What is the default/factory setting for the brightness on the iPhone 4?

I prefer to have default/factory settings for my iPhone 4. Someone moved the brightness slider and I would like to change it back. A screenshot would be rather preferred.

Just set it to a level that is comfortable for you. Why does it matter if it is the "default" position?

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    MTU IS 1500 by default
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    Go to your home folder -> Library -> Preferences. Locate the file com.apple.Finder.plist and trash it. Then control-option-click Finder's Dock icon and select Relaunch. All Finder settings will now be back to the OS X defaults.

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  • What happened to the default folder set (for your own libraries) in Edit/Preferences, in Adobe Photoshop CC?

    Once again I come to my computer, and it's not the way I left it. While I love cloud, I think in some way, the concept of Customer Service i.e. Providing a Service to a Customer "Set Service, for a Set Price" has lost the value of "service"
    I find it extremely disheartening, to always be dealing with changes Adobe makes, it costs me an exorbitant amount of time. I don't work with a team, so it's just me. And every other week, there is some changes, when my 3D quite working in CS6 I had no forewarning, just woke up one morning and "Poof" no more 3D, the software turned off the feature in my CS6, however, it did work in CC.
    The things I find most disheartening
    features quit working with NO PRIOR WARNING.
    Plug-ins, libraries what, now have to be stored in the cloud in order for MY system to automatically see them?
    Again No Default Libraries on our machines ( unless you think I'm going to store 2 Terabytes of libraries on the cloud and/or in my AppData Directory *not*  Nothing but system/program files themselves go on my Primary drive, everything else is on external drives, this is a security issue and one I'm not about to change, nor should anyone have to change it, since it is a *best practices* standard.
    I still can't access items in (for instance: Color Themes created on Kuler, are available on my computer, but not for me to put them into a library on the cloud. I have over 100 color themes there I have created, on my Creative Cloud account, why can they not be imported or drag/drop into the library designated for it. When I log into my Cloud Account on My iPad it is the same cloud account as on my PC, yet it doesn't even see my previously created color scheme's? Why? Does anyone have any ideas?
    I use a font manager for Windows called High-Logic, a Font Manager, Creator and a Scanner for Hand Writing Fonts Great Program, I've had it for over a year, while there is no plugin for Photoshop there is for In-Design and for Photoshop, I use the Font Manager on my computer to activate the font I want and it shows up in the Character Tool Box automatically.  Yet, just in the last week, every time I try and create something in Photoshop, I'm fine, until I go to use a font, at which time, my working project goes "dark" ( no longer visible) until I click on another tool in Photoshop.
    I cannot keep having these issues, it's way too time consuming, it's exorbitantly time consumer attempting to get a response to questions in the forums (no one's fault, it's just the nature of the forums themselves)
    The true cost of a product is not only in it's subscription based fee, but also includes the time it takes to keep up with product changes, additional training, the cost of delivery (cable connections/provider).  So far since the first of the year I have logged over 100 hours to either 'fix something that quit working with no notice', time spent re-reading documentation seeking a solution, time spent perusing the forums for a solutions, or posting a question, time spent in additional training/books, etc."
    While I understand I'm relatively new, as I had a 5 years off from working, I went from Macromedia Suite 8 to CS5.5 -full suite  (heck-of a learning curve)
    Yet, I cannot believe I am the only person having these issues, otherwise the forums wouldn't be so full.
    I did try limiting the permissions to not allow Adobe to update the software automatically, however, the permissions I wrote, were in fact re-written by adobe's cloud synchronization, Which I did find disturbing on a few levels. None of which I'll go into, but it needed to be mentioned that *yes, I tried that too*.
    *I ended up re-configuring my machine AGAIN* and deleting CS6 altogether, The performance change after I deleted CS6, was/is the difference and why I am still with my cloud membership.
    **I have reconfigured my machine numerous times, to facilitate the cloud, I am on a PC, Adobe and Microsoft Development Environments do not play well together, I ended up removing them altogether and creating a vm for them and basically all my development work. And have twice since reconfigured it for various reasons.

    One of the reasons that Edge fonts and web fonts are though to be preferable to the old font stacks was because of Android tablets/smartphones only having the Droid font family available, (Android 4.3 added the Roboto font family also).
    This meant that Android device users defaulted to the 'Droid' font or a user installed font. The default font if the user had installed a custom font and set it as default, could be anything, (even a comic script font) thus possibly destroying your text and/or layout completely.
    If you are not using an Edge font or a downloadable font do not forget to set the last three fonts in your font stack to -
    '...., Roboto variant, Droid variant, default font'

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    It has no style so seems to be beyond the user's control.
    I've tried changing it to something else and redefining the Free Form style, but it doesn't apply when you create a new comment.
    The closest you'll get to what you want is to have a Style that you like and apply it to every comment when you open it, using an FKey shortcut.

