What is the default/factory brightness for the iPhone 4?

I would like to know the default/factory brightness for the iPhone 4. Just because I rather preferred the default/factory brightness but then someone changed it to their preferences. A screenshot would be rather preferred and helpful.


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  • What is the default/factory setting for the brightness on the iPhone 4?

    I prefer to have default/factory settings for my iPhone 4. Someone moved the brightness slider and I would like to change it back. A screenshot would be rather preferred.

    Just set it to a level that is comfortable for you. Why does it matter if it is the "default" position?

  • What is the default key command for the COMMAND key?I seem to have changed it somehow along the way and now when I push the command key it hides all windows or shows desk top I need to correct this as soon as possible-.any ideas?

    What is the default key command for THE COMMAND (apple) key? I seem to have changed it somehow along the way and now when I push the command key (only) it hides all open windows and shows the desk top and when I push it again it shows all windows again...I need to return to default A.S.A.P. just this one key...Any ideas? Thanks in advance...

    Go to
     > System Preferences > Keyboard
    Click on the 'Keyboard' tab and hit the 'modifier keys...' button. You can see and change the defaults there.
    As I'm not sure if all the labels are the same in Lion, he's a screenshot from Snow Leopard. It should be similar enough:

  • What is the default ip address for the Time Capsule and Airport Extreme?

    What is the default ip address for the Time Capsule and Airport Extreme?

    Open Airport Utility to find out the real IP address of the network connection. DHCP addresses are assigned by the router in the range chosen in Airport Utility.

  • What is the default timeout value for the SPQuery object?

    What is the default timeout value for the SharePoint SPQuery object? I've tried searching online but can't find anything with the actual timeout value.
    Someone suggested it might use the timeout property in the database? Anyone know if that's how it works?

    Do you want to avoid timeout when you query list items?
    If so, we can use the following C# code to set timeout.
    HttpContext.Current.Server.ScriptTimeout = 600; // 10 minutes
    More information is here:
    The SPQuery object doesn’t provide any property to set timeout. We can also set timeout in web.config, or SQL Connections or IIS.
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  • What is the default exception aggregation for the NCKF IO STOCK

    Hi all of you,
    What is the default exception aggregation for the Non Cumulative Key Figure info object Stock?
    When I am selecting Maximum, or minimum or Avereage (all values) its not selecting any of these values but only Average (weighted with the number of days) is getting selected.
    Please explain.
    Thank you.

    Hi Vinod,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I had selected Last value as exception aggregation and activated it. But again when I double click on the IO STock, in the aggregation tab besides exception aggregation I find the option Average (Weighted with the number of days).
    Is it getting selected by default when I check the radio button Ncum. value with in- and out-flow?
    Please explain.
    Thank you.

  • Change the default margin settings for the MS word!

    Hi All,
    BI Publisher version:latest
    Oracle Apps:12.0.6
    We are facing an issue of which description is as below:
    RTF output is being uploaded through "XML Publisher" Responsibility.
    3.1.9 Header and Footer Margin from Edge Not Preserved in RTF Output
    This issue applies to Versions,,,,, and
    Microsoft Word provides a Page Setup option for specifying the margin for the headers and footers from the edge of the page. This option is available by choosing the File menu, then Page Setup, then the Margins tab, and the From edge box. This margin setting is not retained when the output format is RTF. The output is created with the default margin settings instead. The margin settings do work correctly for other output formats such as HTML, PDF, and Excel.
    So, the "default setting" mentioned here is around 1/2 inch for MS Word which is getting added in the output, even if the margin in template is zero.
    Expected output:
    So what we need to do is -
    1. Check the MS word installation on the application server
    2. Change this default margin setting as top and bottom 0 on the server in the MS word page setup. (I can give you steps to do this in word if required)
    We have tried setting this margin to 0 on client side and generating the output and it makes no difference, so it must be coming from the server.
    We need to know how could we modify the settings and need to know te source and Check the MS word installation on the application server?
    Could anyone please share such an issue faced before!
    Thanks for your time!

    Hi All,
    Our understanding about the RTF output is this -
    When we generate an RTF report output from Oracle EBS, the word document that is generated is with the settings of MS word that is installed on application server.
    This understanding could be wrong as we have never faced such situation before! We have come to this conclusion because the default settings that we do on client machine do not work.
    And as per the documentation of BI publisher the RTF should always be generated with the default settings of MS word.
    So what you could help us with is this -
    1. See if the MS word application is installed on application server ( if you think this is not application server, but any other server then please check there!)
    2. Change the default margin settings for the MS word.

  • How to set the default settment rule for the same kind project.

    hi experts:
       the project of the same kind of the project profile have the same settment rule to one account (G/L).
    how to set the default settment rule for the project of  this kind of the project profile.

      You need to define the settlement profile and allocation structure.
    next you need to define the  Strategy for settlement rule.
    navigation-PS> costs> automatic and periodic allocations> settlement> Settlement rule for WBS
    --> Define strategy for settlement rule.
    Select the strategy and click on settings. in that new entries, check the Acc Assg element, enter Settlement profile and mention accass category as reposnsible cost center.
    Save this transaction.
    Now create a project assgin responsible costcenter for the WBS element in the project buider and save the transaction.
    Now run CJB2 transaction for the project, settlement rule will generated automatically.
    even you can configure the same for profitability segment.
    Sudhir Reddy

  • What is the default/factory brightness that comes with a Macbook?

    Bought the Macbook in early 2010. Just wondering because I always change it and wanted to know the default/factory setting it comes with when you buy it.
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    It's best to start a new thread when you have a question. The settings your looking for is under *System Preferences* then go to *Energy Saver*. There you can change the settings so the display never dims.

  • How do I change the default iPhoto library for the Media Browser?

