    Most likely because your credit card is expired.
    Either repklace the credit card with a valid card or remove the credit card completely.

  • F110 creates payment IDocs for all payments except the largest payment

    When executing a payment run, all payments are listed as successful.  However, one of the payments does not generate an IDoc to be sent to the bank.  (All other IDocs are successfully created)  No error message of any kind is generated and the payment run successfully posts a payment document for the missing IDoc.  The missing IDoc should pay for 1845 invoices all within a single ACH payment to the vendor.  How can I find out what happened and how to fix it?

    Please clarify:
    1) Are you using a separate payment method for this vendor?
    2) Is the payment method used for the first time?
    3) Are you using the same house bank for this vendor, that is used for other vendors in this payment method?
    In case you are using a separate payment method for this vendor, and this payment method is used for the first time, please check the forms assigned to the payment method at country level (it should be RFFOEDI1) and also the forms at company code level should be compatible for EDI paments (F110_EDI_01). Also check whether the payment method is assigned in EDI comaptibel payment method in house bank (for the partner profile)
    Finally check, whether the payment method used for this vendor is included in the print variant.
    Let me know in case any further clarification is needed

  • Check Payment Method not showing in PA30

    When we are going to select payment method in PA30 then we are getting 2 payment method for cash and bank transfer but getting for check .In FI we amde 3 method
    C- Check
    T- Bank Transfer
    E-Cash Payment
    In all method , check already there in "Allowed for persoannel department'
    But we are getting obly E and T .and showing C for check and one more thing cash line coming twice -one with E and other with blank code.

    Hi Dharmveer,
    Goto SPRO:
    Personnel management - Personnel Administration - Personnel Data - Bank details - Define payment method.
    Configure both payment methods in country and in company code.

  • Payment advice form for each payment method

    We have Check, RTGS and Bank Transfer payment methods in single company code, I have assigned different payment programs in OBVCU for payment methods C,R & T and seperate payment advice form to each payment methods in OBVU, and also I have maintained the varaints in F110 under printout tab, but still system by defualt picking the payment advice form of Check only, it is not considering payment advice forms per payment methods when i run print job.
    Does the by default picks the payment advice form per company code?
    It should be  possible to print the payment advice per payment method in single company code.
    Can someone help to achieve this....

    Check this [article|] by Ramanuja Chary Sripada. The idea is use the report RFFO* . Run it with SE38 and read the documentation (info icon). Set the flag for advices and run it.

  • Idoc for customer payment advice

    Hi all,
    We receive Idoc for payment advice from customer. Can some body tell me how can I read this information to match the invoice.I mean how can I map Idoc field to SAP internal tables.
    How do I know which Idoc field will hit which SAP table & which table.
    So please guide me about Idoc mapping & finding appropriate field for inbound idocs.
    Edited by: Nik Wallace on Aug 5, 2008 8:04 AM

    Customer of vendor payment advice is the advice informing the customer that the amount has been paid against which invoices.
    You need to configure the payment advice in FBZP or give them as part of variant in F110.
    When you run the automatic payment program, based on the FBZP settings, a payment advice gets triggered.
    You are able to see your payment advice in SP02. To generate payment advice correctly, please make sure your settings in Variant (F110) are correct. Any invalid entries will result in NO generation of payment advice.
    Hope this is useful to you.

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