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    Hi all. im new to osx and mac (like 2 weeks in) and really like it so far.
    I really like the folder icons with the stamped icon on them, like the downloads folder with the stamped down arrow, and the applications folder with the stamped A.
    Ive created a folder for my Work files which i'd like to add a custom icon too. i know how to change the icon, but id like to see what other 'stamped folder' icons are available in the osx iconset so i can change it to one of those for consistency sake.
    Anyone know how?

    The commands baltwo gave you will show all hidden files, as will TinkerTool, which you REALLY don't want to do! There is an enormous amount of visual clutter that will appear.
    A new command appeared in Leopard, I think, which made it possible to easily change the hidden bit for any file or folder, without need of the specialized commands from Developer tools. IF the hidden bit is the only problem this will fix it:
    sudo chflags nohidden /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle
    Just copy the above and paste into the command prompt in Terminal, press Return, then type your admin password (it isn't echoed to the monitor in any way, so type carefully) and press Return again. The CoreTypes.bundle should then reappear.

  • Can someone please tell me the default Firefox settings for Fonts and sizes (the advanced font settings, too)? I started playing around with mine and now I just want them back to normal, but there's no reset button for fonts, just the zoom features. Help!

    Under "Firefox," "Preferences," and then "Fonts and Colors" there is a setting that I would like to know the default for, as well as all of those that you see when you select the "Advanced" button for Fonts.

    You can see the defaults in a screenshot in this KB article: [[Some text shows up bold after upgrade]]<br />
    You can check the font setting in: Firefox > Preferences > Content : Fonts & Colors: Advanced
    <br />
    Default Font: Times New Roman (16)
    <br />
    Fonts for : Western
    <br />
    Proportional: Serif (16)
    Serif : Times New Roman
    Sans-serif : Arial
    Monospace : Courier New (13)

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    See the section on "Setting Firefox's mail client" at [[Changing the e-mail program used by Firefox]]

  • What is the default/factory brightness that comes with a Macbook?

    Bought the Macbook in early 2010. Just wondering because I always change it and wanted to know the default/factory setting it comes with when you buy it.
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    It's best to start a new thread when you have a question. The settings your looking for is under *System Preferences* then go to *Energy Saver*. There you can change the settings so the display never dims.

  • What is the best Compressor setting for best quality video playback on an iBook g4?

    I know the iBook and G4's in general are very outdated today, but I need to ask anyways. I have some video projects in 720p and 1080p in which I have down converted to 480p and also exported to MPEG-2 for DVD (personal wedding videos and videos made for my clients using Final Cut Studio). Anything encoded at most resolutions using h264 won't play on my iBook. Even 480p.
    I have about 20 hours of mixed video content that I need it in a format that is suitable for an iPhone 4 and an iBook 12" with a 1.2GHz G4, 1.25GB RAM and I added a 250 WD 5400 IDE hard disk (running 10.5.8 and 10.4.11 for Classic Mode). I know the iBook doesn't seem like the best tool for modern video playback, but I need to figure out which setting will play best with iPhone 4 and iBook so I don't need to make 2 local copies of each video for each device.
    The iBook plays best with the original DVD output MPEG-2 file and playing back in QT Pro or VLC... but I already have 180 GB's of MPEG-2 files now and my little HD is almost full. I don't have enough room to convert all the iPhone 4 counterparts. If I use Compressor 3.5.3, what is the optimal setting for iBook and iPhone .m4v or .mp4 files that can play on both devices? So far 720x400-480 widescreen videos @ 29fps works great on my iPhone, Apple TV 2, and other computers but seems to murder my poor iBook if encoded with high profile (and still choppy on simple profiles). 640x480 (adding black matte bars to my videos) plays fine in MPEG-2 but drops frames or goes to black screen if I convert it to mp4 (and looks bad on the iPhone 4 because of the matte). But if I convert on any of the simple profiles, it looks terrible on my iPhone 4 and a blocky on the iBook.
    This is the problem leading me to having 2 copies of each video and eating my hard disk space. What is the best video setting for both playback on the iBook and iPhone 4? Can the iBook playback H264 at all in decent resolutionsat all? I don't really want to have a 480p .m4v collection for the iPhone 4 and a MPEG-2 RAW collection just to play the same videos on the iBook.
    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    Update: The iBook can play any 480p video and higher if I encode them with DivX and in AVI format. But of course this is not compatible with my iPhone 4. At least I can shrink my library now and get away from the full MPEG-2s. I don't get why I can't use Apple's h264 though. There has to be a setting I am missing. The sample Apple h264 videos from the days of Tiger worked flawlessly on my iBook when it was new so the CPU must be capable of decoding it. I really can't understand this.
    Also, since I made my videos in English for my family, I had to create soft subtitles for my wife's Chinese family, and I can't get players like QT with perian or MPlayerX to sync them properly to an AVI encoded with DivX, they only sync well with the iPhone 4 m4v/mp4 formatted files I made. This is a real pickle.
    So now I may need three or four copies of each video, LOL. I need to hardcode the subtitles if I want to use AVI to playback on older machines, and keep the mp4 file for the iDevices too, while keeping higher quality h264 videos for my American relatives...
    If h264 is compatible with my iBook, what is the proper encoding settings? Must I dramatically lower the settings or frame rate? I can settle on 2 copies of each video that way. One iBook/G4/eMac compatible video that syncs correctly with my srt soft subs, and another version that works well with my iPhone 4 and iPad.
    All in all, I will end up with more than 3 or 4 version of each video. On my late G5 dual core I have the full 720-1080p uncompressed master files. On my i5 iMac I have the h264 compressed versions for distribution, and lower versions for my iDevices. Now I need to keep either full MPEG-2 files for the iBook to play, or convert to older formats like DivX AVI for our family's legacy machines. I am running out of hard disk space quick now, LOL.
    Is there an easier way?

