When i started mi iMac  the speaker no reconogzied this mac have 1 month i need help thank you my english is poor excuse me

this is new mac and i new wich this

WebPremium_DesignPremium_CS5_5_Content_ALL.exe - - - Which I already opened. No files can be found on my computer, but they must be there.
Probably not. That really is just the additional content and without a qualifying product install it won't do anything most likely since the directories it expects do not yet exist.
WebPremium_CS5_5_LS1.exe - - - I get an error message that says it is not a valid Win32 application.
Could be damaged, could be blocked. Anything from virus scanners to flakey drives. Could also be missing a critical system library. No way to tell from afar.
WebPremium_CS5_5_LS1.7z - - - I try to open this and get an error message, "Windows cannot open the file..." and it wants to find it on the Internet.
7zip, WinZip, WinRar

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  • When I open thunderbird ... all the accounts that I had downloaded from different gmail accounts have disappeared I need help thank you

    A while back I downloaded about 15 gmail accounts so that i could cancel the gmail accounts ...
    all was working fine ... but recently when I started thunderbird ... there was only 1 of the downloaded accounts remaining ... and even it was empty ..
    I need some help in finding all the lost accounts and emails
    Thank you

    Assuming you are talking about imap accounts.
    This is the process you would use:
    You synchronised those accounts to download a copy to your computer.
    Then you stopped the synchronising, so that the accounts did not keep updated to be the same as the server.
    Then in Offline mode you would move all of those accounts emails into Local Folders, so that you would be able to delete the imap email accounts and keep all emails on your computer.
    One possibility:
    If the imap email accounts were still able to synch with the server and you had stopped the mail account, it may have done a final synch with an empty server, thus deleting all the emails to match the server. Synchronised imap accounts keep updated to match what the server folders contain.
    First check to see if there are any emails in your Profile folder.
    make hidden files and folders visible.
    * http://kb.mozillazine.org/Show_hidden_files_and_folders
    In Thunderbird:
    * Help > Troubleshooting information
    * click on 'show folder' button
    A new window opens showing your profile folder.
    * click on 'ImapMail' folder
    Do you see a list of your imap mail accounts?
    If yes. click on an imap account name
    Can you see eg: Inbox (not Inbox.msf) or any other folders you created which show as files with no extension - not *.msf?
    If yes, do they have a decent size?
    you can open these files using eg: Notepad to see if emails are listed.
    If you can see only one imap mail account, check to see if there are any emails as previously described.
    Then check to see if there is more than one Profile.
    Click on the 'Profiles' in address line...see image below.
    In my example I only have one xxxxxxxx.default account and it is open on that Profile.
    If there is more than one, select the other Profile and check again for the imap mail accounts as previously described.
    Please report back:
    Did you stop synchronising those imap mail accounts?
    Did you move a copy of all emails into Local Folders?
    Did you stop/remove the mail accounts on the server?
    Do you have one or more Profiles?
    Do you see the imap mail accounts in the Profile folder?
    Do you see any files containing the emails?
    After synchronising, downloading, stop synchronising.
    Did you create a backup of the Profile folder?

  • I am having trouble trying to boot from my lion osx install disk on a 2007 macbook.  The disk ejects when I start up with the option key depressed.  Anyone have any ideas?

    I am having trouble trying to boot from my lion osx install disk on a 2007 macbook.  The disk ejects when I start up with the option key depressed.  Anyone have any ideas?
    Thank you.

    How did you get a Lion OSX install disc? They don't exist. Do you mean the gray disks that came with your 2007 MacBook?
    If you mean the gray disks, try starting up with the "c" key held down.
    What version of OSX is on your MacBook now? Have you tried booting from the Recovery partition?

  • As I was installing the Windows 7 on my Imac and stated how I wanted to divide the drive I put 160, but I want to add more space how can I can the drive space to from 160 to 250? please help thank you.

    As I was installing the Windows 7 on my Imacwith the bootcamp  and stated how I wanted to divide the drive I put 160,  but I want to add more space because of the adobe software it will not install two of them, so how can I add more on the drive space to from 160 to 250? please help thank you.

    I'm not sure this is what you're looking for, but it might help:
    "If you made the Windows partition too small
    First, back up all the information on your Windows partition. Then run Boot Camp
    Assistant to restore your disk to a single volume. Restart your computer and use Boot
    Camp Assistant to partition the disk again and reinstall Windows. Don’t forget to install
    the Boot Camp drivers after installing Windows."
    (from Bootcamp Assistant Manual see pg 22)

  • Hello, I'm using the same apple id on my Ipad and Iphone, and anything i do and my ipad reflects on my iphone. if i download an app on my iphone it also downloads on my ipad. Can i stop this from happening. i need help. thank you.

    hello, I'm using the same apple id on my Ipad and Iphone, and anything i do and my ipad reflects on my iphone. if i download an app on my iphone it also downloads on my ipad. Can i stop this from happening. i need help. thank you.

    Yes, under the Settings for the store, you can turn off the auto download for purchases, that way if you purchase an app on another device it will not automatically download on that device.  You would need to do this on both your iPad and iPhone.

  • When I start my iMac the screen turns green.

    Good Day,
    When I start my iMac it turns green at startup, but for a short while, is this normal or I have to do some update to rectify this issue.

    The zoom feature is covered in the manual.
    iPod touch User Guide (For iOS 4.3 Software)
    Double tap with three fingers.