    I have multiple Aperture/iPhoto Libraries. When I open the new Keynote and attempt to use the Media Browser to select a photo, the pictures the Media Browser displays are not from the Default Libary.
    Is there a way to change the default photo library that the Media Browser references?

    Hello danstat,
    Thank you for the question.  The Media Browser accesses iPhoto's last opened photo library.  To access that photo library through the Media Browser, quit Keynote, access that photo library in iPhoto, quit iPhoto, and relaunch Keynote. 
    You can access the an alternate photo library using these steps:
    To switch between photo libraries:
    Quit iPhoto.
    Hold down the Option key as you open iPhoto.
    Select the library you want to switch to.
    Click Choose.
    iPhoto '11: Create a new iPhoto library or switch between libraries
    Alternatively, you can drag the photo in directly to youre Keynote presentation from the iPhoto or Aperture windows. 
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • What determines the default album pic for the "Artist" box?

    In iTunes, if you sort by Artist, and go to the "box view" so that each artist is depicted by a box.
    See image here: http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/7840/48571715.jpg
    If an artist has multiple albums, what determines the default album shown in their Artist box? I've noticed it's not alphabetic... Does anybody know??

    It seems to be the most recently added. I could be wrong - I didn't check all my stuff, but the couple I looked at, the most recently added album is what's displayed.

  • What is the default gate frequency for the PCI-6602 DAQ?

    What is the default gate frequency and default source frequency of the PCI-6602 DAQ?

    Hi coachcalamai,
    The default behavior on the gate is as if there was no signal on the gate (ungated). If you want a trigger or to send a signal, you will specifically have to set it.
    The default signal on the source is the 20MHz internal reference.
    Anyway, hope that helps. Have a good day.

  • Changing the default layout , theme for the default login page

    Hi All,
    I am new to the Portal development.
    I would like to change the default themes , and layout of the portal login page,
    How to do it. Required to Add or display  some News or FAQ's to the  unauthenticated users before login itself.Can any body tell me , what is the procedure, How to implement these above functionality

    Now that the anonymous access solution has been provided, you may like to refer to these links for changing the logon screen and the themes.
    Talking about the login page, it depends on what kind of customization do you want to do.
    1) Do you want to change it entirely ?
    2) Or you want to keep the same layout but change the images ?
    Incase you wan to change it entirely, then refer to this weblog : Modifying The Logon Par(or customising the Logon Screen)
    And incase you want to change just the images, then go to System Administration -> System Configuration -> UM Configuration -> Direct Editing and change the following paramaters:
    To change the themes and applying them, refer to this document:
    Hope this helps.
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  • How do I set the default file path for the Place command?

    I keep my graphics files for each document in a particular folder. Every time I open an existing InDesign document and place a new image I have to browse back to that location - even though all of the previous images in that document came from the same folder. InDesign does not remember the file path that was used previously in the document. This is very annoying.
    I have looked through the preferences, searched the forums and internet, but I have not found any reference to setting default paths. Is there a setting like the one in MS Word called "File Locations" on the Options toolbox?
    Thank you.

    Since you're working in ID on Windows, you can take advantage of a neat trick in Windows. Copy the file path out of the File Explorer address bar and paste it directly into the Place filename field. That will jump you directly to the desired volume. For example, let's say I want to place a graphic located at X:\PS Jobs\May PS\709672bp\Working Source Files\Links. I copy that entire path from the File Explorer address bar, go to InDesign, select File|Place, and press Control + V to paste that path into the filename field. I press the Open button and Shazam! I'm there instantly, without a bunch of navigation.
    You can do the same thing in the File|Save As and File|Export fields. Let's say you want export a PDF file from InDesign to the volume X:\PS Jobs\May PS\709672bp\Working PDF Files. First copy the desired file path from the File Explorer window. In InDesign, select File|Export, click anywhere in the filename field, and press the Home key to move the insertion point to the front of the filename. Press Control + V to paste that path in front of the filename, then add the backslash character (\). The filename will now look like this: X:\PS Jobs\May PS\709672bp\Working PDF Files\Filename.pdf. Press the Save button to bring up the Export Adobe PDF window. Select your desired PDF preset, press the Export button, and the PDF file will magically appear in the desired volume.
    This sounds really complicated, but it's not. In practice, it only takes a few seconds. I probably save an hour's worth of needless navigation every day with this technique.

  • How can I change the default page size for the Adobe PDF Printer?

    Hello All,
    I have cases where I need to switch the default paper size from 8.5x11 to 11x17 via api for the Adobe PDF Printer and have not been able to find how this can be accomplished.
    I am using C# .Net and would appreciate any help.
    Thanks in advance,

    There is no Acrobat API for this, but so far as I know there doesn't need to be. The user can go change this from the Printers Control panel as needed. The Adobe PDF printer has some differences from regular printer drivers, but this isn't one of them.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi all, We have a one off situation here. We had already 10 release staragies in our system. We added 2 more release strategies with a new characteristic. We updated the characteristic value only for the new 2 release strategues and did not update th

  • Plan Vs Actual report in PS

    Gurus, New in SAP PS module, appreciate your advice on the PS Plan Vs Actual cost reporting. What kind of standard extractor should we use in order to extract the Plan cost entered in PS? What kind of standard extractor shoud we use in order to extra

  • Free Upgrade to Photoshop CS6 from CS5.5 upon release

    I Purchased Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 production Premium (Student License) a month ago understanding that a free upgrade to Photoshop CS6 MAC. when available. How do I upgrade to CS6 now that it is released.

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    Sometimes when I change a paragraph style, the places where I've applied it don't conform. Why is this? I end up having to go through the whole document and hitting "clear overrides." Is there an easier way? Thank you!