  • What environment variable I will set  for the default SQL*plus file directory

    Hi there,
    I run sql*plus on windows 2000 professional. I want to set a file
    directory for sql*plus so that when I write something in a file,
    it will be in my default file directory. What environment
    variable I will set for that? Thanks in advance.

    hi , i have already install my oracle 8i personnel edition to my computer , but my sql plus don't seen to work ,
    i understand that they username are ( scott ) and password are ( tiger ) but after i type them and press ok there will be a box coming out and it said ( Cannot open registry Software \ORACLE\HOME1\SID_LIST Starting with default sid )
    after i click ok there will be another box asking for password , but i what is the password ? it look to me like a internal password , it can't be tiger for this , cos before that i have already type in my username and password , this is the later part , anyone can help? pls reply, thank alot Nigel,
    I'm not sure about Oracle8i Personal Edition. The default username/passwords are:
    sys/change_on_install as sysdba
    You could try the database installation discussion forum for more help. If you find out what the password for this dialog is, please post it to this group for the benefit of others.

  • What is the default/factory brightness for the iPhone 4?

    I would like to know the default/factory brightness for the iPhone 4. Just because I rather preferred the default/factory brightness but then someone changed it to their preferences. A screenshot would be rather preferred and helpful.


  • What is the default file format for saving in MS Office 2013? Is it still the transitional OOXML or the ISO/IEC 29500 strict format?

    As I have read, MS Office 2013 is able to read and write the ISO/IEC 29500 strict (standardized Office Open XML) file format. MS Office 2010 was only able to read the strict format and MS Office 2007 could neither read nor write the strict format. The
    .docx, .xlsx and .pptx saved by Office 2007 and 2010 were only complying to the OOXML transitional, as far as I understood.
    My main question is what the default file format for saving in MS Office 2013 actually is? Is it still the transitional OOXML or the ISO/IEC 29500 strict format?
    In case, MS Office still saves in the transitional standard by default, is it possible to set the strict standard in the settings? Is this recommended (I assume that OOXML strict is the future) to do this?

    Yes, the Transitional is still the default file format for saving in Office 2013, and we can modify this setting in Word Options, Save:
    As Alex Brown covers in his
    blog post, "Transitional is intended to preserve the fidelity of existing binary documents being migrated to ISO/IEC 29500, and includes many legacy features for compatibility with existing documents. Strict is a subset of Transitional that does not
    include legacy features – this makes it theoretically easier for a new implementer to support (since it has a smaller technical footprint, so to speak), but also makes it less able to preserve the fidelity of existing documents."
    Max Meng
    TechNet Community Support

  • How can I set the default save format for photoshop edited photos?

    I just spotted that some of my photos that I've edited in Photoshop from Lightroom are a whopping 450MB. Looking deeper I found that they are saved as uncompressed TIFF files, this despite the default save format for Photoshop in Lightroom's preferences being set to ZIP compressed TIFF files. So why doesn't this setting work and how can I make Photoshop save things compressed?

    Sounds funny but first tell us what version of PS you have, what version of Lr and which OS. Thanks.

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    My organisation has installed Acrobat 8 and then Acrobat 10 with the option to keep the version 8 installed. This works fine as we can start both versions independently (after making sure one or the other verion is not running). One of the old applic

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    I have updated my Ipod once before from ios 3 to generation 4 now that I can't do so much I want to update it again. When I open my itunes it doesn't give me an option to update and when I click update it just says:  "This version of the Ipod softwar

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    Hi Dear friends, iam having one requirement. that is conversion. here is need to convert from EA to CS, for that one iam using FM: conversion_factor_get But this is not converting and when i run program it was showing the error is "conversion of dime

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