  • My screen is gone black when I restart I get the chime but no picture mac book pro can any help get me going again

    My screen is gone black on my mac book Pro.when I restart I get the chime but no picture mac.can any help get me going again

    Is the TV at minimum a 1080p with an HDMI port?
    What is your Machine ID?  DO NOT give us your serial number.  We just need the x and y values of the Machine ID in your system profiler as given in this format:
    MacBook Pro x,y
    This will tell us what display cables can connect to your TV.

  • Photoshop says "Rendering Type" and loads for a very long time, how do I fix this? I'm new to Photoshop and I was trying to learn how to make a watermark. This happens once I press the "Text" tool. I'm using a Mac with OS X. Please help, thank you.

    Photoshop says "Rendering Type" under a "Progress" Bar that shows up. I'm trying to create a watermark and this happens when I press the "Text" tool. Please help, I'm new to Photoshop. Thank you.

    So you created a document 192000 pixels wide, and 108000 tall, and  set the type to be 2 inches tall.  Yes, the type is going to take a few minutes to render in that document.
    Yes, you created a document much bigger than you probably intended (you probably wanted 1920 PIXELS by 1080 PIXELS).
    Pixels and inches are not the same, and you need to pay attention to the units.

  • HT201364 I cannot do the upgrade as i receive an error message saying that the certificate isn't signed... i need help. thank you

    I am trying to upgrade from Lion to OSX Maverick but when i click OK I receive a message saying that The product distribution file could not be verified. It may be damaged or was not signed.
    I would love to install the new OSX.
    PLease help!!!
    thank you

    Thank you for responding. So I essentially will never be able to use that button in lightroom 5? do I need to get LR 6? Will there ever be an update for LR 5 that will enable me to use it?
    Does DNG Converter work within LR or do I have to upload pictures to my computer and then make a second copy in DNG format. and then go into LR and use them?
    Thank you @dj_paige

  • I can not connect to the internet while using my ipad I get a message saying Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding need help thank you


    Try the following:
    1. Turn router off for 30 seconds and on again
    2. Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings
    3. Reset iPad; hold the Sleep and Home button down until you see the Apple Logo

  • When i start lightroom 5 the pc freezes up and i have to turn it off and on again - lightroom doesnt even start at all

    so not sure what to do - it doesnt crash whil  it used to run - now it wont start

    Try these
    Open Lightroom while holding down the ALT key and choose create new catalog.
    If that doesn't work than reset your preferences file by deleting it and having lightroom rebuild it.
    If that doesn't work reinstall Lightroom and try the new catalog trick.
    If that doesn't work then your PC is probably NOT fine and may be a problem with the OS or Hardware.

  • Hi,after installing when i try to load the Firefox I get this error..Can someone please Help...

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: BEX
    Application Name: firefox.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 54392479
    Fault Module Name: nsib.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 53fdad24
    Exception Offset: 001360a0
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Data: 00000008
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 13a8
    Additional Information 2: 13a84480b0d9c766a5e4c95aa1171a8d
    Additional Information 3: 13a8
    Additional Information 4: 13a84480b0d9c766a5e4c95aa1171a8d

    Do a malware check with several malware scanning programs on the Windows computer.
    Please scan with all programs because each program detects different malware.
    All these programs have free versions.
    Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of their databases before doing a scan.
    *Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware:<br>http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php
    *Microsoft Safety Scanner:<br>http://www.microsoft.com/security/scanner/en-us/default.aspx
    *Windows Defender:<br>http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/using-defender
    *Spybot Search & Destroy:<br>http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html
    *Kasperky Free Security Scan:<br>http://www.kaspersky.com/security-scan
    You can also do a check for a rootkit infection with TDSSKiller.
    *Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller:<br>http://support.kaspersky.com/5350?el=88446
    See also:
    *"Spyware on Windows": http://kb.mozillazine.org/Popups_not_blocked

  • Google on firefox thinks i have a cookie problem & won't start gmail; IE has no problem with this; I have followed firefox google help instructions, no good

    I can't start gmail in firefox - told that my browser cookie settings are off-kilter. All other browsing works. I can use gmail in Internet Explorer but all my settings are in firefox. I don't want to clear all cookies & history. What to do?

    you can also selectively clear the history for google.com - refer to [[Websites say cookies are blocked]]
    also make sure that google has permissions to set cookies in your firefox and you use no 3rd party extensions that might override this behaviour.
    when on a google, right-click on the page and then go to "view page info" & "permissions" tab. in there make sure that cookies are allowed at least for the current session.

  • The creat account adapter ,i need help .thank you!

    I am fairly new to IdM and have had little training on it. I need assistance with a Resource Adapter design question.
    I need to create an adapter that will associated the cvs/ftp resource, i just want to create,delete account and create,delete,update,reset password via the SIM,that's all.
    do i extends the AccessManagerResourceAdapter class to develop ?
    is anybody could give me some example class that can do that work .
    i will appreciate very much. thanks a lot.
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    Along with the IDM install, a SkeletonResourceAdapter is provided to serve as a base for custom adapter development. It is located in the REF folder of the installation sources.

  • When I start my iMac it gets stuck and the letter. M just keeps typing away

    When I start my iMac the keyboard isn't working and it just keeps ping an m

    Good that you can get to it through TB.  Use that connection to delete some files you no longer need so you will have room to boot the system and/or resintall the system.
    You can also try booting in Safe Mode.  That sometimes willl clear up enough disk space so it willl boot and then you can delete some files from there.
    If that won't work there are other remedies that take more work.  Post back.

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